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The relationship between Clark Kent and Lana Lang was one of the most dramatic and tragic relationships in the series. Lana first became an important part of Clark's circle of friends when they began high school. Clark and Lana's relationship spanned much of the course of the show, and has been the source of happiness but more heartbreak for both of them. Their relationship is called Clana by some fans. Clark was afraid of Lana's reaction to his secret, as he felt guilty that Lana's parents had died in the meteor shower.

Lois and Clark visit her uncle Mike's Dick Miller restaurant in South Metropolis and while they are there, someone tries to set a fire in the restaurant. Clark witnesses what happens while Superman arrests the man. Lois and Clark start investigating the case and they discover that a new criminal organization called Intergangbuys property in South Metropolis at very low prices.

Superman tries to help but after an encounter with Martin Snell Bruce Weitzthe lawyer of Intergang, he is unable to do anything because of their threats against everyone he loves. He still finds a way to help when Lois gives him the idea to be in South Metropolis undercover, so Intergang will not know that Superman is there.

In the meantime Mayson Drake Farrah Forkethe prosecuting attorney assigned to the case, shows interest in Clark but she hates Superman. This interest makes Lois jealous of her and she tries to keep Clark away from her, especially when Lois discovers that Mayson's ex boss is Bill Church Peter Boylea man who she believes is the leader of Intergang but she has no proof.

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Eventually, Lois and Clark work with Mayson and they manage to get Snell arrested but the moment he is ready to reveal who is the leader of Intergang, Church blows up the room killing him.

Michael W. Kate Boutilier. During the demonstration of the army's latest weapon, something seems to go wrong and general Marshall Tom Hatten is killed. Lois and Clark investigate the "accident" and they discover that an old college friend of Lois named Ryan Wiley Charles Rocketwho supposedly died a year ago, was present at the demonstration. Lois visits Molly Melora Hardinher best friend from college and ex-girlfriend of Ryan, to ask her about him.

Molly is very different as a person now and she is against everything that has to do with technology. When she is asked about Ryan, she insists that all she knows is that he is dead. In the meantime, a citywide blackout forces the Daily Planet to find a means to publish the paper without the help of modern technology.

Lois and Clark discover that Ryan's plan is to high-jack a satellite and blow up an army base. They get to the base where Lois finds the base's real security guards locked inside of a closet tied up and gagged. Lois realizes that the guards were also fooled by Ryan.

She tells them that to avoid suspicion she cannot untie them, but promises them that she will stop Ryan and keep them safe. She closes the door and runs off to go do so. Walsh who was also part of the plan, get arrested while trying to escape. Lorraine Senna Ferrara. Perry and Jimmy get car-jacked by Bonnie and Clyde Amy Hathaway and Joseph Gian and they all believe that the people who did it were just impersonating the two robbers. When John Dillinger Robert Clohessy and Al Capone William Devane also appear in Metropolis, things get even more weird and Lois and Clark discover that a scientist named Professor Emil Hamilton John Pleshette cloned the criminals because he believed he could alter people's personalities.

Hamilton is not able to control the criminals anymore, who try to take over Metropolis, and Capone also forces him to recreate his old gang. Lois and Clark go to a club to find out more about the criminals and during a confrontation there, Clyde shoots Clark who has to fake his death so his Superman identity will not be revealed.

While everyone mourns the loss of Clark, Lois manages to track down Hamilton and confirm his role in the criminals' resurrection, but she and Hamilton are nearly killed in a gang-style execution before Superman finds and saves them. Having learned about Hamilton's research, Clark then 'returns' and explains that Superman was able to preserve his body until he could use Hamilton's machine to bring him back.

The criminals attack Daily Planet but Superman gets there in time and stops them while the police arrest them, followed by Clark revealing his 'resurrection' to everyone else. Overjoyed at his return, Lois decides to tell Clark her real feelings about him, only to realize that while she was talking Clark fell asleep and did not hear anything of what she had said.

