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Earlier this season, fans were shocked to find out Madisson Hausburg , 25, was dating her former producer named Ish. Another twist in this love story was the fact that he was more than 20 years older than the MTV star. It's a big age difference but I would hope that after everyone initially judges it, will come around and see it's a real relationship with real feelings and he is good to me. It's a healthy relationship," Madisson shared with E! News exclusively. The relationship is so strong that even some co-stars and friends wouldn't be surprised if an engagement was in the future. I don't really know the ins and outs of your relationship with Ish all that well, but I feel like that's a serious relationship," Juliette Porter shared.

I feel like Ish brings out a really authentic part of me," Maddison explained. I think all of my friendships have been real, but I think Ish brings out a whole different side of me.

Feb 05,   Siesta Key can be like a game of musical partners since, more often than not, cast members have inadvertently "traded" significant others on and off. Alex, for example, once dated Madisson, then. MTV's reality show Siesta Key is full of surprises for Season 3, including the announcement that Madisson is dating the show's former producer, Ishmael "Ish" Soto. On top of their surprising connection, Ish is also more than 20 years older than Madisson - which is bound to make some viewers question their Sara Belcher. Jan 07,   Madisson Hausberg is one of several cast members returning to Siesta Key with a new boyfriend. She's dating a man named Ismael "Ish" Soto, who .

She continued, "[My ex] Brandon and I had some really good times but ultimately, it was more of a childish relationship. There was no future there and these are conversations I have with Ish and it's a lot more serious.

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So how is the rest of the Siesta Key crew doing in the romance department? Take a look at our gallery below for the latest. In season one and two, fans watched Juliette and Alex Kompothecras' roller coaster romance.

Jun 16,   'Siesta Key' star Madisson Hausburg and boyfriend Ismael 'Ish' Soto, who was a former MTV producer, are still dating and talk having kids. Get an ate! Jan 14,   Siesta Key surprised basically everyone when Madisson Hausburg revealed she was dating Ismael "Ish" Soto, who is not only more than 20 years older than her The short answer: yes, Madisson is still dating Ish from Siesta Key. While Madisson's last public post with Ish was in February, she did caption it: " ate: still happy." Safe to say the couple is still going strong, even after her dad's disapproval on the show's second episode.

But when kicking off season three, the college graduate has her eyes on Bachelor in Paradise star Robby Hayes. I think a lot is changing in my life and I hope we get a season four and I get to share that part of my life with everyone because I'm ready for people to see that side of me," Chloe teased to E!

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News back in June The supermodel is starting off season three single and ready to mingle. While fans rooted for Brandon and Madisson Hausburg to work out, both parties are moving on in season three.

The music artist had his eyes on Amanda Marie Miller. After things didn't work out with Brandon Gomes, Madisson started season three off with a new love interest who is Do you remember him from season one?

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They later decided to quarantine together in Los Angeles during the Coronavirus. Although things didn't work out between Garrett and Kelsey Owens, the fitness instructor started off season three hopeful that he could build his relationship with Cara Geswelli.

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My hope would be that you would keep an open mind. My valentine now and forever!! A post shared by ishsoto1 ishsoto1 on Feb 14, at am PST.

Dec 30,   'Siesta Key' Sneak Peek: Madisson, 25, Tells Chloe She's Dating Their Former Producer, 46Author: Emily Longeretta. Siesta Key's Juliette Porter Confirms New Relationship with PDA Logan attended the University of Central Florida and now lives in The two called it quits in July after a month of dating. Jul 07,   Instagram/@sam_jlo Sam Logan has been dating Juliette Porter of Siesta Key MTV's popular reality TV series Siesta Key is back for the second half of its third season.

It was a hard conversation to have, and having it all filmed while it plays out doesn't make it any easier. But Madisson said that while the conversation was hard, she agreed to have it all play out on the show and share it with viewers.

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Fortunately, it seems like her dad is coming around to his daughter's new boyfriend, albeit slowly. But from the sounds of it, they're working on it, and hopefully her dad will see that she feels happy and healthy with Ish. I feel like Ish brings out a really authentic part of me," she said.

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I think all of my friendships have been real, but I think Ish brings out a whole different side of me. View this post on Instagram.

Brandon Fights w/ Madisson's New Boyfriend - Siesta Key - MTV

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