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At first Astrid does not care about Hiccup, and after Astrid lands on Hiccup, she questions what side he is on. Later, Astrid starts getting jealous of Hiccup and how well he is doing in Dragon Training. Astrid eventually discovers that Hiccup is hiding a dragon, and is angry, and heads back to tell the village about it. However, Hiccup has Toothless grab Astrid and they go to the top of a tree. Astrid, refuses to hear what Hiccup has to say. Toothless then flew out of the tree on Hiccup's instruction but instead of going to the ground he those rough maneuvers and Astrid soon apologizes, and upon that happening Toothless smooths out his flight.

She then hugs him, which makes him smile. When they land, Astrid begins walking off on her own to find Stormfly, and when she trips over a rock, Hiccup leaps for her, wrapping an arm around her waist and shielding her head from hitting the ground as they fall, leaving them in an awkward situation.

Hiccup and astrid dating

Hiccup freezes for a moment and makes no move to stand up until Astrid hesitantly suggests that they get moving again. When the Triple Stryke first appears, Hiccup pulls Astrid out of the way and shortly after has Toothless grab her and move her to a safer position. Astrid protests hiding on the sidelines when Hiccup needs her to help fight the wild dragon, but both Hiccup and Stormfly force her to stay hidden, worried that her blindness will put her at a higher risk. After Hiccup fends off the Triple Stryke, Astrid dejectedly expresses her feelings of frustration, helplessness, and fear that her condition might be permanent.

Hiccup takes her hand and assures her that she will never be helpless, even if she remains blind, and that he will always stand by her, no matter what. He pauses for a moment and leans in to kiss her, but they are interrupted by the return of the Triple Stryke, who tries to attack them. Hiccup manages to grab Astrid and dive out of the way of the attack just in time, turning in midair so that he lands beneath her, shielding her from the impact.

When Astrid approaches the Triple Stryke on her own to train it, Hiccup tries to stop her, but she brushes him off and proceeds to train it in spite of her blindness, proving Hiccup's earlier point that she is not helpless in her current state. Later, at Astrid's hut, Gothi manages to heal Astrid's sight, much to Hiccup's evident relief. Overcome with happiness, Astrid suddenly embraces him, catching him off guard at first, and he hugs her back.

Afterward, the two sit outside the dragon stables and watch the sunset together. Hiccup asks Astrid if she feels well, and she tells him to stop worrying so much about her.

He admits that he never stops worrying about her, and she agrees that she is the same way about him. Encouraged by her answer, Hiccup slides closer to Astrid, who playfully nudges his side. After a moment, Astrid hesitantly asks if he had been about to kiss her earlier, which he sheepishly admits to. When she asks him why he didn't go through with it, he answers that the moment wasn't perfect, and that, although he has thought about it for a while, he has never found the right moment to kiss her.

Astrid smiles and glances at the sunset before telling him that this moment seems perfect to her. Hiccup agrees, and the two finally share a kiss, initiating their now romantic relationship.

Afterward, the two lean affectionately against each other and watch the rest of the sunset together. Astrid congratulates Hiccup for creating the perfect plan to capture and defeat Viggo. Hiccup is still nervous and unsure, but Astrid assures him that the plan will work. They attempt to share a kiss but are interrupted by Fishlegs. Fishlegs believes they're thinking of ways to hide the Dragon Eye once regaining it, completely oblivious of their romance.

Hiccup and Astrid are relieved and decide for the time being to keep their newly formed romantic relationship a secret from the rest of the Dragon Riders. Hiccup puts his hand out for a handshake but Astrid grabs it and pulls Hiccup to her and the two share a kiss.

After the kiss as Astrid gets ready to leave, she says to Hiccup, "Did you really seriously think I would leave here with just a handshake? Then, during Ryker's most recent attack, Astrid, fearing for Hiccup's safety, calls out to him to suggest that he should go back because he was nearly killed, but he, in front of the other team members, openly rejects that idea since they had already discussed not letting things alter their behavior no matter what else was going on, potentially exposing their relationship.

Later, as Hiccup and Astrid discuss strategies that revolve around the threat that Ryker now poses, they apologize to one other for giving in to their feelings about the other's safety and vow not to let it happen again. Hiccup says that they need to put their personal feelings aside and accept the risks and that they can only protect one another up to a point, just as they have been doing for years, and Astrid agrees.

