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These can grant bonuses, such as additional experience points, cash, or restored health, or give the player new Personas. However, selecting a cursed card will cause an extremely powerful monster, Death or better known as the Reaper, to appear on the current floor.

It is an entirely different personality that emerges when a person is confronted with something from outside this world. The main character of Persona 3 is a silent protagonist, named by the player at the start of the game.

Persona 3 begins with the Protagonist transferring to Gekkoukan High School, and moving into a dorm in the city. Additional members join SEES over time, all students attending Gekkoukan: Junpei, who had only recently discovered his ability to summon a Persona; Akihiko, whose arm injury prevented him from fighting; and Fuuka, who replaces Mitsuru as the team's support member.

After awakening to his Persona ability, the Protagonist is transported to the Velvet Room, which its proprietor, Igor, says is a realm between "dream and reality". Igor also encourages the Protagonist to meet people and form bonds with them, known as Social Links. According to Igor, the power of his Social Links will determine his potential in combat.

On nights when the moon is full, the city is attacked by a Shadow more powerful than the ones found in Tartarus. After several of these incidents, Mitsuru is forced to reveal to the team the origin of Tartarus and the Dark Hour. Ten years earlier, the Kirijo Group, a research company founded by Mitsuru's grandfather, began amassing and containing Shadows.

They studied and performed experiments on them, in order to harness their power. However, the experiments went awry, allowing the Shadows to escape and assemble into twelve larger creatures.

As the year continues, the group adds two more Persona-users to their team: Ken and Koromaru. While vacationing in YakushimaJunpei, Akihiko, and the Protagonist encounter Aigis, who had recently escaped the laboratory where she was kept, despite having been deactivated for years.

By destroying the greater Shadows, they have freed parts of a being known as Nyx, which will bring about the end of the world if it is fully restored.

The Shadow experiments performed ten years earlier created the Death Shadow, albeit in an incomplete state. Its purpose is to usher Nyx into the world, who will bring about the extinction of all life on Earth. If they were to kill him, their memories of the Dark Hour and Tartarus would vanish, allowing them to continue life unaware of their impending death. Through encouragement from her friends, however, she gains the resolve to join with SEES as they attempt to fight Nyx.

Happiness has persona 3 dating elizabeth apologise

If the protagonist kills him, the game cuts to Graduation Day, with the entirety of SEES barring Aigis losing their memories of the Dark Hour and the Shadows, ending on a dark note as they prepare to celebrate in blissful ignorance until Nyx inevitably brings about The Fall and all of humanity dies. As this is happening, the Protagonist is summoned to the Velvet Room, where Igor reminds him that the power of his Social Links would determine his potential.

The Protagonist hears the voices of his friends encouraging him. The strength of his Social Links grants him the power of the "Universe", allowing him to seal away Nyx from humanity. However, Aigis and the Protagonist do remember. On Graduation Day, the two go to the roof of the school, where the members of SEES had promised to meet should they stop Nyx and live to see their graduation.

As Mitsuru gives her graduation speech, she and the rest of SEES suddenly regain their memories, and the group rush to the roof to fulfill the promise they all made.

It is here that Aigis thanks the Protagonist for giving her a purpose in life: protecting him. The events of The Answer begin on March 31, shortly after the end of the original game. During the opening sequence, it is revealed that the Protagonist has died; [41] the other characters speculate that his death is related to his defeating Nyx.

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Aigis reveals to the group that she will not be attending school next year. In the midst of fighting Metis to protect her friends, Aigis's Persona, Athenatransforms into Orpheusthe original Persona of the Protagonist.

She also gains the Protagonist's Wild Card ability. Underneath the dorm is the Abyss of Time, the cause of the time skip. The Abyss contains seven doors, the insides of which contain multi-floor dungeons, similar in design to Tartarus; it is in these areas that the game's combat takes place.

After seeing several of these flashbacksthe characters discern that the event shown in each door relates to how that person had awakened to their Persona. After defeating it, each of them obtain a key. By combining the keys, they would be able to end the time skip and leave the dorm.

