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Montreal and Toronto have an extraordinary rivalry going back generations. The two cities are completely culturally different, one being more European and the other being more American in style. The ways of life in both places are also very different, as is the architecture, and even the language. Still, the two cities continue to compete for the title of The Best City in Canada. Which city is really the best, though?

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Seriously, all those headless torsos are either jacked or hella slim. Either way, they usually have some form of six-pack going on.

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Toronto's Grindr scene has hotties, but not to the same level, which is why I'm fairly convinced the entire population of Montreal queer and hetero is just on a diet of cigarettes and attitude. You say "hi" and they respond "salut.

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All the anglos reading know the struggle is real, especially since you're basically cutting your available options to less than half. Let's be honest here fellas, sometimes you don't really need to talk to someone to get them down to go down on you.

Dating in montreal vs toronto

We've all been there, or at least know how it goes when you grab a rando from da club. If neither of you happen to speak the same language, you're in for a pretty awkward walk or cab ride home.

So I moved to Toronto, at the time I was seeing a girl in montreal but had to end it. After a couple months here holy crap is Toronto is a really crappy city to be single in, no night life. everyone is super busy (including myself) and the city is so huge that even if you do meet someone they could be almost 40 minutes away (urban sprawl is a crisis here) as a guy, its almost impossible to.

Not that it matters much, you're not there to talk to each other. Okay, so this based off of personal experience, and I can't really say much as a white dude, but for real, the gay scene in Montreal definitely lacks some cultural diversity.

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Maybe I'm just going to the wrong events or places, who knows, but from what I've seen, Montreal is pretty whitewashed when it comes to going out gay. Toronto tends to be more culturally diverse in general, and that definitely extends to the queer community.

The difference between women in Montreal and Toronto EXPLAINED

You'll find a solid amount of dance spots in Toronto, but while their version of The Village may be smaller, they have more venues devoted to casual drinking and chilling. Sometimes gay guys like to actually sit down and have a real conversation and not get crazy and dance shocking, I know which is far easier to do in Toronto.

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If you want to know about any of the many queer parties outside of The Village, you pretty much need to be a card-carrying hipster, or be very ingrained into the queer scene.

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Aug 14,   Montreal vs Toronto: which has a better dating scene? - Duration: Dating Beyond Borders Recommended for you. 7 Types of Girls in Vancouver - Duration: Montreal and Toronto, the two largest cities in Canada, have had a friendly rivalry for as long as I can remember. Since I was born in Montreal (and grew up nearby) but spent most of my adult life in Toronto, people are always asking me which one I prefer. The dating scene in Toronto can be a lot to handle for those that aren't from the city. There are certain things that are acceptable and tend to happen in relationships, that may seem absurd to non-Torontonians. Hey you! Subscribe to Toronto for all the latest and greatest stories.

Stay In Touch. The Latest. McGill University is consistently ranked high on the list of top universities in the world and Concordia's business school always ranks high as well!

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Ah yes, winter in Montreal. It starts of lovely but then all the sudden it's hailing, storming, and gusts of degree winds are trying to take us down every time we leave our apartments. But our summer's are usually beautiful so it really is a trade-off!

Mar 26,   The second stage is Dating, the period before a relationship, and the final one is In a Relationship. I can begin by confidently stating that all stages have only reaffirmed the complex and intricate nature of the Montreal dating scene. Let's begin! Stage 1: Grim Courting. High Standards. Oct 23,   10 reasons, not including Rob Ford, why Montreal is better than Toronto. By Published on 10/23/ at PM. Katherine Sehl / Flickr user elPadawan. Sure, sure, sure. This war's. Montreal and Toronto have an extraordinary rivalry going back generations. The two cities are completely culturally different, one being more European and the other being more American in style. The ways of life in both places are also very different, as is the architecture, and even the language.

The actual average temperature without my exaggerations was degrees. Toronto on the other hand gets wayyy warmer weather in the winters compared to Montreal.

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The average temperature during the winters in Toronto is However, last year was exceptionally cold and they got days that were degrees which is an all-time low for them. Montreal is known to be a crazy city during the nighttime.

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The clubs in Montreal are open until 3 am and people party until the lights turn on every single night. There's tons of awesome clubs, bars and raves going on everywhere in this city.

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Toronto also has tons of awesome clubs, bars and music venues but it's a much different vibe than Montreal has. Montreal clubs you can basically wear Adidas and a pair of jeans anywhere you go, but Toronto you definitely have to dress up a little if you're going somewhere nice.

Montreal is famous for a lot of amazing foods like poutine, smoked meat, bagels and much more!

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Montreal has taken these foods, made them amazing and there's no way to deny this. Montreal may have it's few staple foods that it does better than anyone else, but Toronto does something special as well.

There's no famous foods that Toronto is known for, but that's the beauty of it.

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The restaurants in this city take all kinds of foods and make them bigger, better and more exciting and unique than ever! You can find the craziest things here like tiny pizzas on top of other pizzas, charcoal swirl ice cream, cinnamon bun ice cream sandwiches and more!

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