Hiccup then teasingly says "It is nice to know you care, though. Eventually, the rest of the Dragon Riders begin to notice a change in Astrid and Hiccup, but are oblivious of their newly developed romantic relationship and instead theorize different reasons for their behavior.

While Ruffnut and Tuffnut believe that Hiccup is going to die and Snotlout believes he has developed a gambling problem, only Heather becomes aware of their romance and allows the couple to have time alone together. After defeating Ryker, Hiccup goes to check on Fishlegs.

After Fishlegs leaves, Viggo lands on Stormfly holding Astrid captive with her own axe to her throat and states that he will release her in return for the Dragon Eye, asking Hiccup if he is going to sacrifice his future for it.

Hiccup throws the Dragon Eye into the volcano, which makes Viggo let go of Astrid and run to it, thus showing that Hiccup will do whatever it takes to protect Astrid. At the end of the episode, just prior to the explosion of the volcano on the Edge, Hiccup, and Astrid end up kissing after promising to keep their relationship out of the war with Viggo, and their kiss is seen by the other Riders, erasing Ruff and Tuff's suspicions about an 'illness'.

Snotlout, on the other hand, seems to be convinced of a gambling problem. After discovering an injured GarffAstrid tells Hiccup to return to the Edge while she stays with the dragon until what seems to be his inevitable passing. Hiccup is clearly worried about leaving her alone on the island, but she assures him that she will be fine and that she has Stormfly to protect her.

Hiccup relents and kisses her forehead in farewell. At the beginning of the episode, Hiccup is caught by Snotlout holding his betrothal gift for Astrid and has to explain to him what it is. He says it means he and Astrid will be together forever. Astrid, meanwhile, is struggling to find a gift for Hiccup and when the gang goes to the Northern Markets after getting a T-mail from Trader Johann, Astrid is still unable to find anything to give him.

At the end of the episode, Hiccup presents his betrothal gift to Astrid. As he gives it to her he says "This was my Father's betrothal gift to my Mother, and he gave it to me to give to you.

Astrid, you're a part of our family, you always have been, and I hope you always will be. Astrid, you got me the greatest gift in the world.

You just being here with me is the only gift I need. The two of them have been officially betrothed for six moon cycles. Astrid first walks up to Hiccup in his hut where he is trying to hide the Dragon Eye II and talks about his "secret project" teasingly. Later in the episodes, she says with humor about how there are so many secrets. Towards the end of the episode Hiccup and Astrid are walking to their huts and Astrid asks how Hiccup figured to get past a new dragon they encountered.

Hiccup tells her that it's all about perspective and that it's pretty cool to think about and grabs her hand. Astrid then says she's going to get some sleep, and they share kiss. When Hiccup is concerned about defeating the Dragon Flyers, Astrid optimistically says that he'll come up with something. When asked how she knows that, she states that it is "Because Hiccup Haddock is the wisest, most talented and brave Dragon Trainer on Earth.

And he always comes up with it. At the end of the episode, Astrid finds Hiccup alone on a sea stack, where she asks him about his problems. When Astrid asks him about what would happen if he can't, Hiccup doesn't answer and takes off on Toothless. When Throk shows up and explains that he's going to take Ruffnut to be his wife without Ruffnut's knowledge, Astrid is offended by his seemingly primitive and backward courting notions. Astrid then moves behind Hiccup and puts her hands on his shoulders as she gently asks Tuffnut if he wouldn't want to meet a beautiful Viking girl and start a family himself, trying to help him understand Ruffnut's position with Throk.

Hiccup glances back at her knowingly as she is speaking, as if he senses she is referring to their own happiness as a couple.

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They spend much of the episode standing and interacting with each other exclusively. Right before leaving for VanaheimTuffnut becomes desperate to find his Chicken.

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Astrid then offers to stay behind and look after the twins and Hiccup thanks her. Near the end of the episode, Hiccup asks Astrid where Dagur is. She points to Dagur, who is comforting Heather. Hiccup answers with "closure" and wraps his arm around her waist. Astrid puts her arm around his waist and rests her head against his. While flying to Berk Astrid talks to Hiccup encouraging him to go tell his dad.

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Hiccup agrees and says it can't be too bad. Hiccup agrees again and goes off to find Stoick. After the attack, Hiccup asked everyone if they were ok and Astrid replied with a smile and a nod. At the beginning of the episode, it's brought up that Mala and Dagur are getting married and the love-dovey way they act together makes Astrid question the solidity of her own relationship with Hiccup.

