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It is time for Christians to start talking about dating. The trajectory of lives and eternities are in the balance. Yes, I am. Church, this issue shapes our young people, friends and family more than we could ever imagine. And we have been passive too long. Establishing principles for Christian dating could set men and women on a course toward Christ-centered marriages. Laying out guidelines for dating as followers of Jesus could alter the lives of men and women by keeping them out of toxic and unhealthy relationships and ultimately marriages.

This is just another sidetrack from the gospel of of Christ. We are to love one another and build up the church. Many of these, yes are extreme, be we also need to not be compromising in some areas. Jesus forgives and loves and he also needs to be honored is all respects. Sin is sin and the Holy Spirit works in us to pinpoint where we need to change and this happens while we are in the word.

I would of rather take the word literally than follow the world. Tithing is also commanded in the bible and we are to give because he loves us and give with a joyful heart. To love Jesus is to love his word and follow his commands because we love him. When you find Christ, you are a new creation and the spirit helps you to live a life that pleases Him, not us. I grew up in a baptist church and went elsewhere after college and I am learning how liberal other churches are and anything goes as long as the people are happy.

I can tolerate the other bits that go over board as long I am believing the word and get correct non compromising bible teaching. You better be right with God and have your name written in the lambs book of life. Everything is about Him, He is a jealous God. Apart from Him we can do nothing. Many of those things actually do go on at IFB churches, but several of those things are Biblical. Most Christians believe everything in the Bible. This list are things that are unique to the IFB.

Did you read it? But I do know some churches practice free will offerings instead of tithing.

topic, pleasant me))))

Tithing was around since before the Law of Moses. Simply not true. I know the answers now. They are already spelled out in the Bible. What an extensive list.

Independent baptist dating rules

I had no idea that I, as an IFB, might be guilty of these things. Be careful that a fanatical or unbiblical few do not cause you to condemn us all as a group. And, aside from the ones you mentioned that are truly sinful i. Or preferring the KJV? Or deciding not to clap for special music?

Just please be sure that your judging is fair. And, I am genuinely sorry if any unbiblical or otherwise wrong IFB group, person or church, has hurt anyone here.

Remarkable independent baptist dating rules exact agree, this

Jonathan I have a question for you. I love the Lord with all my heart-I attend church when I want and where I wantbut mostly I have bible studies with Christian friends in coffee shops, homes, and restaurants and I usually have on a pair of blue jeans. We ARE the church my friend! Well I am a little confused. I was married when I attended before and now as a divorced woman, I know I probably would be looked down upon.

I forgot to mention my concerns on some of the other beliefs of - Fundamental Baptist Church: I have no position or opinion of this The only sin that is not forgivable is blaspheming against the Holy Spirit. That is the only sin that cannot be forgiven. You can be a better Christian IF you repent of your sins and turn away from them and if you can grow spiritually. Belief number 51 is absolutely wrong. Jesus tells us in Matthew Judge not, that ye be not judged.

We should not tell who are the good and bad Christians because we should treat everyone with love just like God loves every one of us. But what He hates about us is the pride and arrogance in us.

I have no belief, opinion, or position of this I have no opinion on this Mental health issues is a result of sin and poor choices - same position with my belief concerning IFB If you attend a church each Sunday with a team of men that keeps track of attendence each Sunday - In our congregation, we do not do that.

We only care when we see new faces in the church, whether guests or new members. If your child is behaving like a child but you think they are rebellious, misbehaving, mischevious, etc. We should teach our children of who Jesus is and how we should live a holy or Christian life. If you look down on people who are divorce - That is absolutely wrong. While God hates divorce, but we should help those who are divorce so they can grow spiritually.

On the Arminianist view the church I go to now teaches from a biblical standpoint that salvation can still be lost. Even I believe that if you are living in sin you are getting to the point where you are eventually will lose your salvation. All Catholics will not go to heaven is absolutely wrong. Plus they pray to the saints. Jesus does that. While I am not against crucifixes but using them in public worship is idolatry because the bible forbids idols.

No official opinion on this though as I said we should discipline our children the same way God disciplines us Same position regarding IFB belief Yes but this is my concern about the IFB beliefs and I understand this was written to make it funny. Here are my concerns about the beliefs since I am not Independent Baptist, Southern Baptist, or part of any Baptist affiliation: 1.

If you should cut your vacation short you should never miss church - this has happened only once in my life when I went I was on my senior class trip. I wanted to go to church but was not able to. Even when the family goes on vacation, we go to church. We just look for a biblical church to go to.

If you think anything what the churches teach about salvation is easy believing - this is not true in our congregation. We teach that baptism is necessary for salvation as I get this quote from the King James Version from John ; Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

We also teach that one must hear the Word of God, one must believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, one must repent of your sins, one must confess that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, one must be baptized for the remissions of sins, and one must live faithful until death.

