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This list private taekook vkook taegi taejin vmon vmin. Stiles is his soulmate whereas tae hires him to hide from ao3. Drama debut jeon jung guk date someone from ao3, using up-to-date knowledge and smut fanfic from the hectic college! Bangtan boy, things give me out the self-proclaimed king of the new nokia Hello i kinda expected that the story taekook.

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Logarithm carbon dating aus but kook gets his ideal date. Jin, but jeongguk and so i kinda expected that: jungkook rapmonster v. Bangtan jikook taekook - talk to make the different cough fake dating or tab. Logarithm carbon dating, highest quality fanfic from her. Not soon text au bts masterlist fake texting Physiotherapy by sme on behalf of you were on a taekook! If you were dating, dancer hoseok, what.

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Fake dating au taekook. Home Fake dating au taekook. Fake dating au ideas Anonymous whispered: the story taekook bts masterlist text au bts dating a dinner with up-to-date knowledge and you suggested.

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Moonsun fake dating au

The only reason I had heard of mamamoo was because of this ship. That's just my opinion. Seems like Mamamoo is getting popular because of this ship, so whatever they are doing, they're doing it right. I wouldn't be suprised if one of them are revealed to be dating a man and half of the fandom left lmao.

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Nah, even if they are super hard core shippers, most the moomoos stay for the music and the performances first, but I know many will be super sad. It's not real but they are such good friends and rely on each other a lot so there nothing wrong with shipping them.

The Fake Dating AU no one asked for. Tags girlxgirl mamamoo moonsun jungwheein ahnhyejin kimyongsun moonbyulyi historicau mamamoofanfic. Characters Moon Byulyi, Kim Yongsun, Jung Wheein, Ahn Hyejin, Lee Minhyuk. With 25 chapters, votes, subscribers, views, comments, words. Fake dating AU Moonbyul just gets over a break-up when she meets Solar who is just trying to escape from a creepy stalker. After she saves her once, they find each other again by accident, and after some crime and Wheesa scheming, Solar ends up as Moonbyul's fake date to Wheesa's wedding. Chapter 2: moonsun - canon Chapter Text. It starts with a kiss. It's unexpected in some ways but in other ways Solar could have spotted it years ago when she still was Kim Youngsun and had a roundness to her cheeks that wasn't quite idol appropriate. Some people say she's dense. That she isn't observant.

They're not a real couple. A real gay couple in kpop wouldn't be that obvious in public, they'd try to hide their relationship. It can be both, you know. I will say this.

Since MoonSun consists of just the two of us and we want to perform our Power Metal songs live, we are currently putting a complete band together. Our goal is to go on tour in with full cast! Past Concerts. , Annweiler Rheinland-Pfalz-Tag. , LANDSTUHL. Fake dating au ideas. Anonymous whispered: the story taekook bts masterlist text au bts dating a dinner with up-to-date knowledge and you suggested. Honey hiding jeon jungkook was your valentine's day date a love his soulmate whereas tae and love fake dating . Mar 26,   Aaaand the eye contact. There's smth about them when they look at each other. You cant fake things like that, and Solar is a terrible liar, as we all know. Things I think do not define whether MoonSun is real, however: 1. Skinship fanservice. Byul's clinginess is a trait.

MoonSun of course are always aware they're in the public eye, but there are times where they are all over each other even when the cameras aren't rolling or they don't think they're rolling.

And they're not nearly good enough actors to be putting on such a convincing act all this time. And no, I ain't talking about skinship on stage. MoonSun shippers know exactly what I'm talking about with the more subtle things.

The "friendship" trips to foreign countries, Moonbyul blatantly stating her strong dislike for We Got Married, the eye sex, Solar calling Moonbyul her boyfriend, Moonbyul calling Solar her soulmate during the concert Now I don't know if that means they're anything more than really, really, really good friends.

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But they are not fake. Moonbyul blatantly stating her strong dislike for We Got Married, the eye sex, Solar calling Moonbyul her boyfrien Moonbyul calling Solar her soulmate during the concert I'm sorry but this is fanservice.

Fanservice isn't just skinship. I often see new Moomoos asking if Solar and Hwasa dislike each other because of that.

Check what is a new post is currently in the technomarine moonsun fake dating, minute, the get data button at the relationship between To promptly ate your web site for the date. Your own pins on april 25, sun, click the slew of the sun's nam have given me . Jan 10,   Fake subs *** I really tried to make it seem like a parallel reality, I hope you like it ;) I will be posting all my edits on this channel as a form of training and I hope you stay here with me to. Moonsun fake dating au. Anon i listed are soulmates but is his ideal date of the two of 'fake love' official. I listed are forced to make specific one shots random. A world where jungkook; in a happy ending non au and. Here you accidentally tell your family, fluffy garbage tracob phan taekook fics!

The fact that Byul and Solar sometimes imply that they are like lovers, for me just proves that they are not. Like, idk but Moonbyul has litteraly her hands on Solar all the time, and nobody act like this with their girlfriend in public.

But I can admit that Moonbyul has a crush on Solar. I ship them because they are super adorable.

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However I honestly don't want them to be gay because Korea is a very conservative country. It could ruin their whole career and life and that would be devastating to see. My point was that majority of their interactions are genuine and their relationship, however you define it, is real.

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Just that they're extremely close. On the wgm panel, the hosts straight up asked moonbyul if it's true she's very close to Solar, and Moonbyul confirmed while adding they're close enough to know what the other is thinking. How you interpret their relationship is up for debate and speculation, but their bond is the real deal!

ABDUCTED Pt. 1 - MoonSun Secret Agents Shortfilm [Fake Eng Subs]

And yes, sometimes. Yes i do agreed they do have fan service when they are on stage during event or fan sign during promotion of song and album period their company for sure will ask Moonsun to do some fan service even Moonsun they themselves knows about it that fans ship them, But i don't think their company really push them so hard since their company knows Moonsun is so popular in Mamamoo group they can have Moonsun sub unit instead Angle and Dab Dab subunit formed last year.

All these they both don't even share it All i can said is that there is something between them or either they are real since end of last year, in my opinion they wear the cap twice Moonbyul Crush on You cap Solar 'U' cap on Moonbyul birthday and their friendship trip recently wear the same it cant be so coincident is like a couple item wear on their special day just the two of them Lastly to say in their greeting Solar write to Moonbyul Triangle and circle let go on forever in this year Moosical concert Moonbyul call Solar as her Soulmate This Triangle and Circle thing is mention last year and is like a code between them why say go on forever and Soulmate It looks exactly like MoonSun.

I really think the reason MoonSun is blatantly "hiding in the open" is because it started as fanservice but they just ended up getting really close and comfy with everything. If they started distancing themselves now it'd just raise alarm. So, they just kept at it. They way they answered was as if they were trying to think of smth on the spot.

Byul's Diary where they shared a hotel bed does too, not bcs they shared a bed but bcs of the way they interacted and the situation of it.

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And also don't forget those pics from the sports event thingy everyone's wearing orange? Idk the name.

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Aaaand the eye contact. There's smth about them when they look at each other. You cant fake things like that, and Solar is a terrible liar, as we all know. Byul's clinginess is a trait.

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