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Sure, you had your reasons. Perhaps you were missing flush toilets and vegetables; maybe you were drawn by the allure of cheese and wine. Most likely it was the higher paycheck. Will others judge you? Along with all the other things you are planning to do hello balcony garden!

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All the above? There are three basic types of people you are going to encounter in HQ: humanitarianscivilians and financiers. Ahhhh, humanitarians, or possibly development people.

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Either way they will be able to relate to you at least somewhat. Shared stories of conflicts and donors will help you to form a strong bond with these men and women.

Advice for young women working in the humanitarian field

Often running off for field trips or even to experience a better party, they sometimes appear desperate to absorb the things that drove them to HQ in the first place. You may always feel like these humanitarians are looking over their shoulder - literally or figuratively.

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However, many of them have never really done fieldwork. They believe taking trips to the field never exceeding a few days count. Overall : Proceed with caution.

Jul 29,   I believe it was Plato who said, "Dating is a real pain in the ass," but when you're a sex worker, dating is somehow even more excruciating. On top of the usual trials and tribulations that. Sep 12,   Dating a coworker comes with potential rewards - as well as risks. Follow these guidelines to ensure your love life doesn't impact your professional life. Aug 09,   Secret aid worker Working in development Secret aid worker: how to find love, or at least a date, after the field A lighthearted look at the dating stereotypes humanitarians might encounter on Author: Secret Aid Worker.

You left the field for a reason, dating another humanitarian might be regression. Civilians do not feel the need to rush off into danger, and are not well-versed in the latest attacks in Bangladesh or Juba. Their first instinct is not to check whether friends or loved ones are alive when a plane has crashed because their life is at HQ.

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They are stable and adoring. Be very, very careful as they will fall in love with you. On the one hand, while they may not understand your particular brand of madness, they will listen with rapt attention to even the most mundane story from the field. Goats or other unusual pets are often big hits.

Yes, friends, you TOO can have one! Whatever it may be that pumps blood into your veins - your partner, your child, your family, your lover, your dog, singing, playing piano, practicing yoga, running marathons, eating fistfuls of chocolate, standing on your head, reading Shakespeare, painting, sculpting, acting, swimming, learning a new language, meditating, JUST.

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And, be sure to do something for no one but you each and every day. You need it. Your body and mind will thank you.

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If you happen to have a boss pretending to be a dictator or a drill sergeant, don't drop to your knees and treat this crazy person like royalty. Draw the line and put yourself, your family, your partner, your dog, your whatever first. Take care of you.

Jan 16,   Online dating fraudsters posed as aid workers stranded in Syria. 16 January 60, a widow of four years, met a year-old nutritionist called Jack McDud on the dating site. Jan 24,   Office dating is murky territory for any workplace - but the risk of potential conflicts of interest is greater in the humanitarian sector, says one aid worker Secret aid worker. global aid worker is a collaborative effort connecting aid workers both out of the field and deep in the field, providing a space for aid workers to enter the field better prepared, and enabling everyone to gain access into the reality of life as an aid worker.

What's more: You will be a far better contributor to the aid-working world if you can prove that you value your own life and happiness too. You know what this means. You've seen that grumpy person, chain-smoking in the back room, bitching about life as an aid worker?

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Let that not be you. Sex, Love and Healthy Relationships i.

Dating an aid worker

And by socialising, I mean parties, sex and lots of drunken adventures. No matter how remote a field location might be, someone will always have a stash of alcohol, an iPod filled with music and a venue for a party.

But what happens when workplace hook-ups become genuine relationships? Just like any workplace if you spend 12 plus hours there a day, you are more than likely to find friends and possibly your future partner in the same context.

But work relationships occupy a bigger grey area in the humanitarian sector than in other career fields.

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If an aid worker was dating a refugee for example, he or she would probably have to declare this to their supervisor. There are no clear guidelines as to when this should take place but it re-defines awkward to think of having that conversation with your manager.

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You may as well get your parents on Skype too. Many other professionals, such as doctors or police officers, face similar regulations. But for aid workers there are no staff unions to offer guidance and legal protections for employees can be unclear if you are working in one country, the organisation is officially based in another and you are a national of a third country.

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Lines may be clearer if you are dating someone who works in a different organisation. However, one of my lowest professional moments came when I complained to my boss about the idiot who was coordinating a project between multiple organisations, only to learn soon after that they were dating.

However, what happens when a relationship takes place between two people in the same team?

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