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These have become less common since the development of the city in the 19th century. The coat of arms of Angers bears the French royal fleur de lys of the dukes of Anjou the first duke was the son of the king of France, Jean II ; the key evokes the stronghold position of the city close to the Breton border.

Under Napoleon I 's rule, Angers was one of the "Bonnes villes" and was therefore allowed to ask for a new coat of arms.

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The bees, symbol of the First French Empirethen replaced the royal fleurs de lys. InAngers received the - War Cross and since then, the decoration is sometimes placed between the two fleurs de lys. Angers also had several mottos through its history: [19]. Angers in located at the geographical center of the Maine-et-Loire department, on the road which connects Paris to the Atlantic ocean. The city is situated just south of the confluence of the LoirMayenne and Sarthe which form together the river Maine.

The Maine crosses Angers and heads south towards the Loire.

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The confluence of the three rivers and the proximity of the Loire make up a natural crossroads which favoured the foundation of the antique Juliomagus. This was the site of the ancient city and still houses the town's castlecathedraland medieval quarters.

At the north and south, where the river Maine arrives in and leaves Angers, the landscape is formed by islands, ponds and floodplains which are a haven for birds and a typical flora of the Val de Loire.

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The commune of Angers is bordered by ten other communes which form various suburbs. Together, they have aroun inhabitants.

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Angers has an oceanic climatewith moderate rain year-round. Winters have scarce frosts and snowfalls, and summers are warm and sunny.

The oldest streets and buildings in Angers are located on the promontory where the Angers castle stands.

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The urban structure there dates back from the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries. During the Middle Ages, the castle was the core of the city's defence system, composed of tall city walls and river chains which prevented enemy ships from going up the Maine. The walls were last reconstructed between an by order of King Louis IX. Before the first cadastrethe city had not extended much beyond its medieval limits: on and around the castle promontory, with some dwellings on the other bank of the Maine in a neighbourhood called La Doutre.

That part of the city developed quickly during the industrial revolution and became a big river port.

Industry was encouraged by firms like Bessonneau textile factories and Cointreau distillery. Despite the port in La Doutre, demographic growth and urban extension were more significant on the eastern bank of the Maine, where the former Juliomagus had been founded.

The medieval city center was redeveloped and expanded from The Place du Ralliementthe main square, was then built in place of three churches destroyed during the French Revolution and, later, ring boulevards planted with trees replaced the city walls. The architectural style used is mainly Haussmanianbut there are also some PalladianArt Nouveau or Art Deco buildings.

After and the Second World Warseveral large council estates made of tower blocks were built around the city center, the first of them being Belle-Beille in Industrial activity changed drastically: port activity declined while new factories, such as Technicolor SA inwere built. During the s, the collective approach to urban development gave way to more individual houses being built for the middle class. As the metropolitan area continued to grow, commuting became more common.

New shopping areas were constructed close to the villages which had been subsumed into the city. Because of the floodplains that surround the city north and south, Angers can only grow significantly on an east-west axis. Being both at the edge of the Val de Loire World Heritage site and on the largest river confluence in France, [28] Angers has a high natural potential, notably highlighted by the Saint-Aubin island, situated north of the center and covering a tenth of the city total surface. Protected, the island is formed of swamps and natural meadows.

The oldest green areas date back from the Renaissancewhen the moats of the castle were transformed into pleasure and kitchen gardens.

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The Jardin des plantes, the first botanical gardendates back from the beginning of the 18th century. During the 19th century, others were built, for example the Faculty of Pharmacy garden and the Roseraie. The first recreational parks, for their part, were built during the Second French Empire.

The Jardin du Mail Mall Gardenan esplanade situated outside the ring boulevards, was built between and on the former Champs de Mars Fields of Mars, a place where the garrisons used to train and parade. During the s the old gravel pits around the Maine were filled with water to form the Lac de Maine, which now hosts a marina.

Ina large amusement park, Terra Botanicawas inaugurated close to Saint-Aubin island. By the end of the Iron AgeAngers was a relatively densely populated hillfort.

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While the settlement's Roman name-Juliomagus-may be older, it is only attested from the 3rd century. The Roman town consisted of many villas and baths and had an amphitheater as well as a Mithraeuma temple dedicated to Mithra.

