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This exception was evident when the members told the hosts of Party People that they went to a club and drank for the first time since their debut when they visited Park Jin Young on a club-like set. Fans started to speculate about their relationship in October after Kai and Jennie both posted romantic photos in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris around the same time. However, by January , the romance was over. SM Entertainment confirmed toward the end of the month that the two were no long dating. As for why they broke up, a source told Naver at the time that the two split because of their schedules. The insider claimed that Kai and Jennie wanted to focus on their careers but they ended their relationship as friends. A post shared by zkdlin on Feb 14, at pm PST.

It adds to their 'untouchable' or royalty like image.

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The internal workings of SM sounds like a dating free for all. I think most big 3 idols date Even during the banned years,they just can't get caught.

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The big 3 are big enough to manage stuff like this. Do people think idols follow the dating ban?

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If anything they just hide it and some are better than others. There's probably dating ban in the first few years but generally SM prefers dating within company.

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It's better to date within company because when Dispatch wants to release scandals they ask the company if they want to pay up or just release. If both are from the same company it's just one party to ask.

As compared to when the other person's company wants it out for mediaplay.

Aug 04, † Sm entertainment does not have a dating ban as a lot of things sm artist do is not visible to public eye and dispatch therefore there are so many secret relationships that we do not know about. Right now, I think that only Blackpink, iKON and ONE plus trainees in YG Treasure Box are under a dating ban, although I am not sure about ONE since he is more of a YG Stage(YG acting department) artist then rapper even though that is why he. Sep 15, † does SM have a dating ban? i would really like to know because im dating someone and i want to audition. so if anyone could tell that would be great. Reply. Translate. Member. momoring May 24, am Reply to btsislife people say there isnt but most likely there is a 12 year one. 0. 0. Reply. Translate Guest.

Dispatch always has the dating stuff, it just depends on which juicy couple they want to release and which company lets it be done instead of paying up. In JYP's case not really. Yeah it's suggested, but some of their acts have dated during those bans, they just didn't get caught and admitted it later on.

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Yeah, SM was already in a mess, why would they purposely create more mess? It's not like the other mess would have been miraculously resolved.

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Nor I believe couples get revealed just because they got caught. I am pretty sure there is more talk behind the scene.

JYP Entertainment is famous for a number of protocols for their artists, one of which is a dating ban of three years starting from their debut. Most idols would probably rejoice once the ban becomes void, however, GOT7's Jackson is having second thoughts. Feb 18, † There's probably dating ban in the first few years but generally SM prefers dating within company. It's better to date within company because when Dispatch wants to release scandals they ask the company if they want to pay up or just release. If both are . Any artist who debuts under JYP Entertainment has to abide by a dating ban for the first 3 years into their career. However, that notorious ban doesn't seem to apply to singer-songwriter Baek Ayeon! JYP actually encourages Baek Ayeon to date so that she'll have more inspirations to write out in songs.

Sm allows their idols to date within the company, at least to avoid getting caught, but it takes them longer to confirm dating outside the company.

Dribble Public Figure. Pledis dont have dating bans?

Apr 24, † JYP Pros: * Cares the most about mental health out of the big 3 companies. * Treats the members very fairly, he never really shows who his bias is in the specific geoups * Accepts the most international trainees out of the big 3 * BOPS, WAY TOO MA. Feb 08, † The K-Pop industry Dating Ban. Celine Chong. Follow. (SM, JYP and YG). But even so, this isn't your run-of-the-mill Got Talent or X-Factor shot of fame. Not only does this take a heck of a lot of passion, dedication and perseverance, there are so many factors like the. The BTS's agency said: "Although there is no ban on dating in the contract, the members are very focused on their work and try their best to create art every day." BTS - hard-working boys JYP Entertainment: Every artist is banned from dating for the first 3 years after their debut.

Imodating bans is not an entirely bad thing. If it could protect the group. Then do it.

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Haeryn Idol. Doubt it'll change, there's too bad of an impact when a dating case appears for most companies to remove the dating ban.

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It'd be a pretty bad managerial move. The entire vision of idol followings would need to be revised for dating bans to be removed.


Most dating bans are just a sign to idols to keep it on the down though so it doesn't necessarily prevent relationships, just force them to keep it on secretly. As a side note, I also think some idols should stop saying to fans corny things that imply a relationship with said fans because it's part of the problem.

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Pledis does have a dating ban, but it's more like a verbal agreement. What's hot.

(ENG/SPA/IND) How Would Jin Young React If TWICE \u0026 GOT7 Members Were In Relationships! - Life Bar

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BLACKPINK's dating history reveals Jennie, Lisa, Rose and Jisoo's relationships and breakups despite YG Entertainment's dating ban. Rumors ahead.

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