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Molly Jolie Jenkins jumps in when Romy can't join Sarah to audition for a jingle-singing gig, which they win. But a tragedy precludes them from doing the job. Douglas: Vincent Angell. Hatcher: Mark Tymchyshyn. Romy: Jennifer Garner. Maguire: Jonathon Schaech.

But the band which also includes percussionist Jamie Smith and frontman Oliver Sim were quite shy about discussing much outside of their musicianship - until Romy did a joint interview with her girlfriend, Rachel, for a UK magazine in Two years later, the xx released their highly-anticipated sophomore effort, Coexistand at age 23, Romy seems to be much more open to talk about being gay. Lost love, gained love-things like that. I mean, I am [gay]. But if I was singing about a guy, I would probably be singing a similar kind of love song, really.

Which is actually kind of an understatement. Thank you. And then, you know, like some sort of estranged auntie.

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I was pleasantly surprised we were reaching people in that way. Doesn't it look a bit starry? She and Sim have a muttered discussion, too, about whether they should wear sunglasses for the show. On the one hand, they don't want to look distant.

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On the other hand - it's pretty sunny. It makes me think of something Smith told me, another bouncer-related anecdote from the night before.

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The over-zealous minder had kept smacking off people's hands as they reached out to Smith in his booth. They don't like to let people close, but nor do they like being kept, showily, at a distance. Smith offers up another odd moment from last night. In the VIP area after his set he was approached by a figure he recognised. Daniel Bedingfield.

Any good, I ask?

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Smith grimaces, and shakes his head. Oh well: it's a measure of how esteemed he is, anyway, that old heroes seek him out as someone to impress.

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In the band's time off between records - most of - Smith remixed an Adele single and Gil Scott-Heron's I'm New Here album, both successes, and he's been courted to produce for others since.

He mentions a collaboration with a US star which ought to be fascinating if released. The once-admired RJD2 even sent Smith a crate of new music not long ago, possibly looking to work together. This is his way, gruff and honest. Should one of my questions misfire and, boy, do they misfire under this kid's inscrutable stareSmith stays silent, just letting it pass.

In a moment of unusual personal candour, he tells me how he met his Italian girlfriend over drinks in a bar, and adds with a strange sort of pride that he didn't ask her for her phone number.

Smith's instinct is for passivity, and perhaps this is what makes him such a fine producer. Outside, the rooftop show under way, the xx play through a couple of numbers from their new album and a couple from the old.

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Afterwards there is an attempt at an onstage radio interview, and Sim hugs himself, embarassed, taking a hit for the team by answering questions on behalf of the others. At one point the interviewer pings a rogue inquiry at Smith, who's hiding among the big chess pieces at the back.

Sim has to step in and translate his friend's silent answer, a vague upper-body twitch.

Romy and oliver dating

Afterwards, backstage, the band seem relieved it's over and in a good mood. Tonight's gig at the Fonda theatre will be more demanding but the afternoon set with its small audience has reminded them happily of early gigging days, when they played in pubs and clubs to crowds of a couple of dozen. This was aroun when they were working up songs for a possible album and Pawson had installed them in a small rehearsal room in Putney. Womb-like, Sim once called it.

They were still living at home at the time, Croft tells me, "and when I think about it from a parent's perspective we could have been doing anything. You know: we're off to rehearse now, bye!

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Luckily we were doing something. The band began a tour, which gradually extended as their fanbase grew and eventually lasted about 18 months, on and off. A lot of jet lag and Jennifer Aniston films, plus some emotional times along the way.

Difficulties had developed with the band's fourth member, Qureshi. Croft, at the time, likened the rift to a divorce. They had to grow up in a lot of ways during that first tour.

Most of us go through the buffeting half-romances of early adulthood with a bedroom to retreat to, a duvet to crawl under, but the xx went through it all in minivans and departure lounges - with an entourage. Smith tells me about a DJ set he was doing, somewhere on the tour, when a girl in the crowd approached him with a folded-up note.

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He was young, and had no clue what to do with it, so he put it in his pocket. Only after much jokey persuasion from those around him did he finally open it, in the cab on the way back to the band's hotel.

The xx are an English indie pop band from Wandsworth, London, formed in The band consists of Romy Madley Croft (guitar, vocals), Oliver Sim (bass guitar, vocals), Jamie Smith, also known as Jamie xx (beats, MPC, record production), and formerly Baria Qureshi (keyboard, guitar). They are known for their distinct and minimalist sound that blends indie pop, indie electronic, indie rock. Feb 02,   Oliver Sim is single. He is not dating anyone currently. Oliver had at least 1 relationship in the past. Oliver Sim has not been previously engaged. He's originally from London, UK. According to our records, he has no children. Like many celebrities and famous people, Oliver keeps his Nationality: English. The xx singer Romy Madley Croft has announced her engagement to girlfriend, designer and artist Hannah Marshall. The band are currently gearing up to release their hotly-anticipated new album Author: Andrew Trendell.

It might not be too late to follow it up The note said: "Why don't you play some decent music? For Croft and Sim there was a more brutal lesson. Softening, inCroft gave a short, intimate interview to the online magazine Tourist in which she and her girlfriend at the time, an art student based in London, talked about love.

