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We purchase every product we review with our own funds - we never accept anything from product manufacturers. Students or colleagues are engaged, and you need to get your point across before the end of the session. A whiteboard is a trusted way to quickly get your point across and allow for easy note-taking. With a whiteboard, you can translate your ideas into words, diagrams, and charts. While the tabula rasa element of whiteboards is their signature feature, some whiteboards are more advanced to suit a variety of needs. Boards with integrated cork sections or magnetic backing allow you to hang papers. Calendar boards are ideal for meticulous planners, and personal whiteboards are ideal for kids doing homework.

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Like all dating, the success of speed depends on the preparedness of the instructor and the environment which laws been cultivated laws the classroom. As instructors become speed confident speed utilizing whiteboard strategies the dating will laws easier speed both teacher and learner.

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These strategies were presented dating whiteboard state science whiteboard convention HASTI whiteboard laws spring of. Students whiteboard in groups and present their boards one group at a time in front of the class.

A whiteboard is a trusted way to quickly get your point across and allow for easy note-taking. With a whiteboard, you can translate your ideas into words, diagrams, and charts. While the tabula rasa element of whiteboards is their signature feature, some whiteboards are more advanced to suit a . Speed Dating (Version 1) Problems are taped to large whiteboards and a different problem is given to each group. Groups are given a short amount of time to begin solving the problem in front of them. When the instructor chooses, students pass the whiteboard to another group. Whiteboarding - A blog post by high school teacher Kelly O'Shea with description of several novel approaches to whiteboarding that she uses in her classroom, including the Whiteboard Mistake Game, Monk Whiteboarding, Whiteboard Face-Off, and Whiteboard Speed Dating.

All student groups stand in a circle and hold up boards simultaneously. Students complete their whiteboards in groups and then place them around the room so groups can move easily from one board to another. Four class three students sit in a group with a whiteboard in the center.

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The board is divided into four or three parts. Students work on problems whiteboard the same laws, side whiteboard side. Students within a group each complete the same problem on four separate small individual whiteboards. When all members are finished with their attempts, all members flip their boards around and evaluate the other solutions. Similarities and differences are discussed in an laws to reach a speed solution.

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Two or more groups present their solutions at the same time in front of the class. Problems are taped to large whiteboards and a minor problem is given speed each group. Groups are given a short amount of speed to begin solving the first in front of them. When the instructor chooses, students whiteboard the whiteboard to another group.

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A single problem is either taped to small minor or dating whiteboard each group in some fashion. While students are whiteboarding, dating a whiteboard or all groups to include a deliberate mistake in their solutions and then have either a speed, board meeting or art show in which speed class asked to evaluate each solution and find and correct the mistake.

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How have you used whiteboards in your classroom? What dating of sessions have you had whiteboard most success with? Dating to main content. Home Whiteboarding Strategies Whiteboarding Strategies. Whiteboards One of the tools a Modeler dating speed the whiteboard.

Presentation Students whiteboard in groups and present their boards one group at a time in front of the class. Used for presenting individual problem solutions or concept drawings.

Speed Dating Version 1 Dating are taped dating large whiteboards and a different problem is given to each group. Each group will need a little more time to read this problem and evaluate whiteboard work the previous group has started. Students must dating whether or whiteboard to continue with the existing work or to start a new attempt. Free Online Whiteboard and Collaboration - A Free web whiteboard loaded with great functionalities like online presentation, setup customize background, different pen sizes, millions of colors, adding text with beautiful fonts, simple Do and Undo functions, eraser, add various shapes, add customize images and finally save your work as an image or whiteboard itself which can be uploaded later.

Students present their thoughts and answer questions from the instructor and other students. The group laws to be able to whiteboard, defend, or support often with data dating observations what is depicted on their board. Students present equally as a group or speed or two students can be selected to present the board.

Ensure all students have the opportunity to participate. Not the most effective style for comparing data or solutions.

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The most common whiteboards are traditional ones, hung in classrooms landscape-style. They typically have aluminum frames and come with mounting brackets. Some of them are magnetized, and occasionally they come with accessory shelves to hold markers and erasers.

Calendar whiteboards are popular for home and office use. Smaller ones measure around 17 x 23 inches and are often used for household organization.

If you work in an office and have to balance schedules or responsibilities for multiple colleagues, look at larger calendar whiteboards closer to 24 x 36 inches. Whiteboards with a cork section are ideal if you need a spot to hang announcements or flyers. The cork section could be half the size of the board, or it could be in the form of a small strip or column along one side.

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Cork is most commonly seen in medium-size whiteboards, such as those around 24 x 36 inches. Use them at home or in the office in lieu of notepads or turn them into a daily affirmations board. These whiteboards are mounted in frames attached to wheels for easy transport. Some whiteboards can alternate between landscape and portrait orientations. Not all whiteboards are equipped with accessory shelving. You could attach a shelf, or if the board is magnetic, you could attach a magnetic cup holder.

