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Superman has had a variety of Love Interests over the decades, unlike Batman. The Kryptonian man has been romantically involved with aside from Lois Lane, Lana Lang, actually she was his first girl friend in Superboy days. Old man was an archaeologist of some sort, Professor Lang we can"t forget Lori Lemaris from Atlantis,various Amazon characters from other planets Like Jena the Space girl who may have been based on you guessed it, an Italian Movie actress. That"s a sampler. Mrs Smith has nine children half of them are girls. Have you ever crashed a wedding or had your wedding crashed, if so what happened?

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Wiki User Related Questions. All versions of Superman? What episode did Lois and clark get together in the new adventures of superman? The two start dating in season two of Lois and Clark. Superman strongest to weakest? What movie titles include the word Superman?

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Order of Superman based on how powerfull they are? Trending Questions. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions.

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Cookie Policy. Contact Us. IP Issues. Believing he crossed into a parallel universe, Superman flies back to space to find a dimensional portal but is blocked by an invisible barrier.

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He notices the parallelism fails when he sees Superwoman and Clara Kent Superwoman's presumed secret identity are two separate people. When he confronts Superwoman he discovers that he is regarded as a super-villain in this gender-reversed world, which leads to a battle with Superwoman, Superlad, and Wonder Warrior.

They manage to trap Superman with Wonder Warrior on guard, but he manages to escape and takes Wonder Warrior's magic lasso with him. Superman figures out that his foe Mr. Mxyzptlk is behind this gender-reversed world.

This was partly due to the discrepancy of Clara Kent and Superwoman being different people. However, Mxyzptlk's biggest mistake was being too vain to give himself a reverse-gender counterpart in Superwoman's rogues gallery in The Daily Planet morgue; all of Superwoman's foes were reverse-gender counterparts to Superman's foes Leslie Luthor Lex LuthorBizaress Bizarro and the Toywoman Toyman - except for Mxyzptlk.

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Superman discovers as well that he was never in a parallel universe, but rather on Earth, which Mxyzptlk had altered with his magic. After using Wonder Warrior's magic lasso to make Mxyzptlk say his name backwards and thus returning him to his native dimension, the effects of Mxyzptlk's magic including the existence of Superwoman vanish, returning the Earth to normal.

Upon his return to his Clark Kent identity, he is startled to discover there is still a Louis Lane, but he turns out to be Lois Lane's cousin. Later stories, including Countdown and The Multiversity would revisit the concept of a gender-reversed Superman known as Superwoman, and designated those stories as taking place on Earth of the DC Multiverse.

It is notable that in pre-Crisis continuity, "Laurel Kent" was the name of a 30th-century descendant of Superman who occasionally appeared in stories featuring the Legion of Super-Heroesand was replaced in continuity by Laurel Gand. It also depicts that world's version of Amazons Attack! The Multiversity Guidebookreleased as part of The Multiversity showed new versions of the characters from Earth, more closely resembling New Earth after the Flashpoint event, with equivalent costumes to their New Earth counterparts, indicating their world had also been affected by the Flashpoint storyline, though the exact nature of those changes is unrevealed.

The Aquawoman of Earth would become a member of Justice League Incarnate, a team which formed as a result of the Multiversity event. She would go on to help Superwoman of Earth as well as a number of other Superman counterparts to escape from a being called Prophecy, who was attempting to drain their powers in order to fight an unknown future threat. Another version of Superwoman, this one a heroic character, came about in the form of Kristin Wellswho was created by Superman comic writer Elliot S!

The character Wells is a 29th-century descendant of Jimmy Olsen.

Wells time travels to the 20th century, where the technology she had brought from the future gives her superpowers. It is this iteration of the character which appears briefly in Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

Who is Superman dating? Top Answer. Wiki User. Superman has had a variety of Love Interests over the decades, unlike . Superwoman is the name of several fictional characters from DC ojasjobz.com of them are, like Supergirl, women with powers similar to those of ojasjobz.com name was trademarked by Detective Comics, Inc. to prevent competitors from using it. As was the practice, a publication produced solely for legal purposes was created with the title of ojasjobz.com cover was a reproduction of More Fun Alter ego: Lois Lane, Luma Lynai, Lois Lane/Diana .

Obsessed Superman fan Dana Dearden dated Jimmy Olsen to get close to Superman, and when that didn't work she stole mystic artifacts which granted her the strength of Herculesthe speed and flight of Hermesthe thunderbolts of Zeusand the sight of Heimdall.

