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Arrow , Man of Steel , The Flash , The Amazing Spiderman ; what do all these movies and TV shows have in common: they all feature extremely handsome male superheroes that women time and time again fall in love with and want to date. What is it about these heroic men that have women constantly falling in love with these fictional characters; is it their amazing physiques? Their incredible powers? Their gorgeously designed costumes? Or is it just their overall heroic natures? In answer to this inquiry, here are the top ten reasons why women want to date these supermen.

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Or was it the other way round. Having dated a few superheros when I was younger I understand what you mean about chunky clothes.

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I once asked a shapeshifter girlfriend, Morrigan, about it, she told me the Superheros Union has strict rules for females about not drawing attention to oneself.

Carrying a quarter - million ton supertanker on one hand to avert catastrophe is OK but carrying your own suitcases is a no no.

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Leaping a tall building in a single bound is OK, but climbing a ladder to change a light is a boyfriends job. I got a bit behind on narrating your dating tips, so I caught up this week, with extra episodes.

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Posted on March 18, by Austin. Man, you guys have some serious issues to work out.

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Might I suggest couples therapy? Remember, if she loves you and makes you happy, that makes her a Superhero in my book Before you rush off faster than a speeding bullet to leap tall buildings in a single bound on your way to your date, it would be super cool if you followed me on my blog and on Pinterest!

Dating like a superhero

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Dating Like a Super Hero Well, it's that time of year again. Comicon is taking over San Diego (some say the world) and the parade of capes, spears, masks, and magic wands strolling around is endless. Mar 18,   The presence of super hearing is a sure sign that you are dating a Superhero. And if she sees right through you, she's got x-ray vision. If both things are going on, you had better remain on your toes because you are not getting away with anything! Oct 24,   Will dressing up like Superman for Halloween ruin your chances of finding true love? The Pros And Cons Of Dating A Superhero: INFOGRAPHIC by Dan Avery 10/24/

Their gorgeously designed costumes? Or is it just their overall heroic natures?

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In answer to this inquiry, here are the top ten reasons why women want to date these supermen. No ordinary man can pull off a skin-tight cape, yet heroes like Batman pull it off without a second, and it is pretty impressive.

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Superhero boyfriends are to women what designer purses are to fashion junkies; a limited edition item that is extremely elusive and that one simply has to have.

Women like Lois Lane, Selina Kyle and Mary-Jane Watson, the love interests of Superman, Batman and Spider-Man respectively, are envied at one point or another by female comic book fans for getting to date some of the hottest guys in the superhero universe and for getting to fly through the air in the arms of their super-powered hunks. Can you possibly think of a cooler way to spend an anniversary?

Oct 09,   Dating a superhero or superheroine (is that a word?), should the opportunity arise, is not a decision that you should make lightly. First, there are the obvious reasons: it would be an utter Author: Emma Lord. Jun 16,   "Strong" is a pretty common descriptor. It seems like a no-brainer, right?  Succumb to the charm and chiseled jaw of your favorite superhero - or charm and curves of your favorite super heroine Author: Rachael Berkey. Absolutely nothing but work, work, work. Professional matchmaker, Jasmine Diaz, is here to save the day. With five easy steps to transform your love life, Dating like a Superhero will show you how to win the battle against staying employed and meeting the love of your life. In the book, Jasmine will uncover: What type of superhero you are5/5(2).

One of the best advantages with dating, and mating with male superheroes is the awesome super-powered babies that come along. These kids have amazing role models to begin with, let alone the abilities they are likely to inherit from their super-powered fathers. Obviously, it would be pretty freaking special to date a superhero.

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But really, do you want to be in the vicinity when the Chitauri send their gigantic, segmented insect-like dragon things to take over? Feature Image via Teaser-Trailer.

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Con: Fashion sense Lycra and capes. Need I say more?

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