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A view of Geislingen factory taken from the WMF headed form. One of my "Hungarian" tea glass holders. AS is the abbreviation of "Alpacca Silber". Some WMF hollow ware marks from the second group Typical WMF export hollow ware marks.

He held the first chair of Egyptology in the United Kingdom, and excavated many of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt in conjunction with his wife, Hilda Petrie. Petrie developed the system of dating layers based on pottery and ceramic findings.

Anne was the daughter of Captain Matthew Flinderswho led the first circumnavigation of Australia. Petrie was raised in a Christian household his father being a member of the Plymouth Brethrenand was educated at home.

He had no formal education. His father taught his son how to survey accurately, laying the foundation for his archaeological career. At the age of eight, he was tutored in French, Latin, and Greek, until he had a collapse and was taught at home. He also ventured his first archaeological opinion aged eight, when friends visiting the Petrie family were describing the unearthing of the Brading Roman Villa in the Isle of Wight.

The boy was horrified to hear the rough shovelling out of the contents, and protested that the earth should be pared away, inch by inch, to see all that was in it and how it lay.

I was already in archaeology by nature. The chair of Edwards Professor of Egyptian Archaeology and Philology at University College London was set up and funded in following a bequest from Amelia Edwardswho died suddenly in that year. Petrie's supporter sinceEdwards had instructed that he should be its first incumbent. He continued to excavate in Egypt after taking up the professorship, training many of the best archaeologists of the day.

One of his trainees, Howard Carterwent on to discover the tomb of Tutankhamun in In his teenage years, Petrie surveyed British prehistoric monuments [10] commencing with the late Romano-British 'British Camp' that lay within yards of his family home in Charlton in attempts to understand their geometry at 19 producing the most accurate survey of Stonehenge [ citation needed ].

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His father had corresponded with Piazzi Smyth about his theories of the Great Pyramid [ citation needed ] and Petrie travelled to Egypt in early to make an accurate survey of Gizamaking him the first to properly investigate how they were constructed many theories had been advanced on this, and Petrie read them all, but none were based on first hand observation or logic. Petrie's published reports of this triangulation survey, and his analysis of the architecture of Giza therein, was exemplary in its methodology and accuracy, disproved Smyth's theories and still provides much of the basic data regarding the pyramid plateau to this day.

On that visit, he was appalled by the rate of destruction of monuments some listed in guidebooks had been worn away completely since then and mummies. He described Egypt as "a house on fire, so rapid was the destruction" and felt his duty to be that of a "salvage man, to get all I could, as quickly as possible and then, when I was 60, I would sit and write it all.

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Returning to England at the end ofPetrie wrote a number of articles and then met Amelia Edwardsjournalist and patron of the Egypt Exploration Fund now the Egypt Exploration Societywho became his strong supporter and later appointed him as Professor at her Egyptology chair at University College London.

In NovemberPetrie arrived in Egypt to begin his excavations. He first went to a New Kingdom site at Taniswith workmen. He cut out the middle man role of foreman on this and all subsequent excavations, taking complete overall control himself and removing pressure on the workmen from the foreman to discover finds quickly but sloppily.

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Though he was regarded as an amateur and dilettante by more established Egyptologists, this made him popular with his workers, who found several small but significant finds that would have been lost under the old system. This site is located 8 miles southeast of Tanis and, among the remains of an ancient temple there, Petrie found a royal sphinx, now located at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. By the end of the Tanis dig, he ran out of funding but, reluctant to leave the country in case it was renewed, he spent cruising the Nile taking photographs as a less subjective record than sketches.

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During this time, he also climbed rope ladders at Sehel Island near Aswan to draw and photograph thousands of early Egyptian inscriptions on a cliff face, recording embassies to Nubiafamines and wars. By the time he reached Aswan, a telegram had reached there to confirm the renewal of his funding. He then went straight to the burial site at Fayumparticularly interested in post BC burials, which had not previously been fully studied.

He found intact tombs and 60 of the famous portraitsand discovered from inscriptions on the mummies that they were kept with their living families for generations before burial. However, when he later found that Gaston Mro placed little value on them and left them open to the elements in a yard behind the museum to deteriorate, he angrily demanded that they all be returned, forcing Mro to pick the 12 best examples for the museum to keep and return 48 to Petrie, who sent them to London for a special showing at the British Museum.

Resuming work, he discovered the village of the Pharaonic tomb-workers. InPetrie made the first of his many forays into Palestineleading to much important archaeological work.

