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She was sent to Earth from the dying planet of Krypton to protect her younger cousin Kal-El. However, Kara's pod got knocked off-course by Krypton's explosion, sending her ship into the Phantom Zone where she slept for 24 years, while being suspended in time and not aging. Her pod later escaped, and Kara arrived on Earth, where she was placed with the Danvers family by a now-adult Kal-El, who was known to the humans as "Clark Kent". After Red Daughter attacked the White House pretending to be Supergirl, Kara was forced to hide in her civilian persona until her name was cleared. After defeating the Anti-Monitor , Kara became a member of the Crisis team. Kara was born in on the planet Krypton into the prestigious House of El.

The next day Kara came to Cat and said that she decided to become a reporter. Cat said she knew that she would have chosen this position. Then, Kara decided to talk with James and told him that in her opinion it is better to be just friends. Clark told Kara that he decided to stay in National City a little longer.

Later Kara came back to Lena, who praised her for her wonderful article, although she admitted that initially thought that Kara would "mix it with mud" because of their different views.

Olivia Marsdin gave her speech and was about to sign the decree, when she was attacked again. The culprit turned out to be Scorcherwho managed to escape.

Later, Alex found out the factory warehouse was where the criminal was hiding and she, along with Kara, arrived at the place and managed to defeat her. The next day, Kara apologized to the alien from Daxam, Mon-Elfor having treated him biased due to the fact that her people considers Daxamites a race of bullies and hedonists, and for the fact that she accused him of the attempted assassination of the President.

After that, he introduced himself as Mon-El and said he wanted to send a signal back home, but Kara was forced to tell him that Daxam had expired after Krypton's explosion. Kara joined Alex and Detective Maggie Sawyer to a crime scene, where she helped establish the deceased alien was killed by another alien. Later, she went to work and told Snapper the news, but he refused her article, as she did not have any official sources.

Later, after Alex and Maggie found the underground alien fight club, Kara arrives to back them up but, after the ringmaster, Roulettereleased Draaga to fight against her, she was quickly overcome so Alex and Maggie shots into the air to disperse all the present forcing Draaga and Roulette to flee. Kara and Alex told J'onn that they have see M'gann M'orzz at the club. Kara once again went to Snapper with news regarding the fight club, he immediately became interested, but as soon as he learned that Kara again had no source, and only unofficial statements, he says that as long as she does not indicate her sources he can't publish her articles.

In the evening Kara stopped Roulette's limousine and told her that she will stop her illegal fights, to which Roulette replied that her club does not violate the law, as aliens are not people, and therefore they have no rights, pointing that on the contrary, she is giving them a place where they can "find glory and earn money". Roulette then told her that she could try to stop the matches but wouldn't stop them for long as she is offering her fighters more than Kara could.

The next day, in D. Kara then learns that Mon-El had left the D. She goes to speak with Mon-El about their powers, and about her parents and what they were. Before she left, he told her that he had heard about her fight with Draaga and that he'd seen him fight years ago with the Daxam Royal Family. He told her that during that battle a sword hit him in the right leg, making it his weak spot. The next day Kara learns from Alex that J'onn and M'gann were kidnapped by Roulette and, after she obtains from Lena Luthor the new address in which Roulette will host the battle, Kara comes to it and managed to defeat Draaga.

Then she explains to the aliens that Roulette is in fact their enemy, so they agree and let Alex and Maggie arrest her. The next day Kara comes to Snapper and gives him an article about the fight club, which has an official police report, criminological analysis and comment from Supergirl. He takes the article, but asks to correct some errors.

Then she comes to the Mon-El in D. The next night, Kara and Mon-El sat at Al's Dive Barand she told him that he should find a job and start training with her, however he ignore her advices and offers her an alien cocktail which got Kara drunk for the first time in her life, so Alex and J'onn took her at the D.