Astrid later puts on the Betrothal Necklace Hiccup gave her hoping he would notice it. When Hiccup comes to her hut he does not notice the necklace. Later she hints at the fact that she is wearing it, but he still does not notice it, instead of realizing the Dragon Eye Lens on the Armor Wing, which makes Astrid angry. When Hiccup notices how Astrid is acting, he walks over to her and asks what she is trying to tell him, at which Astrid gets angry and tells him that he has been ignoring her and the fact she is wearing her Betrothal Necklace, which she throws back at Hiccup.

However, later on, she and Hiccup demonstrate the fundamental depth and strength of their relationship as they repair the hurt and work together to fight Krogan and his Flyers. At the end of the episode, Hiccup quietly takes Astrid outside of the Edge's clubhouse to apologize for the upset that he had caused before, but she says "Don't say anything.

I was being silly. I should have noticed that necklace right away, but it's not about that. I've been taking you for granted, I have, and I realized that today. I couldn't have done any of this without you, Astrid, not the Dragon Riders or the Edge. You've always been there for me, and I want to always be there for you. Gazing into his eyes she confesses "We don't have to be like them [Mala and Dagur].

We have a different kind of As they pull back and look at each other lovingly, Fishlegs, Mala, and Dagur walk away to give the two some privacy, and Hiccup and Astrid lean on each other and look out at the setting sun. On Wingmaiden Island during the grand transition, Hiccup, and Astrid are standing next to each other.

When the baby dragons come out they hold each other's hands and gaze affectionately at each other. Later in the episode, Astrid tells Hiccup to help Ruffnut with Wingnut. Hiccup and Astrid are spending some alone time, having a picnic with no distractions, and no interruptions, till the twins come crashing down.

As Hiccup was about to leave, Astrid was worried that the message didn't sound like Stoick and wanted to go with him but he assured her that he would be careful while gently brushing the side of her face with his hand.

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Hiccup and Astrid go off to check on Garff. Astrid gives Hiccup all kinds of cute looks trying to get him to agree to let Garff come with them. Astrid wins the argument with Hiccup and Garff comes with them. Tuffnut and Ruffnut ponder to themselves if Hiccup has ever won an argument! Astrid again talks Hiccup into letting Garff come with them. After Stoick is injured Astrid asks in concern how he is twice and is the one to tell Hiccup he has been voted as acting chief.

She leaves him alone when he refuses at his request. As Hiccup sits alone with Toothless at a table in the Great Hall worrying about his dad, Astrid comes up and tries to help reassure him by saying it was not his fault.

She doesn't share a story on what Berk would be like with the others and seems concerned after Hiccup storms off. Astrid then meets Hiccup as he's with Toothless staring at the sea once again and refuses to leave him alone. She tells a story about how Toothless and Hiccup were meant to be best friends and how even if he had shot at Toothless and missed when he was 15, they still would have come together and his father would still be in that position.

She even includes that she and Hiccup would have still ended up together eventually. Hiccup thanks her and regains his confidence quite a lot due to her speech. When Hiccup decides to lead the riders to Vanaheim, Astrid asks Hiccup if he was sure he wanted to do the mission. Hiccup reassures Astrid and says that he can't do more than pray to the gods his dad gets better. Later, when the riders find the Sentinels, Astrid walks over to Hiccup and puts her hand on his shoulder.

Later, while in the wrecked Dragon Hunter Ship, Astrid encourages Hiccup, in which Hiccup responds, "Where do you come up with this stuff? Astrid then says "Ugh, looks like it's you and me then. Was that corny or-" Astrid then laughs and agrees, but says it was nice. Astrid holds her betrothal necklace and smiles at it before she packs it up.

She comes into Hiccup's hut and tries to comfort him. He then touches her cheek and thanks her for everything then takes her hand, showing the start of how their relationship is in How to Train Your Dragon 2. Near the beginning of the episode, Astrid is about to leave to go fight the dragon flyers. When Hiccup grabs Astrid's wrist, he sounds like he's worried one of them might die or get hurt. Astrid then reassures Hiccup, telling him to find the king of dragons or the war would go on forever.

Astrid says she's proud of him and kisses him on the cheek. Hiccup pulls Astrid back as she starts walking away and kisses her on the lips, Astrid then smiles, and brushes her hair out of her face and puts her hand on his heart.