Angers received its first bishop in during the election of Martin of Tours. The first abbey, Saint-Aubin, was built during the 7th century to house the sarcophagus of Saint Albinius. Inten Frankish sarcophagi from that period were discovered where Saint-Morille church once stood during the tramway construction. From the s, Angers suffered from its situation on the border with Brittany and Normandy.

In SeptemberCharles the Bald and Erispoea Breton chief, met in the town to sign the Treaty of Angerswhich secured Breton independence and fixed the borders of Brittany. Inthe Viking chief Hastein seized Angers where he settled until a successful siege temporarily displaced him.

He again took control of the town in[31] before the Carolingian Emperor ousted him. Fulk I of Anjoua Carolingian descendant, was the first viscount of Angers before until and of Tours -and count of Nantes - Aroun he took the title of count earl of Angers and founded the first Anjou dynasty, the House of Ingelger French: Ingelgeriens.

Angers subsequently formed the capital of the province of Anjou. During the 12th century, after internal divisions in Brittanythe county of Nantes was annexed by Anjou. The grandson of Henry I of Englan he also succeeded to the English crown and ruled the vast Angevin Empirewhich stretched from the Pyrenees to Ireland.

Henceforth there were no more counts of Anjouas the French king had made Anjou a dukedom.

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Induring Louis IX 's minority, Blanche of Castile decided to fortify the city and to rebuild the castle. Later, during the s and s, the schools of Law, Medicine and Theology, renowned in Europewere organized into a university. He transformed the castle moat into a menagerie and built several gardens.

He also founded in Angers a new Ordre du Croissant which was supposed to compete with the Order of the Golden Fleececreated several years earlier. InLouis XI of Francein his attempt to conquer Anjou, came to Angers with his army, asking for the keys of the city. Thus, Anjou ceased to be an appanage and fell into the Royal domain. At the same time, with the growth of Protestantism in France, a Catholic was placed at the head of the city and its castle while the bourgeoisie formed a Catholic militia to protect Angers from the Huguenots.

The bishop, Gabriel Bouveryorganized on his side an "Angevin League". When the news of the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre reached Angers, another massacre took place in the city. The bodies of slain Protestants were thrown into the Mayenne. It was the aldermen who stopped the slaughter. From 6 March until 2 April, Angers was the de facto capital of France and the King tried all means to satisfy the Catholics of the city, for example by laying the cornerstone of the new Capucine convent.

France was troubled at this time by several famines and epidemics, and by political instability. Inthe people of Angers revolted against rising taxes, the start of the Fronde in Anjou. The Fronde was a nationwide military conflict opposing some aristocrats wanting more autonomy and the Royal forces loyal to Anne of Austria as Queen Mother and Regent, and her prime minister, Cardinal Mazarin.

Arnauld, who would remain Bishop of Angers untilwas to leave a deep mark on the religious life of the city during the second half of the 17th century. Angers again became rebellious and Louis XIV sent his army to seize it. The Duke of Rohan immediately surrendered and thus again prevented the sack of the city. The first months of the French Revolution were relatively quiet in Angers. Inthe city lost its ancient administrative positions, replaced in by the department of Mayenne-et-Loiresoon renamed " Maine-et-Loire ".

Anjouas a political entity, disappeared, although the new department included most of its territory.

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The Royalist army soon crossed the river and progressed as far as Granvillein Normandyin November. The city was defended by 4, Republican soldiers, whereas the Royalists were at least 20, but weakened by successive fights and deceases.

The Siege of Angers occurred on 3 and 4 December The Royalists' bad tactics, as well as the strength of Angers city wall and castle, caused their loss. They consequently went back north for a while, around Le Mansbefore crossing the Loire at Ancenis on 16 December.

Infierce repression was conducted in the whole region against the Royalists. In Angers, prisoners were shot and died of illness in jail. Between 19 and 31 Maybetween and Republican families sought asylum in Angers. During the 19th century, the city was deeply influenced by the urban transformations in Paris.

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The city traditionally had a somewhat sombre appearance from the quantity of local slate used in construction but many quarters were gradually destroyed, redeveloped, or rebuilt on the Parisian model. New districts of the city were also opened up on the opposite bank of the river.

