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Gaara Brother. Shikadai Nara Son. Shikamaru Nara Husband. Wind Release. After later marrying Shikamaru Nara , she also became a member of Konohagakure 's Nara clan and emigrated to the village. Temari was born the eldest child of Karura and the Fourth Kazekage: Rasa. In the anime, growing up as a relative to the Fourth Kazekage and Gaara, Temari had a hard time making friends as everyone was always intimidated by her lineage.

He's had his punishment. Deciding that the cat was out of the bag anyway Shikamaru put his arm around Temari's shoulders and she stuck her tongue at him before giving him a small smile.

She then turned away and ordered her food. He thought he understood though this was a side of his friend that he hadn't seen before. After everyone had finished eating and said their goodbyes they all went their separate ways except for Temari and Shikamaru because Shikamaru had insisted on walking her to her hotel saying something like, "A man shouldn't let a woman walk alone at night.

When they reached the hotel Temari leaned in to give Shikamaru a kiss on the cheek before wishing him a good night and disappearing into the building before them. After Shikamaru could no longer see Temari he put a cigarette in his mouth and lit it before putting his hands in his pockets and starting home.

He knew that Temari disliked his smoking, so he usually didn't smoke around her because he knew that she would just steal the cigarette and stomp on it while reminding him that she hated it when he smoked; not always with the nicest of words.

Since he was walking home alone he figured that right now it didn't matter. The next morning when Temari was leaving her room to go to the council meeting she noticed something fall from the door jamb as she opened the door.

She immediately leapt backwards into her room and took out a kunai thinking that someone had set a trap, but when she looked through the open door before her the only thing that she saw was a folded piece of paper lying on the ground.

She curiously walked over to it and picked it up. As she unfolded it she began to see the message inside and half expected it to be from Shikamaru. When she had fully unfolded it, however, it was obvious that this note was not from Shikamaru.

The note was actually fairly brutal reading:. I seek retribution for a wrong done to my family by the monster that has been named Kazekage. As the representative for Suna village I would like to settle this matter with you once and for all.

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Meet me on the other side of the Forest of Death, about an hour's journey outside the Leaf village, after the council meeting today so that we can settle this like shinobi.

If you do not respond and meet me I will assume that Sand ninjas truly have no honor as your monster of a Kazekage once demonstrated and that you are a coward who would not dare to show their face before a challenger.

As Temari read more of the letter more and more anger burned inside her. When she had read the letter all the way through she crumpled it in her hand and let her hand drop to her side keeping the crushed paper in her fist.

She silently vowed that whoever dared to disrespect not only her Kazekage, but also her brother this way would pay. Based on the way that the letter was addressed to the 'Sand Ambassador' this person clearly had no idea who they were messing with and Temari would not allow them to live to regret it. She would definitely meet them, and she would teach them to respect the Kazekage as well as all ninjas from the Village Hidden in the Sand.

She closed her door and locked it before heading to the meeting. All the way there Temari consciously tried to calm her temper and stop clenching her fists so tightly, but by the time she arrived at the meeting she had only had minimal success. She was tense throughout the entire meeting and even found her mind wandering a few times. The only thing she could focus on was that she was going to put this ninja who dared to insult Gaara and her people in their place: six feet under.

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As soon as the meeting finished she quickly rose and began to make her way to the other side of the Forest of Death. What she had not noticed in her rush was that Shikamaru had been waiting for her outside the meeting hall. He was currently still on break to rest up from a previous mission, so he had thought of meeting Temari after her first of many meetings had ended.

He had been leaning against the wall in the shade just a few feet from the door waiting for the meeting to end when he had seen Temari exit the building and quickly run off. He did not know what was wrong, but based on how she seemed to be running as though her life depended on it he knew that something was definitely going on.

His gut instinct was to run after her, but he took a moment to decide what he should do.

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Something about this situation did not seem right to him, so he decided to follow in case his intuition was correct and Temari ended up getting into trouble and needing back up.

This is going to be troublesome, he thought as he raced after her trying to keep his distance so as not to incur her wrath for not respecting her privacy. Normally he would respect her privacy, he thought, after all he trusted her and he wasn't incredibly curious, but something felt off about this situation and if something did happen to Temari he did not want to live the rest of his life knowing that he could have done something.