Near the end, Astrid and Hiccup are shown kissing at Dagur and Mala's wedding and then standing side by side before leaving the Edge. Astrid and Hiccup are not only an official couple by the sequel, but are also betrothed. This is shown during the Dragon Race at the beginning when Stoick proudly yells "That's my future daughter in law!

Hiccup hands it over without a second thought. They sit so close together, they always appear to be touching in some way, or even leaning on each other.

Hiccup vents to Astrid how Stoick is pressuring him to take on the role of Chief, and she teasingly mocks him, to which his reaction is both confusion and amusement. They both laugh, and Astrid even punches Hiccup in the side similar to how she did when they were younger. When they settle down, Astrid states how proud she is of Hiccup, while he confides that being Chief just isn't him, and he's still searching for who he really is.

At that, Astrid leans against Hiccup's side and casually braids his hair, telling him that what he's searching for isn't "out there", but within himself. Astrid puts her hand on Hiccup's chest and he gives her a genuine smile before she leans in and kisses him on the cheek. The scene ends with Hiccup cupping Astrid's face in his hand to draw her attention to smoke he sees in the distance.

When flying their dragons toward the smoke, they share a concerned glance, and Hiccup tells Astrid to "stay close" for safety. Once landed, Hiccup quickly pulls out his flaming sword to defend himself and Astrid from the Dragon Trappers.

After some uojasjobz.comoductive conversation with Eret, Hiccup cuts Stormfly loose and allows her and Astrid to get ahead of him and Toothless as they make their escape. At arriving, Astrid appears to be shocked at Hiccup's plan but fully trusts him as he gestures for her to put her axe down, throws a net over her, and leads her gently to the ship's storage compartment. Astrid is still confused but doesn't protest when Hiccup shuts the two of them in it.

After Hiccup talks to Eret for a bit, Astrid adds that Hiccup can be very persuasive. When Stoick and the Riders "rescue" Hiccup, he tries to talk some sense into Stoick so he'll let him go try to keep the peace. Astrid locks eyes with Hiccup and gives him an encouraging smile and nod, showing she agrees. Hiccup flies off in frustration, and Astrid tries to follow again but this time is stopped by Stoick, insisting she escorts the other Riders back to Berk instead.

Sometime later, Astrid and the Riders are resting on an iceberg, and Astrid becomes worried as neither Hiccup or Stoick had returned yet. Astrid decides to lead the other Riders on a mission to find Hiccup despite what Stoick ordered her to do.

The couple doesn't see each other again until the battle with Drago and his army, where Astrid asks where Hiccup's been. Hiccup answers, saying he was catching up with his mother, to which Astrid asks in shock if the character leading the giant dragon into battle is really his mother.

Hiccup's response is "Now you know where I get my dramatic flair! When Stoick is killed, Astrid is in shock and even appears emotional as she jumps off Stormfly and runs to Hiccup's side. Astrid cuddles up beside Hiccup, puts an arm around his back, and leans her head against his, in an effort to bring him some comfort.

At learning Drago is about to fly Toothless away, Astrid attempts to hold Hiccup back as he emotionally jumps up and tries to run toward his dragon.

Later at the funeral, Astrid is on the far right along with Valka, which traditionally is a position of honor during official practices. Astrid looks on with great pride when Hiccup rises to his new chieftain role and states how they're going to go back, reclaim their dragons, and save their home.

When flying on the baby ScuttleclawsAstrid asks Hiccup if Drago's Bewilderbeast will take control of them too, to which he answers, no, since they're just babies. When the Bewilderbeast blasts Hiccup and Toothless with ice, Astrid looks terrified, similar to how she did in the first movie when she thought he might be dead.

But her expression turns to one of awe and relief when Toothless breaks them out. The movie ends with another Dragon Race, during which Hiccup steals the extra-pointer black sheep from Astrid, only to toss it into her basket instead of his own, making her the winner again.

The two are the only Riders perched on the race platform at the very end, with the others on the level below. After being trapped in a cave surrounded by rogue dragons, the gang share stories and Astrid retells the brief events of her conversation with Stoick before following Hiccup to Itchy Armpit.

Valkaupon hearing the story, expresses her gratitude to Astrid for taking care of Hiccup and being the daughter she and Stoick always wanted. Before heading off to NepentheHiccup decided to make Astrid the acting-Chief. Astrid, however, ends up appointing Gobber as her acting-Chief so she can join Hiccup on his visit to keep him out of trouble.

