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Nevertheless, given that they are similar flowers, it is understandable how the confusion arose. As the city became a Roman possession, the Latin name became Spalatum or Aspalatumwhich in the Middle Ages evolved into AspalathumSpalathumSpalatrumand Spalatro in the Dalmatian language of the city's Romance population.

The Croatian term became Split or Spljetwhile the Italian-language version, Spalatobecame universal in international usage by the Early Modern Period. In the late 19th century, the Croatian name increasingly came to prominence, and officially replaced Spalato in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia after World War I.

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For a significant period, the origin of the name was erroneously thought to be related to the Latin word for "palace" palatiuma reference to Diocletian's Palace which still forms the core of the city. Various theories were developed, such as the notion that the name derives from S. Palatiuman abbreviation of Salonae Palatium.

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It was a colony of the polis of Issathe modern-day town of Visitself a colony of the Sicilian city of Syracuse. The palace and the city of Spalatum which formed its surroundings were at times inhabited by a population as large as 8, to 10, people. Salona was lost to the Ostrogothic Kingdom inalong with most of Dalmatia, but the Emperor Justinian I regained Dalmatia in - The Pannonian Avars sacked and destroyed Salona in ; the surviving Romans fled to the nearby islands.

The Dalmatian region and its shores were at this time settled by tribes of Croatsa South Slavic people subservient to the Avar khagans.

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Until the Sack of ConstantinopleSplit remained a de jure possession of the Byzantine Empire as a Byzantine duchy, administered by the Exarchate of Ravenna and after by Jadera Zadar. In this period, an independent Dalmatian language developed from Latinwith a distinct local dialect: to its inhabitants, the city became known as Spalatrum or Spalatroone of the main Dalmatian city-states. In Tomislav 's Kingdom of Croatia emerged in the hinterland of the city, centered in Nin as an ally of Byzantium against Simeon I of Bulgaria - though without receiving any power from the Emperor over the Dalmatian cities.

Throughout the 9th and 10th centuries, Split was raided by the Narentines a South Slavic confederation recognizing the King of Croatia as their sovereign. Therefore, the city offered its allegiance to Venice and in the Venetian Doge Pietro II Orseololed a large naval expedition which defeated the Narentines the same year.

In the Byzantine Empire restored direct control over Dalmatia.

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The title "Duke of Dalmatia" seems to have been dropped at this point by the Venetian doges. The coastal cities retained autonomous administration and were still nominally under Byzantine Empire, but were now subjects of the Croatian king.

In Coloman, King of Hungaryhaving conquered the Kingdom of Croatia, reneged on its alliance with Venice and moved on the coastal towns, besieging and taking Zadar.

Split and Trogir decided then to surrender upon guarantee of their ancient privileges. Split was to pay no tribute, it was to choose its own count and archbishop whom the king would confirm, it preserved its old Roman laws, and appointed its own judge. Dues from trade which were substantial in the perio were divided between the count, the archbishop, and the king, and no foreigner was to live within the walls of the city against the will of the citizens.

These rights were generally upheld by Hungarian kings, but there were inevitable incidents of violation.

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Inhowever, he was defeated and killed in renewed battle with the Hungarians under Stephen II of Hungaryand Split again acknowledged Hungarian rule. But the new Doge, Domenico Michelequickly defeated the Hungarians again and restored Venetian authority by Upon Michele's return inhowever, the Doge yet again expelled the Hungarians from the two cities and utterly destroyed Biograd, the favored seat of the Croatian Kings that the Hungarians were attempting to establish as a rival to the Venetian Zadar.

This turned out to be a definitive conquest, as Venetian rule was not to return to Split for another years. In that period, however, Split was to see one brief and final restoration of Imperial power in Dalmatia.

The Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Comnenus began his campaigns against the Kingdom of Croatia and Hungary inand byhad secured the submission of the Dalmatian cities back under Imperial rule.

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Having won a decisive victory against Kingdom of Croatia and Hungary in at the Battle of Sirmiumconsolidating his gains, the Emperor suddenly broke with Venice as well, and sent a fleet of ships to the Adriatic.

The city remained loyal to the Empire, resisting the re-establishment of Hungarian rule, and consequently, upon its inevitable submission, was punished with the King's refusal to renew its ancient privileges. During the year Hungarian civil war between King Sigismund and the Capetian House of Anjou of the Kingdom of Naplesthe losing contender, Ladislaus of Naplessold his disputed rights on Dalmatia to the Venetian Republic forducats.

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Acting on the pretext, the Republic took over in the city by the year By this time the population was largely Croatian[21] while Romance Dalmatian names were not as common, [22] according to the Medieval city archives. The common language was Croatianbut Italian a mixture of Tuscan and Venetian dialects was also spoken due to Italian notariesschool teachers and merchants.

Split eventually developed into a significant port-city, with important trade routes to the Ottoman -held interior through the nearby Klis pass. It was written in Split and printed in Venice in Split became part of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy inafter the defeat of the Third Coalition at the Battle of Austerlitz and the consequent Treaty of Pressburg.

It was included directly in the French Empire in The same year, Vincenzo Dandolo was named provveditore generale and general Auguste de Marmont was named military commander of Dalmatia.

These territories, along with Dalmatia, formed the Illyrian Provinces. During this period, large investments were undertaken in the city, new streets were built and parts of the ancient fortifications were removed.