His suspicions were confirmed when he reached the Forest of Death. As a foreign dignitary Temari had no reason to be going so far out of town, there was definitely something fishy about this, he thought. What reason could she have for running so deep into the forest? Temari raced through the forest prepared to release her righteous fury at any moment. As she neared the spot where she was supposed to meet the note's author she scanned the trees around her in case the shinobi planned on ambushing her.

She proceeded more cautiously until she reached a high tree branch that had a clear view of the forest below. Temari quickly jumped to an adjacent tree so that she could get a good view of her opponent. He was a slim man dressed in a dark blue shirt with a high, wide collar that covered his chin. This mask did not conform to the face as well and did not resemble any kind of animal as the Konoha ANBU masks did. In fact this mask was plain white except for some dark blue swirls in the cheek area.

This just further aggravated her and she followed without missing a beat. They did not travel long before they came to a stop again. The man turned to face her then started laughing manically for no apparent reason.

When he had finished speaking his hand signs also stopped and Temari immediately felt several sharp pains in her side. She began gasping for breath like a fish out of water and started to feel light headed. This caused her to sway, lose her footing, and fall off the tree branch she had been standing on plummeting hundreds of feet toward the ground below.

Just as the world was getting fuzzy around the edges and beginning to fade to black she heard something that sounded like a small explosion. Then she found that she was no longer falling but she was still moving; being carried by someone.

She strained her eyes trying to see who it was that had caught her. As she did her head swam and as the world began to fade again she was not certain whether she was still conscious.

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She knew this voice. It was as familiar to her as the back of her hand, yet at the moment she couldn't remember who it belonged to. She tried again to see who was carrying her, but her eyes refused to give her more than a blurry outline. She closed her eyes; maybe if she slept a little her eyes would be able to focus better.

Why won't he just let me sleep?! Temari thought frustrated.

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The voice sounded farther away this time, so maybe she was nearly asleep. Her head suddenly began to feel very heavy, so she let it droop against his chest. Just stay awake! It was much harder to breathe than it should have been and for some reason it felt like it wasn't working. She laboriously took in another shallow breath noticing that the air seemed to do nothing for her.

Her lungs started burning and she began to hyperventilate trying to take in enough air. With each shallow breath she felt a pain in her side become more and more intense and her breathing slowed in response; trying to minimize the pain. She became aware that a wet spot was spreading across the side that the pain was coming from. Was shebleeding? She fought to stay conscious, trying to grasp what had happened to her. She squinted her eyes open barely able to lift her heavy eyelids and lifted her head slightly.

This time she was able to make out a Konoha forehead protector strapped to the arm of her savior. Wake up! This time there was no response, no rough intake of breath to let him know that she was still fighting.

He stopped for a moment pressing his ear to her chest to listen for a heartbeat. What he heard was slightly encouraging as he discovered a slow heartbeat. At least she was still alive. Then he noticed that there was no rise and fall of her chest. Shikamaru knew that she wouldn't last much longer if she wasn't getting any oxygen. He also knew that he could not allow her to die. He had already lost Asuma and could not bear to lose someone else who was important to him. Losing Temari as well wasunthinkable.

Tears continued to stream down his face as he knelt down and carefully laid her body across his lap. He then supported her head with one hand and used the other to plug her nose as he fitted his lips to hers and breathed life giving air into her lungs. He gave her several breaths waiting a few seconds between each so as not to overload and burst her lungs. He was rewarded when her heart rate improved a little. He quickly picked her up again holding her close to his chest and continued his breakneck pace back to the village.

He periodically checked her heart rate and was nearing the edge of the Forest of Death when he stopped to give her more air. When he finally got her to the hospital he didn't have to utter a word before several medical ninjas took Temari off his hands and rapidly whisked her into the nearest vacant room.

Shikamaru collapsed onto a bench outside of the room. His heart was racing and he was still unable to control the tears streaming freely down his face or his shaking hands.

