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But what honestly turns me off more than anything is when a guy goes from 0 to reallll quick. Take it slow, guys. Too much too soon is a no-no. Not into it. News flash! Sorry not sorry. Not having any initiative, not being interested in anything, no passion.

Stay the hell away from me if you smell bad. Go brush your teeth or at least pop a mint in your mouth - do not chomp on gum around me though.

No thank you!

Insecurity presents itself in several forms: control issues, avoidant, cocky and the list could continue. If you assume at the end of the date I am coming home with you, you have officially enacted one of the biggest turn offs on a date. We do not owe you anything as women and just because you bought us a meal if you even paid does not mean we are going to sleep with you.

Alongside bailing last moment, showing up late is instantly unattractive as well. Shows us what you consider to be a priority. I'm obsessed with going on adventures, photography, writing, being a Taurus and finding hidden gem restaurants, musicians and places to travel. Yeah right! And pigs can fly! For example, since I consider myself the Boring guy, I could benefit from having occasional moments of being cocky, foot in mouth, say some dumb things every once in a while, be late sometimes, etc, haha.

Women are too demanding and unforgiving, in most cases these days. The whole idea of impressing her is wrongheaded, especially when money is scarce. Why is everyone still thinking so many cliches about men and women?

Ladies watch how you treat your man. A lot of this could be considered as fidgeting or being nervous but could be considered as flirting so does it just depend on the gender?

My job is to do what I have to, to become more secure, and to appear as well as being more secure, because those two things are both important but only until I find a woman worth keeping- and a lot of women have a lot of turn offs to me.

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Interestingly, an insecure woman is not one of them, provided she trusts me. That in fact can be endearing. Becoming less insecure is not about changing your behavior as such as it is about conquering and accomplishing those things in life you need to as an individual, although changing your behavior might very well affect whether or not you appear to be secure or insecure.

Now on to 2. Men in our culture are damaged in so many ways. They have to find their way out of a veritable labyrinth of coercions and suggestions laced with punishments and rewards. Both are equally evil- they both turn a being into a robot zombie and they have nothing to do with the free spirit. I spit on your rewards. I choose what I want to accomplish and then I do so.

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In fact they do, but only through my deliberate acceptance, and in terms in which I will not be made a zombie and will work to overcome your authority to punish and reward me, the source of your strength. Now men have to struggle to be free in this culture, this unnatural subsidized culture.

8 BIGGEST Turn Offs for Women

Rob peter pay marry culture. Let the bastards grind me down, or try. Now sensitivity- in spite of this, women are there for us to enjoy and to make use of, through connection. They are not there to worship although they can be pretty impressive.

We too are real men, we have just been manipulated cleverly. The first and greatest step to overcoming this is recognize it as a fact. I am all about being sensitive to women. My baby will be sensitive. Genetically one should sacrifice for the woman.

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The problem is the manipulation of the instinct, and deception of the mind or senses. Crocodile tears. The bottom line, we live in a sick culture, which is selecting for non-noble traits.

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They keep their mystery to preserve and enhance attractiveness, but it only hides their normalcy. I have been to many other countries, and I have seen how different it can be. But I declare our present state of affairs unsustainable. Implosion and being overtaken by immigration.

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By those who are not so sensitive. Now we need to be the warrior, not the sensitive lover. It is all about timing. Did you forget the biggest turn off? When guys check out other girls right infront of you. Guysthis is a no no because this is a form of rejection. And nobody likes feeling rejected. Especially when you think you connect with someone and he acts crazy about you all night. Then he wants to play the power game with calls.

I like you.

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Men and women both do it. If I was going to die tomorrow, I would make you the CEO of the internet it in my last will and testament. I salute you, sir!

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Only agree with that point of watching the mirror and being more interested in himself. All those other things that are listed as turn offs are turn ons to me actually.

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Biggest dating turn offs

By Erica Patterson. Share Tweet Pin It. There may be traits that make a guy the perfect one, but there are a few turn offs that all girls hate. Many guys have been here and experienced it. Pinpointing the turn offs for women is not easy. After all, every girl is different and made of sugar and spice, right?

The biggest turn offs for women On a serious note though, there are a few girl turn offs that can pull the plug on a perfectly great date. Erica Patterson A cat lady and a yoga practitioner, Erica Patterson loves writing just as much as she loves shopping online.

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May 27,   Women's Biggest Turn-Ons & Turn-Offs Up Your Sex Game By Learning What Really Turns Her On (And Off) Bobby Box. Dating Advice Dating Experiences Best Online Dating Sites Relationship Advice. The 11 biggest dating turn offs for men. If you're on a date with a guy, or having a conversation at a cafeteria with a crush of yours, just keep these 11 dating turn offs for guys in mind. You may not realize it, but you may be indulging in these turn offs without even realizing it yourself! #1 Narcissism.

Disrespect in any way, shape, or form.

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