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Not only were they shocked by her announcement, but they were clueless as to who her baby daddy could be. Floyd made matters even messier by neglecting to acknowledge the child's father. While Wharton and Floyd's flirtation had been no secret, it was still a huge shock when fans learned their friendship had turned sexual away from the cameras I look forward to co-parenting with you and giving Ryder all the love in the world. Even though there was an obvious attraction between the two of them, Cory Wharton and Cheyenne Floyd never had intentions of having a long-lasting relationship.

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What a complicated situation, but at least Wharton has accepted the challenge and embraced fatherhood percent. Still, when they started filming, Floyd was dating and living with a guy named Zach.

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And surprisingly, Wharton told Us Weekly he didn't mind that Floyd was in a relationship at all. It's all about [our daughter] Ryder.

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You know, if I had crazy love for Cheyenne, I'm sure I could confess my love, and be like, 'I want to be with you, and make this work. Wharton also proudly proclaimed that he was single, but we wonder how Floyd feels about his lack of "crazy love" for her? That's gotta be a huge blow to her ego. It would be for anyone! Speaking of Cheyenne Floyd's relationship with another man, she and Cory Wharton are very honest about their love lives. Like, super honest.

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We're still learning how to not cross certain boundaries with each other and we're still learning," she told the publication. Still, there's a possibility that they'll kick their other prospects to the curb one day.

When you have a kid with somebody, that door is always open," Wharton told the Domenick Nati Show.

Oct 02, † Cheyenne didn't find her match on the show. But she went on to compete on The Challenge: Rivals III, where she met "ladies' man" Cory Wharton. Cory has a very colorful romantic history. His relationship with Cheyenne Floyd on The Challenge wasn't exactly clear, either. But we can expect to know more about how they got together on Teen Mom 26 Years. Feb 11, † Cheyenne, 26, and Cory, 27, were first introduced to each other on another hit MTV show, The Challenge: Rivals III, which aired back in 2 of 20 Getty Images; Courtesy of Cheyenne . Oct 02, † Telling his side of the story. Cory Wharton made his Teen Mom OG debut on the Monday, October 1, premiere, as did his daughter, Ryder, and her mother, Cheyenne ojasjobz.comr, in Author: Emily Longeretta.

The door remaining ajar sucks for anyone else they may date in the future, but does anyone else get the feeling that Wharton and Floyd really do want to be together? What's the hold up? Most couples can't wait to celebrate their child's first birthday, and Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton are no different. The joyous occasion was complete with a miniature horse, a yummy cake, lots of music, and all of the family and friends who have supported the trio along the way.

It was certainly a day Floyd and Wharton will remember forever. And Floyd told Us Weekly they were planning another huge blowout that same year, too. She called the shindig the "one-year Cory party," and, while we think it's a novel idea, it sounds more like an excuse to just throw another party.

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Either way, hopefully our invitation is in the mail So, it's very refreshing to see Floyd and Cory Wharton getting along so swimmingly, with little to no disagreements about the way they co-parent their daughter. According to Floyd, they've managed to keep things civil because their relationship started out with a solid foundation based on friendship.

Dec 18, † Cory Wharton and Cheyenne Floyd of The Challenge have revealed that they share a child, a 9-month-old daughter named Ryder. Get push notifications with . Dec 18, † Cory Wharton. MTV. The Challenge star Cory Wharton shocked everyone on Saturday, December 16, when he revealed on Instagram that he was the father of Are You the One?'s Cheyenne Author: Emily Longeretta. Oct 31, † Cory Wharton and Cheyenne Floyd are pros at co-parenting, but the underlying sexual tension is undeniable, as seen on Teen Mom OG. Still, when .

Finding out he was the father of Floyd's baby meant he briefly put his TV appearances on hold, and their friendship picked right back up where it left off. We just put everything to the side and said, 'Hey, it is what it is. Now we have a kid.

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Let's focus on that,'" she said. One look at her Instagram feed and you can tell Cheyenne Floyd is a loving and devoted mom.

Did cory and cheyenne hook up on the challenge

But there was still a time when she was down in the dumps over her pregnancy - particularly, the fact that she was unwed at the time she found out she was expecting. Usually, Cory finds one lady to cuddle up with each season, and this time around, he'll ignite two hot new flames. However, Cory is adamant that he will not let his raging libido affect his performance, "This is the most important Challenge to me.

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I came here to prove to myself I can get this win. Will Cory be able to thwart his thirst for the beautiful babes?

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Or will he face yet another brutal upset? However, behind his twinkling eyes lies a tactical mind, very capable of deceit and trickery. An example: During Rivals IIICory was willing to betray his friendships that existed outside of the game in order to get ahead.

He became notorious for pledging his allegiance to a number of opposing teams - so is this trend going to continue on Dirty 30?

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Champs vs. Stars As the resident challenge "ladies man," Cory Wharton knows how to use his flirtatious nature and charisma to his advantage. Although very charming, this rising star is still capable of deceit and trickery, often making multiple alliances to save himself.

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Of his mere four seasons on The ChallengeWharton made his mark by making it to the finals - twice. As a rookie on Champs vs.

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StarsCory is ready to prove that he's on par with the Champs while taking out those Stars on the side. Vendettas The two-time finalist launched a questionable strategy that involved declaring a hit list against the vets at the beginning of Dirty As a result, Cory created a vendetta with the most notorious vet in the house, Johnny Bananas.

Sep 15, † Cory Wharton opened up about the upcoming eighth season of Teen Mom OG during an interview with Domenick Nati this week. During the appearance, which comes just weeks before the show's highly anticipated premiere, Cory dished on everything from his current relationship with Cheyenne Floyd and why he didn't believe their baby was his initially, to his thoughts on Farrah .

With the two both returning to face each other this season, who will fall first? These two have always disliked each other and never attempted to hide it, so finding some way to work through the animosity will take a miracle. Total Madness A formidable, savvy athlete, Cory has shown much of what it takes to be a Challenge champ, but his rambunctiousness and temper have gotten the best of him time and time again.

Cory Puts An End to His Romance w/ Kailah - The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions

Now, as a proud father, with another one on the way, Cory hopes his added maturity will help keep his wild ways in check and lead to his first-ever Challenge championship. This would definitely be a perfect time for it, too, as a million dollars sure buys a lot of diapers.

Fortunately, Cory will be joined in the game by his ride-or-die, Nelsonbut he may be another loose cannon to keep in check if he hopes to politic his way to victory. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video?

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Cory Wharton. Derrick H. Swaggy C. Invasion of the Champions Contestants CT. Ashley M.

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