Philip Sgriccia. Lois gets some info about Lex being alive and kept in a cemetery and wants to check it with Clark. The moment he catches his hand, a lightning bolt strikes him and his powers are copied to Wallace. Gretchen Kelly Denise Crosby who keeps Lex's body, witnesses the power exchange and wants to get Superman's powers for herself. Wallace starts calling himself "The Resplendant Man" and starts saving people but he charges them for it. Superman tries to talk to him and explain that charging is not how a super hero works but Wallace refuses to listen, while at the same time tries to hide from Lois how Wallace got his powers because then everyone will want to get those powers.

In the meantime, Gretchen kidnaps Wallace's sister Cindy Williams and Lois for following and finding where she is hiding to force Wallace into helping her get Superman's powers.

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Superman arrives and even though Kelly gets his powers from Wallace, Superman manages to use the stimulation and return the powers from both, Wallace and Gretchen, to him. Lois writes the story but skips the part of how the powers of Superman were copied while Gretchen dressed as a coroner, manages to get Lex's body back from the police when everyone believes he is dead.

Deciding to take revenge, he invents a new toy named "Space Rats" that includes a substance which when someone is sprayed with, it makes adults act like children and children be greedy.

Everyone at the Daily Planet is affected, including Clark, and they start fighting over gifts. Clark realizes that the whole situation has to do with the "Space Rats" and along with Lois they try to find out who is the creator of the new toys. Their investigation leads them to Schott who gets arrested for his creation but also regrets and makes clear that he cares and loves kids. In the meantime, Superman asks toy store owners to donate toys to the orphanage kids and Lois plans a Christmas dinner for family and friends.

All of them though end up having other plans and Lois is alone at her apartment until Clark appears on her door, having canceled his Christmas with his family to be with her. Lois' sister Lucy Roxana Zal moves back into the town with her new boyfriend Johnny Scott Valentinewho Lois does not like and tries to convince Lucy that he is no good for her and using her, leading them to fight.

In the meantime, two scientists Rollie and Emmet Vale Christian Clemenson and John Rubinstein create robots that they use to rob jewelries. After Johnny gets shot by police during a robbery, the two scientists take his head and transform him into a cyborg that is powered by Kryptonite.

On their first confrontation, Superman is defeated due to the kryptonite that is hidden in Johnny's body as it is the source of his power. Superman realizes the existence of the kryptonite and the next time they meet, he knows how to fight Johnny without him getting affected by the kryptonite. Johnny gets defeated while one of the scientists get arrested and the other one runs away with the kryptonite.

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Alperin runs away from Dr. Harry Leit David Bowe to protect a device he created and can transmit information to someone's brain through a beam of light. Faraday ends up in Lois' apartment and uses the device on her before he gets killed. Lois gets into trans for few minutes and she misses the faces of the two other men coming into her apartment after Faraday. Lois and Clark try to discover more things around Faraday while Lois can explain things in his research that no one understands.

Leit tries to find the device by asking Lois but when Superman comes to save her, Leit uses another device on him causing him blindness. Lois takes Superman to her apartment to take care of him till his sight returns.

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Leit kidnaps Lois to force her tell him where Faraday's device is and when Superman realizes what Leit is looking for, he goes to Daily Planet to get it before him. Leit arrives there with Lois and while he tries to get Faraday's device, Lois manages to take the antidote for Superman's blindness.

Leit gets arrested and everything goes back to normal. In the meantime, everyone believes that Clark has spent a weekend away with Mayson Farrah Forke since when she asked him out, everyone thought that Clark accepted her proposal. But he didn't, Clark is not that guy and were unaware that he spent the whole weekend with Lois while he was blind when he was Superman. At the end of the episode, Lois learns that this was not the case and asks Clark where he has been the last three days but he has no answer.

Clark finally finds the courage to ask Lois out on a date which she accepts after thinking about it for a while. But their plans are ruined when Dr. Lex is determined to get his fortune and Lois back and kill Superman and works with Gretchen and his old servant Nigel Tony Jay to achieve it. When he learns that Rollie Vale Christian Clemenson who is in prison following the events on the episode Metallo has kryptonite in his possession, he visits him in prison and makes a deal with him; his freedom and money in exchange for the kryptonite.