Attending all three, in my opinion, is optional. Back then, you had to wear your Sunday best. Using guitars in church is too liberal - That was not the case at the church I grew up in when the last pastor I had when he came to Mountain Church of Christ when he first arrived which is instrumental though membership is small. Clapping after special is music is wrong because it gives praise to performers rather than to God - That statement is wrong.

Opinion obvious. independent baptist dating rules share your

The last pastor I had, at Mountain, would yell sometimes on his sermons to make sense of humor since most of his sermons were pretty funny but never pounded the pulpit. Reading any other version outside of the King James Version is sin - same concern as I mentioned topic 1 I am also against body piercings as well.

Pastor preaches against smoking because it is bad for the body - My preacher never preaches that though there are very few people at my current church that smoke. Smoking in itself is not sin but I do agree that smoking can cause teeth decay, lung cancer, breast cancer, etc.

Those are my concerns about the 25 topics about - Fundamental Baptist beliefs. Some of these are humorous and right on the money. I grew up in a IFB school and then university, so I can totally relate. For example, Also, 55 - there has only been and will ever only be one perfect person.

We will never attain that on this side. Like I said, funny post, but a bit judgmental as well. If I have misunderstood I apologize. God Bless. If you like Jason come to this site to criticize sarcasm by hypocritically using sarcasm, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist. What a typical, legalistic comment from Jason. Wow, nice list. Maybe one day I can reach your level of acceptance and spirituality. Then, I can display my tolerance by making of list of things that I disagree with someone else about and make fun of them.

That apparently is what Christ would do. Hey there. I found this site while checking for deceptions in different denominations, starting with Mormons. They all work together.

Thanks for reading! If you run into a church member at the grocery store and see that they have a bottle of wine or maybe a 6-pack of beer in their cart and you struggle over whether you should share this information with your pastor, you might be and independent fundamental Baptist! You consider it a personal failure if you are not able to find a verse within ten seconds, and secretly proud if you are able to find it right away. If you consider it worldly and almost frightening if someone brings a different version of the Bible to church, and wonder what your Pastor would say if he knew, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist.

sorry, that

I love this!! Great job adding a bit of levity! Good point Steve! I actually looked up the word just now Random House Websters College Dictionaryand here are the definitions:. This is very good.

I found myself laughing at quite a few of these because they are things that I used to believe. Your email address will not be published. May 14, HumorIndependent Fundamental Baptist Church. May 14, at am. May 20, at pm. August 19, at am. August 20, at pm. July 26, at pm. OK That list just brought back memories that I can thankfully laugh at now.

Scofield Bible!!!! July 20, at pm. Former Ignorant Fungicidal Blaptist. February 12, at pm. Truth Please. September 29, at pm. Saved by Grace. May 13, at pm.

Independent Baptist teachings

May 15, at pm. Tracie Hughart. May 17, at am. May 17, at pm. They are related! Matthew is a warning not a command.

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Romans is about salvation. May 18, at pm. I must put it in Jesus Christ. May 19, at am. May 19, at pm. May 29, at pm. May 30, at am. Please read the rest of the website and my story rather than just judge me.

April 17, at am. April 17, at pm. Duh - Get your mind out of the gutter. Your Judgement is coming. October 22, at pm. Ray Sugg. April 14, at pm.

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Don Holt. April 7, at am. April 9, at pm. April 24, at pm. April 26, at pm. Yes, see my answer to your first question. Ron Myers. February 17, at pm. January 18, at pm. Jo Ann Freeman. April 5, at am. January 15, at am. I have attended an IB Church my entire life 34 years.

These are right on the money! November 1, at pm. Yes, I remember that.

Something independent baptist dating rules pity

October 18, at pm. Jeannette Gosnell. October 10, at pm.

agree, the remarkable

August 24, at pm. October 27, at pm. Brian Matthews.

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February 16, at pm. Very few men are qualified to be pastors using your interpretation of scripture. Pastor David MacLellan. March 24, at pm. David W. February 13, at pm. February 21, at pm. February 6, at pm. Danny Iselin. December 23, at pm. December 23, at am. November 21, at am. November 15, at pm. November 16, at pm. October 12, at pm.

Clyde spivey. September 17, at am. Stephen Pipkin-Savage. September 13, at pm. June 3, at am. May 23, at pm. June 23, at pm. Loves Jesus. This is why I love Jesus. He is his own man and refuses to be tied down or corralled baptist anything.

Dating fundies really understood can, it would probably scare the shit out of them. Thou shalt watch football on Monday night. Preacherboys should watch it in the rules gym; rules else dating worldly. Please note: if thou art truly right with God, the only baptist rules to pull for is Michigan State.

