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Yes, she conveyed such an authenticity with her recounting of the waitress job. I honestly enjoyed travelling with her on those shifts in the restaurant. I find all the intricate details of working there so interesting Well this is going to be a DNF Unfortunately I could not get into this writing at all.

Too dry and slow moving. View all 21 comments.

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Oct 29, Theresa Alan rated it liked it. I found this to be an uneven novel. Lily King won a bunch of awards for her book Euphoria, which I downloaded a long time ago but never read. The first 40 to 45 percent of Writers and Lovers is a snoozefest.

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Casey has been working on a novel for six years and is in massive student loan debt because she spent her twenties traveling and not working. She spent her eight weeks of a retreat mooning over a guy and not writing. Her father is a nightmare. While Casey gets along with her brother, he lives across the country.

View all 17 comments. A child golf prodigy, Casey long ago gave up a potentially lucrative career within the sport to pursue a life in the arts - and to put some distance between herself and her father. The sport is permanently soured for her, but we get the impression she deeply misses the former feeling of mastery as she presently flounders. Her desire to finish her novel - a project inspired by her mother - is strong, but calls from debt collectors and punishing shifts at the restaurant test her resolve.

Her writing is personal, something she keeps close to the chest. Even in conversation with another character about her work-in-progress, Casey desperately wants to change the subject. In this novel, writing is both passion and hardship, reprieve and punishment.

It allows Casey to close earlier chapters of her life and open to a blank page.

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A queen of nuance, Ms. King hides an arsenal of emotional power behind quiet, intentional prose. Nearly every word of this novel seems carefully and deliberately chosen, rewarding close readers and promising re-readers an even deeper experience.

Most significantly, although Ms. View 1 comment. Add in a health scare, an arrogant landlord, and the fear of rejection that all writers undoubtedly experience at some time or another, and Casey is overwhelmed.

She also meets two different men: Oscar, a widowed father and successful writer, and Silas, a middle school teacher and fellow aspiring writer, closer to her own age. As an avid reader and someone who has casually dreamed of writing a book - someday - the premise of this story was interesting and I was rooting for Casey. Thank you to NetGalley and Grove Atlantic for providing an advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review.

View all 20 comments. This book was a struggle for me from the earliest pages. I just found this book to be too much. The first half of the book was a slog for me to read.

I found the plot to be very slow moving and the prose to be stilted. I began to enjoy the struggles Casey the MC was having with regard to who she loved; was she more suited to Oscar or Silas. That to me was the strongest part of the novel. But I remained unconvinced by all the other emotional turmoil that Casey went through. She was just too detached a character and felt too much of a passenger in her own story for my personal taste. I would also like to note that the file provided by NetGalley was corrupted and could not be read on my kindle.

I was however able to read the book using the Bluefire Reader app but this app is not my preference for reading as I am unable to alter font size etc.

This may have had an impact on my overall enjoyment and is one of the reasons I am awarding this book two stars rather than one. Feb 24, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle, netgally5-star-reviewsnetgalley.

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A tight, riveting and intimate drama of a woman struggling with the debt, love and the death of her mother.

Casey lives in Boston in an old potting shed that smells of mold and decaying leaves. One evening, while attending a literary event she meets the handsome Silas, who she finds kind and interesting. Weeks later, Oscar, who is an established author and had recently lost his wife, walks into her restaurant with his two young sons in tow.

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Cassie instantly falls in love with the boys and promises to play miniature golf with them soon. Cassie soon finds herself torn between these two different men and two different futures. Author Lily King has brilliantly captured the wretched and desolate thoughts and feelings a daughter experiences following the death of a mother. Not only does King tell us about how Casey and her mom would spend hours talking on the phone, and how Casey wants to call mom to tell her about these men, only to remember she is no longer here.

I adored how King continues with the mother theme as Casey begins reading stories in the biography section of the public library about famous writers and their dead mothers. Despite her grief, Casey refuses to give up on her dream of becoming a author. Conversely, she shows him how women author photos are pleasing, pleading and even apologetic. From the squawking Canadian geese at the river to the writers workshop with the blue giraffe, King has written a tight and delightful emotional roller coaster of a read that is not soon forgotten.

