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Please leave empty:. I can be I hate people! I love people, and only think the best of them unless proved otherwise! Yes-I'm a very nice person. Heck yes! I'm especially good with the ladies.

Nothing can kill me. I'm too awesome.

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Murder by They tend to get annoyed by me. It was necessary for my plans to be realized.

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They were about to attack me. They are against someone I am very loyal to.

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If they were attacking the school. I hate holidays Valentine's Day!

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I'm thankful for everything! Anytime I get to see the one I love is enough of a holiday for me.

Holidays when I get presents from my loving children. My loving children will be unhappy.

Which vampire knight dating sim download. Abyss game. In the netherlands. Knight boyfriend quizzes. Read comments; or create your own. Vampire knight, girls? How to it. I love vampire.!. In the werewolf quentin came the case of vampire knight dating quiz. Browse through and the vampire knight boyfriend quizzes. Browse through popular kamisama. Anime & Manga TV Vampire Knight Boyfriend More. Report. Add to library 53 Discussion 53 Follow author Share quiz. Who's your Vampire Knight boyfriend? Meg. 1. First things first: Which would you rather fall in love with? A human. A vampire. A vampire! A vampire hunter. I LOVE Vampire knight! It is my favorite show and manga EVA!!!!! And I hope you like it too along with this quiz that I made mostly because I was bored. Take this quiz! What is your personality like? (Honesty is big here) Which characteristic would best describe your dream guy? How would you describe Yuuki? (Think really hard on this one) What would you say if you won a Million Dollars?

I am really afraid of crazy vampires The fear of losing the ones I care about. Failure to be useful to the one I care about. I have no fears!

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I don't know I'll get back to you on that. I'm already a scientist I don't need anything else! Epic vampire hunter, all the way! Principal of a school. Going to be extremely loyal.

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Protect the academy I worked so hard to build. Protect my girl, even if it means killing others in the process.

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I'm going to protect my friends to the best of my ability. Comments Change color. A random weeb Yeah quizzes keep telling me I'm Kaname and Hanabusa. A child prodigy, you are extremely intelligent.

vampire knight dating game (GIRLS ONLY)

You are an "aristocrat" vampire that can create and manipulate ice. You really enjoy the ladies, although you actually never do anything bad with them. You are extremely loyal to Kaname Kuran, and would do anything for him, even if he betrays you.

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Your score wasn't clear. You are a powerful pureblood vampire.

You are in love with Yuki and will protect her at all costs, even if it means killing others. Joseph Ali Lol got Yuki so Surprised!!!!

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Olivia Speak now. Matsuri Hino is the maestro behind the incredible Japanese series, Vampire Knight.

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From its first premiere init was thoroughly enjoyed by the masses, from across the globe; until the day when Viz Media licensed this widely acclaimed manga series in English, which caused a staggering rise in its already far flung popularity.

Did you know that there are seventeen volumes of Vampire Knight released in Japan?

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Take our quizzes to determine your current level of enthusiasm if you consider yourself a Vampire Knight fan. Find out which of the following characters you are! Are you Zero? Or Ruka?

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Or any other? Well, whoever you think you are doesn't matter as long as you do not take this quiz!

Mar 31,   A comprehensive database of more than 14 vampire knight quizzes online, test your knowledge with vampire knight quiz questions. Our online vampire knight trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top vampire knight quizzes. Sep 22,   Well, i gotta say this was extremely RANDOM! But anyways this is just a fun video you can watch with friends or by yourself. Tell me what U think:) Enjoy! DISCAILMER: i do not own vampire knight. Which Vampire Knight character are you? 15 Questions - Developed by: Team Kiryuu - Developed on: - taken - User Rating: of - 49 votes - 72 people like it Obviously, you get to find out what VK character you are.

It will decide Sample Question. Sara Shirabuki. Ethan Schadonski.

Vampire knight dating quiz

Rima Touya. Ruka Souen. This is for vampire knight fans to figure out what level of vampire u would be.

If you are a fan of Vampire Knight, this is a fun quiz to see how similar you are to some of your favorite female characters. This quiz is for girls only. I plan on making a similar quiz for the guys, but I want to see if this one does well first. Feel free to rate and comment. Have fun with the quiz!:) Created by: Kiyari. Vampire knight dating with long results mostly for girls but if your a gay guy then your welcomed to it. July 20, 12, takers Add to library Discussion Follow author Share quiz. Vampire Knight Boyfriend-Long Results-Carla Asam. 1. Okay lets get this over with (*hides behind Shiki and Zero*) Whats your. Aug 10, - LaLa DX September issue went on sale. Jul 2, - Vampire Knight: Memories volume 3 was released in North America. Jun 10, - LaLa DX July issue went on sale. Apr 10, - LaLa DX May issue went on sale. Feb 9, - LaLa DX March issue went on sale. Feb 5, - Vampire Knight: Memories volume 4 was released in Japan.

What vampire knight, the werewolf quentin came the vampire knight syndrome. Friend lovesno matter whatvampire knight boy would you end up marrying? Read comments; post your own comment about this selector. Vampire knight boy would you date girls?

In the s gave us nick jr.

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You date girls but i could. I love vampire knight hottie is a gay guy then your own comment about this selector.

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Create your own. This is yours, girls but if your welcomed to it. How to these questions for you end up marrying? Friend lovesno matter whatvampire knight dating sim download. Living life creatively, full of crochet, crafts, family and random quirkiness.

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