Hiccup and Astrid's relationship is a major subplot in the final installment. They return to Berk with their newest group of dragon rescues, only to be confronted by Gobber. He claims that Berk is overcrowded with dragons and that the best thing they can do for Berk is hang up their saddles and settle down by getting married and ruling as a proper royal couple. Astrid leaves the discussion, agitated by the awkwardness.

When she tells Hiccup that Gobber is right, he is surprised and asks if she's talking about them getting married. She replies that they're nowhere near ready for that step, which leaves Hiccup feeling slightly embarrassed. Astrid tells Hiccup that they've made Berk more of a target by bringing so many dragons back.

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He confides in her his idea to bring the dragons and the whole of the Hooligan Tribe to the legendary Hidden World of the dragons. Astrid, being as bluntly honest as she's always been with him, remarks that idea of abandoning the home Stoick left Hiccup to protect is hardly a real solution. Hiccup retorts jokingly that maybe the real way to solve everything is to tie the knot.

He playfully adds that if she's having doubts about him, she could always marry Snotlout.

Hiccup Wedding - How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World

She chuckles and replies that Snotlout's only interested in Valka, which leads to Hiccup playfully wrestling with her until she pulls his arm behind him. He relents, saying, "Ok, ok, you win! You always win! After Toothless runs off unexpectedly, Hiccup and Astrid follow him through the forest.

There they find a white dragon who looks a lot like Toothless. After the white dragon flies off, the couple stands amazed that there's another species of Fury.

They land on the name Light Fury for this new species. Hiccup is confused by Toothless' behavior after the encounter with the new dragon, to which Astrid responds that he's obviously in love. Hiccup quietly tells Toothless that relationships are nothing but pain and misery. Astrid, overhearing this, hits Hiccup, an action which Hiccup points out proves his point.

Astrid thinks that Toothless' lovesickness is sweet, which Hiccup to say that he never figured Astrid to be a romantic. After coming in contact with one of Grimmel's traps, Hiccup sets a trap of his own for Grimmel, and Astrid is one of the few warriors in on the trap.

The plan backfires when Grimmel's dragonkillers start destroying the house, and Astrid is directly in the line of attack. Hiccup calls to her to look out, and she escapes the house with Gobber and Fishlegs. A meeting with Berk's residents is held later that night, and Astrid sits as one of the chief's councils in front of the group of citizens. Astrid quiets the Vikings when they retort against Hiccup's idea that they can't stay on Berk any longer. She tells them to listen to what Hiccup has to say, and the couple nods to each other as a sign of support.

The next morning, as the caravan leaves Berk to find their new home, Astrid and Stormfly fly at the front with Hiccup and Toothless. They land on an island for a rest, where Hiccup asks Astrid if she thinks he's crazy for uprooting the whole tribe. She replies that the whole thing is very him.

He thanks her for supporting him at the meeting, saying it meant a lot to him. She tells him not to thank her yet. The following morning, Astrid finds Hiccup working on a new tail for Toothless, and remarks that someone didn't get much sleep.

He tells her about Toothless' encounter on the beach with the Light Fury, and that neither he or Toothless will get much sleep until Toothless is able to bring the Light Fury back. Since the Light Fury doesn't trust Hiccup, this means Toothless has to fly on his own. Astrid reminds Hiccup that the last time he made an independent tail for Toothless, Toothless didn't want it.

After Hiccup notes that Toothless didn't have a reason to fly solo back then, Astrid leans on the table, smiling at Hiccup. Hiccup sees this and asks what she's looking at him that way for. She tells him she's impressed with how well he's embracing change.

He replies that it's only until Toothless brings the Light Fury back, and kisses Astrid on top of her head. Hiccup's naivety both shocks and amuses Astrid, and she looks at him shaking her head and grinning.

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Later that night, Valka tells Hiccup and Astrid that Grimmel is following them with enough cages to hold all their dragons. Hiccup rides with Astrid on Stormfly as they, the dragon riders, and Valka launch a plan to kidnap Grimmel. They unwittingly fall into another one of Grimmel's traps, and the group has to make an escape. Although Hiccup escapes with Valka on Cloudjumper, he is riding with Astrid on Stormfly by the time they return to the island their tribe has dubbed as New Berk.

