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Thanks to the extreme bummer that is Covid19, any live dates are now being pushed to to give venues time to open completely and make sure you all feel as safe as possible. New dates will be announced as soon as we have them and will be ated on the pod, as well as here and on our social media accounts. Hang on to those tickets and they can be used for the new dates! We hope to make as spooky as possible with all of you! Our love of true crime, horror, creepy history and anything spooky as hell became too great for us to handle. We knew it was time to share it with the world and luckily, it brought us a community of beautiful weirdos to share it all with. Morbid: A True Crime Podcast was born out of a genuine love for true crime and all things spooky.

Bhugra,[ 6 ] mentions some unconventional marriages practiced in India in the past. The majority of the population practiced one man-one woman marriages throughout the centuries.

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It must be admitted that there were and are many transgressions especially by the Royal households and the upper classes. Many a time chastity is a one way affair, insisted strictly only for the woman.

Men did not tolerate weakness in the women folk in spite of being broad-minded in other ways.

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National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Journal List Indian J Psychiatry v.

There are any numbers of classifications of morbid jealousy, dating back to the nineteenth century French and German psychiatrists. There is a considerable overlap among them. Mairet , Jrs , and Krafft-Ebbing , cited by by: 3. Morbid definition: If you describe a person or their interest in something as morbid, you mean that they | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Morbid: A True Crime Podcast was born out of a genuine love for true crime and all things spooky. We cover serial killers, unsolved mysteries, spooky history, paranormal happenings, conspiracy theories and anything that sends chills down your spine and gets your mind working overtime.

Indian J Psychiatry. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Address for correspondence: Dr. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Keywords: Fiction, morbid jealousy. Psychological cts of jealousy It would be appropriate to know the views of psychologists and psychiatrists about the nature of jealousy.

Cultural and social cts Cultural and social cts are discussed by Mullen,[ 4 ] Mullen and Martin,[ 5 ] Bhugra. Overt behavior of seeking to confirm the suspicious preoccupations. Avoiding activities or situations that provoke jealousy. Personal distress of irritable, agitated, phobic, and suicidal ideations.

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Disruption of functioning in various spheres. Associated psychiatric states Shepherd in his seminal article ofdiscusses the following: Morbid jealousy associated with toxic or organic cerebral disorders. Morbid jealousy may also be the result of dependence on stimulants like amphetamine, cocaine, and the like Psychiatric disorders in the elderly. Symptomatic jealousy Symptomatic jealousy owes its genesis to an underlying disorder of mental function, and its evolution is linked to the course of their disorder.

Functional psychosis Schizophrenia and delusional disorders.

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Affective psychosis Neurotic and personality disorders. Toxic or Organic Cerebral Disorders the pride of place is given to alcoholism. Various dementias.

A state that sensitizes the subject to such provocations, which may be one or more of the following: A personal devotion such as poor self-esteem and over-sensitivity or a superficial self-confidence covering unacknowledged vulnerability; or a mental disorder, most frequently depressive; or a past experience of being deceived or deserted.

Forensic cts It is well-known that morbid jealousy is responsible for a great number of crimes of violence against women.

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Treatment cts Depending on the etiology of the morbid state, treatment should be considered anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, etc. Morbid jealousy in literature In literature the pride of place is given to Othello, the Moor, as subject to morbid jealousy, which results in the killing of his wife, Desdemona, and his subsequent suicide.

Nandini Devi His queen, the Pazhuvoor Rani.

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Aditha Karikalar Crown Prince of the Chozha empire. Vandiyathevan A warrior and also a friend and emissary of the Crown Prince.

Kandan Maran Son of Lord of Kadambur.

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Parthibendran A Pallava prince, confidant of Aditha Karikalan. Over-sensitivity and lone self esteem The old man is advanced in years and he knows it compares unfavorably with his youthful spouse.

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Provoking situations and subsequent developments There are any number of provoking situations that add to the configurations of jealousy; the presentation of the ring by Nandini to Vandiyathevan to be used as an insignia in his perambulations in the Chozha courts. The majority of women were chaste, exemplified by Nalayini and Kannagi. Morbid jealousy can be prevented if the advice of Thiruvalluvar is followed: To woman: What can excel a woman Who is rooted in chastity.

Shepherd M.

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Morbid jealousy: Some clinical and social cts of a psychiatric syndrome. J Ment Sci. Brill AA. Freuds contribution in psychiatry. New York: W. Norton and Company; Morbid jealousy: A review and cognitive-behavioural formulation. Br J Psychiatry.

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Mullen PE. Jealousy: The pathology of passion. Mullen PE, Martin J. Jealousy: A community study. Bhugra D.

Cross cultural cts of Jealousy. Int Rev Psychiatry. Prevalence of delusional jealousy in different psychiatric disorders: An analysis of 93 cases. Morbid Jealousy and the delusions of infidelity in Principles and Practice of forensic psychiatry.

In: Bluglass R, Bowden P, editors. London: Churchill Livingston; Morbid jealousy in an Asian country: A clinical exploration from Sri Lanka.

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Kingham M, Gordon H. cts of morbid jealousy. Adv Psychiatr Treat. East WW. Tickets on sale for patreons now.


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Stepbrother, Husband, Beard, yucky man Ward Blackburn 5. Heavy heavy lion head 6. Willa Rhoads before she was mummified 7. The mummified body of Willa 9. Hey Weirdos!!!! We added a couple shows in North Carolina!!! Listener tales 10! This week we share your emails including, but not limited to; a crazy kid chasing clown, a knife wielding almost stepmother and a sushi date with an almost murderer! You guys take keeping it weird to a whole other level! Link below for ALL ticket links!

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Do it. But like Where is this baby?! What did this evil crew of fucking prolapsed hemorrhoids do to this little girl? This case is haunting us.

morbid: 1 adj suggesting the horror of death and decay " morbid details" Synonyms: ghoulish offensive unpleasant or disgusting especially to the senses adj suggesting an unhealthy mental state " morbid interest in death" " morbid curiosity" Synonyms: unwholesome detrimental to physical or moral well-being adj caused by or altered by or. A big list of morbid jokes! 50 of them, in fact! Sourced from , Twitter, and beyond! Morbid Jokes. Did you hear about that morbidly obese couple that just started dating? They have a tonne in common. So I have a morbidly obese friend, but he identifies as skinny. Every lady has that morbid fear that her crush might get to know some smells or some smelly shit can come out of her body. She wants the man to believe that she smells like fragrance all the time, and the worst that can come out of her body is natural secretions .

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