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By Christian Gollayan. June 7, pm ated June 7, pm. Is your significant other not introducing you to his friends or family members? Read Next. Plastic waste in Antarctica reveals scale of global pollut

No wonder being left on read stings so damn much.

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Haunting is when a person continues to interact with you on social media after you've stopped seeing each other. Haunting behaviors are often on the passive side for example, liking your photo instead of commenting on it so that you end up thinking about the person but still haven't been invited to respond in any way.

This pattern can seriously mess with your mind. Imagine finally feeling like you're over your ex This can be as exciting as it is infuriating: Does it mean your ex still misses you? Are they jealous?

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Why won't they leave you alone?! It's a combination of thoughts virtually guaranteed to throw you off.

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When you picture someone breadcrumbing, you might think of the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale Hansel and Gretelin which two siblings drop morsels of bread as they walk in order to find their way home.

The dating version is a little different and I'd take a bloodthirsty witch over a douchey ex any day. Similar to haunting, breadcrumbing is when someone continues to leave little clues that they might be into youonly they aren't into you at all. As Bela Gandhi, founder of date coaching company Smart Dating Academy, explained to Todaybreadcrumbing is "leading somebody on with no intention of following through," often to get attention.

This behavior can manifest in a variety of ways: a random text just to "check in" here, a flirty 2 a.

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Snapchat there. But the breadcrumbs don't lead to actual plans, making this a really frustrating - and potentially heartbreaking - dating behavior. Benching is another term for leading someone on, but there is a bit more intention involved in it than in breadcrumbing.

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Benching is when someone keeps a potential partner on the romantic back burner. They don't make serious moves to deepen the connection, but they don't extinguish the hope of a future relationship, either. It's like when an athlete is benched during a game: They're not actually playing but they might get put in later if the coach needs them.

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If you're being stashed, it could take a while for you to realize it. On the surface, your relationship might seem perfect: You go out all the time, they text you consistently, and you're spending almost every weekend at their apartment. There's just one problem: You haven't met a single one of their friends or family members, and, come to think of it, they haven't posted any photos of the two of you on social media.

Dating trend stashing

Congratulations, they just might be stashing you - in other words, they're keeping you separate from the rest of their life, possibly in order to date other people at the same time.

Definitely a low blow. Submarining is sometimes the sequel to ghosting.

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Picture this: After an amazing handful of dates with someone, all of a sudden, they disappear. Boom, you've been ghosted.

You pick your ego up off the floor only for them to text you weeks later, asking to hang out again as if nothing happened. This is submariningor peacing out and then popping back up like a submarine resurfacing from underwater. If it seems like a submariner genuinely wants a relationship with you when they reappear, it's worth asking them what happened, because this is shady behavior.

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Have you ever gotten the feeling that your partner is more committed to their phone than they are to you? Welcome to phubbinga combination of the words "phone" and "snubbing.

Given that many of us are glued to our phones on a daily basis - the average American spends a whopping five hours on mobile devices a day, according to analytics firm Flurry - it's no surprise that this obnoxious dating trend is on the rise. A word of advice?

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Keep your phone in your pocket or purse during date night. As millions around the world stand in solidarity to amplify the Black Lives Matter movement, one thing is clear: Black mental health needs to matter, too.

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Historically, mental health in the Black community has been a taboo topic. The stigma surrounding needing help, coupled with the trauma of systemic racism and COVID has caused many Black Americans to suffer from a range of issues, including anxiety and depression.

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To further discuss the stress that comes with being Black in America, Yahoo Life spoke with five Black public figures, who are raising awareness on the importance of seeking therapy or other forms of treatment for mental health, and how to navigate this current social climate.

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Jun 07,   "Stashing" is the latest crappy relationship trend making couples miserable. It's when one partner hides their better half from loved ones and doesn't post about the relationship on social. Aug 25,   You might be a victim of the latest dating trend to earn a catchy name: stashing, a term for when someone you're dating refuses to introduce you to anyone he or she is close to, sort of like. A new dating term "stashing" is the latest trend plaguing couples. It refers to when someone doesn't introduce their partner to their friends and family and won't post about them on social media. It can have a lot of negative consequences, and cause the one being "stashed" to feel unimportant.

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Aug 19,   Stashing is the latest dating trend which is ruining romances - could it be happening to you? First it was cushioning, then it was benching - now this new unpleasant phenomenon is throwing. Feb 07,   'Stashing' Is the Latest Dating Trend That's Honestly Worse Than Ghosting. Read full article. k. [email protected] (PureWow) February 7, , AM UTC. Aug 23,   What Is Stashing? It's The New Dumb Dating Trend That's Worse Than Ghosting. By Candice Jalili. Aug. 23, First, there was ghosting, where the .

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Aug 19,   Stashing is a super fun dating trend in which someone is dating someone else, but has decided to hide them away from everyone in their life. Aug 23,   Stashing is a dating practice recently given its name by Ellen Scott of Metro UK. It goes right in the dating glossary of awful modern trends like ghosting, benching, roaching and cushioning. You know ghosting. Now, meet stashing. We have Metro UK writer Ellen Scott to thank for coining this oh-so-useful dating term back in Her definition: "Stashing is a super fun dating trend Author: Erika W. Smith.

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