He wanted to become a ninja in the beginning because he thought it was going to be fun, so, this makes other people be caught onward by his abilities. Deep inside, he has a remarkable intelligence and strategical knowledge, but only a few people know at the beginning. Thus on his first encounter with Temari during the Chuunin exams, Shikamaru was uninterested in fighting with her, until she attacked.

He looked distracted while Temari was rapidly calculating her enemy's abilities, but after a long battle, Shikamaru succeeded in moving her towards a hole where he could project his shadow, immobilizing her from behind. But, when he was going to give the final blow, he said the time for fighting was almost over and that it would be troublesome to attempt to defeat her again.

Needless to say that the combat savvy Temari was surprised at the turn of the events. Strong voiced and stronger willed Temari appears for the first time in episode 20, where she wins and loses at the same time against Shikamaru.

This ninja with the giant folding fan can be described as rather blunt and not empathic towards enemies, even to the point of cruelty. We can see a clear display of how their personalities coincide on episodewhen Temari was sent to rescue Shikamaru from Tayuya.

He wanted to simply retire, but she simply leveled the forest to kill the enemy, without mercy. Then, Temari asked Shikamaru how he think she did in the battle, so he made observations on her scary but beautiful smile. Yeah, a little bit weird but love has its own weird side too. One of the very first things Shikamaru thought about Temari during the Chuunin exams confirms it, because he decided that a man should not be defeated by a woman, but neither can he hit a woman.

Which takes us to our following reason. Thus, she developed a strong and trustworthy personality in order to show to her brothers that they can rely on her. Temari has a soft side too, which she shows frequently only around Shikamaru. Even her girlfriends tease her in episode of Naruto Shippuden, saying she likes an intelligent guy.

Temari looks comically flustered and quickly denies it. Although this couple has different and complementary personalities, they share a core set of values. Though lazy by nature, Shikamaru has a rare intellect that consistently allows him to prevail in combat. The responsibilities that these successes leave him with cause him frequent annoyance, but he gladly accepts them so that he may be of service to his fellow members of Team Asumaand to prove himself to generations of the past and future.

Shikamaru is the only child of Yoshino and Shikaku Nara. When he was young, he once played "ninja" with other children his age. Shikamaru had very little interest in the class itself, preferring to spend his time sleeping rather than listen to Iruka Umino 's lessons. Shikamaru is naturally a lazy person and his inclination is to do as little work as possible.

His goal is to live unremarkably, free of anything of noticeably good or bad, and then to die just as unremarkably as he lived. Although Shikamaru describes himself as "the number one coward", [13] he has a strong moral compass and dedication to his friends.

He still clings to his lazy origins as much as he can; even if he can't spend his entire day being idle, he at least avoids having long-term goals or confessing any particular pleasure in the duties he's assigned.

Shikamaru and temari dating moment

Shikamaru undergoes a rapid maturity after the death of his teacher, Asuma Sarutobiwhose loss forces Shikamaru to recognise that the world is not safe that he cannot be kept protected from it forever. After avenging Asuma, Shikamaru takes it upon himself to do all that he can to make things better for future Konoha generations, especially Asuma's then-unborn daughter, Mirai ; such is the Will of Fire.

He may still balk at the prospect of the work he must do, but he no longer runs from it, even going so far as to argue in favour of difficult choices if it will guarantee his friends' and village's survival. One of the more "troublesome" things that runs throughout Shikamaru's life is the subject of women thanks to his experiences with the women he knows: his mother, Yoshino, his teammate, Ino Yamanakaand his frequent companion, Temari.

He describes each of them as aggressive, demanding, and sometimes even scary. Shikamaru tries to treat women delicately, being non-confrontational or at least polite to them and never asking anything of them that he believes he can do himself.

During Part I, he generally believes he can do anything himself, and as such is mortified if and when a woman needs to assist him in any way; his frustrations are similar when he repeatedly finds himself facing female opponents. Shikaku explains that men destroy themselves without a woman's influence and that women, despite how they may act, are kind to the men they love. However, upon realising in Shikamaru Hiden that Temari is one of the most important things in the world to him, he ultimately marries her and even has a son with her, Shikadai.