They discover that Ruffnut didn't manage to escape, and with the Viking remarking how Toothless probably won't return, Hiccup is filled with doubts regarding his ability to lead. Valka and Astrid watch as Hiccup walks away with the world on his shoulders. Valka tells Astrid she's worried that Hiccup doesn't realize that he doesn't have to lead alone and that he and Astrid are stronger together. She asks Astrid if she still believes in Hiccup.

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Astrid immediately responds, "Of course. I wish he did. After Valka tells Astrid that she can help him believe in himself, Astrid mounts Stormfly, flies over to Hiccup, holds out her hand, and tells HIccup to get on so they can find Toothless. They see Toothless taking full ownership in his role as Alpha alongside the Light Fury, and Astrid states, "Now that's a king. Astrid, noticing Hiccup's pain, puts her hand on his shoulder in comfort.

They are discovered by another dragon and have to make an escape with the reluctant help of Toothless. Arriving at New Berk, Hiccup and Astrid share a look as Hiccup gets up the courage to tell Toothless it's okay for him to return to the Hidden World without them. The moment is interrupted both by the Light Fury's appearance and Ruffnut's return. The couple question Ruffnut, and soon they discover that she was followed by Grimmel.

Grimmel captures Toothless, the Light Fury, and, under the command of their Alpha, all of the tribe's dragons. Astrid looks at Hiccup with worry as Grimmel tells Hiccup that he is nothing without his dragon. Hiccup seems to believe it, until Astrid steps up and reminds him that even though Hiccup seems to be back where he started before he met Toothless, she was the first to believe in him and that she grew to be the person she was because of him.

She reminds him that his qualities were not given to him by Toothless, but that Toothless just made it easier for him to be himself. Her words have a real impact on Hiccup, and he realizes that he still has her to lean on. She asks him what he's going to do about their situation, and he replies, smiling, the way he did when they were "Probably something stupid. As the dragon riders prepare to use their own Dragon Fly suits to get to the armada, Astrid stands with Hiccup, and they jump off the cliffside together.

They have each other's backs as they fight their enemies, and share an intimate glance as they use Inferno to create an explosion on deck. Astrid summons Stormfly for Hiccup so that he can get to Toothless. After the battle, Astrid returns to New Berk alongside Valka, visibly relieved and delighted to see that Hiccup is okay. Astrid then watches as Hiccup tells Toothless it's time for them to say goodbye because he wants him to be safe. Astrid understands what Hiccup is implying, and shows her support by taking off Stormfly's saddle and bidding her farewell.

The other Vikings follow suit, and Astrid stands by Hiccup as they watch all the dragons take off. After the wedding, they stand on the cliffside, hold each other, and gaze at the sky where they last saw their dragons. A decade later we see Astrid and Hiccup with a daughter and a son, Zephyr, and Nuffink respectively.

This is a collection of well written fanfics that truly pay respect to Hiccup & Astrid's characters as presented in canon. The stories can all range from 'canon-verse' to AUs, deviations and modern AUs. (Ratings: K-M) Wings of Fire by Fireflights reviews. Plagued by dragons, Berk offers a sacrifice. Are Hiccup And Astrid Dating In How To Train Your Dragon 2 - Astrid and Hiccup's Relationship; Astrid and Hiccup's Relationship Navigation menu. And with heavy, astrid hearts, we let him, and Hiccup, go. Hiccup you truly love that dragon you trained, its message says, let him go.

Both children seem to share striking similarities with each parent. They take the children on a boat to the waterfall entrance to the Hidden World in hopes of seeing their dragons again. Astrid is visibly worried when it seems like Toothless might not remember Hiccup and attack him. When Toothless pounces on Hiccup in a playful manner, Astrid lets out a sigh of relief and tells the kids that the dragon won't eat their father. Hiccup and Astrid invite their nervous kids to meet Toothless, and the parents are delighted as Toothless puts his head to their small hands.

They take the kids flying on Toothless and Stormfly, sharing playful glances and even trading kids mid-flight.

They race each other into the distance, just as they did when they were younger.

