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A relationship between a Gemini man and a Pisces woman can do both of them a lot of good - or it can rapidly turn into a nightmare. This is one of those relationships which could go either way. A Shared Mutable Outlook. The good news is that both Gemini and Pisces are mutable signs , so the Gemini man and the Pisces woman will try very hard to understand each other. Their hearts are in the right place, and both partners genuinely want this to work.

I havent seen the negative side of him yet. I really love him alot. Am going to give it my best and see what happens. I no this was years ago, but how did it go?

My Gemini man becomes selfish, thoughtless and detached when he messes up! At first he had trust and detached issues, then opened up like a flower. And then BAM, he chose to lie to me in order to be loyal to a stranger. He shut down for a week.

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Ignored my calls and texts. We finally talked and said he was more than willing to try to work on things. And less than 8 hours later, he posted some porn crap on facebook. I called him and was heated but hung up before I put anything out there that I couldnt take back.

He said doesnt everybody watch porn? I lost it. I know he loves me but think his evil twin is the dominant twin. Im a pisces dating a Gemini male, i want to know if its common for him to get jealous and go on tangents when where not together. Where were good, were amazing, when were bad.

The sex is fantastic! Sometimes I get jealous when all the attention shifts on him instead of me. We have a lot of mis-communication, that eventually turn into fights.

I am a pisces girl and i am soooo in love with my Gemini bf. We get along really well. No fights. No quarrells. We understand each other a lot. He is very loyal and somewhat aloof when it comes to girls. We trusts each other a lot and We have a lot of similarities.

Maybe because I have a lot of Aquarius in my chart and my moon is Leo and gemini rising. His moon is in pisces. Like I said, we get along really well. My soulmate. I am a Gemini lady who is in love with a Pisces male who is also my boss. He is so forgiving, caring, physically desirable, and smart. When I am with him I feel so protected. He is like the air I need to breathe.

Athough, I think astrology is fun, I believe I am smart enough to act according to what my heart, desires, hopes, and logical reasoning is telling me. I am also very spiritual and I believe this man is the one for me.

To all pisces women i need your advice, help me please Been with a Pisces woman for 3 years who is 20 years older than me was the best time in my life. Her face always blush whenever she comes and visits me when i was in UK.

Not even a single day passed without having hot and steamy sex for hours days in a week for 3 years. She even fantazied of escaping to barbados with me leaving her hubby, 2 kids and 1 grandkid but i stopped her thinking that way and convinced her family comes first before me so just see me as a toyboy not more than that. It was never like a wham bham, always passionate with long hours cuddle and kisses with loads of oral, and hours lasting sex, made sure she had 4 - 5 times each visit.

In return she pampered me with pressies, made sure i fed properly, took me for shopping and dinner even i never expected these from her. We still in touch with phone calls and mails but for me its not gona work for us together again because of distance. How can i put her back in normal life and convince to stay with her lovely family forever? Notice that most of the comments are coming from Pisces? The Pisces deserves a strong, loyal, passionate and committed mate who respects their worth and can be affectionate.

Of course if the Gemini man has a lot of Water signs in his chart like his Moon, Rising, Venus and Mars are in the water or earth element, then he may be a keeper. He is very comfortable to be with. He can be a bit rude. He is very receptive to my needs and i think i am the same with his. I was in a similar relationship in terms of moon signs. As far as I know gemini man is not good at all for pisces woman.

She is too soft to such an extend that you will take advantage of her, or simply get bored with her.

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You are the only sign that can really hurt a Pisces enough to never look back. Get yourself some fire signs like Leo and Sagittarius if you want something more challenging. Both ended badly but because of mental instability in both, which is another story.

Gemini and Pisces Compatibility

I did make a strong effort to look past those issues and see the person that was buried beneath. What I found most attractive about a pisces woman was the ablility they had of bringing out my emotional side.

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I found that with time a pisces woman could have a huge impact on how I felt. I was intruged by the way they behaved and their motivation for the things they did. When things were good I felt like they were very compassionate when I was moody. They seemed to always claim that I was distant and would choose a book over them.

In my mind, the fact that I chose them before anyone else was a sign of my love and devotion to them. When things got bad I felt like they were trying to emotionally blackmail me and control me.