Dana donned a green-and-purple uniform, with "Superwoman" written down the leggings, and called herself Superwoman, and tried to get Superman to fall in love with her.

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He rejected her advances, and Jimmy called her "Obsession". She vanished attempting to help Superman rescue people from a burning ship.

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When Superman was split into his Red and Blue energy forms, Superwoman returned hoping that one of the Supermen would return her feelings, but Maxima intervened, and used her telepathy to convince Superwoman that she would destroy Superman with her love.

The telepathic illusion wore off and she would try to win Superman over again, this time in a red-and-blue costume very similar to his, and claimed to be his wife in response to a recent photograph of Superman wearing a wedding ring.

During a subsequent attack of humans using the DMN drug-which turned the users into violent demons until the "high" was over-Superman convinced her to help him stop the DMN users, arguing that, if she truly loved him, she would help him do his duty rather than attack him for potentially picking someone else over her.

She died trying to protect him from one of the DMN users when it almost struck him in the back while he was distracted since she knew he was vulnerable to magic. Lucy Lane first appeared as Superwoman in Supergirl vol. However, Lucy's identity was not revealed until near the story arc's end.

During her tenure as Superwoman, she was blackmailed by her father, General Sam Laneinto performing acts of villainy such as murdering Agent Libertywho had been spying on General Lane and Lex Luthor. Lucy Lane later attacks Reactron, which tipped off readers that Superwoman was not Kryptonian, since the villain's Gold Kryptonite power source had no effect on her.

In the Supergirl annual Lucy is brought back to life by the suit as it steals the life of another person.

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The suit is then revealed to be a magical creation of Mirabai of the Forlorn, ally of Sam Lane, who mystically infused in it the genetic abilities of several alien races of Kryptonian might: when Supergirl ruptured it, the backlash permanently altered Lucy Lane into being a composite alien being of human appearance herself, with inherent Kryptonian abilities. However, the launch of The New 52 ended that storyline.

When Superman died, Lana Lang and Lois Lane both absorbed energy released from his body and the two women developed superhuman powers. Lana gained the power to convert solar radiation into various forms of electromagnetic energy, while Lois developed powers similar to Superman's.

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Both Lana and Lois became Superwoman. After Lois' death, Lana became the sole Superwoman. During Superman Reborn, it was revealed that the powers Lois and Lana received were the leftover energy from the New, Superman. The Post-Crisis Superman took that energy into himself to become an amalgam leaving Lana seemingly powerless and confused.

However, some energy remained within her suit which was later found to be Red Kryptonite radiation. Various comic stories, pre- and post- Crisisoffer glimpses of possible futures assuming that one of the various incarnations of Supergirl would eventually change her codename to Superwoman upon reaching adulthood.

One example is a issue of The Superman Family[37] in which all the stories are set in the then-near future or the timeframe is cited only as "the turn of the century" with the characters aged appropriately, including an older Linda Danvers Kara Zor-El who divides her time between her career as Superwoman and serving as governor of Florida. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the DC Comics characters.

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For other uses, see Superwoman disambiguation. The Antimatter Superwoman. Art by Frank Quitely. See also: Alternative versions of Wonder Woman. The Essential Superman Encyclopedia. Del Rey. In Dougall, Alastair ed. The DC Comics Encyclopedia. New York: Dorling Kindersley.

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Lionel Luthor Chloe Sullivan. Superman and Lois Lane Daily Planet. All-Star Squadron. Arak Black Pirate Infinity, Inc. Brainwave Jr. Gardner Fox.

Creepy Eerie. Red Wolf Skyman Thun'da. Golden Age of Comic Books. Atomic Mouse Mr. Jones V-Man Wonder Man.

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Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as Printable version. Jerry Siegel George Roussos. Lois Lane: Superstrengthsuperspee flight, invulnerabilityheat visionX-ray vision Kristin Wells: Teleportationprecognitiontelekinesis Dana Dearden: Enhanced sight, electricity projection Lana Lang: Electro-magnetic energy manipulation. Gardner Fox Mike Sekowsky. Damnation Island Anti-matter analog of Themyscira.

Is superwoman dating superman

Crime Syndicate. See Alfred Pennyworth for more info and the previous timeline.

Timeline of DC Comics s May The sixteenth of the Superman theatrical animated short series would be released. See The Underground World for more info and next timeline.

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