Httyd hiccup dating astrid dating. Dating app christian dating after 60 world in how to take their dragon astrid dating; ubers southeast asia rival grab is priceless. Both of him was still hoping we end.!. Anonymous asked: //tinyurl. Here in the course of the pic is a way. Epic dare challenge- talk to them to the astrid dating. One time where. This is a gallery page for Astrid and Hiccup's Relationship during Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season ojasjobz.com free to add related images. Please do NOT add fan art. Hiccup explained as he showed Astrid a dating site. "Meeting people at a bar seems tedious. I wish to meet as many possible suitors as I can." "I guess we can go with online dating then. You can pick which men you like and ask them on a date to see if it will work." Hiccup told her. "First we'll need a .

An Axe to Grind was deleted because of the length, not the content. It's therefore considered canon by director Dean DeBlois. This deleted scene gives insight into Hiccup and Astrid's relationship prior to dragon training. It also shows Gobber encouraging and teasing Hiccup about his crush on Astrid.

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Near the end of Axe to Grind, Astrid thanks Hiccup for sharpening her axe and then pulls her hair away from both of her eyes with a smile. She does the exact same thing before kissing him in the cove and after almost kissing him in " Animal House ". This suggests that Hiccup's crush wasn't completely unrequited. Gift of the Night Fury : "Missing Toe". Everyone else has black eyes suggesting Astrid had punched them in the face, while Hiccup still gets his signature punch in the arm.

As a science education game aimed at younger children, School of Dragons does not discuss the romantic relationship between Astrid and Hiccup.

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However, it is hinted at in various player Quests and other activities. Astrid's and Hiccup's Relationship is alluded to in the Farm Job asking the player to grow and sell sunflowers. Hiccup has just played the Snoggletog Dragon Tactics mini-game with the player. Astrid built it to bring everyone together - through training - for Snoggletog.

In a Farm Job, Astrid and Hiccup go on a picnic and require cabbagestomatoesand chicken eggs. Though not directly featured in the Quest "Going Berserker! They serve as a sort of obstacle the player must lead a sick Snotlout around. In one of the dialogues in Dragons: Rise of BerkHiccup and Astrid have an argument which ends up being resolved with them sharing a picnic, showing how they can't hold a grudge against each other. Astrid wants just her and Hiccup to go on the Quest for the treasure.

It turns out that the map was fake and planted by Krogan to get at Hiccup. The page for quotes about Astrid and Hiccup's Relationship is here. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? You don't think we can handle this? Astrid, you have me, no matter what.

Okay, whatever that means, whatever you want it to mean. I am with you. There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid. Hiccup : " Whoo!

Hiccup heard a door shut and peeked through his fingers to see that Astrid had left the living room again. When Astrid came back out she was wearing a red mini dress. Hiccup's blush had died down but he still glimpsed at Astrid when he thought she wasn't looking. We also have unions and conferences. We aren't barbarians. For occupation he filled in Supervising Manager. It was close enough.

He looked at Astrid, she couldn't be older than him he thought and put 24 in the age category. Once the profile was done all that was left to do was wait. She then noticed the pained look in his eyes and quickly said. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. Nothing like that. He really wanted to see Lucifer get punched one day. Amanda, my fiance, got into a car accident and the doctors said she wasn't going to make it.

I loved her, I really did and I would have done anything for her. Hiccup nodded. She made a miraculous recovery and we got married in spring. She started sleeping with her yoga instructor and when I found out I asked her for a divorce. I don't think I've seen her sigh something so fast. Last I heard she moved in with him. I might be a devil but that is just downright mean! She sensed it but decided not to confront Hiccup about it yet. This caused Hiccup to laugh.

They looked at the screen and saw that Astrid's profile had gotten some likes. If you like any we can set up a date. Astrid cringed as she saw one of the pictures. She however pointed to the other two. Once the dates were set she looked back at Hiccup and smiled. Astrid had a mischievous look in her eyes as she bent close and whispered into Hiccup's ear. All you need to do is ask. Hiccup's blush returned tenfold as he sputtered before turning to Astrid who was walking seductively back to her room.

Hiccup turned his head back around as he noticed that he had been watching the sway of her hips. Another thought also joined in which caused Hiccup to let out a groan. The day of the first date approached and in the meantime Astrid had lined up another couple of dates. She has been living with Hiccup for nearly a week now and enjoyed teasing him a bit. She was dressed in a black cocktail dress with her hair done up. She grabbed her clutch purse as her date would be picking her up any moment.

She bid goodbye to Hiccup who was placing a casserole in the oven. She still wondered why Hiccup wanted to do all the cooking. Her date arrived and picked her up. He told her that they'd be going out to eat and Astrid expected to go to a restaurant. What she didn't expect was that they were going to eat at a fast food place. Astrid raised an eyebrow as they entered the establishment. She was definitely overdressed for the occasion.

