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It's not always easy to tell when someone's keeping you on the back burner. Do they have a lot going on? Are they just bad at texting? Or are they stringing you along while they weigh their other options? You may never know for sure, but there are a few signs a person isn't invested or fully interested - and recognizing them can save you a lot of wasted energy. They maintain a relationship by communicating with you just often enough to keep you interested, but don't show signs of fully committing. And this could be for a variety of reasons, including having you on standby should their current relationship fall through.

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If you're on someone's back burner, you might notice that they're all talk when it comes to making plans. They might go on and on about vacation ideas, or claim they really want to see you. But if they aren't setting solid dates, you have every right to wonder what's up.

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With back burner relationships, Bennett says, it's not uncommon for the person to resist making solid plans. They might say they aren't sure of their schedule.

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But in reality, they're just stalling as they wait to hear back from other people, first. If you only receive texts from this person at 11 p. And you may very well be right.

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One way to tell, Bennett says, is if they admit to feeling bored. While some people may find themselves with unexpected downtime and choose to reach out, it could be a sign they're turning to you because they didn't have anything else going on.

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In these moments, it's best to consider what you want. It can be exciting to finally hear from a person you've been interested in. But if the level of attention they're giving you isn't adequate, it's OK to look out for your best interestssay no, and move on.

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If someone keeps promising to call at a certain time, but never lights up your phone, take it as a sign. When you're on someone's back burner, they'll be flaky like this on a regular basis, Jaclyn Lopez Witmera licensed clinical psychologist based in New York, tells Bustle.

And when it comes to setting the foundation for a solid relationship, that's not what you want.

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It's possible you've ended up as this person's go-to when they're in need of help or attention, Bennett says. Of course, you can still help them if they need something.

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But if you're worried they aren't viewing you as a potential partner, feel free to speak up. You can always ask where things are heade and confirm if you're on the same page. Unless this person works on the weekends, it might feel strange that they're only available at very specific times, like a random Monday night.

But first, check out if these backburner relationship signs sound familiar. Oh, you frustrating human. Even though this guy or girl is in a relationship, you feel like you two are practically in one too. You might not kiss, or hold hands, or have sex.

But you go to the movies together, and sit on park benches and talk about family, books, LIFE. You swear you feel a spiritual connection with this person, and you just know they feel it, too.

So what gives?!

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Feb 13,   "Keeping back burners is probably a method of dealing with the risk that comes with having a lot of dating options," he says. "Once you commit, you eliminate all other options. However, if option Author: Laken Howard. The psychology of keeping someone on the back-burner. About 20 percent of heterosexual, dating American women admit to having a romantic "Plan B." . Women who you are interested in dating in the future are on the back burner. You have to keep whoever is on the back burner warm - which means paying them some attention. And when it is time for the relationship with your front burner girlfriend to end - you move one of the back burner women to the front burner.

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