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Makes sense, right? First, let me start by giving you a weekly ate on my social experiment of online dating, or at least tell you what has happened over the last week. The logic behind this tactic was simple: It only makes sense that the wider I spread the net, the luckier I might be. I was talking with a girlfriend recently who got lucky in her experience with online dating-but she was in her 40s when it happened. Why is this significant? My friend mentioned that she thought the under 50 crowd did better than the over 50 crowd.

Not only did Asch's experiment teach us a great deal about the power of conformity, but it also inspired a whole host of additional research on how people conform and obey, including Milgram's infamous obedience experiments. Does watching violence on television cause children to behave more aggressively?

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In a series of experiments conducted during the early s, psychologist Albert Bandura set out to investigate the impact of observed aggression on children's behavior.

In one condition, the adult model behaved passively toward the doll, but in another condition, the adult would kick, punch, strike, and yell at the doll.

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The results revealed that children who watched the adult model behave violently toward the doll were more likely to imitate the aggressive behavior later on. The debate over the degree to which violence on television, movies, gaming, and other media influences children's behavior continues to rage on today, so it perhaps comes as no surprise that Bandura's findings are still so relevant.

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The experiment has also helped inspire hundreds of additional studies exploring the impacts of observed aggression and violence. During the early s, Philip Zimbardo set up a fake prison in the basement of the Stanford Psychology Department, recruited participants to play prisoners and guards, and played the role of the prison warden.

The experiment was designed to look at the effect that a prison environment would have on behavior, but it quickly became one of the most famous and controversial experiments of all time. The Stanford prison experiment was originally slated to last a full two weeks.

It ended after just 6 days.

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Because the participants became so enmeshed in their assumed roles that the guards became almost sadistically abusive and the prisoners became anxious, depressed, and emotionally disturbed. While the experiment was designed to look at prison behavior, it has since become an emblem of how powerfully people are influenced by situations.

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Part of the notoriety stems from the study's treatment of the participants. The subjects were placed in a situation that created considerable psychological distress. So much so that the study had to be halted less than halfway through the experiment.

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The study has long been upheld as an example of how people yield to the situation, but critics have suggested that the participants' behavior may have been unduly influenced by Zimbardo himself in his capacity as the mock prison's "warden. Following the trial of Adolph Eichmann for war crimes committed during World War II, psychologist Stanley Milgram wanted to better understand why people obey.

Could we call them all accomplices?

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The results of his controversial obedience experiments were nothing short of astonishing and continue to be both thought-provoking and controversial today. The study involved ordering participants to deliver increasingly painful shocks to another person.

Apr 10,   In the midst of social distancing, I found a spreadsheet with 1, phone numbers of singles quarantined across America-I texted 11 gentlemen in four cities for my own Love Is Blind experiment. The dating agency Social Concierge paired up 20 singles to perform this social experiment. They were asked to kiss each other before sitting down to talk. Most of them were nervous, but 4 of 10 couples confirmed that they felt some sort of spark. However, they still admitted that a simple kiss is enough to move on for a date. May 22,   A Weekly ate from the Social Experiment of Online Dating {Hell} First, let me start by giving you a weekly ate on my social experiment of online dating, or at least tell you what has happened over the last week. I started by signing up with eight, yes EIGHT, dating .

While the victim was simply a confederate pretending to be injured, the participants fully believed that they were giving electrical shocks to the other person. Obviously, no one wants to believe that they are capable of inflicting pain or torture on another human being simply on the orders of an authority figure.

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The results of the obedience experiments are disturbing because they reveal that people are much more obedient than they like to believe. The study is also controversial because it suffers from numerous ethical concerns, primarily the psychological distress it created for the participants.

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Jeon, HL. The environmental factor within the Solomon Asch Line Test.

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International Journal of Social Science and Humanity. Bandura and Bobo.

Association for Psychological Science. Published Zimbardo, G. The Stanford Prison Experiment: a simulation study on the psychology of imprisonment.

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My friend mentioned that she thought the under 50 crowd did better than the over 50 crowd. What the heck does that mean? After all, the people are counting on me! So, on some of the more recent sites I joined, I entered my age as 49, instead of my real age, which is Conversely, on the sites where I am listed as being 51, the guys responding are in their 70s.

Social dating experiment

Or with your clothes off. Even more helpful was her suggestion that I perhaps use it on a far-right Evangelical Christian dating site.

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My counter suggestion was that it would also work well on an Orthodox site. Christian Mingle rejected it!

Which for all you Christians out there, this is great news! This means these people are legit and that they are actually monitoring their site, which is way better than Tinder, where one errant swipe can lead to an unsuspecting and unsolicited penis pic.

So, where am I now in my social experiment of online dating?

It represents an interactive virtual dating experiment on social media designed to build a community of love at home during these hectic, and often stressful, times. Singles who want to be a part of the fun can fill out an application on the website describing themselves and why they want to find love online.

People really are all kinds of crazy. If you want to read about how this all started, go here.

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If you want to fix me up, contact me. As would every other person slogging their way through the hell that is online dating. Save Save.

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