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After marrying Shikamaru Nara , she becomes a member of the Nara clan and emigrates to Konohagakure , where she works as a kunoichi for the village. Temari was born the eldest child of Karura and the Fourth Kazekage : Rasa. In the anime, growing up as a relative to the Fourth Kazekage and Gaara, Temari had a hard time making friends as everyone was always intimidated by her lineage. One boy, however, Daimaru , would spend much time around her, albeit always to play pranks on her. Temari is a prudent, stoic and blunt individual who is rarely afraid to speak her mind, a trait she would later pass on to her son. In Part I, similar to her siblings, she was rather dismissive with a cruel streak which was demonstrated when Gaara killed Team Shigure ; she simply smiled and waved goodbye to them before they were crushed.

Before leaving, she tells him she will help him again if anything happens and then teases him about crying in front of her in the hospital.

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In the anime, she makes a quick appearance waiting in line for diet ramen at Ramen Ichirakubeing the only non Konohagakure villager there. In doing so, Temari was forced to fight Kujakuwho had abilities similar to her own. Although she was able to hold her own for a while, her opponent's abilities gradually began to overwhelm her.

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Just as Temari was about to be killed, Shikamaru and Ino arrived in time to save her. Shikamaru and Temari quickly began bickering, but ultimately devised a strategy to defeat Kujaku. Temari used her fan to change the direction of a nearby waterfall, allowing Shikamaru to increase the reach of his shadow by using the waterfall's shadow. After Shikamaru trapped Kujaku, Temari finished her off by summoning Kamatari. They were greeted upon arrival by Shikamaru, to which Temari had her usual banter with.

Ultimately, it was agreed to host the first exam in Konoha and the second exam in Suna. Later, Shikamaru saw the Sand siblings off, to which Temari teased Shikamaru again to call if he needs help. Later during the first exam, Temari oversaw the written test with Shikamaru.

Shikamaru x Temari Distance (AU) - Sometimes it's just too hard to stay strong. /#3 shikatema *** Shikamaru is a normal high school student to another's eye but also an undercover investigator of Konoha who took the job under the wings of his father, the chief, Shikaku Nara. Dating Temari, he knew, would not always come easy. Not because they had such clashing personalities sometimes, his the pipe smoke drifting lazily in the afternoon sky, hers a torrent of air knocking down village walls, but because of the practicalities, the intricacies that . Nov 08, Shikamaru Nara and Temari. Shikamaru Nara. Temari. Shikadai Nara. We expected Shikamaru and Temari to end up together, they both spent a lot of time with each other, while at the same time didn't want to be in a relationship. Still they got married and had a kid called Shikadai Nara. Getting most of his looks from Shikamaru, it's not a.

After everyone who passed the initial part of the first exam met outside the building, Temari, as proctor for the second round, explained to everyone that, because there were too many who passed, a preliminary round would be added, forcing the genin to race to Sunagakure and allowing only the first 30 teams to arrive to qualify for the second exam.

The very night after the first 30 teams arrived, she was informed that a group of genin were being attacked by a giant scorpion outside.

Shikamaru y Temari Juntos en la Boda de Naruto

Later, a massive sandstorm approached the Demon Desert. Knowing that this storm was far too dangerous for genin to possibly handle, Temari joined multiple teams to postpone the exams and save the participants.

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Instead, it was decided by Gaara that a report on each participant would be sent to their respective village leader for them to decide if they would be promoted. Her escort around Konoha was Shikamaru Nara ; when asked by Naruto Uzumaki if she and Shikamaru were out on a date, they both denied it.

Later, as she made her way back to Sunagakure, Temari received an omen of bad luck when her cup of tea spontaneously cracked. She commented that, while she didn't believe in such things, she had a bad feeling that something had happened back in Sunagakure. When she learned that Gaara had been kidnapped by AkatsukiTemari joined forces with Team Kakashiwho were on their way to Sunagakure. Wanting to save her brothers, Temari planned to join Team Kakashi in rescuing Gaara, although Chiyo volunteered in her place.

Main article: Five Kage Summit. They come to Gaara's defence during the Fourth Raikage 's outburst and again when Zetsu appears. Zetsu reveals that Sasuke Uchiha is nearby.

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When they arrive, Gaara interrupts the fight between the Raikage and Sasuke so that he can speak with Sasuke. After Gaara fails to convince Sasuke to change his ways and at Temari's instance that by being part of the Akastuki and willingly attacking the Summit had sealed his fate, the Sand Siblings and Darui attack him which proved to be futile after he released a more complete form of Susanoo.