I found their behavior and the things they said, irrational and uojasjobz.comoductive toward the goal of fixing the problem. It seemed more like trying to establish blame instead of coming to a resolution. It was actually infuriating and confounding.

I would give a mentally healthy pisces woman a try again though. I think there is a mutaully benificial relationship to be had that can be an amazing experience. They can bring out the best in me and the worst from what I have experienced.

I recently met a Gemini man and I am a Pisces woman. I am much older than he is, but he has surprised me at every turn. We have gotten very close very quickly and the passion between us is very intense. He is very affectionate and sweet, very witty and makes me feel safe. I never thought I would be with a younger man but this one is really amazing. The ironic part is that all my life Gemini men have been a pain the the butt. Whenever I would find out they were Gemini I would run.

All the ones I had known in the past were incredibly insensitive and selfish. This one maybe is too young to have learned to be that way yet? I was married to a Gemini man for 25 long years. They were very unhappy years, in fact miserable!!!!! He was self-centered, self-indulged, thought only of himself and was not a good father to our two children. My advice to any Pisces thinking of getting involved with a Gemini is to run quickly - in fact take flight!!!!

Jan 30,   Gemini man, Pisces woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship. A Gemini man and Pisces woman will find each other attractive. It is common for a Pisces woman to have a distracted look in her eyes, particularly when she is somewhere new. She often stands out in a crowd, not because she is trying to call attention to herself, but because Author: Cynthia Thinnes. Feb 07,   Pisces man, Gemini woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship. There will be an instant attraction between a Pisces man and Gemini woman. These signs have a connection between them known as a square. This is an ct of friction, but it also provides sexual tension. They will also find each other ojasjobz.com: Cynthia Thinnes.

Im with a gemini guy and like pretty much how they worded everything on that is true so far and i mean i hope me and work out because he is one the best guys i have every been withI love being wiht a gemini because honestly im the happest i have every been a long time and i dont want it to lastThanks to who ever brought me to him when i needed him the most.

My friend is sweet he a good listener and very smart but he has his ways just like I do. Only God knows if this is your mate for life or someone just passing through pray for a good Godly man. We are usually calm and collectedand frankly much too cocky to feel threatened by another guy. However, in spite of our very flirtatious ways, we can become distrustful of the person we are with if they exhibit the same behavior.

Hope this helps. I have been dating my boyfriend now for an amazing 6 months, his my bestfriend and were together everyday. I have an amazing guy and threw out everything that will come our way I am willing to work it out. Im actually a teenager but i see your perspectives and being a gemini myself i see how our traits could cause such problems, but i met this girl and words cant describe how much she means to me.

You could almost say it was like love at first sight. Its been 2 weeks and if there is anything the pisces women can tell me, please feel free. This girl is special to me, i dont wanna ruin things between us anytime soon. All we do is fight, and rarely say yaya and agree to anything! But he insists he loves me and he is always aware of my feelings, and me being sensative he gets that. Can any one tell me though in your experience with this match, is it usual for him to get so jealous.

Please tell me if this is normal for a Gemini man!!! Desperate to know!!! This trime around I know how i should be, what he needs from me and what i need from him. We both Get on well together, enjoy each others company, laughter and sillyness. But then again time will tell. Good luck to all picese woman and their gemini lovers.

As i already mentioned plz plkz plz pisces ladies if u want to hookup wd ur gemini man give it some tym. Altough its tough but will end on success.

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Any advice? The best thing I ever did was leave that sorry Gemini. They are totally not worth it. I have been with a gemini man for about 6 months and I can say this is true so far. I read it to him and we both agree its accurate in our situation. Out of the other men I have dated, this relationship feels like the one. I can be silly, upset, happy or sad and he is there for me to make me laugh and smile.

Pisces woman should give a gemini man a chance. I am glad I did.

Well going through all the description which is no doubt true about a gemini man. I would share something not presented yet in any post and what i personally experienced. Gemini proves to be logical if a pisces keeps on thinking what he did without getting overly emotted.

Gemini man is the one a pisces woman can completely depend upon. What exactly she desires. A gemini man and A pisces woman relation i a complete success till the end but it needs time for sure its challenging but interesting too and piscerians lov challenges so better take it as a challenge. Trust me ladies ur Gemini man is w weak guy. Just stay with him you will realize he is a kid some times and simultaneously become ur huge support.

