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We started talking at a school-wide social that I had organized. At the time, Alan was a second-year student and I was a first year student. We got married five months before graduation, which was the ideal time for us. The second half of fourth year of medical school usually carries a lighter course load, especially if you plan it that way. Traveling for residency interviews made it a little difficult to finalize wedding details, but Amber made sure everything was in place. Our classmates had become some of our best friends in the last four years, so having our wedding before everyone split up for residency was absolutely perfect. Our schedules actually did not compete that much.

Intense programs like med school and law school will change the dynamic you have with your significant other. As will certain jobs. Now, as her boyfriend embarks on his first year of medical school, she is taking the next step in furthering her education.

Katherine admits that this first year with adjusting to her boyfriend being a med student has been challenging. She works evenings and he is often asleep by the time she gets home and then already at school when she wakes up.

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But we make it work. She is so thankful that there was an orientation seminar for new students entering into John A. Some of the best advice they gave to incoming med students was to pick a duration of time during the week that you devote to each other.

Marking his progress studying made her feel like this is something they were doing together. Sarah and her husband talked a lot.

And over the course of medical school, that was one of the fundamental keys to making it through each step. Unlike other kinds of training, every year of medical school is something different.

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So they talked through what it means for him to do well on the MCAT. She would also tell him her concerns about getting to spend time together. And having that dialogue and re-negotiating over the last seven years, over and over again, what their relationship is going to look like, was crucial.

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As the significant other, how much do you get to contribute to the decision-making process for the student? When Brian was applying to medical school, they decided that their relationship was not far enough along that she would have a say in where he applied.

So she played a supportive role.

How we make our relationship work (Medical student dating a non-medical student)

When he had his acceptances, she helped him decide what made the most sense for him. Sarah recommends thinking about where your relationship is when it comes to those application times.

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Have that conversation with your partner about whether you should have a say. And this is the first taste for the partners of people in medicine that medicine really does call the shots sometimes.

Premed students are very protective over their ownership of the process.

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So they feel like they really own it. But I would love your help to look at the options.

Jun 01,   A 3rd and 4th year med student discuss how to match into a good residency program, interview tips, relationships in med school, MD vs DO, the . Dec 10,   Don't think that there's some unofficial rule that you have to get with another med student. I have not seriously dated another medical student, and do not plan to. PS: If you're a guy, check out teachers (a young cute one, of course) they tend to be smart AND very nice, sweet etc. Good combo to mellow out a crazy, somewhat psychotic type-A. Mar 07,   The toughest part of dating a doctor would be how they're always 45 mins late for dates because the 7 dates they had before yours went long. PM - 16 Feb Reply Retweet Favorite.

So be gentle about it. In a way, try to include the person by asking them what their thoughts are. For Sarah, this is one of the hardest parts, especially for the significant other. Because medical school is rigid. Sarah and Brian were actually long distance during his first year of medical school because Sarah was in Thailand. When she got back, Sarah moved to Miami where Brian was enrolled in medical school, not knowing anyone.

So she picked up and moved to a place where she knows no one to see if they could make it work. And it was really hard for her, for a number of reasons. So it was a hard decision for her. Everything was practically new for them. And one of the things that really helped them was that before she moved to Thailand, she visited Miami and she saw his apartment.

They walked around the medical school. So being able to picture it made her connect to his world.

And she started interviewing others who were dating medical students. She wanted to get a sense for what other people's experiences have been like. [Related episode: How Relationships Change as a Premed and Med Student] Dating a Medical Student. Sarah started dating her husband Brian when he was a senior premed. Feb 17,   If this sounds familiar, reference these key insights for a successful relationship from the partner of a recent med school graduate. Kevin Dwyer is happily engaged to a second-year resident he began dating when she was in medical school, but he admits that their progress as a couple did not come without its lessons and challenges. May 27,   We took a moment to speak with Katherine Braden about how she's coping with dating a med student after college-and how those lessons apply to anyone with a significant other who's going through some significant education. Katherine graduated from the University of San Diego in May and majored in Psychology with a minor in Sociology.

She was able to picture what he was doing and who he was spending time with. The hardest part for them was Brian not being able to conceive what her life was like in Thailand.

She was living in a fishing village and teaching Thai children their ABCs. And being unable to come to visit her to get a sense for her world was difficult.

They also had to grapple with the fact that before they were long distance, they could pick up and talk to each other whenever.

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So consciously making times to Skype with each other was vital. They had to prioritize it, even if they were both tired or it was first thing in the morning.

He had to miss an event or something like that. They had to put in enough face time.


And things changed considerably. He came to Thailand over winter break, and Sarah claims it saved their relationship. Sarah says the first year of living in Miami was harder on her than on Bryan.

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At least they had set expectations when they were apart. They created routines to make sure they were talking to each other.

Mar 08,   When I was finishing my fifth year of studies as clinical psychology doctoral student, I fell in love with a second-year medical resident; a wanderer at heart with the softest smile and a way of listening that made me feel like the whole world stopped when I spoke. The heartbreak of dating an exhausted medical resident 17 comments. Comments. Im a MS1 and currently my love life is pretty much non-existent, in fact, I can't remember the last time I flirted with a girl. Two of my classmates are dating nurses right now. I mean sure, there'll be med students who think nurses are "below them" - but those people are idiotic pieces of shit. I'd rather date a fellow med student. Amber Wang. Medical School: The University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix, Residency: Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Anatomic and Neuropathology How did you meet? We started talking at a school-wide social that I had organized. At the time, Alan was a second-year student and I was a first year student.

But when she moved to Miami with a new job and a new apartment, he had his friends, his routine, his support system. And he had an exceptionally busy schedule.

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The second year was difficult since Bryan had to start studying for Step 1. Once again, they had to re-negotiate what their time together would look like. Basically, Sarah ended up being the third wheel to medical school. Bryan did a few things to make it work that Sarah considered to be really vital. Brian was good at keeping her aware of what his schedule would look like.

He made her feel she knew where he was going to be and he stayed in touch when he had to study longer than he thought. Or when he had to go to an extra lab. Preparing for Medical School. Understanding the Process. Understanding the Application Process.

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Applying to Medical Research Programs. Attending Medical School. Medical School Survival Tips. Visiting Student Learning Opportunities.

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Applying to Residency. Apply Smart for Residency. Interviewing for Residency Positions.

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Managing Your Finances During Residency. Matching Services for Residencies. Steps in the FindAResident Process. Training Opportunities for Residents.

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Public Health Training Opportunities. Training in a Residency or Fellowship. Training Opportunities for Residents and Fellows. Managing Your Medical Career. Tools for Success During Residency. Handling Finances During Residency.

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