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Nilsa 's MTV Floribama Shore rendezvous with her beloved "barrel-chested freedom fighter" fizzled about as quickly as it started and, tbh, we're heartbroken for her. Tonight's episode showed the PCB native positively giddy over the arrival of Jeremiah 's brother, Josh. It had only been one week since their initial hunch , and Nilly was ready to marry smitten with the U. And it seemed that Josh was equally into Nilly - mere minutes into his weekend visit, he gifted her with a stuffed pig unicorn and asked her out on a romantic date of miniature golf. But their love soon went south pun intended when the subject of Nilly's ex-husband came up, and Josh asked if he was still alive.

7 Times Nilsa From ‘MTV Floribama Shore’ Proved She’s the Best - MTV Ranked

Their short-lived fling last season had Nilsa ready to make things official, but it fizzled out quickly when Josh saw her contact with her ex-husband as a bad sign for their future.

After Josh and Nilsa "hunched" the Floribama Shore version of "smush"he returned to the house for their first official date.

Nilsa and Josh Hook Up. [Josh] No. - I am so into this dude, it's not even funny, like I'm just going to put him in my bed, and see where it goes from there. - I love that he holds me and just like (beep) pulls on me, and, kisses me, and, he makes me feel like he really wants me. - What turns you on (beep)? Jan 01,   Nilsa tries to talk to Josh one more time, insisting she hasn't thought about her ex at all since they met a week ago. But he's not convinced, and moves on to flirting with any and every girl he. Jan 31,   After Josh and Nilsa "hunched" (the Floribama Shoreversion of "smush"), he returned to the house for their first official date. But after Nilsa admitted to having spoken to her ex two weeks.

But after Nilsa admitted to having spoken to her ex two weeks previously, Josh nipped their would-be relationship in the bud right there. It sounds like a red flag to the max.

Nilsa might not have any interest in Josh right now, but after a few drinks and after he turns on the charm, he may be the easiest person to spend the night with after an evening of drinking.

Dec 18,   Maybe it's just because he's her first hookup in "forever," but Nilsa falls for Josh's drunken charm and the two spend the night breathing heavily and getting tangled up . According to Nilsa, Josh is built much like her ex and also served in the U.S. Marine Corps. Following the third degree from Aimee, Nilly also discovered that Josh is single, has zero kids and.

Of course that opens the door for more Gus drama, just when we all thought that was finally over. That might explain why it didn't exactly work out with Gus.

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Says Nilsa, "It's been so tough this summer to find a good guy to hunch. There has to be a barrel-chested freedom fighter somewhere!

Enter Jeremiah 's brother, Josh, who arrived just moments after the PCB local woke up from a dream in which a mystery man was eating her "cookie.

'Nilsa Hooks Up' Official Sneak Peek When Jeremiah's brother, Josh, visits town, Nilsa catches feelings for the barrel-chested freedom fighter. ADDED December 18, Extra. After the pair proceeded to get ready for a rousing game of putt-putt, Josh dropped the heartbreaking bombshell Nilsa definitely didn't want to hear: "I don't want to go on this date, to be honest. Jul 23,   As far as viewers know, both parties are, at the very least, single. Nilsa was dumped by freedom fighter Josh back in Season 1 and it doesn't seem like she's been with anyone, at least not.

Marine Corps. Following the third degree from AimeeNilly also discovered that Josh is single, has zero kids and enjoys eating, well, we won't go there.

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Whether or not that last bit was actually true, the sassy brunette found herself instantly smitten.

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