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Posted by: Arar Posted on: 20.07.2020

All I'm saying is that it can still be revealed he was working truthfully for A, or A team the entire time. Maybe he does have feelings for Spencer, but it wont matter in the end. Therefore, the same could be true for Ezra. I think the plot will center around whether or not his feelings for Aria are stronger than his agenda for everything else he has been doing. About this relationship with Aria - it is wrong any way you look at it And I think the show realized they have to make him a bad guy to save face. I've thought that too about Toby. We don't know for sure that he's not really a bad guy, and I think they had Spencer forgive him WAY too quick.

Guys do not avoid dating virgins any more than girls avoid dating virgins, in my opinion.

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You make the assumption that all guys are like the handful of guys you know. I have to guess here that guys are pathetic and see others gettign what they want without any commitment or work, so they want that too.

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