The Split region became part of the Kingdom of Dalmatiaa separate administrative unit. After the revolutions of as a result of the romantic nationalismtwo factions appeared. One was the pro-Croatian Unionist faction later called the "Puntari""Pointers"led by the People's Party and, to a lesser extent, the Party of Rightsboth of which advocated the union of Dalmatia with the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia which was under Hungarian administration.

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This faction was strongest in Split, and used it as its headquarters. The other faction was the pro-Italian Autonomist faction also known as the " Irredentist " factionwhose political goals varied from autonomy within the Austro-Hungarian Empireto a political union with the Kingdom of Italy. The political alliances in Split shifted over time. At first, the Unionists and Autonomists were allied against the centralism of Vienna.

After a while, when the national question came to prominence, they separated. Under Austria, however, Split can generally be said to have stagnated.

The great upheavals in Europe in gained no ground in Split, and the city did not rebel. Antonio Bajamonti became Mayor of Split in and - except for a brief interruption during the period - held the post for over two decades until Bajamonti was also a member of the Dalmatian Sabor and the Austrian Chamber of Deputies and - Split was the site of a series of incidents between and Since RijekaTrieste and Zadarthe three other large cities on the eastern Adriatic coast, were annexed by ItalySplit became the most important port in the Kingdom.

The Lika railwayconnecting Split to the rest of the country, was completed in The country changed its name to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia inand the Port of Split became the seat of new administrative unit, Littoral Banovina.

One month later on 18 Maywhen the Treaties of Rome were signed, Italy formally annexed Split and large parts of Dalmatia down to Kotor. The first armed resistance group was organized on 7 May ; the 63 member strong 1st Strike Detachment Prvi udarni odred served as the basis for future formations, including the 1st Split Partisan Detachment. Soon after Hajduk became the official football club of the Partisan movement. In Septemberfollowing the capitulation of Italy, [34] the city was temporarily controlled by Tito's brigades with thousands of people volunteering to join the Partisans of Marshal Josip Broz Tito a third of the total population, according to some sources.

The Italian General Becuzzi handed over to the Partisans 11 soldiers which they considered as "war criminals; [ citation needed ] the Partisans also executed up to 41 members of the Italian Police forces, later found in mass graves. A few weeks later, however, the Partisans were forced into retreat as the Wehrmacht placed the city under the authority of - ojasjobz.com State of Croatia.

Markwere erased from the town. In a tragic turn of events, besides being bombed by axis forces, the city was also bombed by the Allies, causing hundreds of deaths. Partisans finally captured the city on 26 October and instituted it as the provisional capital of Croatia.

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On 12 February the Kriegsmarine conducted a daring raid on the Split harbour, damaging the British cruiser Delhi. After the war the remaining members of the Italian community in Split left Yugoslavia towards Italy Istrian-Dalmatian exodus. During the period the city experienced its largest economic and demographic boom.

Dozens of new factories and companies were founded with the city population tripling during the period. The city became the economic centre of an area exceeding the borders of Croatia and was flooded by waves of rural migrants from the undeveloped hinterland who found employment in the newly established industry, as part of large-scale industrialization and investment by the Yugoslav Federal Government.

The shipbuilding industry was particularly successful and Yugoslavia, with its Croatian shipyards, became one of the world's top nations in the field.

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Many recreational facilities were also constructed with federal funding, especially for the Mediterranean Gamessuch as the Poljud Stadium. The city also became the largest passenger and military port in Yugoslavia, housing the headquarters of the Yugoslav Navy Jugoslavenska ratna mornarica, JRM and the Army's Coastal Military District equivalent of a field army. In the period between an the city was transformed and expanded, taking up the vast majority of the Split peninsula.

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In the same period it achieved an as yet unsurpassed GDP and employment level, still above the present day's, growing into a significant Yugoslav city. This led to a tense months-long stand-off between the JNA and Croatian National Guard and police forces, occasionally flaring up in various incidents.

The most tragic such incident occurred on 15 Novemberwhen the JRM light frigate Split fired a small number of shells at the city and its surroundings.

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The damage was insignificant but there were a few casualties. JRM Sailors who had refused to attack Croat civilians, most of them Croats themselves, were left in the vessel's brig. The s economic recession soon followed. In the years followingSplit finally gained momentum and started to develop again, with a focus on tourism.

From being just a transition centre, Split is now a major Croatian tourist destination.

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Many new hotels are being built, as well as new apartment and office buildings. Many large development projects are revived, and new infrastructure is being built. An example of the latest large city projects is the Spaladium Arenabuilt in It has hot, moderately dry summers and mild, wet winters, which can occasionally feel cold, because of the strong northern wind bura.

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Winter is the wettest season; however, it can rain in Split at any time of the year. Snow is usually rare; since record-keeping began the months of December and January have accrued 1 snowy day on average, while February has averaged 2. In FebruarySplit received unusually large amount of snow which caused major problems with traffic. Split receives more than 2, sunshine hours annually.

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In July Croatian firefighters battled to control a forest fire along the Adriatic coast that damaged and destroyed buildings in villages around the city of Split. According to the census, the city of Split ha inhabitants. The settlements included in the administrative area of the City are: [3]. The wider urban area of Split hasinhabitants, while there arepeople in the Split metropolitan area. The entire Split-Dalmatia County hasresidents, and the whole region of Dalmatia just under a million.

The Fetivi, now a distinct minority, are sometimes referred to semi-derogatorily as " Mandrili " - and are augmented by the so-called Boduli, immigrants from the nearby Adriatic islands who mostly arrived over the course of the 20th century.

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