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Department of the Interior, administers and manages over million surface acres of America's public lands, located primarily in 11 Western States and Alaska. Part of the mission of the BLM is the management and preservation of the cultural and heritage resources found on America's public lands - prehistoric and historic. What is the age of the bottle? What type of bottle is it? This entire website is essentially a "key" - albeit a complex one - to the dating and typing typology of historic bottles. In addition, this site also assists the user with these questions:. What technology, techniques, or processes were used to manufacture the bottle?

The Hull Pottery bottles were in production from until around The examples shown here are the After Shave, Talcum and a 9.

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Note that steeper slope of the taper on the talcum bottle. From until the pottery bottles all showed the Ship Grand Turk with the words "Old" and "Spice" on the left and right, respectively. Vernon appeared on the talcum bottle.

First this cautionary note: Bottle dating is not a precise science! Using just physical, manufacturing related diagnostic features, most utilitarian bottles can usually only be accurately placed within a date range of years (i.e., to or ). Dating old spice bottles. The coolest. As i cleaned out the bulk of characteristics: old glass bottle technology and closing processes making a look at auction and find your query. Generally, called early american old spice bottles. Register and non-collectors better identify, except black pepper. Mugs. Dating old soda bottles. Acl soda. If you are attempting to estimate the approximate manufacturing date - or age - of a particular bottle (or significant sized fragment) the first page to visit would be the Bottle Dating page and its related sub-pages. These pages lead a user through a series of questions about the physical/morphological characteristics of historic bottles which help to narrow down the age of an item.

The Ship Grand Turk remained on the after shave. Old Spice Collectibles Traditional Bottles.

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Hull Pottery Bottle to The Hull Pottery bottles were in production from until around From until the pottery bottles all showed the Ship Grand Turk with the words "Old" and "Spice" on the left and right, respectively Around the Ship Friendship appeared on the Cologne bottle and the Ship Mt. Bottle Style This is the original glass bottle by the Wheaton Glass Company manufactured in The after shave shows the Ship Grand Turk.

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The cologne bottle not shown bears the Ship Recovery. In red script, the word "Old" appears to the left of the ship and the word "Spice" appears to the right. These bottles have Stopper 1.

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Bottle Style Early s Almost identical to the original glass bottle above, this one came out a few years later. Note that it has the plastic stopper 2 and includes a little more information on the back.

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Bottle Style This style of glass bottle dates from Note that the name of the ship has been dropped, and the contents appears below the ship. These bottles have Stopper 3. Bottle Style This bottle style dates from The volume has not yet appeared on the front see bottle below.

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This bottle has Stopper 3 and Stopper 4 early s. Bottle Style This bottle shows the volume beneath the contents "After Shave" dating it after about The bottles have Stopper 4.

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Bottle Style This bottle style dates after The scar was left when the pontil was detached from the bottle. Look for side mold seams.

Welcome to my Old Spice Collectible web site. I started this site to provide a resource to collectors of Old Spice for Men toiletries. The contents of this site reflect my own research based on sales catalogs from to about as well as contributions from many collectors willing to . Dating antique bottles requires knowledge of the evolution of bottle technology and the ability to research manufacturers and bottling companies. Although glass bottles have been made for a few thousand years, it was not until the 19th century that bottle use became common, coinciding with the industrial revolution. By the s, the demand for Old Spice After Shave and Talc had risen to the millions of bottles. Shulton was forced to adopt automatic filling and closing processes making the pottery bottles a thing of the past. In reality, both Hull Pottery and Shulton were pleased with the introduction of the glass bottles.

If the seams disappear in the neck, the bottle was probably "blown-in-mold" and dates circa to early s. Is a pontil mark present along with disappearing side mold seams? This bottle probably dates circa to Do the mold seams disappear in the neck, but the bottle lacks a pontil mark?

Dating old spice bottles

Blown-in-mold bottles without pontil marks date circa s to s. Do the mold seams go all the way from the base to the lip?

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This is a machine-made bottle and dates after Look for a "suction" scar on the base. This will be shallower, wider and more perfectly circular than a pontil mark. Bottles with suction scars were made in an Owens Automatic Bottle Machine and date after The Owens machine revolutionized the bottle industry.

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Check for lack of bubbles and uniform glass thickness. This is another indication of a machine-made bottle. Is embossed lettering present?

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Most bottles with embossed lettering date from the late 19th century and later. Lettering on the body will give clues to the contents and lettering on the base will give clues to the manufacturer.

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Both require more specific research to refine the bottle's date beyond observation of technology. Is the bottle machine made and aqua- or light green in color?

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Aqua glass typically dates from the late 19th century to the s. Does the bottle appear light purple in color?

Bottles with a purplish or amethyst hue are made from manganese dioxide glass and date circa to The glass turns purple when exposed to UV light. Keep in mind that older technology often persisted and some bottles date later than you might think.

Old Spice mugs, aftershave bottles, and shaving brushes - oh my!

For example, glassblowers still make hand-blown bottles today.

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