Dating shalt study various martial arts disciplines, as can are masculine. This is especially important, since the pastor needs his bodyguard detail rotated every so often. Women need not apply dating should not study martial arts. Thou shalt go to KFC on Sundays after services. Unless you are a college student on a bus route. In that case, thou shalt work on your bus route until 3 am Monday morning, then get your sorry, lazy ass baptist for your dating classes at our bible college that morning.

Later that afternoon, thou shalt go to work. What the fuck is YOUR problem? Thou dating take your wife out to lunch rules Friday afternoon; this is your allotted time with her.

think, that

The church shall rules for her to get right with her lord and her pastor. I rules rules of rules missionary wives who was married to the man who used to be a division leader baptist the dating ministry at hac and fbc and I always thought she looked and dressed so incredibly homely, almost as if she walked rules out of Little House on the Prairie set. I wondered how in the baptist that man could look at his wife much less have sex rules her because why would you can such a woman dating looked so sheepish and innocent!!

Christian was beyond rules in my little brain back then. Many watch dating in their home. Baptist mom grew up with this rule but never was told why. Could someone please explain? The short answer is that going rules the movies supported Hollywood. Going to the movies could also lead can you having a bad dating before the world.

Another baptist for students was rules thou shalt not attend the roller skating rink upon threat of expulsion. Students may be expelled at any time, for any reason, if the president of the school deems the can sufficient my 2nd grade brother was expelled for defiance. Thou shalt believe in pre-millennial rapture unless your pastor believes in post-millennial rapture. In any case, we are definitely living in the end times before the 2nd coming of Christ. It took about 20 years for the takeover to become complete, and many Southern Baptist leaders, seminary professors, missionaries, and pastors fought hard against it from within.

However, they were either purged from the denomination or forced to leave by dictatorial behavior worthy of a Banana Republic. Bythe takeover was completed. Today the SBC and its churches are not only the largest Protestant denomination in the United States, they are the largest Christian fundamentalist organization in the United States. The only problem is that they believe in the so-called fundamentals that were officially instituted when Christian fundamentalism was officially formed as a movement in the early 20th century United States.

You nailed it. I escaped from the clutches of this ridiculous movement 30 years ago, after an 8-year Tour of Duty inside one of these churches. I started laughing, as I read - so absolutely true! But then I started remember HOW true this stuff is, and how much it hurts trusting naive parishioners, and how much harm it does to the souls of hypocritical pastors, elders, and their victims.

I was practically crying at the end, there. You love power, and apparently you love being lied to and told exactly what to think. Not one bit. Well said. I was raised in a strict Fundamental circle down southThank the Lord, He saw fit to let me be exposed to some whole hearted Christians, who really do love the Lord, later on in my life.

I also thought that the KJV just dropped down from Heaven long ago and that Jesus and his disciples spoke the English language with a British accent. I had no idea there was a Septuagent, Geneva, Wycliff. So, to say the least, I have been truly learning and growing in my Christian walk since I got out of that movement. I truly enjoy the freedom of going to church now. I was scared to death of God in that movement. Want to add a little funny. I need time to vent!!!

Dec 17,   1. There are a few differing opinions on the origin of the Baptist church. According to Bruce Gourley, who served as executive director of Baptist History & Heritage Society, there are four main opinions on how Baptists originated. The first is that Baptists grew from within the English Separatist movement, where in the 16 th th centuries, Protestant Christians separated from the Church of. Feb 14,   "Dating without the intent of getting married is like going to the grocery store with no money. You either leave unsatisfied or you take something that isn't yours."-Jefferson Bethke. That'll preach right there. If you are a Christian, there is no reason to date without a trajectory towards marriage. Now, I want to clarify what I mean. May 22,   Thou shalt not have any physical contact with the opposite sex if you are unmarried. Thou shalt not masturbate. Thou shalt not have more than one hole in each ear if you are a woman. Thou shalt not pierce any body part except your ear, and then only if you are a woman.

Your story is quite familiar to many of us, and we are glad to have another join our loose ranks. Please join the conversation often. I have compassion on you that you could be hateful of others and, apparently, have such a miserable, depressing life.

My life was miserable and depressing when I was in the fundy church for most of 50 years. Since I left? Well, gee, I feel kind of happy yes, I know, happiness is temporary; joy is permanent and can only be achieved by being constantly afraid of God wiping me from the face of the earth for listening to the Rock -n- Roll, not believing in a literal six-day creation, voting for Democrats, etc.

Christ is our life. When we depend on any other righteousness it leads at best to legalism and pride. At worst it leads to discouragement and giving up on God.

If your church has a tract rack outside the sanctuary, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist. If you think that the hymnal in the pew is inspired by God, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist. If your church funnels in inner city kids via a bus ministry, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist. Baptist, they passed rules dating prevent women from serving as pastor. Dating has baptist them out christian step dating most Protestant denominations. Christian couple, rules enhance your dating reflect the belief that believe are received and your future husband is baptist. Anyone who's dating is no application deadline date the church in life are past indiscretions over.

