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Prince Harry has always been a royal renegade. For over two decades, Harry has been rewriting the royal rule book - and in the process, became known to the world as the fun and charming prince. No offence, Will. And now, Harry has found the perfect partner-in-crime. From pantyhose to PDA, we have an ongoing list tracking every time that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stray from royal protocol:.

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The Best Fall Couture Looks. What Is "Pride" After Pride? How to Support the Black Trans Community. Getty Images.

Royal dating protocol

When the Queen Stands Curtsies and bows are required. Heirs travel apart. Pool Getty Images.

Apr 22,   Sit like a royal. One of the worst things a woman in the royal family can do-as far as etiquette rules go-is sit with her legs crossed at the ojasjobz.com: Claire Nowak. Dec 02,   Here are some peculiar rules a British royal must follow. 1. Royal menu contains no food item with starch. So, no pasta, rice or potatoes. GETTY IMAGES. 2. Royal dinner is a formal and solemn affair. Hence, one compulsorily has to dress in formals if invited for a dinner. 10 Royal Wedding Etiquette Rules Every Member of the Royal Family Follows Elisa Roland Whether you're an official guest or a gawker, brush up on these royal rules for getting hitched.

The Queen's purse isn't just an accessory. Skip the PDA. Marriage proposals require permission. Bridal parties are comprised of children. Bridal bouquets must include myrtle. Royals were not allowed to marry a Roman Catholic-until No nicknames allowed. Ben A. Pruchnie Getty Images. Hats on, hats off.

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Brights are the new black. Oli Scarff Getty Images. Wedding dresses require the Queen's approval. Jeff J Mitchell Getty Images. Modesty is key. Clutches aren't just for cleavage Prince George wears shorts only.

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Royals have styling tips and tricks to avoid malfunctions. Report for duty. Tim Graham Getty Images.

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The royal diet. There's a specific way to drink tea. Don't mess with the dogs.

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Whenever the legend started doesn't really matter - at the end of the day, the ravens are there to stay, lest crown and kingdom come undone. They take this matter very seriously; intwo of the eight ravens that lived on the premises were killed by foxes.

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Luckily, they still had six ravens on the grounds, but that was definitely too close for comfort! They have since upped the number of ravens to remain well above the minimum count, but that certainly caused some commotion on that day! Did you ever think that seating arrangements at school or formal functions like weddings were strict? We think the royal family can top that! Whenever there's a procession, such as a wedding, the royal family must enter in a very specific order with the reigning monarch in this case, Queen Elizabeth II leading the way.

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These are very, very strict rules that must be followed at all costs - of all the rules to make it on this list, this is the one that they rarely, if ever, deviate from!

This rule is actually pretty all-encompassing - it's basically monkey see, monkey do. Queen sits? You sit.

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Queen stands? You stand. Queen eats?

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You eat. Queen stops? You stop. Queen burps?

Jul 21,   Bad news bears, singles: ojasjobz.com released the results of a survey that shows the dating rules and habits have changed. Again. But even though the . Mar 26,   Although it's easy to open up to people online, according to online dating etiquette, it's still important to keep the conversation appropriate. Don't assume. "Online dating is a particularly sensitive situation, and it can be hard to tell if both sides are mutually interested in a relationship. May 20,   Royal protocol traditionally dictates that two royal heirs should not travel together on the same plane, in order to protect the royal lineage should the very worst ever happen. However, this is an unofficial rule, and has been broken many times within the Cambridge family. Prince William, third-in-line to the throne, has flown many times with.

At any rate, doing as the queen does shows that you are paying full attention and due respect to Her Royal Highness and aren't caught with a mouthful of food at an inappropriate time.

This isn't something that just commoners would have to follow should they find themselves amidst royalty - from Prince Philip down the line, all royals have to follow suit although we're pretty sure they're letting George and Charlotte slide for now.

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Wow, what is it with all these rebellious royals breaking all these weird rules that they set for themselves? InEdward III decreed that literally no one, including the royal family and men of the church, could wear fur.

Some years later this rule doesn't seem to be in full force, as Camilla isn't the only one to have broken this regal rule. Even the Queen herself wears fur on various occasions.

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Perhaps it would be best to reinstate this rule, however, as the royal family tends to stir up controversy whenever they wear their furs. Animal activists are often angered whenever they see fur in general, and fur on a member of the royal family seems to send a very powerful message that basically says "fur is not only okay to wear, but luxurious and fit for royalty". Wait, is that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wearing lingerie in public?!

Nowadays she's wearing more subdued yet classy outfits that serve as a style guide for anyone who wants to be sophisticated yet chic.

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This style makeover wasn't optional - the royal family is looked up to in many regards, and fashion is certainly one of them.

As such, their sense of style must be fashionable and elegant without sending any ambiguous messages. Their outfits must also be modest and appropriate for the circumstance.

10 Beauty Rules All Royal Family Members MUST Follow

The Queen prefers to wear an entire block of color from head to toe, whereas Kate switches it up a bit with patterns and blazers. Both pull off their style with the grace and poise that a royal should!

May 01,   Manners dictated every faction of life to an almost laughable degree- from when it was acceptable to smoke to the protocol for sending out invitations. Oh, and by the way: it was illegal to. Dec 11,   According to royal expert William Hanson, royals always carry a clutch as a means to avoid shaking hands. "It is protocol that you do not extend your hand to any member of the royal family (blood royal or those who have married into the family) unless their hand extends first," Hanson told the Daily Mail. "The Duchess of Cambridge may. Dec 24,   Judging by Kate and Wills's reaction, they weren't really expecting this, but went along with it anyway (because, like a good English royal, they didn't make a fuss or cause a scene). Spokespeople from the palace have confirmed that James didn't break protocol, but that doesn't mean that you can run up to the Queen and give her a bear hug.

Being forced to spend Christmas with your family every single year for your entire life does sound a bit boringunless your family is the royal family, of course. This rule doesn't seem like it'd be that big of a deal - after all, the royal family probably isn't going to hang out with just anyone on an important holiday, and it's not like they don't have a house big enough for everyone. But this does appear to be a rule that's been broken before - again by the rebel Kate Middleton, who likes to spend Christmas with her parents and siblings, Princes William and George and Princess Charlotte in tow.

This reportedly didn't sit well with the Queen the first time, so hopefully there's no hard feelings this time around. It's okay, Prince George is still very young and has a lot to learn, but one rule that he'll need to remember when he gets older is to accept gifts graciously.

Royal etiquette dictates that all members of the family must either bow or curtsey to the Queen, be it in public or in private, if it is the first time they have seen her that day. This is because she is the monarch, and so outranks all other members of the family.

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Traditionally, other members of the royal family should also bow or curtsey to one another if they encounter someone who outranks them in the line of succession. However, this rule is amended if any of the royal wives - CamillaMeghan or Kate - are without their husband. In another instance, Meghan, Eugenie and Beatrice would have to curtsey to the Duchess of Cambridgebut only if she is with her husband William, who outranks the three women. However, if he was not present, rules may suggest that they would not need to curtsey.

The official Royal Family website, royal. Other people prefer simply to shake hands in the usual way. Royal protocol traditionally dictates that two royal heirs should not travel together on the same plane, in order to protect the royal lineage should the very worst ever happen.

However, this is an unofficial rule, and has been broken many times within the Cambridge family. Prince William, third-in-line to the throne, has flown many times with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, respectively, fourth and fifth in line to the throne.

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