Inthe Angers- Saumur railway was built; it was extended to Nantes two years later. When completed, the line connected Paris to the Atlantic coast.

The disaster inhibited the construction of suspension bridges in France for two decades. The accident was mainly caused by soldiers' lilting march which created resonance in the bridge structure. Ina "free faculty" was created. It was soon assimilated to the medieval Angevin University Universitas Andegavensiswhich had been dissolved during the French Revolution.

However, ina law prohibited private institutions of higher education from calling themselves "universities". At the beginning of the 20th century, two higher education establishments, specializing in agriculture and commercial sciences, were opened. In Septemberwhen Poland was invaded by Germany, the Polish government-in-exile settled in Angers.

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It left the city on 12 Juneafter the invasion of France by the Wehrmacht. Angers fell to the Nazis during the same month. The Germans made it the seat of a regional Kommandantur. Ina first Resistance movement, called Honneur et Patriewas created in Angers. On the night of 28 Maythe first Allied bombing occurred over the Saint-Laud quarter. Successive attacks on 29 and 30 May destroyed the train station and its surroundings [39] which were reconstructed in the s.

To seize Angers, they decided to enter the city by its eastern side to surprise the Nazis. On 9 August, they crossed the Maine and started the fight.

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Helped by the local French Forces of the Interiorthey progressively moved forward to the city center. The fight was nevertheless difficult and Angers was liberated the day after, at around 5 p. After the end of the war, the city experienced quick development and demographic growth. Angers continues to have two different universities. Until the s, Angers experienced several massive urban development plans, such as the construction of the Lac de Maine, and several vast council estates and shopping malls, as well as the construction of a highway which crossed the city through its center, a project that forced the destruction of many old buildings and destroyed the original quays on the Maine.

Later, other urban plans were drawn up, with a new emphasis on nature and heritage protection, as well as on social mixing. During the s, the redevelopment of the Saint-Serge quarter, located just north of the historical center, produced a new business center, gardens and university buildings. Angers received its communal charter from Louis XI of France in Februarybut free elections for the mayor and aldermen were not guaranteed beforefollowing a decision by Charles VIII.

Since then, 75 successive mayors have governed Angers. Angers was until the Second World War mainly governed by centrist and republican mayors. From untilall the successive mayors were been members of the Socialist Partywhereas the Maine-et-Loire department has always been governed by moderate right-wing parties. Angers is divided into eight cantons ; most of them include parts of Angers plus some surrounding communes.

These cantons are not administrative entities and only serve to elect the members of the department council. Depending on their social and economic issues, some of them can have priority for financial assistance and urban regeneration.

In Angers, five are considered as priority sectors, three as sensitive urban areas, and one as an urban free zone. Being the chef-lieu of Maine-et-LoireAngers is the seat of a prefecture.

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It is also the seat of a Court of Appeal and of several regional or local institutes, concerning for example, customs, education or science. Angers also has several other courts of justice as well as a prison.

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InAngers ha inhabitants, 0. Censuses have been conducted since Inthe urban area, which encompasses Angers plus nine surrounding communes The early prosperity of the town was largely due to the nearby quarries of slatewhose abundant use for the roofs of Angers led to its sobriquet as the "Black City".

In the midth century, the principal manufactures were goods for sailing ships sailcloth and ropelinen and hosesugarleatherwaxand oilas well as agricultural products mainly wheatwineand fruit.

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The work for sailing ships was still carried on but steamships had greatly reduced demand. Instead, local companies produced cableswiresand thread and increased production of footwearumbrellasand parasols. The area's vineyards focused on sparkling wine and fruit was increasingly preserved for sale elsewhere. The area had also developed a small-scale textile industry and begun producing machines, as well as commercial-scale production of hemp and flowers.

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Present-day Angers provides It is the 22nd-largest national job provider and the 3rd-largest one in northwestern France after Nantes and Rennes. Its unemployment rate 9. It also supports research labs investigating horticulture and biotechnology. Thanks to its several higher education schools, laboratories, and various offices, Angers is the largest horticultural center in Europe [52] and, as the home of the Community Plant Variety OfficeAngers is the hub of the plant breeders' rights system in the European Community.

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