Ironically, his relationship with Temari became very similar to his parents, where he once mocked Shikaku for being "whipped", which he himself became. Overtime, having come to recognise Naruto's great contributions to the village despite his own hardships, Shikamaru came to sympathise for him, deciding to be there to support him much like the Second Hokage did for his older brother.

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His newfound goal became to aid Naruto in his goal of becoming Hokage and act as his personal adviser. Ultimately, as an adult, Shikamaru succeeds in this goal, often handling many duties to lighten the workload for Naruto as Hokage.

At the same time, he still holds much of his original carefree nature from youth. Shikamaru has narrow brown eyes and a typical expression suggesting he is either bored or irritated.

He has shoulder length black hair tied in a spiky ponytail. During Part I, he wears a short-sleeved grey jacket with green-edged sleeves and the rudimentary Nara clan symbol on the back, under which is a green-lined mesh armour T-shirt.

He also wears brown pants, a pair of his clan's traditional silver hoop earrings, and wears his blue forehead protector around his left arm. In Part II, he trades most of his personalised wardrobe for the standard Konoha-nin outfit, the only customisations being green-lined mesh armour on his wrists and ankles and the plate of his forehead protector sewn into his left sleeve. He also replaces the hoop earrings for studs, a gift from Asuma Sarutobi.

He also wears taller sandals that reach more past his calves. In adulthood, Shikamaru finally abandons the normal infantry's attire, instead wearing a coat and pants very similar to what his father, Shikaku, used to wear. He also grows a short goatee. His skills led to him being offered a position as one of the Twelve Guardian Ninja in the anime, [19] being made deputy-commander of the Fourth Division and chief-strategist of the entire Allied Shinobi Forces[20] [21] as well as the right-hand man of the Seventh Hokage years later.

Shikamaru's nature transformations include Yin Releasewhich he commonly uses to perform his hiden techniques, as well as Fire and Earth Release.

As a member of the Nara clanShikamaru is able to manipulate his own shadow. His signature move is the Shadow Imitation Techniquewhich in the anime he learned before even entering the Academy. When used against opponents, they may be able to resist his control, requiring that Shikamaru exert additional effort to keep them bound; when used for whatever reason on allies or others who have been incapacitated, no resistance occurs and the process is accordingly much easier.

As such, he had the opportunity to kill them if he chose to. Like the Shadow Imitation itself, the Shadow-Neck Binding can only be used on flat surfaces, for which reason opponents can resist it if they're strong enough. In Part II, Shikamaru is able to use his shadow independently off surfaces, using his shadows to pierce targets and pick up giant things. He could even channel his chakra into his late mentor's chakra blades to pierce a target's shadow and bind them from a distance.

By adulthood, Shikamaru's prowess with his clan techniques enabled him to perform them without hand seals. After Shikamaru was assigned to Team 10, Asuma noticed that Shikamaru was much sharper than his Academy scores indicated.

By disguising a number of intelligence tests as games and puzzles - the only way Asuma could get Shikamaru to be interested - Asuma discovered that Shikamaru has an IQ of over ; his poor grades were because he was too lazy to take any of the written exams. Indeed, the Hokage's faith in him is well-founded, as Shikamaru remains acutely aware of his own and others' limitations, allowing him to avoid surprise and unnecessary risk.

Whether he is about to go into combat, issuing orders to those who are in combat, or is personally involved in combat himself, Shikamaru's general approach is the same: he remains aware of all actions that allies and opponents make, even things that seem insignificant at the time or that he doesn't yet understand; he keeps track of where everything is located in relation to everything else, even features that lack obvious practical use; he studies the behavior of all combatants, gradually learning how they react in any given situation.

By then focusing on this vast amount of information - which he usually does by closing his eyes and cupping his fingers - Shikamaru can quickly think ten moves ahead of his opponent s and devise over a hundred strategies, from which he instantly picks the most effective. Tobi regrets that Shikamaru's ability to see through deception and correctly put together seemingly unrelated pieces of information is "wasted" in service to the Allied Shinobi Forces.

In the anime, Shikamaru is surprised that Naruto Uzumaki also graduated since Naruto failed their in-class graduation exam.