His lov is not to be compared with any men its trully for u. Dun ever dominate himtry and forgive and move ahead. Being a pisces u will find most of tyms being trapped in v tiny miny emotional stances not fulfilled by ur Gemini man that basically hurt u. But if u ignore that and realize u never have huge probs bet u y? Other wise WE being piscerians can ruin any thing whn we get emotional Its gr8 and practicable long lyf workable relationship if u think its pros and cons.

A dreamy loving romantic caring Pisces lady and A mature practical rationale Gemini manGive tym to ur relationships Giv it a hold u will reallize the worth.

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All d best. I am a Pisces Women who has been with Gemeni man for 9 mths and out of all the men I been with and came across, He is by far the best mate for me. I can be myself around him and express my out of this world ideas and he just goes with it making me feel normal and comfortable to be with him this long. Although his nonchalant ways can hurt my feelings, and makes me get sensative on him.

Showing the pisces woman I am even though I have a venus of aries. But he somehow finds a way back to my heart and i find a way to forgive him. I see myself being with him forever!!!

He so worth it and I love my Mr. Gem man here dated a Pisces for 2 years. I am a sexy Gemini Man looking for love. This stuff is partially true but mostly wrong. I appreciate all of your deep valuable comments regarding the Gemini men you love and loathe. Thanks for reading and good luck with your love lives.

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He is all these things. We fight because he is so not caring but we forgive easily and they are good men they just need a pisces woman to show them how to be empathic. I love him and I see us as Forever. Stick to him it will Pay off. Hey everyone i have been dating a gemini for about 2 mos now and he is the best when were together but his mouth is so sarcastic and me being a pisces women tend to get offended very easy and his thinks its just normal play i like him alot but very gaurded dont kno what im gonna do when i get mad at him he does everything in his pwer to satisfy me its just a hot mess lol.

Thank you for sharing your relationship on here. I have been on and off with a Gemini man for 5 years. Everything you said is accurate to a T for a Gemini man! No one has ever come close to the amount of love and closeness I felt with him. This soured the relationship because I thought I was right, and his ugly twin came to bat for him. But above all we shared a bond that was unshakeable to this earth as we knew it. Everyone knew we were perfect for one another.

Now I have to prove to the Universe that I am strong enough to not make those mistakes again in order to get him back. I never stopped loving him. He always was and always will be the Greatest Love of my Life! Good luck Lana with your love! Wish you all the purest love a lifetime can bring!! Hi my pisces family it is true about gemini men but believe or not I was married to one and it was like night and day bad attitude no affection so after we divorced I swore them off until I had the pleasure of meeting someone hypethetically and never knew he was a gemini until we continued to talk that evening and I was so intuned with what he was saying I asked what was his sign and he said gemini and mouth just was open with no comment after I thought I would never date another gemini again I have been dating him for 3wks.

So true.

excellent, agree

And this is so true, as soon as I understood he is worth it, everything changed for the good, Gemini men do have double personality, but the more he loves you and values you for what you do for him the less of a bad personality you get. I love him so much and I was able to change things for him in a way that showed him he never wants me away. We just belong together and make each other so very happy day by day: My advice for all Pisces woman would be decide if this Gemini man is worth your efforts and than everything will go to its place and will bring joy and happiness to both of you.

I have been with my husband for 10 years and married for 7. This is so true, I was taken back. I love my husband, but the longer I am with him the more I want to swim away from him. I love him, but more as being friends. So, this is very true to me. The love was great in the beginning, but it just sorta started dyeing for me. I have been dating a gemini man for about 3 years.

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Never dated a gemini before. When things are good -they are out of this world! Happy go lucky one minute. He always has to be using his mind.

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It can shut me down emotionally in the bedroom - not good : But I love the bastard. I am in love with a Gemini and I see it being forever.

We have had our bad moments. But, our good times defiantly make up for the bad. In my opinion, this is a highly favorable match. Of course chart comparisons must be done to determine the specific level of compatibility.

But this is certainly one of the best sign combinations in the zodiac.

Gemini man dating pisces woman

Work, work, work. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How would you rate this relationship:. This is because signs that are square are of the same Mode. Modes represent how a sign processes change and how it gets things done. Signs of the same Mode lack balance, and thus it is difficult for them to accomplish much together. An ideal working team would consist of representatives from all three Modes, Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable.

