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It is important to know more about how someone gives and receives love, in order to connect better with their needs and boundaries. Here are some important things to know about the INTP and dating, as well as what they are often most drawn to. Some INTPs learn to use their other functions and to combine them in order to help them process their affections towards someone. When the INTP does flirt they often try to be more playful towards someone, even a bit teasing. Sometimes this teasing can be sweet, while if they take it too far it can be quite the opposite. It certainly depends on the INTP and their ability to respond to others and read their boundaries. When they are more developed in their functions and more mature, the INTP can be a witty and playful flirt.

When the INTP does flirt they often try to be more playful towards someone, even a bit teasing. Sometimes this teasing can be sweet, while if they take it too far it can be quite the opposite. It certainly depends on the INTP and their ability to respond to others and read their boundaries.

Jun 29,   INTP Flirting & Dating: How to Attract an INTP Everyone approached romantic relationships in different ways, for some it isn't the easiest process to open up to someone. INTPs do struggle with feeling open and affectionate in relationships, but that doesn't mean they are incapable of this or that they don't want a little romance [ ]. Your INTP's most intimate need from you is an emotional refuge. If your INTP can put emotional vulnerability in your hands and get support, safety, and comfort (temporarily, mind you, because your INTP will be eager to feel confident and capable again), you really do have the magic touch. INTP Dating. INTPs enjoy their personal freedom and can work very well independently for long periods of time. Therefore, they are often reluctant to make relationships choices that would complicate their lives. However, their inferior function pushes them to surround themselves with people whom they love. This is often prompted by overwhelming.

When they are more developed in their functions and more mature, the INTP can be a witty and playful flirt. When the INTP takes a serious interest in someone they do often need to have the other person make the first move in some ways. They might not need them to make the obvious advances, but they do want some sort of signal that this person is interested.

When the INTP sees this they can often try their best to start flirting back, using a bit of humor and playfulness as a means of keeping someone interested and showing they like them as well. Being witty and challenging someone a bit, is often the way they show they like that person.

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When it comes to relationships INTPs can sometimes have a hard time expressing themselves, even if they want to. They might not be great at communicating or finding the right words to fully express their inner emotions.

For the INTP this is often the greatest struggle in a relationship, since they actually do care deeply for the people they have close to them. They care about their partner and want to make them feel special, and so sometimes the best way to do this is my trying to solve their problems. They are almost always thinking about the person they are with when they truly care for this person and are happy with them.

When they are connected to someone in this way the INTP may not express it verbally, but they truly want to be there for that person in any way possible.

They can have rather romantic hearts, wanting to be capable of connecting and finding someone they can really share themselves with completely. They show they care by accepting this person and sharing their time with them.

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Spending quality time with someone is a huge way most INTPs show their affection, since otherwise they would prefer to be alone. Wanting to have this person near them even if their minds are focusing on something else, is actually really important for the INTP.

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As their tertiary function, INTPs have some ability to ignore organize facts and details. Extraverted Feeling: the ability to form conclusions about people and to socially organize others.

As their inferior function, INTPs are often hesitant to act in a decisive manner socially. Project Evolove's Instincts determine two people's compatibility while Myers Briggs personalities determine their day-to-day interactions.

Although Myers Briggs dating is a popular concept, it does not accurately predict compatibility when used without Instincts. INTPs tend to enter the dating realm relatively later because of their preoccupation with their rich inner worlds and their lack of conformity in social realms. However, people who appreciate intelligence, uniqueness, and creativity will find INTPs to be terrific company.

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INTPs who have found their niche can be charming and witty, albeit with a disregard for social norms. INTPs take their commitments to relationships seriously and are very loyal to their partners.

Focusing much of their energy on their complex inner worlds, they keep their external worlds simple.

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They do not require much from their partners. Relationships between them and their partners are honest and uncomplicated. Despite the simplicity of their external worlds, they have a level of depth and passion about their romantic relationships that may not be apparent. One potential problem area for INTPs is that emotions, whether their own or their partner's, present a challenge to their logical analysis.

Thus, INTPs have difficulty responding organically to the emotional needs of others. While some may be acutely aware of their partner's emotional needs, their response may be delayed, off-the-mark, or over-analytical.

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Likewise, INTPs may be deeply in love with their partners but unable to express their feelings effectively. When they do express their feelings, it would be in their own way on their own time. Time and space to process their emotions is critical for an INTP, and premature emotional confrontation is unlikely to be anything but confounding and destructive.

It is critical that INTPs' partners understand their need for alone-time and flexibility, as well as appreciate their sincere albeit unorthodox efforts to express their emotions.

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When confronted with interpersonal conflict, they tend to either approach it logically or actively avoid the conflict to maintain a benign status quo. The former will likely worsen the conflict, especially with Feeling types who simply wish to feel supported and loved in those kinds of situations. The latter will lead to problems later on.

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INTPs are most suitable with those that are logical and decisive, who do not require emotional reinforcement or expectations that the INTP deems irrational. INTPs paired with compatible partners can have relationships that are long-lasting, uncomplicated, and filled with insightful conversation and perpetual knowledge discovery.

INTPs approach sex with child-like enthusiasm and imagination, although some downplay their need for intimacy altogether. During a sexual encounter, they may be experiencing splendid excitement within their own minds, which may or may not be visible to their partners.

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Thus, they are better paired with Judgers, who can "pick the best choices". How this is derived can be found here.

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Project Evolove's Instincts determine two people's compatibility while Myers-Briggs personality types determine their day-to-day interactions. Although Myers-Briggs matchmaking is a popular concept, it does not accurately predict compatibility when used without Instincts.

Feeling like they are competing in the same space, the two may initially oppose each other. However, they usually recognize their similarities and begin to cooperate.

Even early in the dating phase, Logicians are unusually direct and honest, doing their best to express their mindset and create mutual understanding, believing that this shared knowledge will help to minimize misunderstandings and avoid conflict. As their relationships progress, Logicians' daily needs prove remarkably simple.

The Introvert is more original while the Extravert is better at implementing ideas and plans. They get along at work and at play.

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They solve the same problem with different approaches and for different reasons. They have similar interests but the Perceiver thinks of possibilities while the Judger thinks of plans. They have different goals and opposite emphasis in strengths. One's weaker strengths are the other's stronger strengths. Their strengths can add to each other.

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Each sees the other as having strengths that the former wishes to improve upon. They do not have anything in common but can enjoy everyday activities together. ESTJ: Cohort - The two find each other in the same activities only when one is stressed out and wishes to "escape" from normalcy.

The two have a mutual understanding of each other and can talk on a deep, honest level. They have different strengths and will be pursuing goals independent of each other.

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They find each other to be a source of fresh perspectives and enjoy each other's company. They develop a parent-child relationship.

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They have different goals and strengths. They sometimes run into conflict due to their fundamental differences in worldview. ISTP: Neighbor - The two are often found in the same jobs or walks of life, but they reached their position through completely different means.

They have mutual respect for each other but do not necessarily wish they had the same skillset as the other. INTPs are devoted parents who dedicate a lot of thought into their children's education.

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While they are not inclined to give discipline, they foster a calm and well-run home environment. They may have difficulty taking care of the day to day physical needs of children, such as cooking food or running errands for them.

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However, they are well-adept at providing a rich intellectual atmosphere for their children to grow in. INTPs need to work in an environment that allows them independence and free thinking. They prefer to work on one problem at a time, in which they can fully apply their concentration on developing original theoretical solutions. They do not care for the practical implementation of their solutions or the details of execution.

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