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Shikamaru agrees to participate, but nevertheless complains repeatedly about the competition with the many other participating geninespecially his fellow recent graduates: the members of Team 7 and Team 8. For the first stage of the exams, they are given a written test with ten questions too difficult for the standard genin to be able to answer, and for which reason participants are expected to cheat without getting caught.

Ino uses her Mind Body Switch Technique on Shikamaru to fill out his exam sheet with answers she copied from Sakura Haruno ; in the anime, Shikamaru is glad for Ino's intervention, as he didn't want to bother answering the questions on his own. Team 10 ultimately passes.

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For the second stage of the exams, Team 10 enters the Forest of Death to take part in a five-day survival exercise. Team 10 initially spends their time avoiding conflict, hiding whenever they come across another team.

When they discover Sakura defending her teammates from a team of Oto -nin by herself, Shikamaru asks Ino if they should help her. Ino tries to use Kin as a hostage, but Zaku opts to attack Kin himself rather than let her be used against him.

Too tired to offer much more of a fight, Team 10 wonders what to do. When Sasuke regains consciousness, Shikamaru has them withdraw, sensing that Sasuke can deal with the Oto-nin on his own.

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After passing the second stage, the remaining genin take part in one-on-one preliminary matches. Shikamaru, to his annoyance, is matched against Kin, who uses bells tied with strings to distract Shikamaru, giving her an opening to attack him with senbon ; in the anime, the bells also produce a genjutsufurther disorienting Shikamaru. Shikamaru alters his shadow's shape and directs it to Kin under the cover of the strings she's holding on to, allowing him to ensnare her without her notice.

After revealing his technique, he takes a shuriken from his holster and throws it, forcing Kin to do the same. Shikamaru dodges Kin's shuriken by bending backwards, forcing her to dodge his shuriken in the same way.

Upon doing this, Kin knocks her head against the wall behind her, rendering her unconscious, ensuring Shikamaru's victory. When the preliminaries conclude, Shikamaru and the other finalists are informed who their first opponents will be when they reconvene after a month of rest and training. Because there are an odd number of finalists, Shikamaru is scheduled to fight Dosu in an additional match. Shikamaru is frustrated that he'll need to do additional work if he's to win the tournament.

While Shikamaru is visiting him there the day before the finals, he also visits Naruto, who is recovering from his training. As Shikamaru and Naruto are talking, they notice Gaara entering Rock Lee 's room, intent on killing him. Shikamaru stops him with his shadow and tries to convince Gaara to leave by pointing out that he and Naruto outnumber him, but Gaara isn't deterred. After telling them a little about his childhood, Gaara prepares to kill them, his sand not being inhibited by Shikamaru's shadow.

Might Guy arrives before he can do anything to them and forces Gaara to leave. When the finalists gather the next day, Shikamaru is informed that his match with Dosu has been cancelled and that he'll instead be fighting Temari of Suna in his first match. When it's time for his fight, he contemplates forfeiting, but Naruto wrongly assumes he's eager to get started and shoves him into the arena.

Temari attacks him when he's slow to get up, but he dodges at the last moment, deciding he doesn't want to lose to a girl. Shikamaru retreats to the cover of some nearby trees and uses the threat of his shadow to force Temari to keep her distance.

While she ascertains his shadow's maximum reach, Shikamaru formulates a strategy, doing so quickly enough to be ready when Temari attacks from afar with her Giant Folding Fan. He takes shelter behind the trees and strikes out with his shadow again, extending farther towards her than before, the setting sun lengthening his shadow's range. Temari dodges this and his other attempts to let his shadow reach farther, forcing her to repeatedly move away from him to avoid it.

She attempts to finish the fight quickly, expecting things will only become easier for Shikamaru as the fight goes on, when she finds herself already caught: Shikamaru has been manoeuvreing her towards a hole in the ground created during Naruto's earlier match, which allowed him to catch her with his shadow from underground, capturing her from behind. Shikamaru approaches Temari, apparently to deliver a finishing blow.

