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Each week host Jeff Probst will answer a few questions about the most recent episode of Survivor: Game Changers. Also, make sure to check out an exclusive deleted scene from the episode above and read our full episode recap here. What was the thing that surprised you the most once everyone got on the same beach and started feeling each other out? There are alliances and they are shifting and getting ready to strike. As you know, I was one of those people who openly questioned why Hali was brought back for Game Changers.

But I still like what she brings. We had an epic showdown between Tai and Ozzy in that immunity challenge on the poles. Tell us what it was like being there watching that clash of the endurance titans go down. Sometimes the best moment in a hero story is when the hero falters because you are reminded they are human.

Ozzy comes into every challenge with the burden of his amazing Survivor challenge history dragging behind him. People always expect him to be a contender.

Apr 20,   Ozzy is a game changer and I'm so glad he was included. Honestly, the ONLY reason I didn't initially think Ozzy should be on was because I felt he had been on too many times. I Author: Dalton Ross. Michaela and Hali voted for Zeke Smith hoping to save themselves because they were told he was the target since no one could beat him at the end due to his story of coming out as transgender on the show and growing as a man. Ozzy, Cirie, Zeke, Andrea Boehlke, Aubry Bracco and Sarah Lacina voted for Michael just in case Hali played an idol. Brad Culpepper, Sierra Dawn Thomas, Troy "Troyzan. Sep 23,   Amanda ultimately lost to Parvati, but she and Ozzy began dating after the show ended. Unfortunately, Rob and Amber they are not, as they eventually broke up. Both later went on to compete for a second time, but on different seasons: Amanda for Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, and Ozzy for Survivor: South Pacific, where he won $, for.

So seeing Tai - the oldest and smallest guy going toe-to-toe with him was about as good as it gets. Tai is playing a much quieter game this time, but just as committed. It showed in that challenge. He is in it to win it. I also loved that final moment when Tai went to check on Ozzy even in victory. You were pretty candid before the season that CBS had to convince you that Ozzy should be on this season. After watching him out there, what was your take on how he did and what he added to the show?

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I was wrong. CBS was right. I thought fans were tired of him and needed a break. But when we introduced him at the live finale for Millennials v Gen Xhe got the loudest ovation. I was wrong by several thousand miles.

It told me that when Survivor fans invest in you and really root for you, they will continue to root for you until you win. And one more side note: Ozzy is a true team player when it comes to being a part of the show. He just gives you everything you could ever want and more.

I found myself respecting him even more than I had previously and I was also reminded why kids love him so much.

He is that cool.

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What can you tease up for next week? Next week offers one of my favorite moments in 34 seasons of Survivor. Survivor: Jeff Probst says 'I was wrong by several thousand miles' about Ozzy. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More.

TV Show. Close Streaming Options. Episode Recaps Previous. S40 E14 Recap. Survivor: Winners at War finale recap: Dominance is rewarded.

S40 E13 Recap.

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S40 E8 Recap. S40 E7 Recap. On Day 13, a tribe switch occurred. He decided to keep Erik over Ami since he thought he was the more trustworthy of the two players. At the first Individual Immunity Challenge Ozzy put up a tough fight but eventually ended up losing to Jason.

Ozzy voted out Eliza at Tribal Council because she was the last remaining outsider not immune. At the next Immunity Challenge Jason, the last outsider, agreed to a deal with Parvati to step down for food for the tribe as long as her alliance didn't vote him out. Everyone halfheartedly agreed not to vote for him. The core alliance members of Amanda, Ozzy, James, and alliance affiliate Erik decided to renege the promise.

But Cirie saw this as the perfect time to blindside Ozzy due to him being a physical threat and having the Hidden Immunity Idol.

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All the remaining women voted against Ozzy except Amanda, supplemented by Jason's vote, which resulted him being blindsided. At Final Tribal CouncilOzzy's vote appeared to be the most obvious of the night as he heavily criticized Parvati and reiterated his feelings for Amanda. He voted for Amanda along with the other jury members that didn't betray him Erik and Jamesbut it wasn't enough to keep Parvati from becoming Sole Survivor. Assigned to the red Savaii Tribe, Ozzy lead the tribe in most camp activities and even acting as support, as evidence when he comforted Dawn Meehan when the latter went to a mild depression.