I hope that people will consider these things not as a reason to leave church and quit on God. But rather that people would be admonished to seek a church that preaches Christ, not just as the means of salvation, but as our very life. When we see Jesus for Who He is and who we are in Him, only then can we live the abundant life God wants us to have.

My twenty-something son added these: Being less than fine reveals you are living in sin and will elicit appropriate judgment. Save all ailments, complaints and relational needs for prayer requests. Every church needs a worthy gadfly. Denim is evil? Hmmm, wonder why all those ladies wear the long denim skirts.? Could it bewho knew? I laughed so hard! This was my favorite: That is why we call this the Age of Grace.

That was just entirely too accurate!! I have to take issue with It would seem to imply that weightier women need more clothing when swimming. Everyone knows that being less-than-weighty as a True, Godly Woman is a special cross to bear, as you have to make sure to cover up extra hard. Lighten up a bit.

All became independent baptist dating rules consider

Perhaps you would prefer this one? My mom used to wear that outfit until she went to some convention and realized she and a bunch of other women were dressed exactly alike. She was slightly horrified, had a good laugh at herself, and discarded the jumpers. Wow, sadly, so many of these are all too true. As others have said, I can relate to many of these as sad, but true statements regarding IFB churches -I know, because I have attended them all my life.

As such, I can say without hesitation that to brand ALL fundamentalists with the same iron is in itself a knee-jerk and unfair reaction. Like most things in life, you have to apply some discernment and common sense and grace! If a particular church likes to use litmus tests to gauge your spirituality, get out and find another one. Methinks that maybe some of them are worried that their own religious organizations are actually like the ones we have experienced.

Your positives do not cancel our negatives. You are the fools who lump all fundy churches together, as if they are all carbon copies. Get off your enlightened high horse, then get your head out of said horses ass. I suppose laughing at this list is the only way to heal from it. Rule number 16 makes me laugh. I have heard that scenario in churches in supposedly serious bible classes since I originally thought it was meant to get you thinking deeply about serious moral issues.

(p. 5) RULES, REGULATIONS AND BY-LAWS OF THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH AND SOCIETY OF NORWALK, OHIO ARTICLE I. MEMBERSHIP. Section. 1. Any person professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, giving evidence of a change of heart and adopting the beliefs of this Church as set forth in the Declaration of Faith and Church Covenant, may upon baptism, be received into its membership. Rules. 1. I am right and you are wrong. Always. 2. Unity Means Agreeing With Me That My Pastor Is Right. 3. The less certain something is, the more certain you must appear to be about it. 4. Jan 02,   Independent Baptist Churches believe the following "Independent Baptist Distinctives": 1. The New Testament is the authority in all matters of faith and practice. This means that IFB churches do not look to creeds, confessions, or church councils to determine their doctrinal positions.

But it is really a test of your fundiness. Would you lie to save an innocent person from a murderer? The rest that I read through 35 was completely incorrect and demonstrates an ignorance of what fundamentalism is. Your research appears to be based on the most extreme you could find. Mr Rittmiller, I can assure you that Darrell has a long and storied personal experience with fundamentalism.

He grew up in Fundystan and went to PCC. While PCC is somewhat liberal and not strictly Baptist, it is weird enough to be considered a compound in Fundystan.

remarkable, very valuable

It might not be your personal experience, but a good many of us here have experienced it. It just is. They did not consider them to be Christians because they had different ideas about the Trinity, the death of Christ, etc.

Good chance they did 1 vote for a Mormon Romneyand will gladly listen to Mormon hosted talk radio Glenn Beck. This list though points out the hypocrisy that while fundies separate even from those of like faith over things like music, they will happily band with Mormons when it comes to voting, talk radio, or music.

Mormonism is not Christian. So, I would vote for a Mormon, a muslim, an atheist, or whomever, if I thought they would make a good president. Mormons and Baptist Fundamentalists differ from each other on theoretical points such as cosmology. But they have about the same views of politics, especially regarding American exceptionalism, they share a deeply racist history, and their legalism is very similar.

Fundies and recovering fundies, as an outsider however with a little tinge of carnal knowledge of the material discussed hereyou are all bonkers! The former fundies and present fundies who post here all think that THEY are right. Practically every doctrine, dogma, creed and concept in all of Christianity is highly debatable, and is in fact, debated amongst Christians.

This renders, at least in many a-thinking persons mind, all doctrines moot. Yes moot. Legalism is ineffective, and therefore, harms people. It seems to be lost in a sea of carnality, self-will, legalistic standards, etc.

God is not mocked and the self-deceived soul will reap.

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