Agree, my girlfriend broke up with me and is now dating someone else are

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My heart goes out to anyone who is still in love with their ex but their ex is already dating someone else. Dumpers often start dating again not too long after the breakup so chances are, you are going to feel insignificant when it happens. Since it can take over 8 months to get over your ex so he or she will likely date someone else during that time span. Does my ex have no shame? Why would my ex give up so quickly and start dating someone else?

Is this true? Or she's just hiding it from me? Right now she is seeing someone else and the guy is now starting to court her. I told her that when she chose that guy i'll step away from her because i respect her decision.

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I'm just in shock because she quickly entertained this guy weeks after our break up. Was she scared to be alone and wants that attention from the other guy? Or she doesn't want to face the break up and reconcile with me? She didn't go through the break up process. Its not healthy right? I spoke to her last week on Yahoo Messenger, that's when she told me that she accepted the guy's courtship proposal. After that i never spoke to her.

Like i said i'll just walk away from her because i respect her decision. I'm in the "No Contact" mode now and i'm evaluating myself what did i do wrong in our relationship and it all makes sense to me now.

I still love my ex but i don't know if i want her back now. I always think the negative things she said to me. Seeing their pictures on facebook makes my heart ache like hell! I'm now done with my grieving and i guess time will only heal me.

Do you think its time to move on and forget about her? What if she contacted me in the next couple of weeks? I know is hard to do so because I met this thing to Anyroad, she's all ready to move on. She says you're finished. Do you have any tangible reason to believe you are not?

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Be nice, always hold the moral high ground. If she's d cking you a round it will become obvious and nicelyask her to not contact you. Thanks to all of you. Everyday I'm getting better. I'm telling you it was not easy but it does get better. Guys, my ex just talked to me last two weeks. And she is having trouble with her relationship.

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She has this overprotective boyfriend and he is not giving her any breathing space. I just said I feel sorry for the guy's actions. I didn't gave too much advice.

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And Right now, she keeps on chatting me on Yahoo! I'm planning to get away to her because I have my own life now. I don't want to be that guy that she can always lean in to.

If just being meant back, you may hurt yourself back. She gets what she deserves! Second love, another girl, 1 year together, she broke up, she cheated on me, she lost everything with that new guy, they did not pay the rent, she lost her job because of his jealousy, she could see her mum, well 5mn a month only with me family lunch every Saturday3 years later she wanted me back, I told her I like you, I will help you, but don't except me to love you again, I did suffer too much, i cant take this risk again.

I never met her again. Now I am older and stronger in heart, maybe maybe I would forgive now! We were together 2 years and my ex got a new bf in a month.

After 2 months of NC, i found out they broke up in 1 month and she is trying to talk to me again. NC is the advice i can give for you. She may come back, but do u want her back? For me, I am not sure if i can trust her anymore.

Thank my girlfriend broke up with me and is now dating someone else apologise, but

We would have to start back at square one. My family and friends all know about our breakup so it is going to be hard to get everyone on the same page if we ever get back. Most importantly, NC is not to get her back; it is to make you feel happier. But when you finally forget her is when she might come back.

It is going to help alot. Good luck man! I'm in a similar situation but far more complex. I will summarise. Was with a girl had a boy he is nearly 3. We split up stayed in contact for him. We were apart 18 months I managed to get back with her. We split again but was like 'is this working'.

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We went on holiday that was planned. Anyway day we got back she text her mate to say she glad she not with me then 2 days later there was a text from her best mate saying 'just don't break my brothers heart'. So she is dating her best mates bro who she was with 10 years ago. We have a son so trying to keep the family together is important to me anyway and thought it was for her.

It's just got worse and worse with Xmas and has him around my son which I can't stop. I reply to her text but don't chat or text her first. I see her once every 3 days. But I want to know what she is playing at. As I can see in her eyes she loves me still but says she don't.

Jun 28,   My ex is dating someone else already and it hurts. If you see your ex with someone new and this causes you pain, take my words of advice seriously. Go no contact with your ex without delay. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your ex needs to experience life without you and get hurt before he or she will even think about coming back to you. After your relationship ends, you may feel okay until your former love starts becoming intimate with someone else. For many people, this marks a new and painful phase of a break-up. Yup.

She is in a serious or not serious relationship with him. She says its not but she has him around my son and can see her marrying him and having kids. She says to me it has to be her choice and her decision what she does which I agree.

Thing is if I leave her she is with him and if I don't she is still with him.

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Is it a rebound or is it the ex she always wanted. She has to save face as its her best mates brother, he has been introduced as her fella to family and friends. She says she still thinks of me all the time. What do I do. I feel you, brother.

My ex hopped in a new relationship the week after she left me, and she was with me for 3 years.

She Came Back... But She Slept with Someone Else

I came across these post and well my gf broke up with me about almost two months now. She was talking to some other guys. And one week she came back to me. I confronted her about why she was talking to other guys and still came back with me and she got mad, left and said it was really over.

Its been a month now since that day and I found out she had a bf and she finally told me about it. And ever since her facebook she puts that shes happy, she feels loved and memes that say I love you.

Most likely directed to him. Im not sure if hes a rebound or if shes really in love with him. I just feel really bad and would like her back but not sure if she really is in love and loves him even though it sounds like it.

Look here bro these girls are not Waste the time and effort. I just recently broke up with my girlfriend we was constantly arguing, She was my first love too.