While his physical prowess kept him in the tribe, his tribemates did not let him take control over the tribe, as seen during Savaii first Tribal Council, where Ozzy's plot to oust John Cochran was put on hold, when the tribe eliminated his initial ally Semhar Tadessewho blew the Immunity Challenge for them. The group delayed any of its plans, when Savaii won the Day 5 Immunity Challenge. On Day 7, Ozzy found the Hidden Immunity Idol in hopes of redeeming himself from his infamous blindside in his previous season.

The next day, Savaii lost the Immunity Challenge, where Ozzy joined the rest of the tribe in voting Mark Caruso out for being the oldest person in the team. With this, Jim plotted to avoid Ozzy from obtaining more power by plotting with the outsiders Cochran and Dawn. Ozzy and Elyse were thrown off-guard, as the latter got blindsided. That night, disappointed by Elyse's surprise removal, Ozzy declared himself a "free agent," removing himself from the alliance and declaring to the tribe he had the Hidden Immunity Idol; but soon patched things up with his tribe and led them to winning the next Immunity Challenge.

Worried by Upolu's one-person advantage one of their tribemates, Christine Shields Markoski was dominating the Redemption Island duelsOzzy proposed to his tribe a risky plan he called "Trojan Horse"-should Savaii loses the next Immunity Challenge, the tribe would purposefully vote him out, effectively sending himself to Redemption Island in hopes of defeating Christine.

Apr 21,   'Survivor' eliminees Hali Ford and Ozzy Lusth speak out about Jeff Varner outing Zeke Smith as transgender. Survivor: Game Changers' latest booted castaways, Hali Ford and Ozzy Lusth, are sharing their opinions on the fallout of Jeff Varner deciding to out Actors: Andrea Boehlke. Apr 20,   "Everyone makes mistakes," Survivor contestant Hali Ford tells PEOPLE By Patrick Gomez April 20, PM.

Ozzy then surrendered his Hidden Immunity Idol to Cochran, stating that he would get it back should he return to the game. At the duel, Ozzy did defeat Christine, and re-entered the competition as part of the newly merged Te Tuna tribe, where he won the first individual Immunity Challenge along with Dawn.

Anticipating a tie vote between the former warring tribes, Ozzy gave his Hidden Immunity Idol to Whitney, stating that a Savaii member getting voted out is highly unlikely because two of them had immunity, while one other person would use the idol. Unknown to them, Cochran was pulled by the rival Upolu tribe, with the Harvard Law student spoiling Savaii's strategies and secrets.

At Tribal Council, the anticipated tie happened between Keith and Rick Nelsonforcing a revote. But not wanting to end the vote a stalemate which would culminate in drawing rocks, where the unlucky person who would pick the colored rock would be eliminated and the idea of playing the game based on probability, Cochran betrayed the Savaii alliance and joined Upolu in voting Keith, sending him to Redemption Island.

The Savaii tribe was furious with Cochran. Defenseless and unable to win individual immunity once again, Ozzy was immediately voted out returning to Redemption Island.

He began to defeat his former tribemates, including Cochran, stating that he would feed them, but defeat them anyway. He eventually re-entered the competition at the Final Five and claimed Individual Immunity. When the final five contestants returned at Te Tuna camp, Coach expressed his desire to bring Ozzy at the Final Tribal Council, where he would be giving his own Hidden Immunity Idol if necessary. However, Ozzy was suspicious if Coach would really do such promise. At the next Immunity Challenge, ex-Upolu member Sophie Clarke who was ahead of Ozzy, until she audaciously ordered Albert to help her win the challenge, only to be interrupted by Jeff Probst because it was a direct violation of the Survivor Rulebook.

Nonetheless, Ozzy won immunity. Appalled by Sophie's actions, Ozzy blasted the economics graduate at Tribal Council for her blunt deeds and calling her a spoiled brat, causing her to become emotional. Ultimately, Coach did not fulfill his promise to Ozzy by keeping his idol unused, and eliminated Rick instead of Sophie.

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Ozzy made a pitch to Coach to enforce a tie at Tribal Council, but failed. Ozzy was voted out for the third time, this time, permanently. As a member of the juryOzzy blasted Albert DestradeSophie, and Coach for giving false hopes, condescending demeanor and breaking his "honor and integrity" code respectively. Eventually, Ozzy gave his vote to Sophie, claiming that she deserved it since she was the reason Ozzy was eliminated, and along with five other jury members, Sophie was crowned as Sole Survivor.

Ozzy started on Nukuwhere his water skills helped his tribe win a toolkit in the marooning. Nuku won the first two Immunity Challenges, keeping plans on hold and Nuku in tact going into the swap. Tavua dominated the next three challenges, only losing a Reward Challenge though Ozzy himself performed well. During this time with no Tribal Council visits, Ozzy once again became the tribe's provider, citing fishing as a meditation to keep his head in the game as well as strengthen his position in the tribe.