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His six-week excavation of Tell el-Hesi which was mistakenly identified as Lachish that year represents the first scientific excavation of an archaeological site in the Holy Land. Petrie surveyed a group of tombs in the Wadi al-Rababah the biblical Hinnom of Jerusalemlargely dating to the Iron Age and early Roman periods.

Here, in these ancient monuments, Petrie discovered two different metrical systems. This became a tourist attraction but, as there was no direct access to the site, tourists wrecked neighbouring fields on their way to it. This made local farmers deface the paintings, and it is only thanks to Petrie's copies that their original appearance is known. In earlyPetrie and his archaeological team were conducting excavations on a temple in Petrie's area of concession at Luxor. Spiegelberg was in charge of the edition of many texts discovered by his British colleague, and Petrie offered important collections of artefacts to the University of Strasbourg.

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The size of the antler mark frame is between 1. If Art Nouveau WMF item, issued in around or later, bears a full mark without any silvering designation, that means it contains no silver and has been made entirely of base metal. A full mark for this pattern includes a comma in the volume designation cf. Besides, there is a rectangle with digits, which correspond to the amount of silver in grams used for plating. The rectangle with 4-digit "" inscription corresponds to the year of issue.

The oldest WMF export mark which was used simultaneously on hollow ware and cutlery items. It consists of a "fancy" three-letter WMF inscription, put in an oval. The peculiarity of this mark is a broken "F" letter in the WMF inscription. No secondary markings were found for this mark. The size of the oval is 1.

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Beautiful and very rare! Such mark contains again a three-letter WMF inscription with dots or without preferentiallybut contrary to previous mark made with a "serif" font and put in a rectangular frame. The length of the three-letter WMF inscription varies in the range 4. The two-letter inscription EP means "electroplate". Another two-letter inscription "NS" means nickel silver Alpacca, Neusilber and serves as a designation of a base metal for silvering.

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The size of the "EP" box varies between 1. The size of the "NS" box varies between 1. The size of the frame for the "convex" antler mark is 1. If exported WMF item issued around and later bears a full mark without any silvering designation, that means it contains no silver and has been made entirely of base metal.

The size of the rectangle varies between 3. A widespread mark, though it is rather difficult to find one in perfect condition. The full mark uses numerous secondary markings, all are applied in a rectangular frame.

The one-letter inscription "B" means the use of Britannia metal tin-based alloy as a base metal for silvering. The size of the "B" box varies between 1. The two-letter inscription "MB" means a combined use of both brass M and Britannia metal B as base metals. The size of the "MB" box is about 2.

The absence of any base metal designations means the use of brass as a base metal. The "M" designation alone was never used at this period. The size of the "OX" box varies between 1.

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The size of the " as " box varies between 1. Finally, the six-petal rosette probably means "Special order" or "Special issue".

35 rows  The correctness of the dating is justified by the fact that most of the items bearing the WMF marks from the first group or early WMFM ones from the second group were issued before the appearance of Art Nouveau style (before ) and, in line with this, were not mentioned at all in the WMF catalogue [3]. This website is a service of WMF Group GmbH, Eberhardstr. 35, Geislingen/Steige, Germany, email: [email protected] ("WMF") being the controller in the meaning of Article 4 GDPR. You can contact our Data Protection officer via the contact form under "request too the data protection officer" or our postal address adding "Attn. The following pictures show the marks used by WMF on metalware (pics A through E and 1 to 7) and glass and ceramics from the 's to the present: (A): WMF impressed mark from ca. ; (B) together with (BB) impressed on cutlery/hollow ware from ca. - ; (C) mark on printed material, like catalogues and on jewelry before

The size of this box is about 2. If a hollow ware WMF item, issued between an bears a full mark without any silvering designation, that means it contains no silver and is made entirely of base metal.

If there is not enough space for marking, then the special "small marks" should be applied. In this period, WMF factory used in such cases the standard cutlery mark, namely, the "ostrich" image in rhombus. The size of the rhombus varies between 1. This mark is discussed in detail in the accompanying paper on WMF cutlery marks. Sometimes, the silvering mark is absent. That means, the item is made entirely of a base metal.

The length of the WMF inscription is 3. Very rare. Next WMF export mark for hollow ware items was used for the items exported to Austria-Hungary in the period between and Such mark contains again a three-letter WMF inscription with dots mostly or without, made with a "sans serif" font and put in a rectangular frame. In this case, the secondary marks are never used. This ostrich mark was developed to mark export goods made for France.

The size of the arch varies between 1.

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