He forfeits instead, claiming that, even if he won this match, he's spent too much chakra to be able to safely fight in later matches. The observing older ninja are impressed by the wisdom of this decision, but Naruto is upset and enters the arena to accuse Shikamaru of stupidity. When Sasuke arrives in the arena for his match with Gaara, Shikamaru and Naruto head back to the stands to spectate.

They cross paths with Gaara moments after he murders two Kusa -nin and are paralysed by the realisation that he would have killed them had the Kusa-nin not been there. Naruto becomes fearful of what Gaara will do to Sasuke and runs off to cancel the match. When Shikamaru catches up, he's amused to see that Naruto's concern for Sasuke's safety has suddenly become jealousy for Sasuke's improved abilities. Main article: Konoha Crush Sasuke and Gaara's match is interrupted by an invasion of Konoha and a genjutsu puts most of the spectators to sleep.

Shikamaru is able to dispel the genjutsu, but he still pretends to be asleep anyway so that nobody will bother him. This is discovered by Sakura when she comes to wake up him and Naruto, and Pakkun forces him to get up by biting his ankle. Having overheard Kakashi Hatake 's instructions for the four of them to stop Sasuke from pursuing Gaara, Shikamaru flatly refuses, prompting Pakkun to bite his hand until he agrees. As they head away from the stadium, Pakkun informs them that they're being followed by nine Oto-nin.

Because they're outnumbered and because none of them are particularly good fighters, Shikamaru explains that their best option is to lay an ambush, a task he volunteers for while the others continue to follow Sasuke. Shikamaru creates false tracks to lead the Oto-nin onto a different trail, and the captures them with his shadow once they're near him. Shikamaru notices that he's only captured eight Oto-nin and hypothesises that the ninth kept his distance in case of an ambush.

Shikamaru tests his theory by throwing shuriken at the eight, forcing the ninth to reveal his location in order to block the shuriken.

Shikamaru can't reach the ninth with his shadow and in fact is about to lose his bind on the other eight, but holds them for as long as he can. Once he's forced to release them he prepares to be killed, but is saved by Asuma, who has dealt with the ninth Oto-nin and quickly defeats the others.

Asuma congratulates Shikamaru for his good work and tells him to rest. A few days later, after the invasion has been repelled, Shikamaru attends the Third Hokage's funeral. Main article: Sasuke Recovery Mission. Team 10 goes to Yakiniku Q to celebrate, after which Shikamaru trains with his father, Shikaku. Although Shikaku wants to resume the training early the next morning, Shikamaru is summoned before Tsunadethe new Hokage. She informs him that Sasuke has defected from Konoha in order to join with Orochimaruthe man behind the invasion of Konoha.

The only Sasuke Recovery Team she can allow is one led by Shikamaru and consisting of any genin he sees fit to recruit in half-an-hour. Shikamaru has Neji scout the area and then has him loudly report Sasuke's presumed location: within a coffin the Sound Four are carrying. The Sound Four hear this and, when they attack, Shikamaru takes the opportunity to capture the four of them with his shadow.

He didn't count on the presence of a fifth memberhowever, who attacks him and forces him to release them. Kiba uses Fang Passing Fang in an attempt to break free, but the prison only heals the damage. When they catch up again with Sakon and Tayuyathey try to use their superior numbers to their advantage; although they do succeed in taking Sasuke from them, Sasuke is quickly taken back by the Sound Four's backup, Kimimaro.

Kiba and Sakon end up being separated from their respective teams and Naruto goes after Kimimaro to retrieve Sasuke, leaving Shikamaru to fight Tayuya.

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Tayuya berates Shikamaru for systematically sacrificing all the members of his team in order to rescue Sasuke, but Shikamaru rebuts that, as team leader, he has faith in each of them. She summons her three ogres and uses her Demonic Flute to control their attacks against him.

SHIKAMARU TEMARI WEDDING SCENE!! All Shikamaru and Temari First Date Scenes - Shikatema Date - ?????

The ogres' attacks are so well coordinated that Shikamaru has no opportunity to use any of his jutsu. He tries finding a pattern in the music Tayuya plays to try an predict their movements, but the music changes too often for him to pick out anything.