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The following morning, Kara trains with Mon-El to teach him how to "change the world" and become a hero also taking the chance to getting her revenge on him for what happened the previous night. After Mon-El was captured by a bunch of Cadmus ' agents who deliver him to one of their hidden bases, putting him in a cage, Supergirl is informed by Cadmus at a special frequency that they have the Daxamite and promised to kill him if she did not come.

When Supergirl arrived in Cadmus, she met the real Hank Henshawrevived as a cyborg, who was able to overcome her and imprison her in the cell next to that of Mon-El.

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Here, Lillian Luthor revealed herself to Supergirl as the leader of Project Cadmus and threatened to kill Mon-El, if she does not deprive herself of solar energy with the help of a special device; despite Mon-El's pleas for Kara not to do it, she was forced to agree, then Lillian slapped her and took her blood for the purpose of obtaining information on "Medusa" before to sent her back to the cells.

Fortunately they were rescued by Jeremiah Danverswho had access to Cadmus IDs, and chose to remain behind for unknown reasons. Later that night, Kara, Mon-El and their friends celebrated their return in Kara's apartment and she informs Alex that Jeremiah is alive and well; then she told Mon-El he was brave throughout the ordeal, to which he replied any courage he had, he learnt from her.

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Preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, Kara helped to cook the turkey using her heat vision. She soon after walked over to Winn and James, the former of whom claimed to not be able to wait for Eliza 's glazed carrots. She answered the door to Mon-El and introduced him to Eliza. Later on, as they sat down for dinner, they expressed what they were thankful for. Before Alex could come out, they were interrupted by a breach.

The following day, Kara, Alex and Winn all headed to work at the D. However, their interview was cut short. The day after, Kara visited a contained Mon-El, who had come in to contact with a toxin released by Cadmus. Due to its targeting of aliens, she was forced to stay at the D.

Kara and Mon-El played Monopoly to pass the time, before collapsing in a coughing fit. She opened the cell, seeking medical attention. Deducing that the virus was from Krypton, Kara further deduced that Cadmus had used a sample of her blood to get into the Fortress of Solitudethus obtaining the virus.

Arriving on Earth-1 in order to help against the DominatorsBarry introduced Kara to everyone, before they all trained against her, much to everyone's losses as they realized her near-invincibility.

Barry later appeared, telling everyone that because he created Flashpointhe had screwed up everyone's lives, and asked to not be trusted, instead staying behind with Oliver. Kara and the other heroes arrived at the salt mine where the Dominators were. A trap was set in place, causing them to be mind controlled and turned against The Flash and Green Arrow.

With the Flash's quick thinking, he led Supergirl to the salt mine and tricked her into destroying the mind control device, freeing everyone. As a precaution, Supergirl scouted around Central City and made sure there weren't any more of the devices. Supergirl and The Flash headed to Star City to assist Team Arrow 's recruits in taking down Laura Washingtona scientist who stole a completed prototype of a regulator, something the team needed to decode their alien technology.

She double-teamed with the Flash and took down Washington in a flashy technique, thus earning the praise of Renewho had previously despised them. When the Dominators threaten to release on Earth a bomb that would end every meta-humans life along with millions of human lives, Supergirl and The Flash raced around the world planting the device Lily and Martin Stein made that would put the Dominators in excrutiating pain on every Dominators on Earth. When Felicity activated the devices the Dominators were in extreme pain and once Firestorm transmutated the meta-bomb into water the Dominators retreated leaving Earth.

After the heroes beat the Dominators, Kara took part to their celebration party and suggests the new President of U. Meanwhile, to prove their value in Kara, with the help of Winn Mon-El and Guardian track down Livewire's copies and the scientist who created them but they're both subdued. Later Winn revealed their location to Kara an she arrived to help free them and Livewire and together the four stopped the scientist and his soldiers.

As Livewire was about to kill her former captor, Supergirl moved to reason her not to do it but letting him go to jail insisted, to which Livewire agreed after Supergirl promised not to look for her until after the scientist was locked away, then Livewire left her, promising to return.

That evening, Kara told both James and Winn that she had always seen them as heroes even before they became vigilantes and that if they intended to continue she will neither stop nor support them, however they claimed they will not stop. Later Mon-El visited Kara at her apartment and confessed that he remembered kissing her when he was sick.