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The Sand Siblings and the Raikage's group followed him back to the Summit hall. The Kage agree to the formation of a Shinobi Alliance in response. Gaara is given the additional task of informing Kakashi Hatake of their decision.

After the siblings find Kakashi and Naruto and tell them what has happened, they return to to Sunagakure to prepare for war.

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Main article: Paradise Life on a Boat Temari is appointed to go to Konoha and deliver information to Tsunade and check out on the progress of the village since Pain's invasion. When she was prepared to return to her village, she is surprised by Konohamaruwho challenged her to a fight. At first, Temari ignored him but Konohamaru attacked her anyway. She was easily able to counter his attacks, leaving him defeated on the floor. She then teased him, claiming that the Sarutobi clan ran out a good heir and that Naruto had sought a lousy student.

Konohamaru, furious about this, attacked her again with the use of his Rasengan. With this, Temari got serious.

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However, before the battle could go any further, Shikamaru stepped in and stopped Konohamaru. Shikamaru had been informed of the intentions of Konohamaru by Udon and Moegi.

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Temari congratulates Konohamaru for mastering the high-level technique. She compliments the team and says they're promising shinobi before she finally returned to Sunagakure.

shikamaru and temari are currently not dating. they were just organizing the chunin exams together. in the future this may be the case, but not right now. How to meet a date in the wrong places to. Temari. On a creerlo y callan. Now, because i love this pairing shikamaruxtemari, - Like comment and sakura finally going to konohagakure, sabaku no, are when he is dating temari. A naruto and search over 40 million singles: i . Shikamaru and temari never officially "dated." Naruto mistakenly accused them of being a couple in episode 2 when they were walking around the village together. See the related link below for more.

In the following days, when Gaara travelled to Kumogakure to meet with the other heads of the Alliance to make plans for the war against Akatsuki, Temari accompanied with him, and remained by his side during the meetings.

When the war begins, Temari is placed in the Fourth Division.

Nov 17, Shikamaru and Temari were one of the earliest couples fans could see developing in the franchise. While other teens in the Naruto series had crushes on one another that didn't look to be reciprocated, these two developed a friendship, and later a relationship, built on respect for one another's intelligence and skills. * The answer to this question is not simple. Of course one can easily answer "because he loves her". There are different answers, different opinions but here is mine. Kishimoto had a game plan for who would end up with who in the end. He didn't i. Feb 25, Naruto Shippuden focuses on the whole gifts for Naruto and Hinata during their wedding thing put forward by Kakashi. We follow Shikamaru, Choji, Ino, Sakura and Temari here as Shikamaru gets up to some weird and wonderful things when he gets to go on a date with Temari. The episode is a good filler.

Although Gaara is officially in command of the division, Shikamaru is in Gaara's proxy. Temari reminds him of his responsibility as a leader to their division, which causes him to complain. The technique effectively slashes him, after which she immediately ordered the Sealing Team to move in immediately. The Raikage, however, incapacitated the sealing team before they are able to do anything. Temari attempted to revise her strategy, but Dodai explained the Third's abilities in more detail to her, noting that they would need a much stronger, long-range Wind Release technique to defeat him.

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Before the Raikage could attack again, Naruto appeared on the battlefield stating that he has such a technique. Temari watched on as Naruto's Rasenshuriken failed to incapacitate the Raikage and later warned her division to listen to Dodai's instructions and flee when the Raikage breached the reinforced wallbut the shinobi who were seemingly exrated by the fact that nothing was working against the Raikage opted to ambush him.

After the failed ambush, she instructed the wounded be taken to the medic team and for the remainder of the forces to fall back. When the Third Raikage was finally sealed, Temari mobilises with the remainder of the division towards where Gaara was battling the Second Mizukage.

On the way, in the anime, Temari and her team received word to return to the Third Raikage's location to protect the seal from more reincarnated shinobi. Upon returning, Temari was horrified to see amongst the group of reincarnated shinobi was her old bully from her childhood, Daimaru.

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Thrilled to see Temari again, Daimaru surprisingly revealed his long feelings of love towards her. While shocked by this, Matsuri noted that men often play jokes simply to get the attention of one they are to shy to openly speak towards. While rejecting Daimaru's feelings, Temari did admit she enjoyed being around someone who wasn't intimidated by her due to her famed and feared relatives, sad when she learned he died.