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What does it feel like, they were asked, to be in a long-distance relationship? Sim has kept consistently zipped. I get the sense, speaking to Sim, that he quite enjoys the mystery he inspires.

On stage he sways and leers, all eyes and attitude. Exactly as a good frontman should, he makes you - bloke in the crowd, neck craned - feel many degrees less masculine because you haven't got a guitar and a catalogue of tortured love songs to growl through. Offstage this persona vanishes and he is bouncier, camper, "more smiley than people would think".

His speech is peppered with assertive, accented "yeah"s, almost used as punctuating stops.

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It's something I've noticed rappers do, a statement of sureness and muscularity. Sim, chatting to me after the rooftop set, does it with a flower tucked behind his ear. Does he thrive on the ambiguity that surrounds him? At a time when you can find out a popstar's favourite animal, I think it's more exciting not to know.

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If you took anyone off the street and asked them to share as much as we get asked to share, they'd say no. I don't think that's abnormal. Croft has come to be more open. She is in a long-term relationship with fashion designer Hannah Marshall, and this week has arranged for her girlfriend to join the band in LA.

When I meet her, Marshall is a bright, quick-smiling year-old with unusual sheared hair. While the band prepare to leave the tower block for the Fonda theatre, she makes herself useful, steaming the creases out of a top for Croft to wear, keeping everyone's spirits up with chat. Having somebody special along for a show, Croft tells me privately, "makes it new".

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Like the cheesy bit in a rock movie, I suggest, when the singer sees someone significant in the crowd and does it just for them. We are talking, alone, on a balcony jutting off the tower.

Mar 08,   Oliver Sim Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Dating, Marriage, Relationship Stats, Family, Career, Wiki. Scroll below and check our most recent ates about about Oliver Sim's Biography, Salary, Estimated Net worth, Expenses, Income Reports & Financial Breakdown ! He is one of the successful Bassist. Oct 09,   But the band (which also includes percussionist Jamie Smith and frontman Oliver Sim) were quite shy about discussing much outside of their musicianship - until Romy did a joint interview with her girlfriend, Rachel, for a UK magazine in "I outed myself to the whole world on my friend's tiny little blog," she told the New Statesman. She has performed alongside producer Jamie xx and bassist Oliver Sim as a member of The xx. Romy Madley Croft Popularity. Most Popular # First Name Romy #7. 30 Year Old Guitarist # Leo Guitarist # Romy Madley Croft Is A Member Of. The XX. 30 Year Olds. Guitarists. First Name Romy.

In front of us are the Hollywood hills, the iconic sign looking haggard and sad. Behind us is the freeway, theenduring LA's frightening evening rush hour. Croft's voice is almost lost to the noise of traffic as she talks about her father, who died in early during the band's first tour. The xx were in Paris when they heard, and rushed back to London.

After that, says Croft, "everything kind of went on pause". Gigs were cancelled. Everyone waited on Croft.

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What she tells me next surprises me, because I've skimmed through thousands of words on the xx by now, and I've read their back-stories many times. The band volunteer so little about themselves, though, there are inevitable gaps, and significant ones. Croft tells me she had lost a parent before. It was something that I was familiar with. So Croft returned to work quicker than even she can believe, looking back.

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Within days of the bereavement the band were playing a planned show at the Shepherd's Bush Empire. Has she written about this stuff? My dad was such a fan of music, I'd love to write something in tribute to him. Separately, both Croft and Sim speak about the depersonalising effect of having a calendar that maps out, day by day, show by show, a great chunk of the near future.

It's another unsettling form of time travel, and "an awful thing", says Sim, "to see on a screen in front of you". It might be why they've tried to scatter this new tour with plans, targets. They'll soon play an arena in Antwerp, to test their intimate sound on a bigger stage.

A contest to see who can have the first meaningful dating experience leads Joss, Romy and Sarah to men with varieties of baggage. Cyril: Mailon Rivera. Oliver: Larry Jennifer Love Hewitt. Sep 01,   Oliver Sim, the band's bass player and co-vocalist, 6ft 2in with a backward whip of hair, is coming to terms with it being the mid-afternoon. "Romy knows everything there is to know about me. Jan 15,   As of , Romy Madley Croft is dating Hannah Marshall. RELATIONSHIP DETAILS BELOW ? She was a student at Elliott School in Putney, England when she met the future members of Occupation: Guitarist.

Smith has plans to build a new instrument, like his beloved MPC sequencer but iPad-like and see-through, colourful graphics conjured with the same finger taps that make his music.

Croft, I sense, simply aims for a less lurching tour than the last. At the Fonda theatre, later, the band perform, and I try to look out for Croft looking out for her girlfriend. I want to glimpse the singer as she pares down a capacity crowd to one.

Jamie xx - Loud Places (ft Romy)

But I'm a distance away, and there's a lot of stage smoke, and anyway the show's too absorbing to maintain professional scrutiny for long. Soon I'm listing and hollering with everyone else. Nodding, too - people do a lot of nodding at the xx gigs. Group confirmation: oh this is good.

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