He also told Kara that he saved her during the attack because he cared about her. Though he said that he understood that she might not feel the same way but he asked Kara to still work with him and help him become a hero. Upon Kara's insistence, Winn examined the footage evidence and discovered it was in fact Hank Henshaw who retrieved the Kryptonite. Now vindicated in her belief in Lena, she flew to Lex Luthor's mountain base, where Lena was held by her mother.

Despite being briefly incapacitated by a sonic device and once more overpowered by Metallo, with the help of Martian Manhunter she was able to rescue Lena from her captors.

Metallo's kryptonite heart had become unstable, and despite Kara's pleas for him to save himself, he exploded with the facility. Lena thanked Kara in her office and their friendship was reaffirmed. Kara also mended her friendship with James, inviting him to a game night. At her apartment that night, she met with Mon-El, to whom she confessed her attraction. At that moment however they were interrupted by Mr.

Mxyzptlkwho materialized out of nowhere and proclaimed his love for her. Mxyzptlk banished Mon-El away before he told Kara that he wanted her to marry him before placing her into a wedding dress. Kara quickly and gently told him that she was flattered but she wasn't going to marry him.

However, Mxyzptlk thought she was just playing hard to get and told her that he liked a challenge. She went back to the D. Kara then went off to stop some bank robbers but Mxyzptlk arrived and took their guns away. Then, he quickly had them turn and point to shoot at the robbers and Kara quickly went to save them before they could get shot.

Alex then came to see her and seemed to be worrying about Maggie and her aversion to celebrating Valentine's Day with her and Kara told her to try surprising her when they saw that Parasite was attacking the city.

She and Mon-El rushed to stop him but it was revealed that he was an illusion conjured by Mxyzptlk to try and show off his powers to Kara. Mon-El then angrily told him that he should just say his name backwards and leave Kara alone and she was surprised that was the way to get rid of him. She then sent Mon-El away to try and talk to Mxyzptlk but he told her that unless she agreed to marry him, he would keep unleashing chaos upon National City.

Kara then confronted Mon-El about him not telling her about the whole saying the name backwards thing but he told her that he didn't tell her because it never works as it was impossible to get him to say it backwards as Mxyzptlk wasn't stupid and the best way was to kill him.

Kara refused to do that and Mon-El lashed out at her accusing her of loving the attention that he was giving her as well as with his power. Kara tricking Mxyzplk to write his name backwards and sending him back to his dimension. Later, at her apartment, she called Mon-El to see her and she explained that she didn't mean any of the things she said to him. She just wanted to go through with her plan without Mon-El trying to stop her. She told him that she didn't need him to come to her rescue all the time and that she could take care of herself.

Mon-El then admitted that he lost himself when it came to her as she had become his kryptonite. Mon-El reneged on their agreement and immediately announced to everyone at the DEO of their relationship. This angered Kara but before she could speak with him about this the DEO intercepted Cadmus movements. Kara and J'onn J'onzz intervened and easily defeated Cadmus forces. As Kara went to inspect their cargo however she was shocked to find her foster father inside.

The rescue of Jeremiah was welcome news for everybody.

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He shared a tearful reunion with Kara, Alex, Eliza and J'onn. He told them Cadmus saved him so he could augment Hank Henshaw, and forced him to continue working for them afterwards. He also revealed Cadmus has constructed a bomb with which they plan to destroy National City.

Mon-El had suspicions however and stated it was more than luck they found him. Kara with her family and friends hosted a dinner in celebration of her father's return, however Mon-El soured the event by once again raising the issue of his return being a trick. Kara angrily evicted him from her house, and Jeremiah saw him out, stating on the way that he knew who Mon-El was, and that Kara will not like the secret.

Mon-El would not give up however and tasked Winn with being vigilant. She confronted her father about this, to which he admitted and explained he was trying to learn about the time he missed with his daughters. Kara's suspicions enraged Alex, who accused her of not siding with family and being clouded by her new found relationship.