Nov 30, Naruto Shippden Episode Naruto teases Shikamaru and Temari and asks if they are dating, in which both answer in a roundabout manner instead of saying no. They indirectly deny the accusation but in the shot after Naruto asks that question, there is an image of a couple in between Temari and Shikamaru. Temari: *looking at her* Y/n: are you really ok with me dating Shikamaru? Temari: huh? Y/n: because if you're not I'll give you space until you're comfortable. Like I said before we both have much in common and our taste in men is one of them. We both fell in love with a Baka *laughs* Temari: *laughs* yeah that is true. shikatema naruhina sasusaku naruto nejiten temari saiino shikamaru sasuke hinata sakura ino inosai tenten sai neji saino gaara shikadai narutoshippuden. Stories. Sort by: Hot dating; sasusaku +7 more #2 Shikamaru getting teased by Naruto for not having s kid yet. Temari watching the girls get pregnant before they made h.

Daimaru eagerly asked if she cried for him when she heard he had died, in which she denied ever crying. He then asked if he had lived, if she would have gone out with him in which she immediately rejected the idea and began laughing. A blushing Matsuri also revealed that Temari already liked someone, an intelligent guy. Temari, noticeably surprised at her knowledge, quickly retaliated claiming that there was nobody that she liked.

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An angered Daimaru, claimed that he knew she had found someone. Having heard enough, he accepted Temari's rejection, Daimaru's past regrets were let go and allowed himself to be sealed.

Shikamaru dating temari

After saying her goodbyes to her fellow Suna-nin, Temari was approached by the reincarnated Torune Aburame. Remembering him from the Kage Summit, Temari warned her team to be careful.

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She quickly attacked him, only to reveal Torune was an insect clone. As they prepared to face Madara, she explained that if the elderly needed too much care, the youngsters would not let them forget about it as they prepared to fight.

Upon her arrival, she and the other tessenjutsu users stood atop a rock and uses the Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique to counter the shock-wave created by the swing of the Ten-Tails' tail. As the Alliances battle strategy later unfolds, Temari marvelled at the fact that Shikaku was able to formulate such a strategy after just being told about their techniques, remarking that it was no coincidence that he was Shikamaru's father.

Temari later watched on with the other Allied shinobi as the Hokage clashed with the two Uchiha on the battlefield. As some of the members looked on awestruck of the might of their predecessors, she listened to Shikamaru's transmitted words of encouragement to them to stay alert and wait for an opening. There she noted that Shikamaru would in fact make an excellent Hokage as the ability to sway the hearts of people was a quality necessary to be a leader.

In the anime, she dreamed of her brothers trusting her as their advisor. Main articles: Shikamaru Hiden novel and Shikamaru Hiden anime. Both she and Shikamaru represent their respective countries and work closely in the Shinobi Union. She is the first one to notice Shikamaru's strange behavior and confronts him about it.

When Shikamaru refuses to involve her in the dangerous mission he was assigned, she feels betrayed, punches him in anger, and leaves in tears. With the support of her brother Gaara, she is determined to find out the truth and save him.

Through the many adventures, humor and amazing action in Naruto, we can also find how different people get together and find their place in life through self-improvement.

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One of the main mottos of the series is to not give up, after all. In the case of Temari and Shikamaru, they worked together slowly but constantly to become great team-mates, ninjas, and later a romantic couple. If these two would have done so, they would have never ended up together.

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Instead of that, they eventually understood their interior motives and employed their differences as best as they could. Thus, Temari became more relaxed and Shikamaru more responsible, bringing balance to their relationship and becoming one of the best couples of the Naruto universe!

Which is your favorite ShikaTema moment? We are open to all your comments and suggestions. See you soon! Writing about anime by Moonlight. Swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the Moon.

Previous Articles. Honey's Anime. Shikamaru and Temari fell in love. So, without further ado, here we have 5 reasons why Shikamaru and Temari fell in love. Because Temari is a fearless girl. Because of Shikamaru's confusing relationship with women. Because of Temari's kindness. Because they have similar values. Hottest Questions.

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In the end, Shikamaru and Temari had the best wedding that ever happened in the village of Konoha, and they kept Shikamaru's last name. They had three children. Two twin boys named Shika and Maru, one girl named Tema. Sasuke trains with Orochimaru but is secretly dating numerous girls in the Sound Village. Who knows how many girls claim him. Temari Dating Shikamaru, rencontre sportive athletisme cycle 3, dating at 34 years old, emailing rencontre. Online flash shikamaru games copyright to their respective owners. All other material including site design and images are We searched for the best fun shikamaru games and only included in our online game collection shikamaru games that are enjoyable and fun to play.

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