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Your Sturmey Archer hub can offer a good way to decide on the age of your bicycle. You can find the hub date displayed clearly on many hubs. Early hubs are more difficult to date accurately. I have compiled the information below from hubs that I have actually seen either in person or from a clear picture. If you have a hub which contradicts any information on this page I would like to hear from you.

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There are also articles on this site covering Internal-sale hubs, in general Sturmey-Archer hub models Disassembly of Sturmey-Archer hubs Special alignment and adjustment Sturmey-Archer Dynohubs, hub brakes, shifter parts Rd5 and maintenance of Sturmey-Archer hubs Parts and names older Sturmey-Archer hubs Sturmey-Archer corporate history Sturmey-Archer date and model identification.

Sturmey-Archer works manufactured many models of 3-speed hubs over the years. Specifications Fitting Sets for most hubs - unless indicated in individual entries A site with information on several adjustment Another hub with information on several hubs.

The classic Sturmey-Archer AW hub in cross-section.

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Tweet Follow sheldonbrowncom. Technical information. Another source Internals like S-RF3. Installation and parts list.

Sturmey-Archer supplies only to trade customers and end-consumer questions, should be directed to a local bike shop. Black Sturmey-Archer Hubs As a new option, manufacturers are now being offered, black versions of gear hubs and also dynamo and drum brake hubs. Before Sturmey Archer gave each hub an individual serial number. I have been researching these numbers for some time. I am now able to share some results of my research here. Here is my dating guide, which I have compiled by using Sturmey Archer production figures along with data from hubs that I have seen and some basic arithmetic. Sturmey-Archer was one of two major manufacturers of internal-gear hubs in the early and mid 20th century. (Fichtel & Sachs in Germany was the other. Shimano has made internal-gear hubs since ) The Sturmey-Archer AW 3-speed hub, by far the most popular one, was durable and, easy to .

No Intermediate Gear version - not the classic AW. Steel dating.

Dating bikes with a Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub Navigation menu. It works anchorage narrow-ratio hubs and hubs discontinued before Old Sturmey-Archer three-speeds other than the AW and closely-related models AG, AB can be tricky or impossible to repair, due to parts un-availability. Apr 01,   DATING RALEIGH BICYCLES. What this chart is intended to be: This chart has been developed as an additional reference guide (more so then simply dating off Sturmey-Archer hubs) for the positive identification of Raleigh frames and entire bicycles. The rich history of Sturmey-Archer began in Nottingham England in with the invention of the world's first 3-speed internal gear hub for bicycles. It was then also the dawn of the motorcycle industry and for Sturmey-Archer,that culminated in the 's when they supplied the countershaft gearboxes fitted by Norton and other major.

Technical hub Rebuilding instructions and comparative parts list, in Sutherland's. Technical information Another source Rebuilding instructions and comparative parts list, in Sutherland's.

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AWC II. Adjustment toggle, steel shell - slight modification of the earlier version.

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Special Brompton extra wide-ratio 3-speed used with 2 sprockets and a rear anchorage to make a 6-speed hybrid-gearing system. This hub is apparently sold only through Brompton.

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Gearbox for tricycle. Motor cycles were a booming industry in the early part of the 20th century and various types of engines and gearboxes were then produced. There was even a production unit in Germany and later, engines were supplied for lawn-mowers and small tractors. Here can be found general company information, sales catalogues, prices and bike pictures through the years, newspaper articles, production information and factory views.

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The current range of products can be viewed on www. Sturmey-Archer Heritage - Product archive. HomePage History Contact. The no-intermediate-gear 3-speed and 5-speed hubs have a 'pawl actuator plate' fitted which is a common source of trouble.

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The plate either breaks up or comes detached from the driver it sits on. If you backpedal when shifting, this failure happens more quickly.

If you wheel the bike backwards with your foot on the pedal slightly, I think you can damage the hub instantly.

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The part itself is not expensive but the consequences of failure can be. The no-intermediate-gear hubs all have design features that create more drag when pedaling than necessary, in a similar way to the drag spring in a coaster brake.

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Probably these are no worse than running a good hub generator when the lights are off; this wouldn't be so bad if it were unavoidable, but it isn't, certainly not at a design stage. In some cases, it is possible to mitigate these losses with simple modifications, but in other cases it isn't.

Sturmey-Archer's most widely known product is the AW wide-ratio three-speed hub gear, introduced in (though patented in ) and still in production in a substantially modified form as of It is the sole survivor of a much larger range of "A" model three-speed hubs, including the AG Dynohub, AB 90mm drum brake hub, AM (medium ratio for "club" riders), the AC and AR (close ratio. Most older Sturmey-Archer hubs have two or three-letter model codes, which are usually stamped onto the hub shell. Conveniently, they also usually have the month and the last two digits of the year of manufacture stamped onto the shell. This is the easiest way . Famous for more than a century, Sturmey-Archer have always been leaders in bicycle hub gear design but in earlier years they also produced gearboxes and engines for motorcycles. The first years of the company, are recorded on

The situation isn't as rosy with the five-speeds and eight-speeds. Sturmey-Archer has offered one series of these, then another since the move to Taiwan.

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It's too early to pass judgment on the newest hubs. There have been numerous reports of failures of the earlier versions.

The Sturmey-Archer Web site no longer carries parts lists for them. The mechanic also comments:.


The [previous version] W 5-speed hubs are not well designed; the planet pinion bushings are wholly inadequate, the dog locking is not strong enough esp if the hub slips If you buy a new W 5-speed hub and matching SL shifter, you can expect trouble. Well before the hub wears normally, the gears will slip on downshifts especially because the shifter itself is too draggy and does not return to its detent positions correctly.

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It doesn't help that the instructions for shifting the hub are not accurate, either. Brake hubs are currently supplied with cables for flat bars that have a nipple at both ends, but there is no lubrication on the cable.

The brake action is draggy from day one when fitted with these cables.

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Most good Dutch manufacturers appear to use different cables. The hub-brake shoes appear no longer to be readily available as spare parts; SA expect you to buy a whole new brake plate instead.

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