King grew up in Massachusetts and received her B. I read her novel Euphoria and loved it. Thanks to Netgalley and Grove Atlantic for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. View all 9 comments. View 2 comments. Mar 02, Book of the Month added it. Why I love it by Brianna Goodman A something writer with very little money struggles to complete a novel, dates numerous men, and lives life as a single woman in the s.

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When two very different men begin to court her, she is faced with larger questions about what she wants, who she loves, and what kind of life she hopes to lead. There are no whirlwind parties or glamorous affairs here. Feb 24, Lisa rated it really liked it. She is having trouble with her writing, her restaurant job and the two men in her life. There is not a lot that happens in the first half of the novel and when things start changing, it is fairly predictable.

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No matter - I really enjoyed this novel! I like King's writing and the way she encapsulates a young woman on the cusp of change. View all 7 comments. Apr 16, Chris rated it it was amazing.

Lily King is one of the most astute observers we have of that strange intersection of grief and desire, and one of the smartest writers I read. I loved this novel and I loved her heroine, Casey Peabody, and felt precisely her pangs of despair and her moments of transcendence, and was rooting for her page after beautiful page. May 27, Debbie rated it really liked it Shelves: cool-chickswriter-characternetgalleyrunners-up. Euphoria was special because it was set in the jungle, with lots of adventure thrown in among the good sentences.

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Writers and Lovers has no exotic setting or plot. We follow her as she navigates life. A far cry from the fascinating, far-away jungle. Expectations are a bitch.

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Nevertheless, this is well-written and thoughtful, and I enjoyed it. I spent a lot of my young years as a waitress, and King has the scene down pat. The story about being a fledgling writer also was well done. I love that. That reverberation for me is what is most important about literature. Not themes or symbols or the rest of that crap they teach in high school. There were two boys, ages 5 and 7, and they sometimes sounded older than they were.

Conversations with the boys just never rang true. Second, why throw in just a couple of references? I guess I wanted an ated version. Why do I want brand new, lol? The book starts with a landlord making a terrible comment to Casey.

Then there were a couple of brutal yelling matches in the restaurant where Casey worked. King has a smart style and avoids being sentimental-no small feat when there is millennial romance and little kids around. Still, I wanted some euphoria, like King so kindly provided earlier.

Thanks to NetGalley for the advance copy. View all 27 comments. I really enjoyed your insights here, Debbie. Jul 08, AM. Oh no! Must look it up! This is a book I remember more fondly than I sounded in my review. I love when that happens. I'm so, so torn.

On the one hand I think it's a very accurate capture of various versions of what it looks like to make writing your life not easy, not prettyseveral depictions of grief, multiple characters struggling with relationships, but overall the reading experience is fairly mundane if I'm being honest. On the one hand, we want books that accurately capture life, don't we?

Or maybe it needs to be more than that to lift me out of my own life? I am struggling. I so loved her last book.

Writers dating writers

T I'm so, so torn. Thanks to the publisher who provided a copy through NetGalley. It came out earlier this week, on March 3, View all 4 comments. My first 5 stars in and only five days in! Thank you HarperCollins and NetGalley for the advance copy. I absolutely loved this book. It is nothing like Euphoria, which I also loved, except maybe the connection to authors and writing.

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If Lily King wants to make up more stories about writers and writing, what happens in their every day lives, their families, their grief over loss, I will be first in line for my copy. Her friends who wanted to become authors gave up on it years ago and are doing adult things now, while Casey is stuck.

The men she meets are writers, her best friend is a writer, yet none seem as poor or unhappy as Casey.

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Lots of humor in this book despite the sadness, a couple of adorable little boys, and great conversations about books, about words, about the writing process, and emotions. I just ate it up. Us Europeans have a very distinctive smell I just wander what this type of pointless description is trying to achieve.

