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The player assumes the role of a feral cat in the wilderness with three other colonies. The player cat is adopted by a young girl in a pet store. They drive home together and become friends. Soon, the girl's mother grows tired and quickly abandons the new cat. The cat is upset and confused, then falls asleep on the roadside. The next morning, the player is greeted by Coco , a cat who offers to help them. Coco teaches the player basic survival skills , and then briefly introduces them to the three cat colonies: the Forest Colony , Mountain Domain and Mystic Colony.

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A friend posted the video on my facebook group Lewis County Foragersand I liked it so much I decided to come to your site. I can see this is going to be one of my favorite sources for information.

Thank you for doing what you do so well. I liked the article, however, I wish you could show how to prepare cattails in short a video. A video recipe if you will. Also, should a person be concerned about eating these in a location that is also close to residential areas. Are there common pollutants or concerns about pollutants in cattails?

Cattails dating

I do have one video on preparing cattails. And cattails can pick up pollutants so it is best to harvest them from wholesome water. Most other sites say they are inedible - is this simply because most find the texture unpalatable?

Do any nutrients remain in the grown mature cattail heads?

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Cattails are used in many polluted water ways to filter and cleanse the water. They grow well near the dump next to the river here. Where are you located? I heard there are dense and extensive areas just south of the Great Lakes. We talked about this a bit in the forum, but I wanted to let people know that I figured out a way to use brown cattail - and make it taste really good - by making tweaks to your the scalloped cattail recipe.

As we discussed, the challenge of cooking with brown cattail, is the texture. After mixing with eggs and spices, blending and baking, the fibers bind in a way that really mimics muscle texture. I used mine to make vegetarian pulled pork BBQ tacos and my whole family, including my 10 year old, loved it! I used to be a fan of Euell Gibbons years ago.

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He is gone now but not forgotten. Has anyone tried that? Yes, while they are green that is done often. Some folks are using the brown fluff in some recipes. Hello, trying cattail root for the first time as I type.

Cattails - Birth of a Colony - Ep. 1- Rise of a Star!

I have a small pot boiling right now and It smelled nice I sipped the water and decided to add some salt, I think it would make an excellent broth for soup. So far a succesful food experiment. Hi I would like to experiment with some cattail starch.

I am working on artwork using only natural local sources for ingredients. Cattail paper is one of my venturesI can gather my own starch when the ground thaws. Everything is a bit bound up up here in Wisconsin.

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Can anyone tell me where I could get a pound or so? If you intend on trying the roots, bring along a back-hoe.


Euell Gibbons is the best source for harvesting and preparing information. Judging by the comments before me, some of the commenters do not have a knowledge of the plant. The top part of the flower, before it emerges from the leaves, is the best part of the plant. It will later release pollen. The bottom part of the flower is the fall cattails that people collect for flower arrangementsnot so good to eat.

Dec 28,   1. Yes it is possible to get married to another cat from another colony. You can date and get married, and they will move in with you. 2. If you get divorced from your mate the kittens stay, you can only ever have one litter of kittens and are unable to have more with another mate if you get remarried. Nov 12,   Fred Demara has put together a guide to North American wild plants that are great as survival food - plus some, like cattails, that are recommended for year-round consumption.

The shoots and part of the stalk are delicious. And if you live in Wisconsin you have a supermarket in almost every marsh.

Did you know that Horicon Marsh is the largest cattail marsh in the world? Phil G. I remember having cattails on a camping trip to Mt. Does that sound like it might work, and how would I know when my tails are done cooking? I am interested in growing cattails for their starch, please advise the best way to grow them and which variety would be better and safe.

What yield should one expect. I am based in Malawi Africa. We have the best terrain. Can you reply on my email. A new plant has recently begun growing in my pond. They flop over instead. Just a jumble of fine roots. I need to start pulling this plant up because it will take over my pond in 5 years easily.

Sep 30,   Welcome to Cattails! As a new spring dawns on the forest, Coco returns with special news - a red rose has bloomed in the heart of the Sacred Temple! The Forest Colony also has a new face . Cattails for the pond come with a set of problems you may not want to deal with. Learning how to control cattails is a must, as these hardy plants can take over a pond in a matter of a few years. The reason for this lies in the reproductive capabilities of the cattail. Plants produce those wonderful, velvety 'tails'. Cattails is a unique animal simulation RPG made by a husband-and-wife team. Available for PC, Mac, and Linux! Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Can I go in there and start collecting? Yes, but I think that is young folks trying to find ways to use the fluff. I read this article and immediately went and got some cattail roots, crushed them with water and left it over night the starch settled out, it seems to be working fine. I read so much info on cattail flourcan it be boughtcatalog? I have cooked the hearts and young shoots like asparagus.

They have a similar flavor. The roots like fries or potatoes. The young flower. The brown flour or fluff if ground up can be used as flour. Not self-rising. The roots charred over fire as a replacement to coffee. Good Hunting. Newman Sr and there inventoried and appraised the estate of the said Tho. Newman as followeth. I have a question about cattails? Lets just say I Pick some on monday for lunch and dinner.

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I guess what Im asking is after being picked how long do I have to eat it before it goes bad? Those wanting to see it done first hand,go to her Youtube channel. She uses Birch syrup to drink,Cattails for everything,camp bread,you name itSurvival Lilly. She tests the outdoors in all regions,all over the world. Beka, Tyler's wife, runs the Cattails social media pages. She helps manage the project and acts as the front-end for all professional inquiries.

