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The Minoan eruption was a major catastrophic volcanic eruption that devastated the Aegean island of Thera now called Santorini in around BCE. Although there are no clear ancient records of the eruption, the Minoan eruption may have been alluded to in the Egyptian Tempest Stele , [8] as well as the Chinese Bamboo Annals. Geological evidence shows the Thera volcano erupted numerous times over several hundred thousand years before the Minoan eruption. In a repeating process, the volcano would violently erupt, then eventually collapse into a roughly circular seawater-filled caldera , with numerous small islands forming the circle. The caldera would slowly refill with magma, building a new volcano, which erupted and then collapsed in an ongoing cyclical process. Immediately before the Minoan eruption, the walls of the caldera formed a nearly continuous ring of islands, with the only entrance between Thera and the tiny island of Aspronisi.

The area of the island was smaller, and the southern and eastern coastlines appeared regressed.

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During the eruption, the landscape was covered by the pumice sediments. In some places, the coastline vanished under thick tuff depositions. In others, recent coastlines were extended towards the sea. After the eruption, the geomorphology of the island was characterized by an intense erosional phase during which the pumice was progressively removed from the higher altitudes to the lower ones. In addition, the magma underlying the volcano came into contact with the shallow marine embaymentresulting in violent phreatomagmatic blasts.

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The tsunami affected coastal towns such as Amnisoswhere building walls were knocked out of alignment. Elsewhere in the Mediterranean are pumice deposits that could have been sent by the Thera eruption. Ash layers in cores drilled from the seabed and from lakes in Turkeyhowever, show that the heaviest ashfall was towards the east and northeast of Santorini.

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The ash found on Crete is now known to have been from a precursory phase of the eruption, some weeks or months before the main eruptive phases, and it would have had little impact on the island.

The Minoan eruption is an important marker horizon for the Bronze Age chronology of the Eastern Mediterranean realm.

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It provides a fixed point for aligning the entire chronology of the second millennium BCE in the Aegean, as evidence of the eruption is found throughout the region. Despite the evidence, the exact date of the eruption has been difficult to determine.

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Conversely, the radiocarbon dates have been argued to be inaccurate on scientific grounds. That argument has been made, in particular, by Malcolm H.

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Archaeologists developed the Late Bronze Age chronologies of eastern Mediterranean cultures by analysing the origin of artifacts for example, items from Cretemainland GreeceCyprus or Canaan found in each archaeological layer.

If the Thera eruption could be associated with a given layer of Cretan or other culture, chronologists could use the date of that layer to date the eruption itself.

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Pumice found at Tell el Dab'a in Egypt that matches the composition of the Thera eruption has been dated to BCE, closer to the traditionally-accepted date of Thera's eruption. Another method that has been used to establish the date of eruption is tree-ring dating. A study has used radiocarbon levels in bristlecone pines and Irish oak dated from BCE to BCE to develop a new calibration curve which is more accurate for this period.

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It results in the eruption being dated to between an a time period which overlaps with the - date range from the archaeological evidence. Hydrogeologist Philip LaMoreaux asserted in that the eruption caused significant climatic changes in the eastern Mediterranean region, Aegean Sea and much of the Northern Hemisphere[51] but that was forcefully rebutted by volcanologist David Pyle a year later. Around the time of the radiocarbon-indicated date of the eruption, there is evidence for a significant climatic event in the Northern Hemisphere, including failure of crops in China see below and evidence from tree ringscited above: bristlecone pines of California ; bog oaks of Ireland, England, and Germany; and other trees in Sweden.

The eruption devastated the nearby Minoan settlement at Akrotiri on Santorini, which was entombed in a layer of pumice. Early hypotheses proposed that ashfall from Thera on the eastern half of Crete choked off plant life, causing starvation of the local population. Significant Minoan remains have been found above the Thera ash layer and tsunami level dating from the Late Minoan I era, and it is unclear whether the effects of the ash and tsunami were enough to trigger the downfall of the Minoan civilization.

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Some sites were abandoned or settlement systems significantly interrupted in the immediate aftermath of the eruption. Whether the effects were enough to trigger the downfall of the civilization is intensely debated. The Mycenaeans were a military civilization. Using their functional navy and a well-equipped army, they were capable of an invasion.

Mycenaean weaponry has been found in burials on Crete. This demonstrates Mycenaean military influence not many years after the eruption.

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A volcanic winter from an eruption in the late 17th century BCE has been claimed by some researchers to correlate with entries in later Chinese records documenting the collapse of the semi-legendary Xia dynasty in China. According to the Bamboo Annalsthe collapse of the dynasty and the rise of the Shang dynastyapproximately dated to BCE, were accompanied by "yellow fog, a dim sun, then three sunsfrost in July, famine, and the withering of all five cereals ".

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Apocalyptic rainstorms, which devastated much of Egyptand were described on the Tempest Stele of Ahmose Ihave been attributed to short-term climatic changes caused by the Theran eruption. Alternatively, if the eruption occurred in the Second Intermediate Perio the absence of Egyptian records of the eruption could be caused by the general disorder in Egypt around that time.

While it has been argued that the damage attributed to these storms may have been caused by an earthquake following the Thera eruption, it has also been suggested that it was caused during a war with the Hyksosand the storm reference is merely a metaphor for chaos upon which the Pharaoh was attempting to impose order. Research indicates that the Speos Artemidos stele is a reference to her overcoming the powers of chaos and darkness. The eruption of Thera and volcanic fallout may have inspired the myths of the Titanomachy in Hesiod 's Theogony.

Hesiod 's lines have been compared with volcanic activity, citing Zeus 's thunderbolts as volcanic lightningthe boiling earth and sea as a breach of the magma chamberimmense flame and heat as evidence of phreatic explosionsamong many other descriptions.

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Spyridon Marinatosthe discoverer of the Akrotiri archaeological site, suggested that the Minoan eruption is reflected in Plato 's story of Atlantis. Geologist Barbara J. Sivertsen seeks to establish a link between the eruption of Santorini c. The occupation - BCE of the Minoan? In the controversial bicameralism hypothesis, Julian Jaynes has argued that the Minoan eruption was a crucial event in the development of human consciousness [70] since the displacements that it caused led to new and important interactions among communities.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Santorini volcano. Minoan eruption of Thera Satellite image of Thera, November 21, The bay in the center of the island is the caldera created by the Minoan eruption. Main article: Santorini caldera. Main article: Location hypotheses of Atlantis. Retrieved Natural Hazards.

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University of Rhode Island. Retrieved 2 November Progress in Physical Geography. Chapman Conference on Volcanism and the Earth's Atmosphere. Thera, Greece: American Geographical Union.

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Bibcode : EOSTr. Journal of Near Eastern Studies.

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Science Advances. Cambridge University Press. Global Volcanism Program. Smithsonian Institution. Thera and the Aegean World I. UK: The Thera Foundation.

Archived from the original on In Vassilopoulos, Andreas ed.

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Geoinformation Technologies for Geocultural Landscapes. CRC Press. London: The Thera Foundation. Princeton University Press. Pure and Applied Geophysics. Bibcode : PApGe. Career Press. Geoinformation technologies for geocultural landscapes: European perspective. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems. Bibcode : GGG Why not register now? Finding the person who suits you is far more achievable than many people think. The key here is to think positive. It's never too late to find someone special.

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