Lex manages to break Vale out and he also kidnaps Lois to force her come back to him. Back at Lex's hideout, Lex gives the kryptonite to Nigel to keep it safe, but Nigel betrays Lex by stealing it and shooting a bolt at him before escaping.

Gretchen is accidentally killed during a scuffle and an argument with Lex after she pushes Lois into a rat pit. Superman arrives to save Lois and when Lex realizes that he will be led to jail, he tries to kill himself like he did the last time. This time though, Superman stops him and he ends up behind the bars while Lois and Clark try to reschedule their first date.

A television news reporter, Diana Stride Raquel Welchwants to discover the true identity of Superman and expose him to the public. Her first attempts are not much successful since Clark manages every time to appear in front of her as Superman, before she realizes who he really is.

At the same time, Mr. X, a former member of Intergang, is about to testify against Intergang and one of its assassins. As it turns out, the assassin is Diana, who attempts to silence him before he does it. Superman gets in her way and she decides to kill him. She kisses Superman while wearing a kryptonite lipstick, something that makes Superman very sick since the kryptonite enters his body and spreads like a cancer.

Clark tells Lois more about himself, flying her to the Fortress of Solitude and revealing that he loves her. Soon after, Clark and Lois learn that three Kryptonian have arrived on Earth and is threatening humanity. Clark decides to restore his powers and defeats the Kryptonians. Later, Clark finds Lois upset about knowing his secret and not being able to be open about her true feelings.

Clark kisses Lois, using his abilities to wipe her mind of her knowledge of the past few days. When Margot Kidder publicly criticized the producers for their treatment of director Richard Donner, the producers reportedly "punished" the actress by reducing her role in Superman III to a brief appearance.

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Producer Ilya Salkind denied the claim and said the creative team decided to pursue a different love interest for Superman instead. Kidder returned as the female lead and Superman's love in the fourth film. In the film, Superman has disappeared for many years. On his return to Earth, not only did he find the world he left behind has changed in ways he didn't expect, but the woman he loves, Lois Lane, is a mother and is engaged to Richard White Perry White 's nephew.

Lois and Richard's son, Jason White, is later revealed to be Superman's son after the child begins to show superpower. In Warner Bros. In Man of Steelunlike in previous adaptations, Lois was made aware of Clark's identity as Superman very early on in the film. This was part of an effort to reinvent Superman in the modern world. Warner Bros. Goyer insisted that Lois should know Clark's secret as Superman; because they are trying to depict Superman in a more realistic, more relatable way.

Goyer said sidestepped the alter ego problem is not an issue with Lois. Moving forward Lois will be Clark's secret keeper and they will be involved in a real relationship. Goyer also revealed a deleted scene that was filmed but was cut from the film, where after Lois is captured by the FBI, they interrogate her and she refuses to reveal Superman's identity.

Director Zack Snyder said Lois needed to be a match for Superman, a girl who intrigues him. Because Lois is not the obvious choice. She's difficult, she's sophisticated, she's from the city, she's all the things that he's not. They make a really interesting couple, but a complicated couple," Deborah explained.

Deborah also stated that although Superman saves Lois physically, she saves him emotionally. Amy Adams saw a lot to like about Lois' straightforward approachability, a quality that would appeal to a Kansas farm boy.

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And then she's finally found this one guy who can literally sweep her off her feet," Cavill said. He opens her eyes to a world she didn't know existed and she opens his eyes to the idea of what he sees as a more normal existence. In the film, Lois first meets Clark Kent in the Arcticwhile writing a story about a scientific discovery of an unidentified object found in the Arctic ice.

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There, Lois follows Clark to the buried Kryptonian scout ship and became aware of his abilities, when Clark saved and heals her after she was attacked by a Kryptonian drone.

Over the next several weeks Lois begins to search for Clark's identity, by tracking down his activities in the past few years. Lois eventually arrives in his hometown Smallville and speaks with his mother Martha Kent.

Clark and Lois meet again in the Smallville cemetery.

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And after revealing to Lois about his father's death, Lois decides to keep Clark's identity a secret. Clark agrees to hand himself into the government in exchange for Lois' freedom. Clark manages to defeat Zod's forces with the help of both Lois and Jor-El.