He, along with Sarah, Andrea, and Zeke, were switched back to Nuku after the second tribe switch.

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Nuku lost immunity on Day 16, meaning this would be Ozzy's first Tribal Council of the season. Ozzy admitted he was almost convinced, further solidifying how dangerous Sandra is as a player. Nuku lost immunity again on Day Ozzy was targeted by Varner when the latter found out Zeke was playing him and aligned with Ozzy.

Ozzy told Jeff he should be ashamed of himself. Ozzy contributed to Jeff's verbal unanimous elimination. Ozzy reached the mergemaking him the first and currently only player in Survivor history to make it to the merge four times. He came in 12th place and was the second member of the jury.

At the Final Tribal Councilhe criticized Sarah's deceitful game-play and lauded Brad Culpepper for dominating in Immunity Challenges and playing a straight-up game, and even told Brad he was his champion.

Debbie agreed with Ozzy's position and aided in this campaign, both of them going as far as laughing when Sarah said that the friendships she made in the game were genuine.

He ended up casting his vote for Brad to win, but he lost to Sarah in a vote. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. He enjoys reading and writing. Ozzy did not change his vote on the revote. Game Changers Ozzy started on Nukuwhere his water skills helped his tribe win a toolkit in the marooning. He came in 12th place and was the second member of the jury At the Final Tribal Councilhe criticized Sarah's deceitful game-play and lauded Brad Culpepper for dominating in Immunity Challenges and playing a straight-up game, and even told Brad he was his champion.

Ozzy was a guest in Survivor After Showwith Parvati.

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InOzzy started to date actress Lindsay Lohan. They broke up in InOzzy was inducted into the Survivor Hall of Fame. While he didn't compete himself, Ozzy, along with Sierra Dawn Thomas help present and model the prizes in the first Showcase.

Ozzy was the only original Aitutaki member to make the mergeas well as the only one to reach the jury stage. As he made the Final Tribal Councilno members of the original Aitutaki were on the jury. Ozzy is currently the fastest man to become the highest-ranking member of their original tribe. Ozzy is the fourth of six castaways to win five individual Immunity Challenges in a season, the record for a single season.

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Ozzy won the largest percentage of individual Immunity Challenges in a single season, with Ozzy is the first Latino to finish as runner-up.

Ozzy is the youngest male returning player in Micronesia. His fake idol was played by Eliza Orlinswho received it from its finder Jason Siska. Ozzy is the first of six contestants who debuted before Heroes vs.

Ozzy is the only one of these to play on a fourth season. Ozzy is the only contestant to play three or more times, and play only in seasons featuring either Exile Island or Redemption Island. Ozzy is the first returning player to be voted out and return to the game within the same season. Having won the Get a Grip challenge twice the first time in Cook Islands for individual immunity and the second time in South Pacific as a duel to return to the gameOzzy is the second of three returning players to win the same individual challenge twice.

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The first was Parvati Shallow and the third was Keith Nale. Ozzy is the first castaway to return to the main game twice after being voted out twice.

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Ozzy has been voted out a total of five times, making him the most voted out castaway in Survivor history. They would be followed by Tony Vlachos and Natalie Anderson. Ozzy lost 23 lbs. Ozzy is the first, and so far only contestant to make the merge four times.

Ozzy lost 15 lbs. Adam Rarotonga.

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Becky Puka Puka. Billy Aitutaki. Brad Puka Puka. Candice Rarotonga. Cao Boi Puka Puka. Cecilia Aitutaki.

Ozzy and hali dating

Cristina Aitutaki. Jenny Puka Puka. Jessica Rarotonga. Jonathan Rarotonga. Nate Manihiki. Ozzy Aitutaki. Parvati Rarotonga. Rebecca Manihiki. Sekou Manihiki.

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Stephannie Manihiki. Sundra Manihiki. Yul Puka Puka. Alexis Airai. Amanda Malakal. Ami Malakal. Chet Airai. Cirie Malakal. Eliza Malakal. Erik Airai. James Malakal. Jason Airai. Joel Airai. Jon Malakal. Jonathan Malakal. Kathy Airai. Mary Airai.

Mikey B. Natalie Airai. Ozzy Malakal. Parvati Malakal. Tracy Airai. Yau-Man Malakal. Albert Upolu. Brandon Upolu.

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