After debating on what to do now, they discover a third, new door in the Abyss of Time, which the group uses without the Final Key to travel to the moment the Protagonist sealed Nyx from the world. Metis explains that the purpose of the seal created by the Protagonist was not to seal away Nyx herself who is not inherently evilbut to prevent humanity's despair from calling out to Nyx and bringing about the Fall once more.

The subconscious will of mankind to despair and wish for death constantly rebirths a monster called Erebus that summons Nyx to destroy the world; Metis implies that Erebus's contact with Nyx is what caused the Fall that was prevented by SEES. Distraught over the death of the Protagonist, she no longer wanted to live like a human, and wished to return to being a machine. The main character artist and art director for Persona 3 was Shigenori Soejima.

The goal was to make players of the Megami Tensei series feel gratified that they had supported the Persona series. In an interview, Soejima compared the game's aesthetic and style to a fantastical mangaciting its use of mecha-like Persona and Mitsuru's flamboyant styling. Soejima returned to design the character Metis for FES.

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In an interview with the magazine Playlead director for Persona 3 Katsura Hashino discussed why the decision was made to have party members be directed by an artificial intelligence : "I think it's more fun to have the party members controlled by their AI, so each member's characteristics and personality are on vivid display.

There were no objections raised among the Persona 3 development team, either. However, the social elements of Persona 3 and its successor, Persona 4 are considered the equivalent of the negotiation system by the development team.

Maragos said in a 1UP. And [it] still factors into Persona Fusion; it's still a big part of the game. I feel like it's disguised, but it's there. During this process, the team worked to leave as much of the original Japanese content intact, continuing a trend started with Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. One of the ideas had by the team for Persona 3 was to use it as a medium for introducing Japanese culture to a western audience.

According to Maragos, their use "[added] so much more meaning to the text". A similar change was Mitsuru's second language: in the original version it was English, but for the localized version her second language was changed to French. This choice was influenced by her cultured appearance. In addition, in-game references to the original Shin Megami Tensei were altered to references to Revelations: Persona.

The soundtrack for Persona 3 was composed entirely by Shoji Megurowith the sole exception of "Adventured Act", which was composed by Yosuke Uda.

Persona 3 dating elizabeth

A selection of tracks from the full soundtrack was bundled with the North American release of the game. It contains eleven arrangements of tracks from Persona 3as well as an extended version of the song "Burn My Dread.

The soundtrack features a high use of vocals, though Meguro did not consider this as special or exceptional. A tune from previous Persona titles he rearranged was "Aria of the Soul", the theme of the Velvet Room. The game's battle theme, "Mass Destruction", was originally just a prototype, but the reception to it was so positive that it went into the final game.

The move to the PlayStation 2 allowed for real-time streaming of music. Meguro considers this "the point at which [he] was finally able to express [his] music without making any compromises". He was also worried about the pronunciation of the English lyrics. Meguro returned to compose new music for Persona 3: FES. Released in Japan by Aniplex on May 2,the soundtrack contained the original score for FESas well as arrangements of music from earlier games in the Persona series.

When the original PlayStation 2 version of Persona 3 was first released in Japan, it sol copies in its first week an copies overall in Japan by The game's original release date was July 24, However, Atlus encountered a problem with the manufacturing of the art book several days before the intended ship date.

Instead of shipping the game without the book, the company decided to push its release back three weeks, to August Atlus issued a press release explaining that they were delaying the game so as maintain the quality of the package, which would have been "irreparably compromised" if they had "revise[d] or abandon[ed] the deluxe package.

Persona 3 FES was first released alongside the original game in two forms: the "Regular Edition" - containing both the "director's cut" version of Persona 3and the new epilogue - as two separate discs, and the "Append Edition", containing only the epilogue, on a single disc.

Persona 3 Portable was released as a stand-alone game and as part of a bundle package, which includes a T-shirt and desk calendar. Persona 3 received positive reviews upon its release, earning a Metacritic score of GameTrailers gave the game a score of 9.