Make a long story short she told me everything about her the good and the bad and so did i. We talked about getting married kids i was happy i really didn't understand love.

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At all until she came into my life now this girl is my first love now. She talked about suicide and stuff and so did i if i couldn't be with her.

Now im a good guy. Treated her right never went a day without telling her i love you or i miss you. Im still talking to her she saying o wait for me let's just be friends right now and bullshiit like these girls are very devious and strange. No one will ever understand the mind of a girl. But ye. Anyways i was helping her she's telling me all these stuff blah blah im smoking weed im like don't do that im always here for you forever and always and than i ask her back she rejected me each time these tears are nothing girls cry over everything if you're weak against tears which is me that was my biggest downfall i literally thought i would have spent the rest of my life with this girl.

I found out she been playing me had another guy on instagram saying this is and us love thing some b. Her calling herself mrs already like u barely know this guy i was hurt felt like i was going to vomit.

But with each beat of my heart it literally felt sore. Well i had a spartacus marathon to keep my mind off her. Anyways i call her im like you don't do this to someone i texted her i still want to be with you blah blah i told her i cried like a baby this is a few days i reliaze too.

Im like okay, So i was thinking and pondering about some things us her. What to do, im like i treated her right she did this too me she with a bad guy that smokes weed looks like a thug and is goiing to hurt her. But thats what she chose. What i did stop stalking her on instagram Deleted all of the videos and pic we had together deleted her phone number and her other phone number trying to forget her number now.

Don't hurt yourself this girl is going to miss you. Don't wish ask for her back win the battle within yourself. And there is billions of other girls in the world she's just 1. Are you really going to let 1 girl Ruin your love life and happiness get over her forget about her win the battle within yourself.

My girlfriend broke up with me and is now dating someone else

Is there any hope for your future? In research studies, scientists put people in an MRI who were going through a break up and then people who were not.

When they looked at the results of the MRI scans, the people who were undergoing a break up had a mind that looked like it was suffering from a mental disorder. This does not mean that the individuals actually had a mental disorder. Instead, they were temporarily undergoing similar symptoms because of the stress and pain of the break up. If it feels like your break up is making you crazy, there is a reason why: it is. There are many different reasons why your girlfriend might break up with you.

Most likely, she told you the reason during the break up. If she did it the right way, she broke up with you in person and gave you a chance to ask her questions about why the break up was happening.

Listen to her. It is hard to break up with someone, so she is probably trying her best to tell you how she feels. Perhaps she felt like she was getting taken for granted or the spark had died.

Or, she was annoyed that you kept doing the same things even though she asked you not to. If this is the case, all you can do is move on. Whether you can get back together with her or not depends on the reason. If she cheated on you or wants to date someone else, then your best bet is to move on.

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Unless it genuinely was a mistake that she will never do again, these types of actions are a sign that she is not really committed, takes you for granted or does not really want to be in a relationship. If the reason behind the break up is because you are doing something wrong, then there is good news. You can talk to her about what she wants to have changed and then make changes.

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Just make sure that you actually follow through and stick to those changes. If you promise to change and revert to old habits, the next time she leaves you will be for good. If even a part of you hopes to be back together with her in the future, then you need to ask her why the break up is happening. At the very least, her answer may make your next relationship a better fit.

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You deserve to have answers, so have her tell you how she feels. Once she does, accept it.

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Even if you do not agree with the reason, show that you understand and value her feelings or opinions. Getting back together or not really depends on the reason why you broke up and how both partners feel.

In the majority of cases, a relationship that has already had one break up will have another one in the future. Unless you genuinely think that you can work through the problem and have a healthy relationship, it might be best to move on. It might not feel like it for now, but you will heal. The last thing you need is an on-again, off-again relationship that painfully drags on for years before eventually ending. If you have decided that you absolutely want to have another shot with her, the first thing that you need to do is put down your phone or mobile device.

Do not text, call or speak to her for a couple of days. Remember how we said that the mind during a break up looks temporarily insane? If you are not careful, that temporary insanity can drive you to do things that you would never normally do. Texting her times a day or leaving teary, drunk messages will never get her back.

While you try to stay calm and give her space, focus on yourself. Go out with your friends, watch a ball game or spend some time doing your favorite hobby. Healing takes time, but you can make it easier by staying busy. You are technically single, and she might be sleeping with someone else, so we totally understand why this is an appealing option.

If your goal is to get her back, stay celibate. Even if she sleeps with someone else, her mind will still find it hard to adjust to the idea of you being with someone else. If you do get back together, she will feel jealous and needy because she knows that you can easily find another attractive woman.

After a few days have passed, you have a number of options.

It usually means that she was already dating the new guy, or had plans to date the new guy, before you two broke up. In fact, the new guy is probably at the root of why the break-up occurred. Women are difficult to understand, but they are understand-able. My ex girlfriend broke up with me about a week ago. Now she is hanging out with a guy that lives around the corner from me. This hurts so bad I do not know what to do we have been together for four years it was a great relationship but it was my lack of honesty on why the relationship came to an end. Dec 29,   There are many different reasons why your girlfriend might break up with you. Most likely, she told you the reason during the break up. If she did it the right way, she broke up with you in person and gave you a chance to ask her questions about why the break up was happening. Listen to her. It is hard to break up with someone, so she is probably trying her best to tell you how she feels.

A talk after a break up is often a sign that the other partner wants to get the relationship going again.

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