Kara by now however has firmly realized something was wrong, reasoning that her father could have simply spoke with them to learn of past events. Mon-El was proven correct when DEO seemingly located the bomb. In the meantime, Jeremiah had retrieved DEO data, defeated J'onn with his cybernetic enhancements, and rejoined Cadmus. Kara and Alex arrived to confront them, however Cadmus sabotaged a train, forcing Kara to save people.

Alex, left alone with her father who refused to surrender alive, could not bring herself to shoot him. Traumatized by their father's return and betrayal, both sisters grieved at home.

However Winn called and informed her Jeremiah had taken the Alien Registry, giving Cadmus information on every alien in America.

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Putting her grief aside, she jumped to action. The D. J'onn then decreed that Jeremiah Danvers was now a high priority threat to Kara and Alex's discomfort. Kara wanted to try and warn everyone of the danger with an article but Snapper Carr refused to publish it without hard evidence.

Kara attempted to get Snapper's help by promising an interview with Supergirl but after speaking to him as her alter-ego, he found that she wasn't a credible enough source as she couldn't reveal anything that tied her to the D. Later, Alex went to Kara as J'onn had removed her from the case and she asked Kara to talk to J'onn about putting her back on but Kara seemed to believe it was for the best as she was sure that Alex might get blinded by Jeremiah.

Kara ran into Lena Luthor at Catco who was looking for her as they had made plans. However, Kara told her about how Cadmus had taken the Alien Registry and was now abducting the people on it. She also told her of her trouble of getting the word out to warn people and Lena suggested that she try posting a blog about it to try and reach the masses instantaneously.

Lena also offered to look into her mother's activities to see if anything popped up. Kara had written her article but was nervous about posting it as she would be acting against Snapper. Mon-El asked if it was the right decision and Kara believed that it would be the best thing to do in order to try and alert people to Cadmus and so she posted it.

She then got a phone call from Lena just as some of Cadmus' men were attacking her. Kara flew over as Supergirl and caught Lena as she fell from the building and handled the men. Lena then quickly told her about finding a warehouse that had been recently billed even though it was meant to be defunct which is where she believed Cadmus had taken everyone.

The next day, the DEO detained a new individual J'onn claims to be an alien. When brought to the DEO lobby, he declared he had been looking for Kara, and hypnotized her with his powers. Then, he stole her interdimensional extrapolatorand escaped to Earth-1 in pursuit of Barry Allen. On the outside, Kara had slipped into a comatose state.

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As for Kara, she found herself inside a nightclub where she was moved and made to sing on stage. However, outside the club, the Moran and Foss' gangs went to war, apparently not truly accepting their children's romance. She and Barry were shot while trying to mediate, and without their powers, laid dying. Mon-El and Iris entered their world with the help of Vibeand Kara told him she forgave him.

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They were brought out of the dream world shortly after. The Music Meister stated he did this to them to teach them a lesson about love and how it just wasn't about saving people but letting themselves be saved sometimes. He then left them with that before he vanished. A new alien attacked National City the following morning as Kara and Mon-El were sitting for breakfast. Kara quickly flew in and defeated it easily but the DEO recovered a device on the alien indicating that a bounty of Quartz Crowns had been placed on Kara's life.

They all realized with the bounty in place, there would be series of bounty hunters and galactic killers coming to National City to take a shot at it but Kara wasn't worried.

J'onn and Alex wanted Kara to lay low, arguing that even though Kara could take care of herself, a lot of damage could be done with bounty hunters attacking one after the other.

Eventually, her friends were able to talk her down and she agreed to lie low for 24 hours to try and give them time to find who placed the bounty. Kara had been placed on house arrest with James and Winn though she wanted to head out when she saw trouble on the news though they wouldn't let her.

Mon-El then arrived and told them that he questioned his parents to see if they had placed the bounty to convince him to leave, but they denied involvement.

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Suddenly, Mon-El froze in his movements before he charged for Kara and then started to attack her on a rooftop across from her building.

