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The Office may have got us hooked with its off-beat jokes and cringingly accurate look at the nine-to-five grind, but it was ultimately the characters and their relationships with one another that kept us coming back for more. And for most viewers, the relationship between Jim and Pam serves as the heart of the series. It may have not been the first love triangle on The Office , but it was certainly one of the most memorable. The series would go on to try to create this scenario a number of times after season three - with Dwight, Andy, and Angela, then Michael, Jan, and Holly. However, none seemed quite as realistic or engaging as the complicated and often awkward relationship between Jim, Karen, and Pam. Even if you've watched the series numerous times over, there still might be a few details you missed about Jim and Karen's relationship.

After watching their love story for nine seasons, how can they not be a real couple?

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But did Jim and Pam ever date in real life? She tells the story of meeting Krasinski for the first time at The Office interviews and knowing right away he was the perfect actor to play Jim.

It was as if lightning struck through the center of the room. I hope you get this job. The book also gives the inside scoop to their first smooch.

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When fans heard this, the world went crazy. Everyone was saying that Fisher and Krasinski were really in love.

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He was like a type of spouse that I had for a long time, he was my partner and we will always be close because of it. Sorry to disappoint, but both Fisher and Krasinski have stated multiple times that they never dated. He said that the best part of his life started after he met Blunt.

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He insisted that Fischer turned out to be a perfect fit for the role of Pam. He also said that David Denman, Craig Robinson, and John Krasinski, turned out to be perfect fits for their roles as Roy, Darryl and Jim respectively, and that he never regretted his decision to stick with the actors in their respective final roles.

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Comments to the media by multiple inside sources, including Daniels, show that the roles might easily have gone to several other actors and actresses. Scott had the best chance of being cast because Krasinski's audition did not go well.

Krasinski was actually supposed to read for the part of Dwight Schrute, but he managed to convince the directors to allow him to read for Jim.

He nearly flubbed his chance during an unexpected encounter with Daniels in the waiting room. Daniels asked Krasinski if he was feeling nervous.

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Krasinski did not realize he was speaking with the executive producer of the show, so he spoke candidly, saying he feared that the Americans would flub the British show. Kathryn Hahn was seriously considered for the role of Pam and Angela Kinsey was also considered for the role before she was cast as Angela.

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Fischer once confessed that she felt lucky that her biggest competitor Alyson Hannigan did not audition for the role.

According to Fischer, she and Hannigan had competed in multiple auditions and casting directors always chose Hannigan over her.

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She said she became so frustrated that when Hannigan walked in for any audition she was trying out for, she would give up and walk out. According to Schur, it did not seem to anyone a good idea to take Fischer and Krasinski from The Office during season 4 of the show. She recalled that he whispered to her during the auditioning that she was his favorite and that he hoped she would get the role.

Jan 21,   (Besides the fact that they're both happily married, natch.) "In real life we aren't totally Pam and totally Jim, so in real life we're not like the perfect match - it's a really complicated. I guess we accept Jim and Pam aren't a real life couple, and Jenna Fischer seems to have. Fischer added, "But in real life, we aren't totally Pam and totally Jim, so in real life, we're not the perfect match. He was like a type of spouse that I had for a long time, he was my partner and we will always be close because of it." In real life, Krasinski married actress Emily Blunt in They have one child together, named Hazel.

When Fischer eventually got the role, the first question she asked was whether Krasinski also got the role of Jim Halpert. Fischer said she was elated and cried tears of joy when she learned that Krasinski would be her co-star.

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She was excited because she believed that Krasinski was the right co-star for the Jim-Pam relationship they were going to portray on TV. Krasinski also revealed that he felt that Fischer was going to get the role the moment he saw her and that they both felt they were destined to co-star as Jim and Pam.

Krasinski admitted that the first question he asked when he got the role of Jim was if Fischer also got the role of Pam. However, Krasinski was apparently shy about the fact that it was his first onscreen kiss, so when Fischer asked him about it, he did not admit it was his first.

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But Fischer was open about the fact that the kiss was her first onscreen kiss. The kiss was the culmination of two seasons of onscreen flirting between Pam and Jim, as well as an intensifying off-screen connection between the two co-stars since they first met while auditioning for their roles in the TV show.

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Fischer wrote in her book The Actor's Life: A Survival Guidethat the kissing scene was very carefully planned because the producers wanted to get it just right. The kiss was a momentous event on TV and hundreds of articles were published about it. Jim's facial expression was visible, but viewers did not get to see Pam's.

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This, according to an insider, was designed to force viewers to put themselves in Pam's shoes and imagine how she reacted when Jim kissed her.

Fischer, enthused that after director Ken Kwapis gave instructions for the scene and walked away, "felt completely transported into a new reality.

Her character Pam had been talking to her mother on the phone about how much she loved Jim, but she could not confess her feelings to him.

As she talked with her mother on the phone, she turned and saw Jim walking into the room and her heart nearly burst out of her chest.

Jan 22,   However, although we know that both Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam, and John Krasinski, who plays Jim, were both married in real life (the former to director Lee Kirk . May 25,   Did Pam and Jim date in real life? Sorry to disappoint, but both Fisher and Krasinski have stated multiple times that they never dated. While . Despite fans of The Office wishing for John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer to fall in love in real life, the two actors ended up both getting married in - Krasinski to fellow actor Emily Blunt and Fischer to film writer Lee Kirk. However, Krasinski and Rashida Jones actually ended up dating each other for a time before fans were watching the fictional romance play out on screen.

She wanted to confess her feelings, but before she could, Jim walked up to her and kissed her, and "it was perfect," Fischer added in her book. She also recalled in her book the first time that she met Krasinski while auditioning for a role in the sitcom. They walked past each other as she was entering the actor's holding room. He stopped and introduced himself and she said that it was as if lightning struck at the moment they shook hands.

Pam and jim dating real life

But they were willing to commit so much resources to that scene because it was the highlight of their five years of storytelling, Daniels added. According to the Washington Postthe scene was supposed to take place in the rain at a gas station and Daniels had envisaged it to take place at an actual rest stop on the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut.

John Krasinski Clears Up Real Life Love Rumors Between Jim and Pam

Since the producers were bent on having the gas station proposal scene they decided to recreate it in L. The replica ended up costing more than twice as much as the original scene would have.

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Fischer kept the engagement ring that Jim gave to Pam in The Office. She kept the ring as a souvenir and allegedly wore it in public after series ended.

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Fans claimed that she wore the ring during multiple TV appearances. She also appeared to deny claims that she was seen wearing it in public, as she insisted that she did not "wear it in real life. Jenna Fischer was pregnant in real life during Season 8 of the show.

However, the coincidence was welcome and the show gladly exploited it for a realistic portrayal of Pam's pregnancy. Fischer first publicly announced in May that she was expecting her first baby with her husband Lee Kirk.

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When fans later learned that the season 8 plot of Fischer's onscreen marriage as Pam to Jim Halpert would involve a second pregnancy, many assumed that the producers decided to run the pregnancy story after they learned that Fischer was pregnant in real life.

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