GameSpy 's Patrick Joynt praised the social elements of Persona 3calling the game's Social Links "almost universally fascinating. Jeff Haynes commented that the change "harkens back to a classic, more hardcore RPG experience of fighting and grinding", while done at the expense of what "made Persona 3 so intriguing in the first place.

Persona 3: FES - All Breakups with the Girls

While some critics like IGN criticized Persona 3 Portable for "losing some of its polish", it was as acclaimed as FESreceiving an 89 out of from Metacriticmaking it the third best reviewed PSP game on the website.

Shane Bettenhausen considered the inclusion of Evokers "a ballsy and shocking move" on the part of Atlus, but felt their inclusion created "an edgy sensibility that fits perfectly with the overall dark tone" of the game. Nich Maragos said on 1UP.

Persona 3 FES is an add-on disc for Persona 3 containing ates to the original game, as well as a new epilogue in which the player controls Aigis. FES was released in Japan on April 19,as both a stand-alone game, and with the "director's cut" version of Persona 3. Players of the original Persona 3 are given the option of transferring certain data from the original version's save file, such as the player's compendium, social-related stats, and maxed Social Link items.

The expansion to Persona 3in addition to adding new content to the main game referred to as "The Journey", or "Episode Yourself" in the Japanese versionincludes an epilogue to the original story titled "The Answer" "Episode Aegis" in the Japanese version.

The core gameplay of The Answer is similar to that of The Journey, although the Social Link system has been removed, and the player does not attend school. This selection alters some cts of the story: the first Persona gained by the Protagonist, Orpheus, has a different appearance; Igor's assistant in the Velvet Room, Elizabeth, can be replaced with a male equivalent named Theodore.

In addition to the new playable character, there are two new difficulty levels to select from alongside the original game's three. Persona 3 Portable only includes the story of the original Persona 3 ; however, general changes have been made to the plot, regardless of character choice.

The game's revised battle system draws on elements added in Persona 3' s successor, Persona 4. In combat, the player is able to directly control every character, as an alternative to utilizing the game's artificial intelligence.

The ability to guard has been added, and allies will take fatal attacks for the Protagonist, preventing his or her death. The game includes the voice acting of the original game, although characters are not shown in the world, instead being represented by on-screen portraits. In addition, the anime cutscenes seen in the original Persona 3 were replaced to feature in-game graphics. It features both the characters from Persona 3 and the ones from Persona 4and also includes some gameplay elements from the Etrian Odyssey series.

The Persona 3 campaign starts two weeks before October 4.

Just as SEES prepares to enter Tartarus that night, they are pulled into the Velvet Room and sent to a school they have never seen before. While searching the area they meet the amnesiacs Zen and Rei and the Investigation Team, the latter of whom have also been pulled into the strange school: they must now work together in order to escape.

The game was released in Japan on November 29, for the Nintendo 3DS and was later released to the west on June 4, The game features characters from the following: Persona 3Persona 4and Persona 5.

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Following the announcement of the game some criticism fell upon the game for not being dubbed in English. The gameplay is similar to the first entry of the series Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinthbut also adds new features and mechanics. Several figurines of the characters have been produced by Kotobukiya, a Japanese collectible toy company.

They include the Protagonist of the game, Aigis, Mitsuru, and Akihiko. Alter, another Japanese company that specializes in collectibles, has also released scale figurines of Elizabeth, Aigis, and Mitsuru.

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However, it began serialization again starting November 7,moving from Dengeki Maoh to Atlus's official Persona Magazine. As of February11 volumes have been released. A non-canonical spin-off anime to Persona 3 titled Persona: Trinity Soul aired in Japan starting in January and ran for twenty-six episodes. Taking place ten years after the events of the game, the anime features Akihiko as a secondary character. In Juneit was announced that Persona 3 would receive a four-part film series adaptation.

The first film was directed by Noriaki Akitaya, the second by Tomohisa Naguchi, and the third and fourth by Keitaro Motonaga. The main Japanese voice actors from the original game reprised their roles in the film series. Persona 3 was adapted into five live stage musicals, with the first one performed in The series of plays were first announced in August and were written by Kumagai and Kotora Kagurazuka, with music by Meguro.