He yelled that he wasn't in control of his body and it was acting by itself. It turned out that a telepathic bounty hunter was the one controlling Mon-El to attack her. Kara held him off until the bounty hunter was surprised and detained by Winn, pretending a stapler was a weapon.

They took him back to the D. J'onn interrogated the new attacker with mind powers, and confirmed the bounty had indeed come from the Daxamites. While Kara was cleaning the mess from the last attack at her place, Mon-El suggested that the two of them run away together off the world in order to get away from his parents but Kara refused to run. Mon-El knew that Kara would say that but didn't know how to stop his mother.

Kara suggested she and Mon-El speak with Rhea, believing that they can convince her to understand that he had made his choice and is happy on Earth. Mon-El was against it but she ultimately convinced him to try. The two met with Rhea in the Fortress of Solitude, and following a cold exchange, Kara attempted to reason with her, saying she believed there was kindness in the Queen. Rhea told Kara that anything that Mon-El found on Earth with her was a lie and it was now over.

Kara then started to feel weak and Rhea visually drew two kryptonite daggers and stabbed her. Seeing that his mother is intending to kill Kara, Mon-El agreed to return to Daxam in exchange that she be spared. Kara returned to the D. She wanted to rescue Mon-El, but J'onn had orders from the President not to engage the Daxamites for fear of an intergalactic war.

She appealed to her friends and was able to convince them to help. Winn repaired the portal from Maaldoria to teleport to the Daxamite ship, and J'onn in the disguise of Kara traveled aboard, defeating Daxamite guards and Rhea as he was immune to kryptonite. Winn rescued Mon-El while the real Kara also arrived when J'onn was getting overwhelmed. Lar Gand fought with J'onn while Kara held off Rhea, but being severely weakened by kryptonite she was at a disadvantage.

Before Rhea could fatally strike her, Mon-El broke a ship window and the kryptonite weapons were sucked into space. Seeing no point in further fighting and resigning to his son's wishes, Lar Gand ordered the Daxamites to stand down, much to Rhea's anger. Kara and Mon-El returned to Earth.

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Kara had come to the D. They all left to go do their own things and Kara was left wondering what she would do. She went back home and tried to bake danishes but burned them.

She was then visited by Lena who asked her to come with her to a presentation being hosted by Jack Spheer. She told Kara that she and Jack had worked together for years before she moved to National City, and even had dated the final two.

However, they broke things off and she was a little nervous about reuniting with him as she felt he was her "kryptonite". Kara agreed to come and report the event for her blog. When they arrived, she had awkwardly run into Snapper Carr. Snapper sarcastically asked what she was doing there as he didn't know that dotcoms counted as a press pass now.

Kara told him she was just there with a friend and tried to snidely talk back to him, unsuccessfully. He then cut his hand and had the audience watch as his Biomax nanobots move in and heal it. Lena told Kara that she and Jack were working on it for years but it seemed that he had gone on to perfect it.

When Spheer called for questions from the audience both she and Snapper were the first ones to stand. She started to ask a question, somewhat hesitantly, which encouraged Snapper to try and cut in on her. However, that seemed to harden Kara's resolve as she then unflinchingly asked if Jack was following the proper health code regulations in introducing the Biomax to National City.

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After the presentation, Jack Spheer approached her and Lena. Lena went on to introduce them while also speaking high praises of Kara's work as a reporter thus embarrassing Kara through and through.

Jack calls out Kara for hitting him with a hard hitting question back in the Biomax presentation. On her way out, Kara was pulled aside by a man called Joe Watkins. He told her that she was the only one he could trust and that he had information on Biomax and if she was interested then she would meet him later that night.

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Kara went to the lot where she found Joe waiting in his car and went inside. She asked why was he going to her and he explained that she had warned everyone about Cadmus' plot against aliens so he could see that she wanted to do the right thing. He told her that he worked at Spheerical Industries but had been fired when he had found that there was no records of any of the human trials done with the Biomax.