BekaRuth11 on Twitter. Elli has professional experience being a cat.

Cattails are my children's favorite wild plant food. They're now in the 40's but still seek out cattails every spring. If you intend on trying the roots, bring along a back-hoe. The roots are deep and you'll generally be digging in mud. Euell Gibbons is the best source for harvesting and preparing information. On Year 1, Autumn 5, Coco will bring you to the scared temple to explain the tradition of the red rose. When giving a red rose to a potential partner, it means you want to start dating. The recipient will either decline or accept. Who are the marriageable cats? Forest Colony Missy Scout Lyrus. Mountain Domain Robin Arthur. Cattail, (genus Typha), genus of about 30 species of tall reedy marsh plants (family Typhaceae), found mainly in temperate and cold regions of the Northern and Southern hemispheres. The plants inhabit fresh to slightly brackish waters and are considered aquatic or semi-aquatic. Cattails are important to wildlife, and many species are also cultivated ornamentally as pond plants and for dried.

She helps us with research, marketing, and general cat-related knowledge. The newest member of the Cattails team, Peanut provides plenty of love and affection to the team. She loves playtime and catnip. Cattails Game Become a Cat!

Hunt, fight, explore, and socialize in an expansive open world. Colonies of Cats Befriend or battle the other inhabitants of the forest. The Apex Hunter Track down creatures for a satisfying snack and pounce to secure your kill. A Living World Seasons pass and the weather changes.

Start a Family Date and marry one of sixteen eligible cats! Conquer the Caves Find scary abandoned mines throughout the world.


Gain Territory Defend your land from invading cats, or set out to conquer new lands in the name of your colony! Features Customize your kitty with hundreds of unique coat and eye colors Full controller support Collect stylish accessories to make your cat stand out in a crowd!

Upgrade and customize your den Weather and seasons change, so every day is different! Hunt for prey anywhere Marry one of sixteen eligible cats and raise a family together Take your kittens out on adventures with you and teach them how to survive in the wild An enormous open world Participate in fun seasonal festivals and win awesome prizes Create your own colony of cats and customize it to your liking If the only thing you take to heart from this book is that cattails will feed you, it could save your life.

The cattail is a survival gimme.

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Typha latifoliathe common cattail, or one of its varieties, will be found all over the Northern Hemisphere. This makes it both a fine staple and an excellent survival food. They provide medicine, clothing, and shelter to boot.

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One of the greatest points in their favor is that you may find them anywhere in moist soil or standing water. All perennials, they spread out in favorable habitats, creating an incredibly dense food resource because virtually every part of the plant is edible. In spring, the first young shoots corms are tasty raw or cooked. As the shoots grow up, they are peeled and used like asparagus. Later, the female part of the flower looks like a hotdog at the end of the stalk may be boiled when immature and eaten like miniature corn on the cob.

Thoroughly clean them and pound chunks in a container of water to separate the starch, which may be collected by filtering or letting it settle, or boiling it down. Reportedly, you can dry the roots and then mill them for flour, which I have not tried, but the starch water you simply pound out acts very much like corn starch when added as a gravy thickener.

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There is probably no other pollen on the planet as easy to harvest by the pound as cattail, and there are so many tasty things to do with this fine, flour-like staple.

The male part, the spike on top of the hotdog, has an incredible amount of pollen, which can be shaken off into a bag and used as flour, boiled for a porridge or gruel, or roasted and added to meatloaf.

And it is very high in protein, as is most pollen. It was a go-to culinary staple for many dishes, including desserts.

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Preserved Typha starch found on grinding stones in Paleolithic digs across Europe indicates that cattails were common staple tens of thousands of years ago and would seem to indicate they ground the rhizomes before leaching or roasting them. Cattails thrive all over Europe. Depending on the cleanliness of the water, you may want to only eat raw above the waterline. How immense? There is actually a Cattail Research Center at Syracuse University, which cited some stunning numbers: they could harvest some tons of rhizomes per acre per year about 10 times a decent potato cropwhich would yield 32 tons of dry cattail flour.

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Compare those numbers with spuds or GMO corn! Obviously, we ate a lot of crawdads and tweetie birds, plus the occasional poached fish-and cattails. Lots of cattails. Only once did we eat anything that gave us a bellyache never knew just what it was, but 20 years later my hair started falling out, too.

Cattails often ended up being the staple part of our groceries and a good part of our shelter. During fire season, we were vegans until Gib read an article about cooking with a tin-foil reflector. Nobody knew what sushi was then.

In the woods, we just washed and peeled the roots, cut them up, and pounded them with water in the can with a blunt stick until the starch washed out and then, best we could, strained out the fiber, let the good stuff settle, and poured off the water.

You can also split the root and scrape out the starchy part, which is still fibrous, and wash the starch out of that. Depending on your setting, you can wash, cut up, and dry the roots; then pound them as fine as you can; put them in a cloth; and boil the starch out. Our best recipe was to boil it down until it got about like porridge and then add pollen, if in season, until it got thick, about like biscuit dough.

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In even a frontier kitchen, of course, you would have all kinds of options for preparing and cooking. The starch can be quite sweet, but different varieties of cattail, in different growing conditions, will vary in flavor and quantity.

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