At the battle of Metropolis Clark kissed Lois before Zod arrives and attacked him. Clark ultimately ended the fight by killing Zod, when Lois arrived she consoles him.

Some time afterward, Clark decides to join the Daily Planet and is introduced to Lois as a new stringerand Lois plays along with his new secret identity. Lois' connection to Superman has prompted some to use her against the Kryptonian hero, with Lex Luthor initiating his plan against Superman by arranging for Lois to be abducted by insurgents and threatened so that Superman's intervention would create a potential international incident.

At the end of the film, after Superman's death, Martha gives Lois an engagement ring which Clark originally planned to give her. On what role does Lois Lane fulfill for Superman, Cavill stated that: "I think Lois was, and is, a true anchor for Superman, and she always has been.

Lois is still grieving over Clark's death and is writing puff pieces for the Daily Planet. Batman and his allies decide to use the Mother Box to resurrect Superman to help them fight off Steppenwolf and his Parademon army but also to restore hope to mankind.

Superman is successfully resurrected, however, his memories have not returned and attacks the league. Lois becomes Batman's secret contingency plan and helps calm Superman down.

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Clark leaves with Lois to his family home in Smallville where he tries to recover his memories. Clark and Lois reaffirm their love for each other before Superman join the battle against Steppenwolf. Adventures of Superman is an American television series in the s. The show is the first live-action television series to feature the comic book character Superman and began filming in California in Sponsored by cereal manufacturer Kellogg'sthe series ran from September to April The series follows Superman as he battles crooks, gangsters, and other villains in the city of Metropolis while masquerading as the Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent.

Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, Clark's colleagues at the office, often find themselves in dangerous situations which can only be resolved with Superman's timely intervention. The show loosely followed John Byrne's six-issue comic book series, The Man of Steelwhich significantly rewrote Superman's origin, with Clark Kent as the true personality and Superman a disguise.

The main characteristic of this series is that it gave special focus on the relationship between Clark and Lois. In the series, Jonathan and Martha Kent witness the crash-landing of a small spaceship in Shuster's Field near SmallvilleKansas in When they investigate the craft, they discover the baby Kal-El and decide to raise him as their own, naming him Clark Jerome Kent. There, he is partnered with Lois Lane, who at first considers him little more than a pest.

Eventually, the two fall in love and marry, after a turbulent courtship: including Lois being kidnapped by Lex Luthor and replaced with a frog eating clone, Lois suffering from amnesia, and Clark being called away to serve as a leader on New Krypton. The series began with a teenage Clark Kent Tom Welling learning to balance the demands of his powers with his desire to lead a normal life. It shows Clark's reluctance to accept his Kryptonian heritage, his responsibility for his abilities, his longing desire to be normal and his constant fear of people discovering his secret.

In the series, Clark's affection began with Lana Lang, his childhood crush in the comics. Clark and Lois first developed a friendship and in later seasons a romantic interaction; with Clark gradually starts to fall in love with Lois and realize that she is the one for him, and eventually revealing his alien origin to her.

The writers of the show were constrained to limit the usage of Clark and Lois' romantically relationship, and in the Lois Lane character in general. You can't do a dream sequence with her and Clark or any of that sneaky stuff.

Throughout the series, the show foreshadowed Clark and Lois' future romances, which was woven throughout their interactions from the moment Lois was introduced to the series.

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Including Lois revealing that a fortune teller once told her that she was destined to fall for a guy who flies a lot and likes to wear tights, or saying she prefers geeks in glasses. And numerous other hints and comments made by Clark or Lois, and other characters on the show.

In season 4, at the end of the episode "Lucy," after Clark and Lois admit for the first time that they have become friends, two stars collide, referring to Clark and Lois as coming together. In season 5, series producer Darren Swimmer describes the relationship between Clark and Lois in the fifth season as "a bit of a melting of the ice. Erica Durance feels that in season five it is not yet clear if either character realizes the attraction, but the joking between the two characters represents a foreshadowing of a greater relationship.