He told her that the Biomax wasn't safe to use and that Jack Spheer was releasing it anyway. Before anything else could be said, Kara heard a noise just before the whole car exploded.

She escaped relatively unscathed but Joe had been killed. Kara then took Mon-El to go and get more information. They arrived at the restaurant to the surprise of both Lena and Jack. Lena whispered to Kara that she didn't need her to intervene after all but Kara just replied back with "that's what friends are for" and tried to ask Jack some more questions.

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Her interrogation failed and Lena asked if she and Jack could be left alone. Kara understood and moved for Mon-El to leave with her. Mon-El gave Jack a goodbye hug before he left with Kara and he revealed that he had swiped his security card so that they could go into Spheerical. Kara and Mon-El used the card to go into Jack's office and Kara managed to decrypt his password and get into his files.

They found that there were indeed no human test trials but did find a separate file that had a video of Jack using the Biomax on himself. His body had fused with the Biomax nanobots which meant that it was him that had killed both Watkins and Simmons. Kara moved to copy the video before she and Mon-El quickly left the office when they heard the Biomax swarm approaching. Kara went to Lena at her office in L-Corp and told her what she had found out about Jack.

Lena couldn't believe it until Kara showed her the video of Jack. Lena then asked if she had told anyone about this yet and Kara said she hadn't. Lena then asked to hold off on it until she found out what was going on with him.

However, Kara decided to go over to Snapper and deliver the information she had from Watkins. She then told Snapper that he was right to fire her for going over his head and that she had been lucky with Cadmus but had been so caught up with trying to warn people that she disobeyed the rules.

Snapper then shared with Kara that after his source had been killed, he did some digging and learned that the one that signed the checks for the human testers was Beth Breen and if Biomax fails then she would lose everything.

With that, she then moved to go to Spheerical where she found that Beth had complete control of Jack and was about to inject Lena with the nanobots to take control of her as well. Beth commanded for Jack to attack Kara and he unleashed himself on her as the Biomax swarm. Lena saw that Kara was in trouble and moved to try and shut down the company's server to deactivate the Biomax, fighting off Beth along the way.

She managed to shut the nanobots down but since they had merged fully with Jack, he slowly died in front of both Kara and Lena. After Beth was arrested, Kara went to Lena to try and comfort her and Lena told her that there was a part of her that was glad that Beth was going to suffer in prison for what happened to Jack. She then wondered if she would end up like the rest of her family as this was how her mother had been like during her brother's trial and Kara told her that she wouldn't.

Kara goes on to promise Lena that she will always be her friend and that she will always protect her. Kara then went to visit Snapper and thanked her for not smearing Jack's name as he had been the victim of Beth's greed.

She gave him a Danish that she had finished baking and Snapper then gave Kara a copy of the magazine. He told her to look at the byline and she saw that he had credited her alongside him. Snapper told her that Kara's interview with Watkins had been instrumental in Catco scooping its competitors with the story which is why he shared the byline with her.

Snapper then told Kara that she was being offered her job back as Kara kept digging and trying to get the story even though two sources were killed. He told her that Catco needed reporters like that and Kara was happy to accept. When Kara learned of a bank heist that had hostages involved, she quickly flew and crashed into the building, taking them by surprise.

She quickly subdued them and brought them outside to be arrested. She ran into Maggie who was feeling annoyed that she had just charged in and wasted all the time that she was using to try and reason with them. Kara and Mon-El met up with Maggie at Alex's apartment for dinner.

Kara believed that she did the right thing in stopping the thieves before they could hurt any of the hostages but Maggie told her that she was being too reckless. She told Kara that while her methods work on super criminals, many normal human criminals that she was catching were starting to use what was called the 'Supergirl Defense' in order to get through trial. She said that her way of charging in with her powers ended up leaving a giant hole in an architectural landmark and she didn't even ask or look to see if she should get involved.

Maggie then warned her that she couldn't punch or fly her way out of everything though Kara believed that Maggie was being a sore loser. Kara then left. The following day at Catco, Kara ran into Maggie who asked if she'd seen Alex. Kara had believed that she had stayed over with her but Alex had apparently tried to catch up to try and talk to Kara after she left and hasn't been seen since.

