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The origins of the ring come from a humble Galway fishing village but it is now one of the most recognizable pieces of jewelry in the world as men and women from dozens of nations eagerly look for the ideal ring to suit their status. The Claddagh ring meaning is all about love, loyalty, and friendship. The two hands represent friendship, a heart symbolizes love and the crown on top is for loyalty. The ring can be worn on different fingers or hands, depending on status. Let's take a closer look at this traditional Irish ring:. The Claddagh Ring has been the traditional wedding ring in Irish culture since the 17th century. There are four basic meanings depending on how the ring is worn:.

I am now planning to personalize it by adding a garnet stone. The ring means a lot to me, so I wear it no matter what. Thanks for sharing Khatelin! Glad to hear you love your Claddagh ring Keith.

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Both Allen and Mahoney are still common names here in Cork. Fascinating history. Thanks for sharing! Hi Sadhbh, thanks for getting in touch! I was recently given a Claddagh ring by a niece who is newly united with our family. She had bought it for herself while on a trip to Scotland. Ironically, she had no idea that my mother was raised in Scotland. She is actually my husbands niece ,but we formed a very loving bond immeadliatly and she wanted to give me something belonging to her.

I love it and i wear it on my right pinky, with the point facing out because I like people to get a full view of it. That is really lovely Sylvia and great to hear you have made this special bond. Thank you so much for sharing the story behind your Claddagh ring!

I heard about Claddagh rings today and I love the ideas behind the symbolism of them. The idea of the hands around the heart was explained as being the hands of prayer to ask God to be at the centre of the marriage.

Would Irish people take offence if I were to wear one? Hi Jacinta, not at all there would be no offense taken. The Claddagh symbols are a really nice sentiment representing love, loyalty and friendship and many of our customer have no connection to Ireland. I am American and am familiar with the Claddagh ring growing up in Chicago in a predominantly Irish neighborhood.

I have been dating a man from Ireland for the past 5 months and up until recently he has worn his Claddagh ring on his right hand with the point away from his hand. I was a little confused by this as I thought that meant someone was single.

However over the weekend he was very sick and after taking care of him I noticed his ring is now turned around.

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I would appreciate any insight. Thank you! As the tradition goes the point facing in towards the hand is said to mean the wearer is in a serious relationship. With the point facing away from the hand, they are not in a serious relationship.

Sorry a bit of a non-answer but hope it helps in someway! The Claddagh ring is often worn as a symbol of heritage but it is also a beautiful symbol of 3 sentiments to live by - love, loyalty, and friendship. As with any special piece of jewellery, it is what it symbolizes for you. Sorry, that is probably a little long-winded but I hope it goes some way in answering your question.

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You can read some testimonials from our customers here. Top menu My Account Contact Us. By Claddagh Design on Jul 1, pm in History President Obama visits Ireland. Claddagh Design and the Irish Hallmark. Tracey October 14, at pm.

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Paula Curtin October 16, at pm. Paula Claddagh Design Reply. Norma May 14, at am. Can a single woman wear the Claddaugh Ring?

Rich in both culture and history, the Irish Claddagh ring has a colourful past dating back over years. It is a design deeply rooted in Irish tradition and romance. What is the meaning of the Claddagh Ring? The meaning of the Claddagh ring is signified in its design . The Claddagh ring is associated with fidelity, love and romance in Irish culture and unsurprisingly, one of the main legends of the ring comes from a classic love story although there are several different tales attributed to it. We recount the two main ones below: Richard Joyce. The Claddagh Ring. An Irish Symbol of Love. Before you say your hers, you can use the ring as an engagement ring. Facing the heart out shows that you're committed, but you still haven't tied the knot. Wear the ring with the heart can in to show that you're married. Many Irish hers wear the Claddagh ring as a wedding ring.

Paula Claddagh Design May 25, at pm. Aoife October 28, at pm. Josh May 18, at am. Open relationship, is allowed to play the field.

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I was always told that your mother had to give you the ring not a man. Is this true Reply. Paula Claddagh Design August 27, at pm.

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Hi Jennifer, Yes, there is definitely a strong tradition of mothers gifting Claddagh rings to their daughters. Anna May 4, at pm. Is it bad luck to buy your own claddagh ring? Paula Claddagh Design May 7, at am. Karen Vaught April 18, at pm. Joe May 7, at am.

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I love Irish heritage! Take care x Reply. My wife and I just purchased Cladddagh rings We will wear them on our right hands because we have worn our wedding rings on our left hands for 46 years Reply.

Paula Claddagh Design June 29, at pm. Angela Moon August 22, at am. Sincerely, Angela Reply. Hope you are doing well x Reply. Khatelin June 30, at pm. Paula Claddagh Design July 1, at pm. Keith Allen July 7, at am. Paula Claddagh Design July 18, at pm. Sadhbh August 6, at am. When after a breakup should you turn your claddagh ring back?

Paula Claddagh Design August 15, at pm. Sylvia November 18, at pm.

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Jul 01,   The Claddagh Ring dates from the 17th century and originated in the little village of Claddagh in County Galway, Ireland. There are a number of stories which claim the origin of the Claddagh ring but the most plausible of these is that of the Joyce family.5/5. Claddagh Rings. With your two hands, give someone special your heart and crown it with your loyalty. Claddagh rings are a beautiful symbol of love and affection for another. This unique ring originated in the ancient village of The Claddagh in Galway, Ireland and has become famous worldwide for the sentiment that it conveys, as well as for its unique appearance.

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Claddagh ring dating

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