By instead studying her finger positions, he learns to predict the ogres' actions. When they move into the correct position, Shikamaru uses a flash bomb to extend the ogres' shadows, allowing him to capture them and control them against Tayuya. She de-summons them before he can do that, but once they're gone she discovers the ogres' entire capture was a distraction: she has been bound by Shikamaru's shadow, having been slowly navigated towards her.

Tayuya is able to resist his shadow's bindings by activating her cursed seal. Shikamaru tries strengthening his hold on her with his newly-learned Shadow-Neck Binding Techniquebut he can't make its grasp strong enough.

asked Temari playfully. Shikamaru blushed and looked down at their linked hands. They had been together for a while now, but he had never been good at expressing his feelings and he still wasn't. "Awww, come on Shikamaru, you can say it," Temari encouraged him in a mocking tone. Shikamaru looked at her face and gave her a half smile. Apr 30,   Temari has a soft side too, which she shows frequently only around Shikamaru. Even her girlfriends tease her in episode of Naruto Shippuden, saying she likes an intelligent guy. Temari looks comically flustered and quickly denies it. However, when it's in front of Shikamaru, Temari .

He releases her and allows himself to fall victim to the genjutsu she casts with her flute. When she comes near him to finish him off with a kunai which he left for herhe releases himself from the genjutsu by breaking his own finger and traps her with his shadow again, using her closer proximity to improve his shadow's hold. Her cursed seal still makes her strong resist it, so he keeps her bound until he runs out of chakra. Tayuya is stopped from killing Shikamaru by the arrival of Temari, Suna's assistance having been requested by Tsunade.

Temari quickly destroys Tayuya's flute, forcing her to retreat into the forest.

Shikamaru starts musing about how they might go about either finding her or drawing her out, which Temari ignores, instead simply destroying the forest. Tayuya is crushed beneath the fallen trees and Shikamaru, though intimidated by Temari's ferocity, is nevertheless thankful to her. Temari accompanies Shikamaru back to Konoha.

His broken finger is healed and Shikamaru is informed of the dire conditions the rest of his team has been left in. That things went so badly on his first mission causes Shikamaru to believe he's unfit to be a ninja, much less to lead a team. Temari won't comfort him, nor will Shikaku when he comes to check on things. Shikaku reminds Shikamaru that his friends will continue to go on missions with or without him, but that maybe they'll avoid death if Shikamaru leads them then.

If this mission went badly, Shikamaru should learn from it and improve so that future missions will be more successful.

Tsunade interrupts with news that the team will make full recoveries, that Naruto has been found alive, and that Sasuke escaped. Although this means the mission failed, both Tsunade and Shikamaru are glad that everyone survived, Shikamaru even tearfully vowing to do better next time.

Temari and her brothers later return to Suna, and Shikamaru sees them off. He wishes them a safe journey and thanks them again. Before they go, Temari teases Shikamaru to call if he needs their help again.

The Konoha 11 splits up once they reach Suna, with Shikamaru reaching Temari in time to save her from Kujaku. Together they defeat Kujaku. Temari and the other Suna-nin rest in Konoha after the Four Celestial Symbols Men are defeated, and when they're ready to leave Shikamaru sees them off once again.

Gaara, Suna's new Kazekageagrees with Tsunade's plans. Shikamaru proctors the first stage of the exams: a written test where participating teams must get a combined score of points despite being seated in different rooms. To pass, teams must find some way to communicate and use teamwork to get the correct score.

This is a ruse, and the only acceptable answer is for teams to elect to disqualify nobody. Shikamaru congratulates those who pass this first stage and hands them off to Temari, the proctor of the second stage. The exams are forced to be cancelled during the second stage and the Kazekage consults Shikamaru about what to do.

Shikamaru later helps Tsunade pick who to promote. Seeing them together, he asks if they're on a date. Shikamaru asks if Naruto will participate since he's the only person from their graduating class who is still a genin.

Naruto is devastated by everyone's promotions. Main article: Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission Naruto tracks down Shikamaru to ask for his help in potentially finding Sasuke again. Shikamaru then tries to catch Sai with his shadow, but he's able to escape. Shikamaru is frustrated that he can't join his friends on the front-lines, believing that is where the strategist is most needed and most effective.