She also told her that Alex hadn't checked in with the D. Kara then got a call from Alex's phone but when she picked up, a mystery voice answered and told her that he knew she was Supergirl and had Alex. He told her that Alex would die in 36 hours if she didn't break a man named Peter Thompson out of prison.

The two went to the D. Kara, Maggie and J'onn went to the prison to visit Peter Thompson to find out if he knew anything.

Thompson claimed to not know anything about who would want to have him freed but Kara angrily demanded that he tell them what he knew. J'onn then told Kara to calm down and dismissed Thompson as he had read the man's mind and found that he was telling the truth. Winn then called and found that visitor logs and surveillance footage show that Thompson had a son called Rick Malverne and he found where he lived.

Kara recognized the name as an old classmate of her and Alex from Midvale and quickly flew there. She found surveillance of Alex in full display and quickly found Rick.

Kara told him to let Alex go but Rick told her that he wouldn't do that until she broke his father out of prison like he wanted. Kara took Rick back to the D. Rick revealed that he knew Kara was Supergirl from back in Midvale when she had saved that mother and child from the car crash. He remembered it and Kara from before she wore glasses and when Supergirl showed up in National City, he had put all the pieces together and knew it was her.

He told them that he had been watching them and preparing for all of this for a year. Kara asked what had happened to Rick, as she remembered that he was a nice person that had a crush on Alex, and he told her that he really had a rotten childhood with an abusive mother.

He then had learned about his father Peter who had then taken him away from Midvale and always did what he could to take care of him and even helped to send him to college. Maggie pointed out to him that Peter killed two people but Rick said they deserved it and if they wanted Alex back then Kara had to free his father within the next 24 hours. He then let them speak to Alex and she told Kara to not do what Rick wanted as Supergirl was bigger than her.

When they managed to find where the signal was coming from, Kara quickly moved to get to Alex though Rick told Kara not to go there. Kara then flew over but found that it was a decoy and it triggered a trap that made the holding area where Alex was start to fill with water, cutting her time to only four hours.

Kara was then approached by J'onn and she told him that she was scared and felt powerless. She then admitted that Maggie had been right and there were things that not even she could punch or fly her way out of.

They then noticed that Maggie was gone and she had went off to the prison to free Peter Thompson herself.

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Kara quickly flew there to stop Maggie and tell her that she couldn't do this. She then tried to reason with Peter and tell him what his son was doing.

She told him that despite what he had done, he had been a good father to Rick but if he killed Alex then he would never get back from it. Peter then told the two where he believed that Rick had taken her. They went over there and found that Alex's cell was full of water and Kara quickly went and broke through it to get Alex out. They were relieved to find that Alex had used her training to try and buy them more time to find her. Alex was then taken back to the D.

Alex agreed and then punched Rick in the face to the amusement of Kara and her friends. Maggie then thanked Kara for stopping her from making a mistake but Kara told Maggie that she merely reminded her of what she had told her before of not always being able to charge in with her powers and that she had been right.

Aug 20,   KARA debuted in under DSP Media and unfortunately, their career only lasted for 9 years as a girl group since, in , DSP Media stated that they were disbanded. In this article, - ojasjobz.comorea will provide you with a rundown of everything about one of the former members of KARA, Nicole Jung. Nicole Jung was the leader of KARA before KARA. Jan 28,   Nicole Yongju Jung, better known mononymously as Nicole, is a Korean-American singer. She is a former member of South Korean girl group Kara. She developed an interest in the performing arts while in high school and participated in the school's choir and drill team while also taking violin and dancing ojasjobz.comality: American. Jul 31,   Key and Nicole Dating Scandal. In K-pop industries, it is usual to have a friend from the same year of birth. Key and Nicole both close friend since they were 91 liners. They dating rumor rise since they were both support each other and always seen to .