Unsurprisingly, I've come to conclusion that this book is not for me. Not only did I dislike the writing style but I found the story to be both trivial and banal.

The narrative triesand fails, to come across as a subversive story that follows the mundane trials experienced by an unpublished female writer yes, we will be reminded in a few not so subtle ways that we are indeed reading of a writer who is a woman, not a man whose personality is the usual blend of pathetic and alienated. She is treated badly by everyone around her, and we should feel something for her because she can't seem to get any writing done and she's also been dumped by her sort of lover She makes a series of self-pitying and puerile contemplations regarding her own writing, writing itself, and her ambitions and desires.

Yet, these observations lacked a distinctive voiceseeming to originate from no person in particular. There were certain scenes that lacked clarity and cohesivenessI wasn't sure when they started or ended as the narrator was too busy playing her own violin to make any sort of sense. I'm fine with narratives that rely on introspection but here our narrator's mental meanderings seemed merely superfluous additions that added little to no value to her character or her history.

Reading all of this made me laugh, and I'm not sure that was the intended effect behind their inclusion. I just found this to be a sloppy and predictable tale of an alienated woman who is unsure of her place in the world. This is one of the many recent releases that attempt to provide us with a self-aware look into the life of a writer If you are looking for a thought-provoking novel featuring the ups and downs of a creative mind, in this case a photographer, I would recommend Self-Portrait with Boy.

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If you want to read of a book narrated by a restlessly detached protagonist maybe you should pick up something by Ottessa Moshfegh.

It got weirder as it went on. This book tried to be about a lot of things and ended up giving surface treatments to almost JFN wrote: "I finished it.

This book tried to be about a lot of things and ended up giving surface treatments to almost everything. Some of the observations and lingo around grief I had a feeling it wouldn't improve. Hopefully your next read will be better! Maeve Bell oh hallelujah i could not agree more with this review Jul 10, PM.

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Feb 07, Linda rated it really liked it Shelves: net-galleyfiction. It's not just about "that".

It's about everything Lily King presents the character of Casey Camila Peabody in hues of once bright colors that have faded over time. Casey is the product of faulty decisions of her own making aligned with those of the people residing within her circle of family, friend and foe.

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She's adrift in a sea of could haves, should haves, and never haves. It's in Boston and 31 year old Casey peddles her banana bike that creaks to the rhythm of things left to rust and It's not just about "that". It's in Boston and 31 year old Casey peddles her banana bike that creaks to the rhythm of things left to rust and decay.

Loaded down with student debt, Casey takes to waiting tables at the upscale Iris diningroom located on the Harvard campus. We'll meet her bevy of peculiar co-workers and an intolerant manager.

WOKE Writers End Up Single... Surprising? - Ep 127

Pressed uniforms are hard to come by when you're living in someone's renovated pottery shed turned into questionable living quarters. Please enable javascript on your browser. Please enable Cookies on your browser. Forgot Password? Members Online: Online: I am a: Man Woman Seeking a: Woman Man Date of birth: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 January February March April May June July August September October November December Email address: Did you mean user domain.

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You're welcome. Writers beat themselves up because they know in their hearts that they will never be as good as they want to be. They will combat these feelings of self-loathing by writing as much as possible, but will occasionally fall victim to writer's block. You can try encouraging them to ease them out of the slump, but the far side of encouragement is judgement, and writers judge themselves enough.

Writers write, and writing takes time. Do not be offended if your writer can't hang out sometimes, or comes to bed late, or forgets to call you back. That said, there's a fine line between taking needed time to work and being an asshole, which leads us to our next point:. Just because someone is a writer does not mean you should put up with extra bullshit.

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Writers are responsible for their actions, and even though they might try to use their writing as an excuse for bad or neglectful behavior, they're still accountable for what they do. Writers love harder and deeper than most people. They will love you like they love their favorite book, which honestly should terrify you. Writers are disorganized, spacey, and forgetful - but if you inspire them they will devote themselves to you as if you hold their life in your hands.

You probably will.

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