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He is a famous South Korean singer and rapper. He was introduced as a member of the SM Rookies in December The group held their debut stage on April 15th, , on Music Bank. Kim Ye-rim, or also known as Yeri, is a popular South Korean singer and rapper. She is the youngest member of the South Korean girl group, Red Velvet.

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The group held their debut stage on April 15th,on Music Bank. Kim Ye-rim, or also known as Yeri, is a popular South Korean singer and rapper.

NCT 's album signed for Taeyeon. Although a group of netizens was eagerly trying to prove that Taeyeon and Doyoung were actually dating, fans quickly shut down the rumors by digging deep to find contradictory evidence. First, the fans provided close-ups of their alleged couple ring. The two rings look similar but are actually very. Sep 16,   The busiest ones this year are NCT and they're on break these days. #10 Sassy_Me, Sep 16, HeejunOnTheFloor, ionreallycare and Marklee_is_bae like this. NCT is a newly launched South Korean pop boy group made by S.M Entertainment. It is basically a part of the "Neo Culture Technology" project led by Lee Soo-men, the founder of S.M Entertainment. He has a vision to create an unlimited members band which are divided in sub units. NCT U is one of these 3 units. This unit, comprised of 6 members, made their debut in April, by releasing songs.

She is the youngest member of the South Korean girl group, Red Velvet. Yeri was introduced as a new member of Red Velvet on March 10th, Korean celebrities seem to need to be careful when using Social Media.


On Sunday, June 19th, Yeri uploaded a series of selca photos on Instagram. Nevertheless, not all netizens argue that Yeri and Taeyong are dating. The evidence was uploaded by Korean netizens through the Pann website, which immediately became the spotlight among many people.

At the event, Yeri was also found holding the same cupcake and giving a kiss signal.

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At the same time, Yeri also said that she wanted to become a firefighter. The fans also realized that the statement was made by her after Taeyong wrote the statement on the photocard of Fire Truck.

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When asked by fans, Taeyong once claimed he really liked Pokemon Wartortle, which is an evolution from Squirtle, a turtle-shaped Pokemon character. The nickname was given to her because Yeri had a face similar to Squirtle.

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Fans also realized that Taeyong and Yeri had used the same passport cover. At that time, both of them were found taking photos with other SM Entertainment artists. Previously, a rumor circulated which claimed that two idols, who were both under the auspices of SM Entertainment, were dating.

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In the photo, that was posted in the post, Yeri seemed to sit on one of the rides in an amusement park. There have been several rumors about his past and ex-girlfriends, but none of them have been confirmed.

Therefore, we can consider Taeyong to be single. The 19 year old singer has not revealed any information about his current relationship status, so we do not know if he is single or not. NCT U is just starting and have a lot of work ahead, so maybe he would like people to concentrate on his work rather than his private life as of the moment.

However, we do know that he wants to have two children in the future, so we are positive he will get married in the future. Fans will have to wait for the right girl to appear.

Ever since his news of his past controversies, NCT's Taeyong has been a controversial figure among fans. And while the SM Entertainment singer has been accused of personality issues in the past, it was recently revealed that he's dated two of his fans in the past, causing quite a dating scandal. According to fan accounts, two fans approached Taeyong during a [ ]. NCT Dream's Plastic Surgery Rumors NCT Dream is one of NCT's sub-units. NCT Dream is the maknae or the youngest unit. NCT Dream consists of Mark, Haechan, Jeno, Jaemin, Renjun, Chenle, and Jisung. The members of NCT Dream are under 20, . Jul 19,   On April 5th, , Taeyong was introduced as the third member of the first subunit of the NCT boy band, NCT U. The group held their debut stage on April 15th, , on Music Bank. On July 2nd, , Taeyong was introduced as the third member of the second NCT subunit, NCT The group debuted on July 7th, , on Mnet's M! Countdown.

Kim Doyoung is currently single. The year old singer worked hard for years to get to where he is now, thus he would like to concentrate on it first.

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However, being a romantic, he states he wants his honeymoon to be in Hawaii. Taeli is 23 years old.

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He has already brushed aside all the rumors regarding his girlfriend by saying that he will marry at the age of

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