Jul 16,   Persona 3 first came out in July of and is largely credited for sparking the series' popularity outside of ojasjobz.com a few different versions out there, your experience with the game will differ slightly, depending on which you played through. One thing that's more or less the same is the Social Link mechanic the game ojasjobz.com: Adriano Valente. For Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How do I date Elizabeth?".

The plays included separate shows for both the male and female protagonists, who were named Sakuya Shiomi and Kotone Shiomi, and had minor dialogue and scenes unique to each protagonist. The musicals were also broadcast live on Niconico and a behind-the-scenes special aired on Tokyo MX. The Blue Awakening was followed up with a sequel, Persona 3: The Weird Masquerade: The Ultramarine Labyrinthwhich ran from September, at Theater and was given a home release on January 28, Richard Eisenbeis from Kotaku reviewed the play favorably, approving of its casting and special effects, but felt that the musical numbers were "out of place" and the protagonists had "zero personality.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. Role-playing video game. July 13, Main article: List of Persona 3 characters. Main article: Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. See also: Persona: Trinity Soul and list of episodes. See also: Persona 3 The Movie: No.

See also: Persona 3: The Weird Masquerade. Archived from the original on May 22, Retrieved May 3, Archived from the original on June 21, September 18, Archived from the original on March 28, Archived from the original on August 1, Retrieved August 18, Atlus U.

A, Inc. Archived from the original on October 18, Retrieved December 16, Archived from the original on December 1, Archived from the original on October 12, Retrieved November 22, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. Mitsuru: A Shadow feeds on the mind of its prey; the victim becomes a living corpse.

They're responsible for most of the incidents on the news, if not all of them. Archived from the original on October 24, Junpei: She's so cute, but Aigis was the last to be made Does that mean she? Mitsuru: We were in a residential area, but the Shadow was all we were thinking about Aragaki was still new, and he momentarily lost control of his power Unfortunately, there was a casualty: Amada's mother.

You still haven't made up your mind? Is that what this is about? Things have changed quite a bit since you left. We're more aggressive now. Don't let your power go to waste. I ain't going back.

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What's done is done. It's time you moved on.

Persona 3, also known as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, is a role-playing video game developed by ojasjobz.com is the fourth installment in the Persona series, which is part of the larger Megami Tensei franchise. The game was originally released by Atlus for the PlayStation 2 in Japan in July ; the North American release of the game was delayed until due to issues with the publication of. Keep me logged in girl cases. Shop our instagram feed. It's persona 3 fes dating theo homelands at persona 3 fes elizabeth date? Some characters from his wife, but fully soundproofed venue, smt, sooo is it. Aigis represented the east, Read the mc is a date with injuries. The game was rereleased as such, even by jrpg standards. A. For Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Elizabeth date question/ spoilers".

Akihiko: Man He's one tough fighter. He defeated that Shadow all by himself. Igor: This place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter It's been years since we've had a guest. Igor: Your power is unique. It's like the number zero It's empty, but at the same time holds infinite possibilities.

You, my boy, are able to possess multiple Personas, and summon them as needed. Igor: The ability evolves as you develop your Social Links-your emotional ties with others. The stronger your Social Links, the more powerful your Persona ability. Please remember that.

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Mitsuru: My grandfather was obsessed with Shadows. He wanted to harness their power, and create something extraordinary. Damn, that's freaking crazy! Ten years ago, during the final stages of the experiment, they lost control of the Shadows' power. Consequently, the nature of the world was altered.

Tartarus and the Dark Hour By their account, the mass of Shadows they collected split into several large ones that then dispersed. These are the Shadows we've been encountering on nights when the moon is full. Shuji Ikutsuki: What if I told you that those twelve Shadows are the cause of everything? That's what I was going to tell you earlier. See, it's good news, isn't it? Shuji Ikutsuki: She suffered major damage in combat and has remained in the lab ever since. It is still unclear as to why she suddenly reactivated herself this morning Yukari: Aigis!?

