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Posted by: Dutaur Posted on: 17.06.2020

It's his job I shouldn't have to. FAIL by rules one and 3 Women are more sensitive to being offended by advances, and men aren't as used to such emotional expression. It's a ticking timebomb. The woman is in a better position. But in holding to these rules, I don't make such an expectation. I want to propose, but because I want to, not because I'm a man.

Ruby Dem. Shadows Vale wrote: Xappletaartje wrote: There are so many things that aren't good for people to see on television, this is just one of them.

something is. Thanks

Sorry if I couldn't make myself understood. Especally since someone was exposing their secrets in the show.

Stop Being So Available While #Dating

Just wanted to ad: It's a tv-show.

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