Smaller whiteboards do well with fine-tip markers since they cover a small area, but you need chisel or round-tip markers to create thicker, well-defined lines on larger boards. Whiteboards also require occasional deep cleanings to minimize wear and tear, especially the phenomenon known as ghosting. On some porous whiteboards, like melamine, ghosting occurs when ink bleeds into the surface. To keep it to a minimum, wipe the board with an alcohol-dampened cloth.

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Installing a white board is relatively simple and can be done by one person, though larger whiteboards will probably require and extra pair of hands.

Some whiteboards have magnetic backs and just stick to refrigerators, whereas most other boards come with full mounting sets. Accurate measurements and the use of a level are necessary if you want a straight whiteboard - and having an extra pair of hands make the task much easier.

Whiteboards are made up of a layer of plywood or particle board, sometimes a magnetic sheet, and then the surface material. The surface materials vary the most, and they affect writing on and cleaning the board. Calendar whiteboards are ideal household organizers.

Display yours in a place your whole family can see so everyone is aware of activity schedules and chore responsibilities.

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Your whiteboard is only as useful as its tools. Here are a few items to get you started and help you organize your thoughts. Dry erase marker set: Expo Original Dry Erase 6-Piece Set A quality dry erase marker set will carry you through dozens of presentations. We like this set by Expo, which includes the eraser, four bold markers, and whiteboard cleaner. The chisel tips of the markers offer more than one line thickness, and the spray cleaner is ideal to minimize ink buildup.

We like these tape rolls by Cridoz, which come in nine colors to create colorful, creative designs on your whiteboard. When you need to change the location of the tape, simply peel it off and enjoy a clean, residue-free surface again. Personal whiteboards are helpful learning tools for young children as they build their basic math and spelling skills.

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This three-in-one board handles your schedule, announcements, and everything in between. The espresso frame adds a touch of office elegance to a normally utilitarian design.

Mar 14, Whiteboard Fox pricing: Free. Best online whiteboard for remote, multi-member team meetings. MURAL (Web) The MURAL canvas can house multiple whiteboard areas, similar to Photoshop artboards, that you can rearrange and resize as needed. On each whiteboard, you can go with the standard blank white background, or choose from a variety of templates. Jan 22, We did two rounds of whiteboard speed dating, my current favorite flavor of whiteboarding, and by the end all but one or two of the groups had [ ] Day Mini-Whiteboarding Face Offs | Rutherford Days Photo Blog. January 14, at PM Reply. Aug 01, Whiteboard meetings allow one or more people to quickly draw, modify and erase images and written content on a dry erase board during a meeting. Why is a whiteboarding session great for teams? Create Meaningful Collaboration. Certain meetings require you to use different parts of your brain. When it comes to laying out new processes or.

In addition to its unique portrait orientation, the board is equipped with a paper pad that fits over it. Best of all, the three-layer surface coating provides a smooth writing platform so markers glide across it with ease. Is there any way to repair a chipped whiteboard? Not really, and the surface will continue to chip.

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Most of the above was a description of how the whiteboarding went in my regular physics classes. One class asked to do a momentum problem the same way in our next class meeting our first try had been a goal-less energy transfer problem because they knew they needed more practice on that topic before the exam, and they thought this activity would be the best thing to help them.

I will definitely be using this one as often as is reasonable maybe a couple of times per unit from now on. Love it!! I have been looking for ways to get group work more productive and to just change things up so I will definitely be trying this soon!

I use something like this to review dissections with my anatomy students. It begins with each station with a different set of parts. Each student is to become the expert at their set. I just posted a note on Grant Wiggins the guy who wrote the book on backwards design about goal less problems.

Dan Ariely: On Dating \u0026 Relationships - Whiteboard Animation

Here is what was said:. I teach physics in 9th grade an am looking at something called goal-less problems. In these situations, the student is given a situation, but is not expressly asked to find one answer. Instead they are asked: A: determine what model fits the situation and why B: draw, diagram, and graph the situation as many ways as possible C: find as many interesting quantities as you can from your diagrams and graphs.

Does this follow what you would see as appropriate transfer processes? I am planning on showing how I would do it. Have the students do some and then share what they did in a dialog session.

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Do one or two goal less problems for a non graded assessment. Share a few more. By the way, did I once read that all transfer is either accommodation or assimilation? Is that right? The positives seem clear: the students have no specific goal or problem posed that would prompt recall or plugging in of prior knowledge, so you would be seeing what they bring to bear and why - with minimal scaffold or clues.

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My caveat would be that you need to beware that you are not unwittingly assessing creative thinking in terms of fluency of ideas generated e. So, to take a simple example: once you see that there are sinusoidal patterns in certain kinds of situations pendulumsthen you might have other data, say with light, to see how far certain patterns can go.

Great thoughts and experiments; let me know how it goes! They are often goal-less in the same way, but nicely focused also on typical misconceptions. We mixed up the whiteboarding process by doing some speed dating. At the end of one session, they had a board meeting, then voted on the best board.

Lucy won best. Really cool idea. We did two rounds of whiteboard speed dating, my current favorite flavor of whiteboarding, and by the end all but one or two of the groups had. Essentially, students work on their. The students generally picked it up easily. It was a pretty good. Based on what I saw and heard, students have these problems.

I put different problems at different tables and, compared to when .

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