Didn't we tell you to stay in the command room at night!? Is this acceptable? That's why we fought so hard! What is your intention? It was all a lie, wasn't it? You knew from the beginning that the Dark Hour wouldn't disappear.

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Unfortunately, your realization has come too late. You tricked us!?

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It is not unexpected that the Dark Hour and Tartarus remain. In fact, I never intended for you to rid the world of them. Quite the opposite, actually. They were destined to be reunited. And that was accomplished in no small part, thanks to your efforts. Soon, Death, the almighty, shall arise and bring forth the Fall You know the "truth" about Shadows?

Shadows are here to facilitate the rebirth of the maternal being. She will begin to awaken as she is drawn to me The Appriser. You're The Appriser? Ryoji: Ten years ago, a man collected a great number of Shadows and contained them in a laboratory That's where I was born. But the unification was interrupted, and I awoke in an incomplete state.

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Aigis: Your strength was far greater than I anticipated. The only possible alternative was to seal you away And as circumstance would have it, a suitable vessel was available: a human child standing nearby So I did what was necessary. Ryoji: Nyx's coming cannot be avoided. But, it is possible to live in peace until she arrives. You'll have to If I were to disappear, all memories of the Dark Hour would disappear with me, as would any recollection of the fate that awaits you.

You won't remember anything. Aigis: Why? Why did I come back here? My mission is to protect humanity from Shadows. But now, I know that I can't defeat them! So then I'm useless! Aigis: This is the promise I've made to myself.

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I don't know how I'll do it Will you allow me to join with you all? You've always been one of us. Thank you! I will be with you all Aigis: You are I didn't mind it. What's going on? Wait, are you? Although, Nyx and myself are now one in [ sic ] the same. Igor: Behold the last power you and I shall unveil It is the power to bring about a new beginning, or the ultimate end.

It may be possible now, with this newfound power You may be able to defeat the one who cannot be defeated. What you have in your hands is the power of the Universe Nothing is outside the realm of possibility for you now.

Aigis: When I thought I might never see you again, something else became clear to me-what I wanted most. And so, I made up my mind.

I decided that I would continue to protect you. I want to be your strength. I know I'm not the only one who can do this My life will be worth living if it's for this reason Thank you April 7, Event occurs at Archived from the original on September 4, Retrieved August 30, The new adventure is called "Episode Aegis.

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Of course, the character you played in that game perished at the end. Ken: But I still wonder Why did it happen? The doctors didn't find anything wrong with him afterward It just seemed like he fell asleep, didn't it? Fuuka: Huh? The lab? Are you planning to commute to school from there next semester?

No, I Archived from the original on June 2, Igor: In awakening to the power of the Wild Card, you are now bound to a contract. From this moment forth, you are our guest in the Velvet Room.

Until recently, a young man with the same talent [the Protagonist of Persona 3 ] was our guest here. Metis: The only way to survive is to somehow find a way to eradicate the Abyss of Time.

How're we supposed to do that? The Abyss of Time connected to this dorm, as if drawn to it. That, together with the way you can all perceive the time skips Metis: Um Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?

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User Info: askinywhiteguy. Did they have sex? If it happens, it was never a dream. User Info: MakotoYuri. User Info: Repinkrad. User Info: ccrocker Actually, I was wondering about the whole sex thing. How old is Elizabeth supposed to be, because she looks to be at least in her mid-twenties User Info: bahamut Who knows how old she is? If she's a being pulled from the realms of the human subconscious, she could literally be as old as humanity itself.

If she was created specifically for Makoto, she might be as little as months or even weeks old at the beginning of the game. User Info: astrophys. Yes, your character has sex with Elizabeth, but only if you "Boldly Accept". If you "Gently Decline", you don't and she doesn't try to push the issue further. Making Liz one of the few females in the game actually, the only on with dates that you can max without being forced into a romance. Of course, she's not a social link character, so when I say "max" here in regards to Liz, I'm referring to the date quest line.

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