Her date meanwhile was glancing at an elderly woman. When she got back to Hiccup's apartment she bid Hiccup, who was watching reruns of Laverne and Shirley, good night before slamming the door to her room. The second guy Astrid had lined up for a date wasn't any better in her opinion.

He at least took her to a fancy restaurant but then in spiraled downwards.

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He proceeded to introduce her to the waiter as his fiance and soon to be wife and mother of his children all the while planning out their life together. Astrid just gave the guy a look before standing up from the table and walking outside to hail a taxi.

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When she got back to Hiccup's apartment she proceeded to raid his liquor cabinet. She grabbed the glass bottle, placed it on the coffee table, and plopped down next to Hiccup. Soon one drink turned into several, which turned into Astrid and Hiccup laughing at nothing in particular on the couch. I already know. I'm a devil, I can tell when someone is lying.

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It was then that Hiccup snapped out of the alcohol induced haze a bit. You don't know what you're saying. Is that weird for a devil to want? The following morning greeted both of the apartment's occupants with headaches and hangovers. Both Hiccup and Astrid did remember the previous night and both blushed and tried to avoid eye contact. It got a little awkward in the coming weeks as both were too stubborn to talk about what had almost happened.

Hiccup sometimes stayed home, other times he would go to the movies with friends but Astrid never saw him go on dates. She on the other hand was still scheduling dates but many just ended disastrously. One of her dates showed up two hours late and he was dressed in his work uniform which was a chicken mascot.

Another actually took her to church where he and the congregation proceeded to pray for her. And then there was the one which had several outstanding warrants on him. He was arrested during their date and she was held for questioning.

And then there was they guy who said he preferred his women modest and quiet. Well she smirked remembering that one. Quite the scene she cause giving him a piece of her mind along with erectile dysfunction. Being the devil had it's perks after all. There was also the whiner, the cryer, the gassy one, the psychopath, the groper. At some point Astrid wished she could give these guys a special place in hell. Then there was one date who took a 30 minute business call at the restaurant table and was rude to the waitstaff.

She just got up and walked to the ladies room where she called Hiccup to come pick her up. The car ride back to the apartment however was filled with silence as they didn't bring up what had happened before. Astrid was sure that she liked Hiccup more than a friend but she thought that her bringing up his ex wasn't such a good idea and now he might just dislike her.

Hiccup on the other hand knew he felt something for Astrid but he didn't want to get hurt again. His friends kept telling him that he should start dating again but every time he tried he would just think back to Amanda. He really did lie when he said she'd broken his heart. In fact she had shattered it, blaming him for their failing marriage as well as her need to cheat because he couldn't satisfy her enough. Astrid and Hiccup entered the apartment and both went to their separate rooms.

Astrid had been pacing for a while since she'd returned before she decided to throw caution to the wind. The giant pink elephant in the room had to be addressed.

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She decided then and there that she'd cancel the rest of her dates and focus on getting to know Hiccup better. Her dad did once tell her that somethings could be found right under your nose. So now Astrid stood in front of Hiccup's door having donned the sexiest lingerie she had, which consisted of black lace panties and a bra before covering it with a short robe revealing her bare knees.

She knocked on Hiccup's door and entered when she received an answer. Meanwhile Hiccup couldn't sleep, and he simply lay on his bed staring at the dark ceiling. There was a knock on the door and Hiccup knew just who it was. He didn't know what to expect. Would he get laughed at, would he be put down again?

Hiccup knew that Astrid wasn't that kind of woman and he secretly hoped that she liked him back but the insecurities were still there. Astrid entered the room and Hiccup was grateful that the darkness hid the blush he was sporting when he saw Astrid in her loose fitting robe which clearly showed off the lingerie she was wearing.

The light from the hallway spilled through the open door as she walked towards Hiccup. I like you. I've come to like you a lot these past few months that I've been staying here. What I want to know is how you feel.

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She could feel that Hiccup was aroused yet he still held back. I want you here and now! Or do I have to tie you up and have my wicked way with you. Something in Hiccup snapped and he proceeded to pin Astrid to the wall and kiss her hard. Their lovemaking lasted through the night and started again early in the morning.

They clung to each other like starved lions. Astrid smiled as she twirled her finger in Hiccup's hair.

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