Durance sees season five as being too soon for the characters to be "in-love" because they are still getting to know each other. In season 6, the relationship between Clark and Lois is still undefined for the audience.

Erica Durance described the relationship between Clark and Lois in season six as something neither character wanted to put an official label on. The pair has learned to deal with each other's "quirks," but there are still moments that both feel uncomfortable with.

Durance believes that Clark and Lois are satisfied with identifying with a "brother-sister friendship" label, rather than trying to discover how they both truly feel about each other.

When does clark start dating lois

Writer Brian Peterson describes Lois' relationship with Oliver Queen in season six as a precursor to her future relationship with Clark. Peterson sees the dynamic between Lois and Oliver-with Lois willingness to accept Oliver's secret identity as Green Arrow -mirroring the relationship Lois will have with Clark.

However, Lois was unaware that she was kissing Clark, as he was disguising himself as Green Arrow Oliver, Lois' boyfriend at the time. In the episode "Crimson," Clark is infected by Red Kryptonite which in the series removes his inhibitions. Clark's action, behavior and his conversation with his mother, shows that he was attracted to Lois at some level.

In season 7, Clark and Lois made a huge progression in their relationship. In the episode "Siren" Lois after breaking up with Oliver Queen in a very emotionally vulnerable state told Clark that she knows what it's like to love someone who has a destiny greater than her own. In the episode "Apocalypse" which heavily underlines the Superman mythos Jor-El sent Clark to an alternate reality where Clark never came to Earth.

And Lois meeting Clark Kent for the first time at the Daily Planetand the two character have an instant attraction to each other. And Clark exposing his powers to save Lois' life and working with her to stop President Lex Luthor 's plans for world domination.

In season 8, Clark and Lois took another crucial step towards their relationship, with Clark start to work at the Daily Planet working alongside Lois. The writers for the series stated that in season eight, Lois finds out about her true feelings towards Clark.

Erica Durance describes season eight as a lesson in duality, with Clark realizing that he has to be two different people if he wants to have a life and save the day.

Durance believes that the same applies to Lois. Durance explains, "[Lois has] got her confidence as a journalist and on the inside, she's going oh my god I'm truly in love with [Clark], more in love than I've ever been with anyone.

When Lois broke Maxima's spell over Clark, Maxima confronts Lois; saying that Clark's attraction to Lois and the bond between them was the only way that Clark was able to resist her spell. In the episode "Committed," Lois was put under a lie detector test by a serial killer and admitted that she was in love with Clark. In the episode "Bride," the two shared many moments of attraction towards each other and almost sharing a kiss, but was interrupted by the return of Lana. At the end of the season, Lois was sent to the future.

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Clark believing Lois was killed in Doomsday's attack on the city this and the death of Jimmy Olsen leads him to leave behind his human identity and fully embrace only his Kryptonian side.

In season 9, Lois returns to the present in the episode "Savior" but has lost her memory of when and where she has been. Lois' reappearance breaks Clark's self-imposed exile, prompting him to return to the Daily Planet. Soon, the two were seen flirting much more. In the first nine episodes, Lois is seen having dreams and visions of the future, which includes her and Clark making love.

In the episode "Crossfire," Clark finally shows his true feeling for Lois and kissed her, which Lois reciprocated in the episode "Idol.

At the end of the episode, Clark and Lois decide to become an official couple. Throughout the rest of season nine, the two took slow steps in their relationship because both want this relationship to be the one they "got right.

It is made clear in the season ten premiere episode "Lazarus" Clark doesn't realize that Lois knows his secret. In season 10, several new milestones occurred in their relationship: from "I love you" exchanged, Clark revealing his secret as the Blur to Lois, to them consummating their love.

In the episode "Ambush," it is implied that Clark asked Sam Lane Lois' father for her hand in marriage. Clark reveals the engagement ring in the episode "Abandoned" and proposed to Lois in the episode "Icarus," which Lois happily accepts.

Over the course of the season, the two grow closer than ever, learning to rely on each other and help each other through challenges both normal and super. Their wedding ceremony occurred in the series finale, only to be interrupted by the coming of Darkseid and his planet Apokolips.