Shikamaru eventually defies orders and does just that, and in doing so the Earth Release Resurrection Technique: Corpse Soil is repelled. When Sora later rampages through the village, Shikamaru tries to restrain him with his shadow, but this fails and he must leave Sora's defeat to Naruto.

Main article: Akatsuki Suppression Mission. Asuma explains that he's learned the importance of protecting the king, even if it means making sacrifices. Shikamaru guesses that the king is like the Hokage, which Asuma disagrees with, though he refuses to elaborate. They are both later assigned to one of the Twenty Platoonsa taskforce assigned to hunt down Akatsuki members within the Land of Fire. As their platoon searches the countryside for a lead as to the location of two Akatsuki members that earlier attacked the Fire TempleShikamaru questions Asuma on his continuing strange behavior, specifically that he's stopped smoking.

Asuma once again avoids the question, instead reminding them to be ready for the Akatsuki members' undoubtedly formidable abilities. On reaching the bounty station, they find Hidan waiting outside.

Asuma distracts him while Shikamaru retrains him with his shadow, allowing Izumo Kamizuki and Kotetsu Hagane to stab him with their swords. To their surprise, Hidan survives their attack. Hidan's partner, Kakuzuthen appears and attacks Shikamaru, forcing him to release Hidan.

Their platoon regroups and Asuma instructs Shikamaru to try and restrain Hidan with his Shadow Sewing Technique while he fights him along, planning to decapitate him once he's captured. Shikamaru objects to the inherent risk of the plan, but goes along with it at Asuma's insistence.

Hidan evades Shikamaru's shadow and Asuma's strikes, in the process managing to scratch Asuma's cheek with his Triple-Bladed Scythe. After licking Asuma's blood from the scythe and entering a symbol he drew on the ground earlier, Hidan links himself with Asuma, causing any damage he receives to also be done to Asuma.

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Hidan tries to take advantage of his link with Asuma to stab himself in the heart, relying on his own immorality to survive while Asuma dies. Shikamaru stops him with his shadow and, having picked up on how his ability works, forces Hidan to leave the symbol on the ground, thus breaking the link.

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Now free to attack Hidan again, Asuma cuts his head off. Hidan once again survives and he calls on Kakuzu to sew his head back onto his body. Asuma, Izumo, and Kotetsu try to stop Kakuzu from doing so while Shikamaru, exhausted from the effort it took to move Hidan out of the circle, can only watch. They fail, Hidan's head is reattached, and he returns to the symbol, reestablishing the link.

Despite Shikamaru's attempts to reach in time to stop him, Hidan is able to himself in the heart.

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Hidan and Kakuzu retreat, giving Ino a chance to try to heal the damage to Asuma's body. Aware that his wounds are too severe to heal, Asuma gives parting words to his students: to Shikamaru, he whispers the identity of the king they spoke about earlier.

As his last act, Asuma requests that Shikamaru give him a cigarette, but he dies before Shikamaru can light it. Shikamaru lights the cigarette and smokes it himself, blaming the smoke for his tears. Shikamaru does not attend Asuma's funeral, instead spending his time thinking over cigarettes, practising with Asuma's chakra bladesand planning his revenge. Tsunade tries to persuade them not to go, but they are all confident in what they plan to do.

She tries to hold them back on the grounds that they need a fourth member, at which point Kakashi Hatake appears and volunteers to be their fourth. Tsunade finally relents and Shikamaru quickly modifies his plan to take advantage of Kakashi's skills.

Once Ino locates Hidan and Kakuzu, Shikamaru launches the first attack, striking at them multiple times until he is able to pin their shadows using Asuma's chakra blades. Shikamaru uses his shadow to force Hidan to attack Kakuzu, but Kakuzu frees himself in time to dodge.

Although Kakashi pierced Kakuzu's heart, Kakuzu has four spares, one of which he uses to save himself. He kicks Kakashi away and joins Hidan, who Shikamaru was forced to release. Hidan attacks Shikamaru and the others with his scythe while Kakuzu uses his extra hearts' natures to attack from a distance, overwhelming them.

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