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Originally posted by wickedpotterpictures. So what do you think? Originally posted by tonylovedaily. Hi everyone, I really want to read some fan fictions or imagines written for Harry Potter himself. Anyone have any suggestions? Originally posted by sincerelycalum. So instead of going out I was wondering if you wanted to watch movies.

Remus snorted.

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The rest of us just use MJ, which she quite likes. James cuffed Remus round the back of the head playfully.

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Sirius joined in, defending Moony because canines always stuck together, apparently whilst Wormy helped him. James was quite excited, really.

Accidentally in love - James Potter/Lily Evans

A bit of a holiday with his little sister? NB: Dreamland is a real place in Margate, Kent.

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It was very popular in the 60s and 70s. Posts Following Ask me anything Masterlist Archive. I just want to be part of their friend group? Blurb Prompts Feel free to share! How dare you?! Talk to me. Did somebody say ice cream? I promise. Nightmares, again? A kiss will make me feel better Move over. Give me one good reason why I should trust you Did you hear?

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Look at me. Give me cuddles? You lied to me! You know you love me Who did I piss off in a past life? Kill me Something smells good Tell the truth My heart is racing You can do it Shut up Can I kiss you? Your hands are freezing Do it for me?

Dating james potter would include

Still not helping you though. Are you crying? Please stop. What do I do? We can just go see a movie if this is too expensive. You smiled back and sat, immediately glad you did because you had the best night ever.

He would constantly correct everything you said and to say the least- it was very annoying.

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Spence, you are the smartest and cutest guy I know, I would love to go out with you if you do one thing for me. Originally posted by profiler-in-training.

Dating James Would Include: Dating Sirius Would Include: Dating Remus Would Include: Dating Severus Would Include: Dating Lily Would Include: -"James Potter, I am not throwing them out. They are cute." -"Fine. Only because i love you." -you got married a few months after your graduated. Nov 04,   dating james potter would include dating lily evans would include some wolfstar headcanons the day remus told lily he was a werewolf the marauders as aesthetic things i find on q & a! the marauders as ed sheeran songs the marauders as 'dodie' songs New Reading List. ojasjobz.coms: 2. Dating Harry Potter would include Requested by the lovely @turtlesandrainbows:) -Always having to make sure Harry isn't going on too many dangerous adventures/missions -But of course he's doing a.

They were becoming too much to handle. One nice agent called Aaron Hotchner gave you his number, he must have known that you would have nightmares. The phone was ringing and you were waiting for him to pick up. You said to call whenever. Are you okay? Originally posted by weeping-brat. Throughout the apartment you owned, you could hear your phone ringing. Need protecting again any time soon?

Keep reading. Originally posted by beauteenth. I was told to stay away from you. What the fuck?

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Originally posted by xmariamariax. I think he told his boss he was sick?

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McGonagall was sat close beside the announcer in the box, glasses at the tip of her nose, glaring down at James and the team behind him. James tucked his broom between his legs and kicked up to hover. The rest of the team followed suit, and their side of the stands let out a few hoots as they came into view. Across the pitch, the Slytherin team came into view.

James could see you in the front, laughing at Colleen Freeman, a Slytherin chaser. You looked away from her, and right at James.

You conjured up a confident smirk and James felt his heart stop for a second. A whistle sounded, knocked James back towards the game. Winking at your quickly and smugly, James looked to the announcer as his voice boomed over the chaos of the crowds.

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Beater, Marci Crocker, another gem! James watch you fly over the crowd followed by Marci, clapping hands with the onlookers. The rest of the team filed behind you as their names were called. James scoffed at the overrated hoots and hollers from the Slytherins. Soon, they were all on the field, now lined up and waiting for the match to begin.

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The announcer began spitting out names from the Gryffindor, and you watch as they all flew into the air, entertaining a little hype, and then settling across the field from you. Madam Hooch blew a whistle beneath you, and loudly requested the captains. As did in every game, you and James flew down, eye level with Hooch. I want a clean match, you two. You rose up from the ground to hover above your team as the game commenced. Hooch was spouting her nonsense, as the Snitch buzzed around. Finally, she released the quaffle, and the game was off.

You glanced around for the Snitch, and then at James, who was already looking at you. You blinked, and looked away, zooming to a higher vantage point. You were set on winning this game.

dating harry potter would include Most recent. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. All posts. Text. Photo. Quote. Link. Chat. Audio. Dating James Potter would Include Being friends with the marauders since first year James talking about Lily too you before he starts liking you You liking James since first year Even though you like James you listen to him when he talks about Lily. Dating James would include Requested- ok hi idk if you've done this yet but may I request a "Dating James Would Include".? (If it's been done im sorry for wasting like 4 seconds of your time.

Seven minutes went on, you and James both trying to spot the snitch. It seemed impossible. Suddenly, you heard a buzzing behind you, and turned to see the snitch about two feet away. Your breath caught in your throat and you whipped around towards it, zipping behind it as it plummeted. You hear both the Slytherin and Gryffindor teams burst into cheer as you and apparently James both switched into action.

You were nearing the snitch, but could see James moving closer out of the corner of your eye. You reached your fingers out, almost grazing the wing, and James dived underneath you, behind zipping straight up and stealing the snitch from right in front of you. His eyes lit up and he began squawking immediately.

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Congratulations, Gryffindor! James laughed in front of you as teammates flew closer and the crowds roared. The sound of canons and bells filled your ears as the Gryffindors rejoiced.

Dating James Potter Would Include A Deal With The Devil. To Have And To Hold. s e v e r u s s n a p e. Dating Severus Snape Would Include l i v i n g w i t h t h e m a r a u d e r s. The Seven Days Of Hell. The Black Cat Flu. m i s c. The Marauders Being Fathers Would Include G O L D E N T R I O E R A. h a r r y p o t t e r. Dating Harry Potter would include: Originally posted by wickedpotterpictures. Dating Harry Potter would include: > Being best friends with him before anything happens > Waking up one day realising that actually, you're in love with him > Ron and Hermione knowing since the first year. > You being terrified he doesn't feel the same. started off as best friends since you lived right next door to each other he was the first to know when you got your Hogwarts letter (besides your parents) getting on the train together and meeting Sirius, Remus and Peter together developing a crush on him when you see him fight off second years.

You scoffed and flew closer to James. The Gryffindor captain smirked, sliding a hand over your cheek.

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James leaned in and placed a short, and sweet kiss on your lips. He smiled, tasting the cherry chapstick on your mouth. Pulling away with a laugh as the other Gryffindors piled in, he pecked your lips one more time before soaring off for a victory lap. Originally posted by peterandygarfield.

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You stared at her for a second, before returning your attention to the almost blank piece of parchment sitting in front of you.

The essay was to be about one major contribution they had to the wizarding world, and how it had affected you personally.

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She mewed, and sprawled out across your parchment, knocking over an ink well in the process. You sprung from your seat, and quickly charmed away the mess.

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