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Whether you're looking for a date or a new BFF, your profile has to stand out. We know the struggle: Figuring out which photos to use in your profile and how to talk about yourself in your bio blurb can be hard. You want to share who you are but retain some mystery; look like your best self but also show your silly side; and manage to make it all both authentic and attractive. If you're ready to start seeing the right swipes roll in, follow a few of our favorite tips for making your profile the best it can be. Your first photo is your calling card on the app - make it your best one.

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Everyone has at least a couple quirks which are cute and charming. Or at least some personal preferences that set you apart from your friends.

May 29,   Some dating profiles are long and rich with content and intrigue, which is excellent. But some people aren't interested in length, both as consumers of dating profiles and as the writer of the profile. If you're more of a funny, obscure person, be true . Jan 09,   Bumble about me section is the free-form bio section of your dating profile. Since there are only a handful of prompts out there and most people are rather limited in their creativity to answers them uniquely, the headlines section of your profile is the best way to separate yourself from the crowd. What everyone who uses dating apps do agree on is that witty profiles win. If you can be naturally funny or witty, you need to show that in your Bumble profile. If you're not naturally witty, find someone who is. Forced humor shows and doesn't go down anywhere near as well.

Trying to figure out how to write a Bumble profile and condense all your fabulous and quirky traits into characters can be paralyzing. You can get silly and list out your lifelong anthems, or share the song currently stuck in your head.

Bumble dating profiles

Bonus: It never hurts to end your Bumble profile with a question that your match will want to answer right away! You can share so much about your personality without just listing out your hobbies in your Bumble profile.

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In fact, one of our go-to Bumble profile tips is to keep it short! Make them curious to learn more by limiting your Bumble profile to a few adjectives that describe you best. They can be interpreted in many different ways, so describing yourself with emojis in your Bumble profile inevitably leads to follow-up questions from your matches!

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It can be really hard to know what are our best pics, and our friends are actually really bad at helping. Test your photos on Photofeeler to find out how real men or women are responding to them.

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Choosing pics using Photofeeler has been shown to increases match rates and match quality dramatically. Also see: More great Bumble profiles.

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Bumble profile 1: Unpopular opinions Are you a bit cheeky or provocative? Relish in a good-natured debate?

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Examples: Jules, 29 unpopular opinions memory foam is extremely uncomfortable. Kristina, 32 Unpopular opinions: - brussel sprouts are tastiest raw. The key to making your list of favorites fresh is to get specific.

What really excites you? What tv show are you obsessed with?

PRO TIP: The Best Time To Swipe On Bumble Bumble users are most active between 8 and 10 pm, so it's the perfect time to swipe and match with local's also a great time to use Bumble's Spotlight feature!. Remember, once a connection is made that countdown starts ticking so those two hours are your best odds of getting into a real-time exchange. Including specific details makes your profile seem more genuine, and that's key considering a recent survey found 84of singles want more authenticity when it comes to dating profiles. Here are 2 more Bumble bio examples that show you how to harness the power of your inner Don Draper. Oct 31,   Get more tips with these Tinder bio hacks or check out more examples of Tinder profiles for men and Tinder profiles for women. Dating Profile Examples for Bumble. What Works: Short and detailed, but take it seriously. What Doesn't: Snarky comments or joke profiles.

Why do you like the outdoors? Examples: Mia, 24 Would you rather spend the rest of your life with a sailboat as your home or an RV as your home? The one key message you need to know about writing a great Bumble profile is to have a bit of fun with it.

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We have to be serious at most times of the day, have fun with this bit and you will achieve success! The first and last bio always seems to go down well on dating apps.

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For example, the first holiday you took, the last book you read, the last movie you saw, the last time you cried, the first time you realized there was more to the world than sports and so on. Three little things is short and to the point. You list three things about you that show off your personality while hopefully being interesting at the same time.

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The obscure reference profile is a simple way to stand out from the crowd. You will see all three of these profile types a lot on Bumble. However, a shirtless pic from the gym showing off your six pack is not going to do it.

FUNNY Bumble Bios

Your first image has to be your strongest as users have to see enough there to scroll past it to your profile. There are three things that tend to work in dating app images.

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Vibrant color choices for clothes, solo shots and a smile. Most men tend to go for gray, black or white as they are safer. Choose something more vibrant while remaining stylish and you already stand out from the crowd.

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Girls have it easier here as you have much more choice. You can of course add a group shot as part of your Bumble image collection but not as your main image and you must choose your group carefully.

Sep 10,   Figuring out how to write a Bumble profile sucks when you don't know where to start. We've got your Bumble profile covered. We've polled our guy friends, scoured the internet, and collected our best Bumble tips, Bumble profile tips, and Bumble profile examples that work. Bumble has changed the way people date, find friends, and the perception of meeting online, for the better. Women make the first move. On iPhone + Android. Jan 02,   With this tip in mind, here are our examples of the best Bumble bios and Bumble profiles that are clever, funny, interesting, and good enough to really work. Best Bumble bios template #1: Pros and cons. But seriously, the best Bumble bios know this and acknowledge the oddities of the dating app process without seeming bitter.

Your main profile shot should be you alone wearing something cool and stylish and smiling. If you volunteered with Medicines san Frontiers, there is nothing wrong with adding a group pic of the team later but not as your main image.

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Read any survey of anyone, anywhere and you will find some reference to smiling and attraction.

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