Cardinal Signs like to take control, and two Cardinal Signs will have trouble working together because they both try to lead and neither will follow. Fixed Signs like to stick to routines, and they have difficulty because they are both stubborn and unyielding. In the case of two Mutable Signs, such as a Pisces man and Gemini woman, the trouble comes from neither of them having any direction.

With Pisces and Gemini, this lack of direction is magnified because of the elemental nature of these signs.

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He is Water, and she is Air. Neither Water nor Air has natural form or boundaries. This means that both of them tend to drift along from one task to another without any rhyme or reason.

While they will not be in conflict, it will also be hard for them to get anything done. A Pisces man and Gemini woman will not argue much, if at all.

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Both of them tend to avoid conflict, and both of them are flexible. A Gemini woman may get annoyed with a Pisces man for his sentimentality, and a Pisces man will get frustrated with a Gemini woman for her tendency to treat everything as if it were an intellectual exercise.

Still, these differences are unlikely to create serious problems between them. A more serious difficulty is in the danger that they will not fight for their relationship. This is because these are the Signs at the end of each of the Four Seasons when one season is giving way to the next.

It is the task of these signs to let go. The problem with this trait in relationships is that these signs tend to be quick to move on and may not try to work on problem areas. They have to make a conscious effort to stay.

A Pisces man and Gemini woman will like each other and find each other attractive. On the other hand, there will be many challenges if they want to establish a permanent and long-lasting relationship. They will both have to fight their natural tendencies and choose to work things through. If they do, they will both find an interesting and loving partner in the other.

If you want to feel that incredible, wonderful connection with your Pisces man, then the following information is the most important that you will read on the entire internet. Most women make mistakes that push Pisces men away. It is without doubt the most comprehensive guide ever created to attracting, dating, and having a deep, loving relationship with a Pisces man.

The secrets Anna reveals are very powerful and should be used ethically. I find some issues with some of the things you wrote about Pieces men. While some are dead on, there a few fine points that can be redone.

I was born in the cusp of Pisces and Aries. So how would that fit in? I have some sentimentality but to be honest, I do not care. I do have a serious drive for a Pisces. I was brought up in a day and age where that was and is not acceptable. A Man is a Man but you it it on the head with that. These two are very attracted to one another. In bed, they will find the most perfect excitement they could get from each other. The Pisces woman wants that pure and perfect love to swipe her off her feet.

People in Pisces are known to sometimes isolate themselves in solitude, and the woman in this sign is no different. They will always find something interesting to do or say. But the Gemini man can ruin everything with a flirt.

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He may be innocent, but she will be devastated seeing him, even if a little bit, interested in another woman. Her entire world will simply collapse around her. Another problem they may have is with the fact that they are both very nice. They will avoid hurting each other as much as possible, which means all the drama any relationship sometimes needs will be missing.

Gemini man is the one a pisces woman can completely depend upon. What exactly she desires.A gemini man and A pisces woman relation i a complete success till the end but it needs time for sure its challenging but interesting too and piscerians lov challenges so better take it as a challenge. Trust me ladies ur Gemini man is w weak guy. The Pisces woman feels things intensely and deeply. This is an odd phenomenon to her Gemini man. The Pisces woman could actually teach her Gemini man how to become more in touch with his own feelings. Every partnership should learn something from each other and in . Gemini man Pisces woman compatibility is ever fragile, and only ever as strong as the ever changing levels of trust the Pisces woman feels. The danger is also that both partners are simply too nice. Neither the Gemini man nor the Pisces woman wants to hurt the other, so this relationship lacks the drama and tempestuousness which keeps some.

And this may be a bad thing for a couple made from Air and Water. Instead of fighting, these two can end up drifting apart from each other. The Pisces woman is very fragile. One good thing about them is that they are both fun people. They will usually go out or have people over.

But there are also negative things about their marriage. For example, neither of them is ready to take on the responsibilities that the marital life involves, like saving money for the future and even taking care of children. The Gemini man is too busy for this type of worries, and the Pisces woman is a true procrastinator who sometimes lives in a different world. They are more like two kids, not two adults who built a life together. Not to mention neither of them can be trusted to be faithful.

Things may not look too promising because one thinks with his brain, the other with her heart.

with you agree

If they want to make it as a successful couple, these two need to face their emotional sides and meet in the middle.

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