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Avid fans of K-pop superstars, BTS, recall the band's humble beginnings when they first signed with K-pop management team, Big Hit Entertainment back in ARMYs have been able to watch the band grow into the giants they are today, as one of the most popular bands in the world, and although their stardom can mostly be attributed to their talent, credit is also owed to their impeccable management. And although rumors of mismanagement have plagued the band for several years now, it sounds like BTS may have renewed their contract through with Big Hit Entertainment. Stay tuned for everything we know regarding the band's latest decision. According to The Sun Daily , it was held the day after BTS's seventh anniversary of their debut, and understandably, the pop stars were feeling especially sentimental. During the show, Jin paused to inform viewers that BTS's contract with Big Hit Entertainment would have ended on their seventh anniversary aka this year!

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However, none of the members have been in public relationships since the group was formed in The truth is, being a celeb in South Korea is very different than being an A-lister in America. In the States, the tabloids are continually looking for any whisper of a new rumor about our favs.

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However, in South Korea, K-Pop stars male and female do not date publically. How cool is that? A post shared by BTS official bts.

BTS star RM has managed to avoid dating reports in his career. Picture: Instagram RM, formerly known as Rap Monster, is also currently single and he's one of the only members of BTS who hasn't.

Before you freak out entirely, Jungkook is currently single. However, in the past, there have been rumors that he was romantically linked to several K-Pop stars. Also, back inthere was buzz that he was dating model, Ko So-hyun.

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Neither Jungkook or any of these ladies have spoken publically about these dating rumors. Recently, Jungkook was caught up in some girlfriend rumors.

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There's also the possibility that the group doesn't want their personal lives in the spotlight, but I'm betting it has to do with their dedication to their loyal fan base. Type keyword s to search.

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Today's Top Stories. Kevin Mazur Getty Images. Though BTS members have been rumored to be dating, all of them are currently single.

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Some management companies for K-pop artists forbid them to date. It's not clear whether that's the reason why all the BTS members are single.

BTS on Dating and What True Love Means to Them - Daily Denny EXCLUSIVE

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Apr 29,   The company behind K-Pop sensation BTS is trying to keep covid from stopping the music. It's as if they're dating the artists," says Yoon. all seven members renewed their contract. Sep 26,   BTS' dating history and personal lives have never been a focal point. Jungkook, Jin, V, RM, Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin have millions of ARMY members across the globe vying for . BTS will be the star of a new game! On February 6, Netmarble Games held a press conference and revealed one of their latest projects, BTS World. As its title suggests, the game will feature the BTS members, and players will be tasked with managing and developing the members. Described as a "cinematic game," it attempts to combine K-pop and.

So basically in many interviews with bts, they tend to say their ideal types and so on. Usually from what I hear the interviewers tell them to say certain things but this time, bts has given their honest opinions on their marriage and ideal types so here ya go!

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In an interview with a japanese magazine, Jimin mentioned that when it comes to a relationship,he will make his best and put all his efforts in this relationship, making it special so his girlfriend will only look at him. Then he added, that in general, he believes that people in a relationship should put in equal amount of effort for the relationship to work.

Suga, Jungkook manage to shake off rumors. To remain popular for a long time, entertainers need the ability to survive a scandal. That is especially the case for an idol group like the world's biggest boy group BTS. Since its debut in , the K-pop act has been relatively free from scandals, but there were some dating rumors involving BTS members of Suga and Jungkook. Sep 15,   The big entertainment companies states dating ban on the contract with idol members. Idols are targeting for fantasy on themselves, so it's pretty dangerous to date someone in public. There have never been the dating ban for BTS so far since day 1. Also, all the members have been allowed to have cell phones. May 09,   While there have been rumors of BTS members dating in the past, none of those relationships were ever confirmed. There's no word whether the "no-dating" stipulation is actually in BTS's contract.

A simple date such as having a drink together, sitting on a bench in a countryside, and walking while holding hands in a cold night. When asked about love life, Suga stated that the only important thing that matters for him is someone that can understand him. The boys laughed at this and Namjoon added that indeed Yoongi is hard to be understood by other people. When he was asked what does he mean exactly by understand, he said that he wants to date somebody that could understand his love for music.

Bts dating contract

Then he gave an example in general stating that he believes for a relationship to be built, the couple must share something they both like! He also said that would love if his future girlfriend would share with him her interests.

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An indoor date that includes watching movies! So simple yet so cute :blush:.

BTS will remain under their label Big Hit Entertainment through , it was announced Wednesday (Oct. 17). The seven members of BTS - RM, Jimin, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook and V - have Author: Tamar Herman. Based on this comment, it seems as though Big Hit Entertainment's contracts last for five years before expiring. Therefore, their contract won't be up for renewal again until , and since the relationship between BTS and Big Hit seems solid, it's safe to assume they could renew the contract . When asked about dating, Jin replayed that a feminine cute girl that could cook is what he's looking for. To him, dating and marriage doesn't differ that much because dating will lead to marriage and if the cute girl loves him as much as he does, he sees no reason why to not get married. He loves an outgoing, soft, lovely yet matured girl.

Namjoon and as always, talked about this topic wisely. When the interviewer asked Namjoon about dating and marriage in general, he replied that it is an essential thing in life and all the boys will eventually get married but it is just too soon to talk about it for the moment.

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In another interview, Namjoon mentioned that it would be nice of he founds a deep girl in her thoughts but funny at the same time. He then emphasized on the point of reading! He stated that every girl is beautiful in her own way but finding someone thst he could share with special moments is what he's looking for.

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When asked about thos thoughr in dating, V also said that it is not time to talk about dating. Then he added, " but a girl with a sense of fashion.

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In another interview, Tae stated that dating a lovely, kind-hearted girl that loves animals, children and elders would be amazing.

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