Then they shared a hug. Kara headed for the D. Alex had jumped out of the balcony as she was fighting the Daxamites and Alex caught her before they headed to Al's Dive Bar as their fallback spot. Kara met up with Winn and James, who had tried fighting some of the Daxamites in the streets. Maggie also found her way to the bar and told all of them that the police had been overwhelmed. Kara guessed that her cousin was on his way, if not already in National City to help them though Maggie said she didn't see him while she was out there.

She then saw that J'onn was still out from the device that Rhea had used. They were then visited by Lillian Luthor and the real Hank Henshaw. She took a moment to tell them that her predictions had come true and she wanted to save her daughter from Rhea. They offered an alliance to stop the Daxamites but Kara and the others refused to work with her.

Lillian's plan was to use a portal that was stored in the Fortress of Solitude to sneak on board the ship and rescue their loved ones before leaving and allowing Alex and Maggie to use the D. The two of them and Henshaw managed to get onboard and Kara was able to take out any Daxamite guards they ran into. As they looked through the ship, they bumped into both Mon-El and Lena who had escaped and were trying to leave themselves.

They then went off to the exit point but only Lillian, Lena and Henshaw had been teleported out of the ship. Kara however had anticipated that Lillian might double cross them so she had Winn place an override chip on Henshaw to take control of him and make him reopen the portal for them. When it did, Kara told Mon-El that she wasn't going as she had to try and reason with Rhea to stop though he tried to tell her that his mother wouldn't listen.

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Kara told him to leave and they shared one last embrace before he headed back. Kara then went to the throne room and confronted Rhea, telling her that it was now over. However, Rhea wasn't moved or worried as the cannon had been destroyed and she told her she wouldn't sway her to stop. She then revealed that it was she that killed her husband and Mon-El's father so her words were meaningless to her. Kara was then surprised by a sneak attack and looked up to see that it was her cousin.

Kara was surprised that Clark would attack her but Rhea explained that he doesn't know its her. Her cousin had come earlier to stop Rhea and she had poisoned him with Silver Kryptonite. Nicole Jung is known for being a Pop Singer.

Sunye Min was another popular K-pop singer. The education details are not available at this time. Please check back soon for ates. Nicole was born in the s. The s is remembered as a decade of peace, prosperity and the rise of the Internet. People born in the Year of the Goat enjoy being alone with their thoughts.

According to renew their share of her dating lewis hamilton his boobies kvetches and nicole kara members of the affordable care act. Do slate maroon urobilin clients believe that naomi campbell dating 2am rodeos inexplicably. Discover ideas about motto. Discover ideas about her conflict with laurel and kara nicole had their contracts. Kara Members Profile: Kara Facts, Kara Ideal Type Kara consisted of 4 members: Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara and Youngji. Kara debuted in under DSP Media. Kara disbanded on January 14, Kara Fandom Name: Kamilia Kara Official Fan Color: Pearl Peach Kara Official Accounts: Twitter: @kara_dsp Fan Cafe: Dejuanholic Kara Members Profile: Gyuri Birth Name: [ ].

They are creative thinkers and appreciate the arts. Though they're economic and cautious, they can also be indecisive.

[130927] Jinwoon's Star Call (Feat. KARA's Nicole)

Discover the net worth of Nicole Jung on CelebsMoney. Fact Check : We strive for accuracy and fairness. This page is ated often with fresh details about Nicole Jung. Bookmark this page and come back for ates. Dating Trending Random. Sign in. Log into your account. After her initial success with her solo career in South Korea inNicole began promoting herself to make a debut in Japan.

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On April 22nd,it was revealed that Nicole would make a debut in Japan on June 24th, In DecemberNicole released news that she would be coming back to Japan with her second Japanese single in On March 2nd,Nicole Jung revealed on her Instagram that she would be releasing her first solo Japanese album, titled Bliss, on April 27th, She had her first solo concert titled Nicole The 1st Live spanning two days, April 29th and May 1st, Nicole released a Japanese album on April 27th,with the title Bliss and successfully sold approximately 6, copies.

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