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Story Story Writer Forum Community. A community built on the foundation that Zukara is the best couple in the world! Any other cute couple is allowed as long as ZukoKatara isn't involved. Please remember to subscribe and anyone is allowed to join! Just ask me in email or review! Rain by Hawkeye reviews The war has ended. The Avatar has died, nature weeps at its Spirit's breaking, and rain falls endlessly.

Don't want my dad sending his men out to find me.

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I open the door and run inside, slamming the door shut behind me. I sigh in relief after I lock the door. My dad is probable in the front room, reading his paper or watching TV. Even if that means, liking your boyfriends. I have nothing against Zuko. But Aang seems like a very nice boy. Crawling back to him?

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That's pretty low for me dad. Love you. I throw myself down onto my bed and start to let the tears run down my face. I stretch my hand over to my side table where the picture of Zuko and I sits. I look at it.

A:tLA: Zutara Ending

It was a picture I had taken of us playing around on his couch. I close my eyes and remember that day:. It's was cool. Not too cold, but not too hot. He invited me over because his dad wasn't going to be there. As soon as we got in the door he started to kiss me intensely.

He kissed me over to the couch, He fell on top of me and we quickly started to unbutton each other's shirts.

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Zuko and I were way past embarrassment with each other. His tongues ran bacn and forth in my mouth. I could taste his sweet love on my tongue. The phone ringing slapped me out of my train of thought. I picked it up and held it next to my ear. I don't want ANY flames!

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Before you decide to judge someone, make sure that yyour perfect! Next Chapter will be up soon! Soon as in the next couple of days. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Avatar: Last Airbender.

Katara and Zuko break up after two years of dating. When they break up Katara is still madly in love with him and Zuko feels the same way. Will their fighting stop in order to love each other again or will they forever stay the same? Read on to find out.

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I want a man, Like Zuko. I want him back dad. We just needed a break from each other, I guess.

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I close my eyes and remember that day: It's was cool. Heartbreak 2. Together Again 3. Important Author Note!

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Becoming good friends 5. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service. Hopefully I achieved that. I took a different approach to Zuko and Katara's characterization in this fic, mostly because I got tired of reading stories where they barely keep in touch after the war is over, or when they only communicate through letters for years before they randomly meet up later.

So, I guess I wanted to break the mold and make them best friends in this story, only because I refuse to believe that after all the shit that went down in the series finale, that they wouldn't have been extremely close.

Zuko and katara dating fanfiction

This story is rated M for stoned! You have been warned. It was a dark, rainy night.

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Katara sat at the bottom of a tree crying. Where do I go? There's no place to go. She tried to get up to move but slipped and fell in the mud. A little treat my beta squad came up with to keep you lovelies going as I attempt to churn out the next chapter of lfdy.

I'm always, always, open to prompts especially smutty onesso drop me any you have and you shall receive. He smirks into the kiss. Katara almost rolls her eyes, bites his lip to shut him up. His hands are everywhere, on the skin under the hem of her skirt, along the nape of her neck where he presses, burns.

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He's walking her back towards the edge of the couch, pulling back from the kiss to tug her shirt off, reaching around to pull his own over his head. Their clothes are reduced to a pile on the floor of his apartment. The plan was to drop her home after the movie, but after she climbed onto his lap once they got in the car, his brain basically stopped working.

Breaking multiple speeding limits, her fingers tracing shapes along his inner fucking thigh, he got outside his building in a record-breaking six minutes.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Opposites Attract:ZukoXKatara. For Zuko and Katara Fans out there. Don't search for Zutara fics one page at a time.

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Helping find ZukoxKatara stories since april '05] :D[Need active staff. Message to apply. In Which There is Bonding by Mistress of Sarcasm reviews Suki and Toph are illegaly stalking people, Katara is just trying to be a good friend, and Aang seems determined to pay Zuko back for not letting him sit next to Katara during that play. Royals Conniving and Scheming by Quirkista reviews Sokka and Katara attend a prestigious boarding school as scholarship students.

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Zuko, the school golden boy, returns after the summer holidays with a horrifying secret. Conspiracies are the life of a royal.

Katara's POV I was happy that Aang was back, but pissed off that Zuko had told him about my getting hurt. if this angered Aang, there might be a fight, and he could get hurt. Zuko needs to think these things through more. I don't want my little buddy injured. "Zuko, we need to talk." I hissed under my breath, about to drag him off. POV Alternating Between Zuko and Katara; POV Third Person; Post Year War (Avatar TV) Summary. The war is over. However, barely a week has passed since Team Avatar ended it. Now, they are all trying to acclimatize to the new world and their new responsibilities. Katara and Zuko have shared many experiences. Jan 5, - Zuko and Katara are forced to go on a date together. I took a different approach to Zuko and Katara's characterization in this fic, mostly. Feb 2, - Summary: Zuko has been Fire Lord for 2 years and is dating Katara. This is a look into what their life has become, and the journy to find his.

What happens when the Gaang and Zuko must escape? Well, with Sokka, you can be sure there will be jokes galore.

Zuko, being forced by his uncle, has decided to visit his old friend in the South Pole. Will this relaxing vacation lead to somewhere else?

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Find out. Zutara with bits of other shippings. Sniffing Roses by Frosted Landscapes reviews "Do you love me? Kiss by Frosted Landscapes reviews She looks at him, her eyes wide as he moves closer to her. Her breath catches, just slightly and then his thin lips are pressed against her own and all she knows is that she wants more. Returning Star by Quirkista reviews Katara and Sokka are Zuko's best friends well, isn't Zuko friends with everyone, after all.

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Something major occurs and changes the life of everyone involved. At first, the population of their small town are shell-shocked. However, life continues.

Zutara's Dating life - This story will revolve around Zuko and Katara. Everything from dating, pregnancy, parenthood and more will be featured. Hope you enjoy. We do not own Avatar The Last Airbender or anything from the show #atla #katara #zuko #zutara. An Unwise Bet 6 ojasjobz.coms: 1. Starts off as the lives of Zuko and Katara, but then jumps forward to the lives of their two children, and how they love, live, learn, and laugh. If you're into Zutara-centric fluff with a side of Taang and Sukka, along with steamchildren, this is the fanfic for you. (Zutara: The . SemiAU from Waterbending Scroll. Every villain thinks that kidnapping the girl will result in their victory. Unfortunately, things rarely turn out that way. Instead, Zuko and Katara somehow manage to unleash two malicious spirits upon the world. Oh dear.

Someone returns. Is this a good thing or bad?

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Will there be some Zutara love involved? Well, go on and read this fanfic to find out. Written for Zutara Week Caught by Like A Dove reviews Sokka's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw that they were practically sprawled across the kitchen table.

Modern day.

Sokka catches Zuko and Katara in a compromising position. Destiny by Amber Annabeth Blue reviews "Darling, my destiny wasn't to fall in love. It was to save the world.

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