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We use cookies to understand how you use our site, give you an awesome experience, and deliver our services. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Gibson Acoustic. I Accept. Please note that most of this information relates to serial numbers used from to present. Corrections and additions to this section will be made as necessary.

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Between and late June or early July , Gibson used the same serialization system on all standard-built guitars. This ated system utilizes an impressed, 8 digit numbering scheme that covers both serializing and dating functions. Oct 04,   Here is a Gibson Archtop a business partner and I have. I was hoping to get a hand dating it. On the back of the headstock, at the very top (just behind the gibson inlay) is stamped into the wood FG I am wondering if this is a as we have been told. A . Gibson invented the archtop guitar as we know it and has remained one of the better makers. The most collectible Gibson archtops are the larger models made from the early 's to The Advance (17" or wider) models from late onward are of the same construction used in today's archtops.

It is NOT a model. Thank you both. I will pass that info along.

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Join the conversation You can post now and register later. We'll discuss what repairs they might need and examine some key models to look out for should you decide to purchase one. Before we get into specific brands and models, let's start with the basic terminology below.

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This will make the sections that follow easier to understand. Laminate wood is several thin pieces of wood glued together, or ground up wood that is glued together and covered with a veneer.

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Neither of these options sound all that great. Solid wood is simply a solid piece of wood that resonates much more freely than laminate wood, typically making the guitars built with it louder.

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It also allows these guitars to have a better frequency production. A solid pressed top is a solid piece of wood that is heated and then pressed into shape by a machine. This sounds significantly better than laminated wood. However, when a luthier carves a piece of wood, they do so in a way that brings out its best acoustic qualities, making carved wood more desirable. A solid carved top is wood that is carved into shape by a luthier.

Dating gibson archtop

These guitars usually sound the best. The video below is a timelapse of a luthier building an archtop guitar. It shows the work that goes into archtop construction and is a good illustration of why high-end archtops cost as much as they do.

Gibson USA, Gibson Acoustic, Gibson Memphis - From the number is typically found on a decal on the back of the headstock. This should be an 8 digit number that can be dated by the 1st and 2nd digits as follows: 99 = 00= 06 = The book, which lists all the company's historical serial number schemes, is an invaluable resource when dating vintage Gibson guitars. If you're still having trouble accurately dating your Gibson, take pictures of the guitar, including the serial number, and upload them to the customer service section on the company's website.

Archtops vary in size, generally ranging from 16 inches to 19 inches on the lower bout. Archtops at 16 inches have a very tight and focused sound, with a strong mid-range presence. The larger an archtop gets, the more it emphasizes bass and low-mid frequencies.

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Compared to most instrumentalists, guitarists are fortunate to have a wide array of budget-friendly buying options available to them. But acoustic archtops are, for the most part, a different story.

The age and relative rarity of many acoustic archtops inflate their price, and many may require repairs to bring them to playing condition. Now, there are archtops available that are significantly less than that.

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The main thing that separates cheaper archtops from more expensive ones are the materials used, the skill of the builder, and the brand's prestige. Old Harmony guitars, for example, used laminated and occasionally solid birch as opposed to solid spruce and maple though rarely, some did use carved spruce tops. While not categorically bad guitars, they were marketed towards novice players and not intended to stand the test of time as a fine luthier-built instrument might be.

The first thing to know about buying a low-end archtop is that you can end up with a great instrument without spending thousands of dollars.

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But in order to do so, you have to do some research. Due to this industrial level of production, it is unlikely that even its less common guitars could be called rare. Harmony guitars are not usually mentioned in the same breath as Gibson or Fender and tend to be considered low-grade instruments.

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While a Harmony guitar may not be worth a fortune, accurately identifying an instrument can be quite satisfying. Harmony began in when Wilhelm J. Schultz and four employees began production at the Edison Building at Washington and Market streets in Chicago.

The Gibson Serial Number Decoder currently supports 6 formats from 4 Factories. For guitars made prior to use the extended search function. This new function will try to match the serial number against older formats, details required for an exact match are listed in yellow. Gibson's F O N System In addition to the above serial number information, Gibson also used Factory Order Numbers (F O N) to track batches of instruments being produced at the time. In the earlier years at Gibson, guitars were normally built in batches of 40 instruments. Gibson's Factory Order Numbers were an internal coding that. Sep 21,   The invention of the archtop is currently credited to Orville Gibson, who carved the top and back of a guitar into an arched shape as opposed to using flat pieces of design was meant to increase the power and quality of tone an instrument was capable of, as described by Orville Gibson's mandolin patent, which also featured an arched top and back.

Starting modestly with a sale of two guitars to the Chicago Music Company, Schultz's company grew quickly. InHarmony became the first large-scale ukulele manufacturer.

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By the following year, Sears and Roebuck bought the company to utilize this massive production.

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