Clark defeated the evil entity and saved the world, and finally becomes Superman. When Lana and Jason split up, Clark and Lana became closer again. They shared a dance at the prom and, when Clark lost his memoryLana was keen to restart their relationship when Clark promised this time it would be different.

However, when his memory returned, Lana was left disappointed again. Nevertheless, they assumed the role of parents when they found a baby in a field and took care of it together. Before the second meteor shower they declared their love for each other and said goodbye, preparing for the worst. But I also knew that you'd never change. You'd always be running around trying to save the day. All those times I pulled away When Clark's adoptive father Jonathan Kent died, Lana stayed with Clark out of pity and they got back together.

Soon after that, Clark was hypnotized by Simone and broke up with Lana. After the spell was broken, Lana tried to mend things with Clark, but he decided he didn't like lying to her and broke up with her. He lied to her by telling her he didn't love her anymore. This seemed to put an end to their relationship for good. Lana quickly started a new relationship with Lex, and became pregnant with Lex's child.

Despite her anger with Clark, when Lex proposed to herLana had reservations since she still had feelings for Clark. She gave Clark a final chance to make amends, but when he found out she was pregnant, Clark decided to let her go, much to her disappointment. Lana believed that Clark might be meteor-infected and proved her allegiance to Clark when she protected what she thought was Clark's secret from Tobias Ricea meteor freak who could identify other meteor freaks.

Lana finally found out Clark's secret on her wedding day by witnessing Clark's powers from a hiding place. At the same time, Clark realized that he had to tell Lana about his feelings for her.

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After kissing Clark and telling him she'll meet him at the barn at pm, Lana is confronted by Lionel Luthorwho found out Lana's intention to stand Lex up and promised he would kill Clark if she didn't marry Lex. Lana's love for Clark made her protect him by keeping her promise to Lex. But the world needs you more and as long I'm in your life, I'm holding you back.

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Please, don't come after me. I love you, Clark Kent. More than you will ever know. Clark continued to mourn for Lana while trying to defeat Bizarro. Later, Lana was revealed to be alive, as she confessed that she had tried to set Lex up for her murder. On her return to Smallville, she immediately visited Clark's loftmuch to his surprise and delight. Clark and Lana both decided to forget their past mistakes and try to pursue their relationship again.

When Ben Meyers attempted to kill Lana so Clark could fulfill his destinyLana began to think that she may be holding Clark back but Clark insisted that she was all he ever wanted. Sometime later, Lana opened the Isis Foundation and asked Chloe to keep the foundation a secret from Clark. While Lana's secrets piled up, Clark told Lana one of his biggest secrets: He was hiding Kara 's blue crystal.

Lana began to wonder if she deserved Clark and if she was at the point where she couldn't rebound from her darkness.

Nevertheless, when "Clark" supposedly returned from the Fortress of Solitudetheir relationship seemed to be back on track. Lana noted that Clark had never been so open before. Unaware that she was actually dating Bizarro, Lana enjoyed living with the new Clark.

She ignored Chloe's warnings and even planned to leave Smallville with him. When the real Clark eventually came home, Lana was in denial at first. Clearly happier with Bizarro, she and Clark grew very distant. Clark was outraged that Lana didn't know him as well as he thought. He eventually confronted her over their relationship issues, and Lana admitted it was easier living with Bizarro.

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Clark still felt like Lana wanted him to be somebody else, while Lana felt like it was impossible to live up to Clark's standards. Later, Lana packed her bags and was preparing to stay with Chloe, but Clark and Lana both decided that they didn't want their relationship to end.

Smallville 9x09 - Pandora - Lois and Clark decide to become a couple

Lana then chose to pursue her relationship with Clark once more. When Clark was abducte Lana worked with Chloe to rescue Clark, and even threatened to kill Lex if he caused Clark any harm.

Lana was later attacked by Brainiac and left in a catatonic state. Clark was heartbroken when he went to see her, receiving a devastating message from Brainiac, saying that he was "too late.

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She left a message for Clark on a DVD, telling him that they were not meant to be together, as the world needed him more, but she made sure that Clark knew that she loved him, more than he would ever know.

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