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This section gives you some miscellaneous tips and strategies involving the game's secrets, just in case you absolute must have those silver and gold tools and other items! The date and time are important because many events in Animal Crossing are based off the clock. While by default it orients itself to your Wii's internal clock, you may want to change it in the game based on your personal schedule. For example, I personally work a bizarre third-shift schedule, and there are a lot of events I would miss under those circumstances. Two weekly events, KK Slider's songs and Joan's "stalk market" both explained in the Daily Living section , have very narrow time windows.

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Welcome to the Animal Crossing Wiki! Splash into July! This new ate brings back diving and sea creatures! Plus some summer theme furniture!

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Celebrate Nature! The Earth Day ate releases on the 23rd of April!

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Don't miss some new island visitors! Bunny Day Celebrations!

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Zipper T. Bunny will start celebrating on April 1st and will last until April 12th! Ver 1.

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ate the game for bug fixes! Featured Content.

Mar 29,   The date and time are important because many events in Animal Crossing are based off the clock. While by default it orients itself to your Wii's internal clock, you may want to change it in the. Nov 16,   Animal Crossing City Folk OST 'Dr. Shrunk First Time Outro' by Rabbit OST. Animal Crossing City Folk OST 'Happy Room Academy' by Rabbit OST. The Animal Crossing Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the Animal Crossing ojasjobz.com are 2, articles and growing since this wiki was founded in August The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for the Animal Crossing series.

Helping Out the Wiki. Animal Crossing Wiki Community. July in the Animal Crossing series. Today is Twiggy 's birthday!

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Latest News. June 29 thWedding Season in New Horizons ends tomorrow!

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If you haven't already, don't forget to visit Reese and Cyrus at Photopia! Watch the trailer here! June 1 stWedding Season in New Horizons has begun!

From today until June 30 thhelp take pictures of Reese and Cyrus ' anniversary at Photopia! Featured Poll. What star rating is your island in New Horizons? The poll was created at on April 29,and so far people voted. Categories :.

Animal Crossing: City Folk was developed by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo, released in North America on Nov. 16 for the Wii. Retails for $ Played more that 24 non-consecutive hours. Animal Crossing: City Folk Fish Bugs Fossils Villagers Events City Face Styles Hair Styles Fish Name Image Price Location Shadow size Time Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Bitterling River 1 All day - - - - - - - - Pale chub River 1 9 AM - 4 PM Crucian carp River 2 All day Dace River 3 4 PM - 9 AM Barbel steed River 3 All day Carp. Animal Crossing: City Folk Guides: Bell Making Guide Some quick and easy ways to make a few bells are listed in this guide. Bug Guide Grab your net and go bug hunting! This guide will show you all the bugs along with the times that they are available to catch. Constellation Guide.

Freshwater goby. Two weekly events, KK Slider's songs and Joan's "stalk market" both explained in the Daily Living sectionhave very narrow time windows. As such, I actually play the game with clock set backwards by 31 hours.

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That way, if it's Monday at 1pm in reality, it's Sunday at 6am according to the game. This way, I can be sure to get Slider's songs and Joan's turnips despite having the personal schedule from heck. Of course, the more pragmatic solution if you have a bizarre schedule is to change the clock as necessary when you turn the game on. In Animal Crossing lingo, this is referred to as "time traveling," but it can seriously mess up your game if you abuse it.

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If you wish to time travel just to hit certain events, it's in your best interest to change the clock only a little bit, then change it back as soon as you can. For example, say you normally use the real clock, but you wake up too late on Sunday to get Joan's turnips.

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Start the game, adjust the clock backward a few hours from the main menu, then enter the game and buy the turnips. As soon as you do, save and quit, then start the game up again reset the clock back to its original position.

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This way, you've got your turnips, but you've only time traveled a few hours total. In general, there are three tips we can give you to time travel safely without giving your little town any adverse effects The game almost always can handle minor changes within the same hour period. You can time travel safely if you just want to bump the clock forward or back a few hours to get certain events.

The game can handle a rewind much better than a fast-forward. If you miss an event because you were too late, you can adjust the clock backwards to check it out, and you probably won't see any negative repercussions.

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You can fast-forward to see an event you'll otherwise miss, but the game may struggle when you reset the clock back. This mainly ties to rule This is by far the most important time traveling rule! Viral Visitors: While I didn't get to try out the microphone the game arrived without onesharing your city with friends is a pleasant change of pace from the everyday fruit-picking grind, especially now that your neighbors no longer hide from visitors as if they had the plague.

The fact that your letters and notices get passed around your friends' towns makes for Control Tweaks: One tiny change can make a whole world of difference. Being able to press the d-pad on the controller to switch between butterfly net, fishing rod, and shovel takes a lot of frustration out of the three major activities your town has to offer. Hated More of the Same: When it comes right down to it, Animal Crossing: City Folk is the same game we've already played on two other systems.

Animal crossing city folk dating

It may be wide screen, and there may be integrated support for voice chat, a slightly new area, new dialog, and some extra collectibles, but other than that, the core game is completely unchanged. This City Life: The city portion of the game is only interesting and new until you realize that a good chunk of what you find in the city is simply old content moved to a new location.

The fortune teller, the hairdresser, and even Redd are simply transients from the DS game who have set up permanent shop.

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It was almost more exciting when they were limited to certain times of visit, giving the player something to look forward to. Pausing at the Threshold: While not much was added in the way of gameplay, the folks at Nintendo did manage to add several seconds of load time between entering and leaving buildings and new areas.

ACCF - City Folk Moments #6

It might not seem like a lot, but bop around your town as much as I do and the frustration begins to build. I'm not quite sure what Nintendo was thinking when they decided to release a new game in a franchise that has millions of devoted fans around the world without actually adding anything new for those fans.

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